Index Name

Äyräs, Pekka

Alternative Writings

Aeyraes, Pekka;   Ayras, Pekka

Similar Names

Äyräs, P.


Giridhar, M.S.;   Haddock, Joshua N.;   Honkanen, Seppo;   Kippelen, Bernard;   Li, Guoqiang;   Mathine, David L.;   Meredith, Gerald R.;   Peyghambarian, N.;   Peyghambarian, Nasser;   Schwiegerling, Jim;   Valley, Pouria;   Williby, Gregory

Publication Titles

2006: Switchable electro-optic diffractive lens with high efficiency for ophthalmic applications
2007: High-efficiency switchable flat diffractive ophthalmic lens with three-layer electrode pattern and two-layer via structures

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