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Aharoni, S.M.

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Aharoni, Shaul M.


Canet, D.;   Correale, S.T.;   Curran, S.A.;   Edwards, S.F.;   Hammond, W.B.;   Hatfield, G.R.;   Haudin, J.M.;   LaClair, C.P.;   Moscicki, J.K.;   Murthy, N.S.;   Navard, P.;   Robin-Lherbier, B.;   Sibilia, J.P.;   Walsh, E.K.;   Williams, G.

Publication Titles

1979: Physical characteristics of mesomorphic polyisocyanates
1979: Rigid Backbone Polymers. 2. Polyisocyanates and their Liquid-Crystal Behavior
1979: Rigid backbone polymers. 4. Solution properties of two lyotropic mesomorphic poly(isocyanates)
1979: Rigid backbone polymers. III. Partitioning of isocyanate polymers between isotropic and anisotropic phases
1981: Rigid backbone polymers. 22. Dielectric relaxation in lyotropic and highly concentrated isotropic solutions of poly(n-hexyl isocyanate) in toluene
1981: Rigid backbone polymers. XXIII. Thermotropic and lyotropic trifluoroacetoxypropyl cellulose
1981: Rigid-backbone polymers. 8. X-ray studies of poly(n-alkyl isocyanates)
1982: Rigid-backbone polymers. Dielectric relaxation of isotropic and lyotropic solutions of poly(n-hexylisocyanate)
1983: Rigid backbone polymers. Thermal behavior of polyhexylisocyanate mesomorphic solutions
1984: DMR study of the magnetic field orientation of the lyotropic-nematic phase of poly (n-hexylisocyanate) solution in toluene-d 8
1987: Monodisperse rodlike oligomers and their mesomorphic higher molecular weight homologues
1988: Hydrogen-bonded highly regular strictly alternating aliphatic-aromatic liquid-crystalline poly(ester amides)
1989: Conformation of alkylene segments of poly(esteramides) in their crystalline and mesomorphic states
1989: Hydrogen-bonded liquid-crystalline poly(esteramides): morphology and kinetics of structurization upon cooling from the isotropic melt
1989: NMR characterization of molecular motions in liquid-crystalline poly(esteramides) below their glass transition
1989: The first-order transitions of hydrogen-bonded liquid-crystalline poly(esteramides)
1991: Solid-state NMR of aromatic polyamides
1992: " Liquid - crystalline " gels of polyamide networks with stiff segments and flexible junctions
1992: New insights into aromatic polyamide networks from molecular modeling
1992: Structural studies of liquid - crystalline poly(ester amides)
1994: Glass transition in polymer molecules and networks
1994: Polyamide networks with stiff 'liquid-crystalline' segments and trifurcated flexible junctions


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