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Aharony, Amnon

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Aharony, A.


Birgeneau, R.J.;   Birgeneau, Robert J.;   Brock, J.D.;   Brock, Joel D.;   Coniglio, Antonio;   Fortunato, Santo;   Garland, C.W.;   Horn, P.M.;   Imry, Yoseph;   Kardar, Mehran;   Kim, Y.-J.;   Lebedev, V.V.;   Liang, Jason C.;   Litster, J. David;   Litster, J.D.;   Lubensky, T.C.;   McClain, B.R.;   Netz, R.R.;   Netz, Roland R.;   Noh, D.Y.;   Stauffer, Dietrich;   Young, M.J.;   de Moura, Marco A.

Publication Titles

1976: Coupling to anisotropic elastic media: Magnetic and liquid-crystal phase transitions
1986: Multicriticality in hexatic liquid crystals
1988: Diffraction Patterns from Thin Hexatic Films
1989: Hexatic ordering in freely suspended liquid crystal films
1989: Hexatic ordering in liquid crystal films
1989: Liquids, crystals and liquid crystals
1989: Multicriticality in hexatic liquid crystals
1995: Critical behavior of the structure factor for higher harmonics in density wave systems
1997: Critical behavior of energy-energy, strain-strain, higher-harmonics, and similar correlation functions
2004: Number of spanning clusters at the high-dimensional percolation thresholds


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