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Ahn, Byung-Chul

Alternative Writings

Ahn, B.-C.;   Ahn, B.C.;   Ahn, Byungchul

Similar Names

An, Byung-Chul


Chin, Mi Hyung;   Choi, Byeong-Dae;   Choi, Hyun-Chul;   Choi, Jae Boom;   Ha, Young Hun;   Ha, Young-hoon;   Jeon, Chan-Wook;   Jeong, Eun;   Ji, Seung-Hoon;   Kang, In-Byeong;   Kim, Chang-Dong;   Kim, Jin-Ho;   Kim, Yong-Wan;   Kwon, Keuk-Sang;   Lee, Gi-Dong;   Lee, Seung-Hee;   Lim, Byoung-Ho;   Lim, Byung Ho;   Lim, Young Jin;   Park, Kyoung-Ho;   Rajesh, Kumar;   Seo, Hyung Sik;   Soh, Hoe Sup;   Song, In-Duk;   Woo, Sung-Ho;   Yang, Kee-Jeong;   Yoo, Soon-Sung;   Yun, Duk Chul

Publication Titles

1999: Technical issues for future TFT-LCD fabrication
2001: Liquid crystal display and a double layered metal contact
2001: Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
2002: Simplified manufacture of array substrates for thin film transistor Liquid crystal display devices
2003: A low cost fabrication of an array substrate using four photolithographic steps and Liquid crystal displays using this substrate
2003: Fabrication method for Liquid crystal display using lower number of mask processes
2003: Liquid crystal display and its fabricating method with reduced number of mask processes
2003: Low cost manufacturing method for array substrates for active-matrix Liquid crystal displays
2003: Polysilicon thin film transistor used in a Liquid crystal display and the fabricating method
2003: Transflective Liquid crystal display device having reflective electrode with a light-transmitting hole, situated below a transparent electrode
2007: Analysis of Electro-Optic Properties of a Polymer Network Liquid Crystal Display with Crossed Polarizers
2008: Viewing-angle controllable liquid crystal display using a fringe- and vertical-field driven hybrid aligned nematic liquid crystal


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