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Afzal, Jalees

Alternative Writings

Afzal, J.


Chau, Mei-Hing;   Foss, Tina L.;   Fung, B.M.;   Gangoda, Mahinda;   Poon, Chi-Duen

Publication Titles

1986: Carbon-13 NMR of liquid crystal solutions with magic-angle spinning. Hindered rotation in 6-(dialkylamino)fulvenes
1986: Carbon-13 NMR of liquid crystals. Spinning near the magic angle with proton-proton dipolar decoupling
1986: Carbon-13 and proton NMR data for two series of mesogenic compounds
1986: Nematic ordering of 4-n-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls studied by carbon-13 NMR with off-magic-angle spinning

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