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Ahn, Won-Sool

Alternative Writings

Ahn, W.-S.;   Ahn, Wonsool

Similar Names

Ahn, W.S.


Chang, Jin Gyu;   Cho, Hyun-Nam;   Choi, Sam-Kwon;   Choi, Sang Jun;   Deum, Chang Dae;   Ha, Ki-Ryong;   Hong, Daeil;   Jin, Sung-Ho;   Keum, Chang-Dae;   Kim, Chung Yup;   Kim, Kyung-Chan;   Kim, Sung-Hoon;   Kum, Chang Dae;   Lee, Seung-Hyun;   Lee, Soon-Nam;   Park, Lee-Soon;   Park, Se-Kwang;   Rho, Seung-Baik;   Seok, Jae-Wook

Publication Titles

1993: Synthesis and characterization of novel side-chain liquid crystalline polymers with a poly(1,6-heptadiyne) main chain
1994: Synthesis and characterization of side-chain liquid crystal polymers for optical storage applications. Part I. Syntheses and phase behavior
1997: Synthesis of crosslinked liquid crystalline epoxy polymer and low-mol.-wt. liq. crystal phase separation behavior
1997: Temperature effect on electro-optic responses of a PDLC film with and without pre-aligned LC droplets
1998: A study of phase transition behavior of low molecular weight liquid crystal and its blend with a polymer using alternating current impedance spectroscopy
1998: Characterization of polymer/liquid crystal composite films fabricated by UV curing
1998: Electrooptical properties of UV-cured polymeric liquid crystal composite films
1998: Synthesis and properties of liquid crystal compounds and epoxy resin based side chain liquid crystal polymers I. Low molecular weight liquid crystal compounds
1998: Synthesis and properties of liquid crystal compounds and epoxy resin based side chain liquid crystal polymers II. Linear and crosslinked epoxy LC polymers
1999: Dielectric property-phase behavior relationship of a polymer/LC blend
1999: Temperature effects on LC droplets formation of PDLC films with thermoplastic matrix
2006: Temperature-Induced Phase Separation of Side-Chain LCP/LMWLC Blends
2009: Field-Induced Liquid Crystal Texture Development of a Side-Chain LCP/7CB Blend


Kongop Hwahak, 9, 579
Kongop Hwahak, 9, 66
Kongop Hwahak, 9, 71
Korea Polym. J., 6, 295
Korea Polym. J., 6, 333
Korea Polym. J., 7, 130
Korea Polym. J., 7, 270
Macromolecules, 26, 1487
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 458, 191
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 498, 95
Pollimo, 18, 727
Pollimo, 21, 154
Pollimo, 21, 26

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