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Aero, E.L.


Bessonov, N.M.;   Bulygin, A.N.;   Veretennikova, T.V.;   Zakharov, A.V.

Publication Titles

1971: Linear mechanics of liquid-crystalline media
1972: Viscosity and thermal conductivity of liquid crystals in a magnetic field
1973: Hydromechanics of liquid crystals
1974: Dispersion of the velocity and absorption of sound in liquid crystals
1975: Acoustic equations of liquid crystals
1986: Birefringence of nematic liquid crystals near surface defects
1989: A statistical-mechanical study of the pair correlations for a liquid with non-central forces
1995: Theory of Freedericksz transitions in curvilinear closed domains of nematic liquid crystals exposed to inhomogeneous magnetic fields
1995: Two-dimensional orientational deformations of nematic liquid crystals in inhomogeneous electric fields, created by the surfaces with electric relief
1996: Interlaminar friction and boundary lubrication in anisotropic liquids with rotational degrees of freedom
1996: New effects in nematic layers with tilted boundary alignment under shear and compression
1998: Magnetoelastic deformations of nematic liquid crystals and problems of visualizing and imaging information concerning inhomogeneous magnetic fields
1998: Nonlinear oscillations of the orientational structure of nematic liquid crystals in stabilizing and destabilizing magnetic fields
1998: Normal stresses and dissipation in anisotropic liquids with oriented particles
1999: Vibrational Freedericksz transitions in nematic liquid crystals


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