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Agarwal, V.K.

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Agarwal, Vinod K.;   Agrawal, V.K.


Agarwal, Anuj;   Agarwal, Archana;   Ali, J.A.;   Anand, P.P.;   Arora, V.P.;   Auda, S.F.;   Bahadur, B.;   Bahadur, Birendra;   Bahaduri, B.;   Dhar, Ravindra;   Elamen, S.M.;   Garg, A.K.;   Gupta, G.K.;   Kaushik, R.V.;   Khamis, K.M.;   Kumar, A.;   Kumar, Anil;   Mansingh, A.;   Prakash, S.;   Price, A.H.;   Raina, K.K.;   Sarna, R.K.;   Shukla, J.P.;   Singh, R.V.;   Srivastava, A.K.;   Srivastava, B.B.

Publication Titles

1974: Dielectric measurements of N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p-butylaniline in the frequency range 1 kHz to 120 MHz
1978: Dielectric Studies in Solid Phase EBBA
1978: Dielectric behavior of EBBA in the nematic phase at radio-frequencies
1978: Dielectric behavior of nematic phase OHMBBA at radio frequencies
1978: Dielectric behavior of the liquid crystal cholesteryl linoleate
1978: Molecular motion in the solid phase nematic liquid crystal
1979: Dielectric behavior of n(p-octyloxybenzylidene) p-toluidine (OBT) in nematic mesophase at radio frequencies
1979: Dielectric relaxation studies in the solid phase nematic crystal
1980: Dielectric studies of a nematic liquid crystal
1981: Dielectric relaxation studies in OBT at low temperatures
1982: Dielectric relaxation studies of a nematic liquid crystal thiobenzoate
1982: Refractive indexes, density and order parameter of the liquid crystal HXBBA
1983: Dielectric anisotropy and the dipole moment of OHMBBA
1983: Dielectric anisotropy and the order parameter of HXBBA
1983: Dielectric relaxation and order parameters in mixtures of 4-cyanobiphenyl and MBBA
1983: Dielectric studies of SB phase and solid II phases of the liquid crystal HBT
1983: Transition temperatures and dielectric anisotropy of OHMBBA-EBBA mixtures
1985: The dielectric and optical properties of technologically important mixtures
1986: Optical behavior of a mixture of mesogenic and nonmesogenic molecules
1988: Phase transitions and molecular ordering in heptyloxycyanobiphenyl (7OCB)
1989: Dielectric relaxation mechanism in liquid crystalline mixture ZLI 1840
1990: Phase transitions and dielectric studies in two component liquid crystal mixtures
1991: Dielectric relaxation phenomenon in mesogen ZLI 2222-000
1992: Optical and thermodynamics properties of cholesteric liquid crystals and their mixtures
1992: Refractive indexes and order parameter studies of a nematic mixture: ZLI 2222-000
1995: Dielectric behavior of cholesteryl oleyl carbonate and cholesteryl linoleate in dilute solutions of CCl4 at a single microwave frequency
1996: Electrical conduction in cholesteryl linoleate
1997: Electrical conductivity of liquid crystals BBMOA and OBT
1997: Integrated optical transmittance studies on a cholesteric liquid crystal
1999: Dielectric anisotropy studies in nematic mixtures
2002: Induced Mesomorphism in the Binary Mixtures of Cholesteric and Nematic Liquid Crystals


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