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Acosta, R.H.


Anoardo, E.;   Bonetto, F.;   Bonin, C.J.;   Buljubasich, L.;   Dong, R.Y.;   González, C.E.;   Mensio, O.;   Monti, G.A.;   Pusiol, D.J.;   Vaca Chávez, F.;   Zamar, R.C.

Publication Titles

1999: Pseudonematic order fluctuations of the director in the smectic phase of thermotropic liquid crystals
2001: Experimental NMR spin-lattice relaxometry study in the liquid crystalline nematic phase of propylcyano-phenylcyclohexane
2001: NMR Spin-Lattice Relaxation Study in the Nematic Phase of Butylcyano-Phenylcyclohexane
2003: NMR proton spin dynamics in thermotropic liquid crystals subject to multipulse excitation
2003: Reorientation dynamics in a nematic liquid crystal studied by fast field cycling nuclear magnetic resonance
2004: Molecular dynamics above the smectic A-isotropic phase transition of thermotropic liquid crystals studied by NMR
2005: On the role of collective and local molecular fluctuations in the relaxation of proton intrapair dipolar order in nematic 5CB
2009: Quasiequilibrium states in thermotropic liquid crystals studied by multiple-quantum NMR


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