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Aharoni, Shaul M.

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Aharoni, S.M.


Itou, Takashi;   Sato, Takahiro;   Teramoto, Akio

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1979: Rigid backbone polymers. I. Polyisocyanides
1980: Rigid backbone polymers, XV: Phase transitions in polyisocyanate solution
1980: Rigid backbone polymers. XIII. Effects of the nature of the solvent on the lyotropic mesomorphicity of cellulose acetate
1980: Rigid backbone polymers. X. Transitions in bulk polyisocyanates
1980: Rigid backbone polymers. XI. Solution phase-viscosity relationship
1980: Rigid backbone polymers. XVI. Random copolyamides
1981: Rigid-backbone polymers. XVIII. Strictly alternating rigid-flexible polyamides
1982: Rigid backbone polymers. XII. Lyotropic mesomorphicity of semiflexible macromolecules
1982: Rigid backbone polymers. XXV. Solvent effects in phase behavior of solutions of cellulose derivatives
1983: Rigid backbone polymers. Effects of width of chain-length distribution on the phase behavior of poly(n-octyl isocyanate)
1984: Diffusion of Rigid Polyamides through swollen Gel of same
1984: Liquid crystalline polyisocyanate solutions - an overview
1988: Alternating aliphatic-aromatic polyester-polyamides
1988: Thermodynamic Properties of Concentrated Solutions of Poly(hexyl isocyanate), a Liquid Crystalline Polymer


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US 4.767.839 (1988/08/30)

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