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Aggeli, A.

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Aggeli, Amalia


Beevers, A.J.;   Bell, C.;   Boden, N.;   Carrick, L.;   Carrick, L.M.;   Davies, R.P.W.;   Evans, R.M.L.;   Fisher, J.;   Fishwick, C.W.G.;   Ingham, E.;   McLeish, T.C.B.;   Nyrkova, I.;   Semenov, A.N.;   Tassieri, M.;   Waigh, T.A.

Publication Titles

2005: The Internal Dynamic Modes of Charged Self-Assembled Peptide Fibrils
2006: Self-assembling {\f1 b} -sheet tape forming peptides

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