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Ahsen, V.

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Ahsen, Vefa;   Ahsen, Vera


Basova, T.V.;   Gumus, G.;   Gürek, A.G.;   Gürol, Idot.;   Heinemann, F.;   Kolesov, B.A.;   Zugenmaier, Peter

Publication Titles

2000: Synthesis and Liquid-Crystalline Behaviour of Tetrakis- and Octakis (13,17-dioxa nonacosane-15-sulfanyl) Phthalocyanines
2000: Synthesis and mesomorphism of [N,N'-bis(3',4'-didodecyloxyphenyl)diaminoglyoxime] complexes with nickel and palladium
2001: Raman polarization study of the film orientation of liquid crystalline NiPc
2005: Synthesis, Mesomorphism, and Spectroscopic Characterization of New Schiff Bases and Their Cu(II), Pd(II) Complexes

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