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Adams, W.W.

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Adams, W. Wade;   Adams, Walter W.


Azaroff, Leonid V.;   Bunning, T.J.;   Campbell, A.L.;   Chen, S.-H.;   Crane, R.L.;   Eby, R.K.;   Farmer, B.L.;   Finotello, D.;   Hudson, S.D.;   Iannacchione, G.S.;   Katsis, D.;   Klei, H.E.;   Kulshreshtha, A.K.;   Kumar, S.;   Körner, H.;   Macturk, K.S.;   Martin, D.C.;   McHugh, C.M.;   McNamee, S.G.;   Natarajan, L.V.;   Ober, Christopher K.;   Pachter, R.;   Patnaik, S.;   Patnaik, S.S.;   Podojil, G.M.;   Podojil, Gregg M.;   Samulski, Edward T.;   Shi, H.;   Shimamura, K.;   Socci, E.P.;   Sutherland, R.L.;   Thomas, E.L.;   Tondiglia, V.;   Tondiglia, V.P.;   Tsukruk, V.V.;   Vezei, D.L.;   Vezie, D.L.;   de Rosa, M.E.

Publication Titles

1979: X-ray diffraction by a nematic polybenzothiazole fiber
1989: Lattice imaging of poly(p-phenylene benzobisoxazole) fiber
1990: Electron beam damage in high-temperature polymers
1990: High-resolution scanning electron microscopy of PAN-based and pitch-based carbon fiber
1991: Characterization of compressive properties of high-performance polymer fibers with a new microcompression apparatus
1991: Novel photochromic cholesteric liquid crystal siloxane
1992: Application of low-voltage, high-resolution scanning electron microscopy to the study of high-performance polymers
1992: Liquid crystalline siloxanes containing spiropyran chromophores as reversible optical data storage materials
1992: Macromolecular simulation: cyclic siloxane-based liquid crystals
1992: Synchrotron x-ray studies of electric-field alignment of liquid-crystalline siloxanes
1993: Cyclic versus linear siloxane liquid crystals: phase behavior and x-ray diffraction results
1993: Spiropyran-containing cholesteric liquid crystalline siloxanes --multifunctional materials
1993: Synchrotron x-ray radiation (CHESS) study of electric-field induced changes in the structure of thermotropic side-chain liquid crystals
1994: Electrically switchable volume gratings in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
1994: Probing the electric field alignment of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer by synchrotron radiation
1995: The effect of electric and magnetic fields on the melt organization of a nematic cyclic siloxane liquid crystal
1995: The morphology and performance of holographic transmission gratings recorded in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
1995: Volume holographic image storage and electro-optical readout in a polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal film
1996: Deuterium NMR and morphology study of polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal Bragg gratings
1996: Dynamics of defect annihilation in vitrified liquid crystalline (VLC) thin films upon thermal annealing
1996: Molecular Association in Nematic Phases of Cyclic Liquid Crystal Oligomers
1996: Molecular dynamics of side chain liquid crystalline polysiloxanes
1996: Molecular dynamics simulations of siloxane-based side chain liquid crystalline polymers
1996: Morphology of reflection holograms formed in situ using polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
1996: Structural Characterization of Biphenyl Ester-Based LC Molecules: Peculiarities of Cyclic Siloxane-Based Materials
1996: Switchable Bragg gratings formed in situ within a polymer-dispersed liquid crystal composite medium
1996: X-ray diffraction study of intermolecular interactions in cholesteryl ester-substituted cyclosiloxanes
1997: Molecular modeling of siloxane based side chain liquid crystalline polymers
1997: X-ray scattering and molecular association of cyclic siloxane-based liquid crystalline macromolecules


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