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Adelhelm, P.


Antonietti, M.;   Chuenchom, L.;   Fan, L.-Z.;   Hore, S.;   Hu, Y.-S.;   Maier, J.;   Smarsly, B.;   Smarsly, B.M.

Publication Titles

2007: Generation of Hierarchical Meso- and Macroporous Carbon from Mesophase Pitch by Spinodal Decomposition using Polymer Templates
2007: High Electroactivity of Polyaniline in Supercapacitors by Using a Hierarchically Porous Carbon Monolith as a Support
2007: Synthesis of Hierarchically Porous Carbon Monoliths with Highly Ordered Microstructure and Their Application in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries with High-Rate Capability

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