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Adamski, P.

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Adamski, Przemyslaw


Bubnov, A.;   Czyzewski, R.;   Dylik-Gromiec, A.;   Dylik-Gromiec, L.A.;   Gromiec, L.A.;   Holwek, A.;   Panak, M.;   Wojciechowski, M.;   Yaroshchuk, O.V.

Publication Titles

1974: Determination of the cholesteric liquid crystalline temperature range by birefringence measurements in an Abbe refractometer
1974: Temperature dependence of the dielectric permeability of cholesteric-type liquid crystals
1974: Temperature range and optical properties investigations of cholestery oleyl carbonate, cholesteryl nonanoate, and their mixtures
1976: Determination of order of molecular arrangement and polarizability of cholesteryl nonanoate
1978: Activation energy and growth rate of spherulites of cholesteric liquid crystals
1978: Optical dispersion of cholesteryl pelargonate
1980: An extrapolation method of determining the polarizability anisotropy of solid state cholesteryl esters
1980: Influence of cyclohexanone admixture on molecular arrangement order S of cholesteryl nonanoate
1981: Investigation of spherulite growth rate and activation energy of cholesteryl nonanoate and cholesteryl decanoate mixtures
1981: The method of the order parameter "S" calculations for cholesteric liquid crystals
1989: Birefringence and effective polarizability of cholesteric binary mixtures
1989: Hindered rotation as the cause of change in polarizability tensor scalar of mesogenic molecules
1992: Investigation of the temperature dependence of the mean polarizability of liquid crystals
1992: Study of Conformation Changes of Liquid Crystals Molecules without an Assumption of Local Electric Field
1993: The surface tension of MBBA
1993: Thermally induced conformation of nematic liquid-crystalline MBBA molecules
1994: New formula combining the trace of polarizability tensor and refractive indexes of a liquid crystal
1997: Study of .alpha..dblvert. and .alpha..perp. of cholesteryl nonanoate molecule
1997: Study of Polarizability Tensor of liquid Crystal Molecules
1997: Temperature increment induced by magnetic field in some nematics
1999: Polarizability anisotropy of CB6, CB7, CB8, and OCB8 liquid crystal molecules
2004: Polarisability Tensor of CB 5 Molecule and Light Wavelength


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