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Adams, W. Wade

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Adams, W.W.


Billups, W.E.;   Bunning, Timothy J.;   Chen, Shaw H.;   Chen, Yong-Ming;   Crane, Robert L.;   Davis, Virginia A.;   De Rose, Mike E.;   Domash, Lawrence H.;   Eby, R.K.;   Ericson, Lars M.;   Fan, Hua;   Farmer, Barry L.;   Gerardi, Tony G.;   Gomatam, Badri;   Gozewski, Conrad;   Haaga, Robert;   Haaland, Peter D.;   Hauge, Robert H.;   Kittrell, Carter;   Lenhert, P. Galen;   Lloyd, Pamela F.;   Longoria, Jason A.;   Natarajan, Lalgudi V.;   Pachter, Ruth;   Parra-Vasquez, A. Nicholas G.;   Pasquali, Matteo;   Patnaik, Soumya S.;   Plimpton, Steve;   Plimpton, Steven J.;   Prieto, Valentin;   Ramesh, Sivarajan;   Saini, Rajesh K.;   Shi, Hongqin;   Smalley, Richard E.;   Socci, Edward P.;   Sutherland, Richard L.;   Thomas, Edwin L.;   Tondiglia, Vincent P.;   Vezie, Deborah L.;   Wang, Yuhuang;   Wang, Zhiqiang;   de Rosa, Michael E.

Publication Titles

1987: High-performance polymer fibers
1989: X-ray diffraction studies of the axial tensile modulus of rigid-rod polymer fibers
1991: Molecular structure and x-ray scattering from cyclic siloxane-based liquid crystals
1992: Smart materials research in the USAF Wright Laboratory
1993: Molecular dynamics and x-ray scattering simulations of cyclic siloxane-based liquid crystal mesogens
1993: New smart materials: molecular simulation of nonlinear optical chromophore-containing polypeptides and liquid crystalline siloxanes
1993: Static and dynamic molecular mechanics modeling and x-ray scattering calculations for a cyclic siloxane macromolecule
1994: A molecular simulation study of a cyclic siloxane with attached biphenyl 4-allyloxybenzoate mesogens
1994: Cholesteric liquid crystals: image contrast in the TEM
1994: Development of photopolymer-liquid crystal composite materials for dynamic hologram applications
1994: Molecular dynamics simulation of a cyclic siloxane based liquid crystalline material
1994: Molecular modeling of polymers
1995: Analysis of periodic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal structures for dynamic hologram applications
1995: Modeling a nematic liquid crystal
1995: Switchable holograms in new photopolymer-liquid crystal composite materials
1996: Dynamic Mechanical Relaxation Behavior of Low Molecular Weight Side-Chain Cyclic Liquid Crystalline Compounds near the Glass Transition Temperature
1996: Dynamic mechanical properties of cyclohexane-based glass-forming liquid crystals and a linear side chain polymer analog
1996: Effects of eliminating the chain extender and varying the grating periodicity on the morphology of holographically written Bragg gratings
1996: Switchable-focus lenses in holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal
1996: The physics of photopolymer-liquid crystal composite holographic gratings
2004: Dissolution of Pristine Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Superacids by Direct Protonation
2004: Phase Behavior and Rheology of SWNTs in Superacids


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