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Adamczyk, A.

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Adamczyk, Antoni


Bialecka-Florjanczyk, E.;   Chlebus, M.;   Kolodziejczyk, A.;   Lazowski, K.;   Roszko, M.;   Sierakowski, M.;   Szymanski, A.

Publication Titles

1972: Interface potential maxima in liquid crystals. I. Cholesteric structure
1978: Investigations of electrochemical processes in 4-nitrophenyl 4-n-octyloxybenzoate
1981: 4th Liq. Cryst. Conf. Soc. Countries, Tbilisi
1981: The problem of mean values for disordered films of the anisotropic liquids
1981: The surface conductivity measurements of the cross-polarized liquid-crystalline layers as the method of investigations of ionic transport phenomena in liquid crystals
1981: The uniform model of the bubble and striped domain in nematics - optically active substance mixtures
1989: Cotton-Mouton effect in monodisperse suspensions of liquid crystals
1989: Phase transitions in freely suspended smectic droplets. Cotton-Mouton technique, architecture of droplets and formation of nematoids
1994: Plate-to-nematoid transition of self-organized layers in liquid crystal systems
1995: Nematoid filaments: new mixtures, cluster morphology and comparative microinterferometry
1996: Production and evolution of self-organized molecular films in mesogen/silicone oil systems
1997: Droplet-filament-membrane-vesicle-double vesicle spontaneous transformations in nematosmectogen NPOOB/silicone oil systems
2000: Phase transitions in liquid crystal filamentary structures
2005: Self-organized liquid photonic crystals


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