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Adzhemyan, L.Ts.

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Adzhemyan, L.T..


Adzhemyan, L.V.;   Antonov, N.V.;   Honkonen, J.;   Kompaniets, M.V.;   Mel'nik, I.V.;   Orekhova, N.V.;   Perekalin, M.M.;   Pis'mak, Yu.M.;   Reittu, Kh.Yu.;   Romanov, V.P.;   Val'kov, A.Yu.;   Vasil'ev, A.N.;   Zubkov, L.A.

Publication Titles

1983: Study of the optical properties of highly opalescent systems. Extinction study
1984: Study of the optical properties of liquid crystals in the vicinity of the isotropic liquid-nematic liquid crystal transition
1985: Study of the kinetics of the order parameter in the isotropic phase of liquid crystals by the three-way Fabry-Perot standard
1989: Wave propagation in a medium with random inhomogeneities and well-developed fluctuations
1990: Origin of two characteristic path lengths for light propagating in nematics
1990: Wave scattering in random inhomogeneous medium with the long range-noise correlator ~ 1/r
1993: Angular dependence of the scattering of extraordinary rays in nematic liquid crystals
2002: Anomalous scaling of a passive scalar advected by the turbulent velocity field with finite correlation time: Two-loop approximation
2003: Improved ? expansion for three-dimensional turbulence: Summation of nearest dimensional singularities


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