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Acosta, E.

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Acosta, Edgar;   Acosta, Elizabeth


Bonnett, P.;   Harwell, J.H.;   Henley, B.;   Kean, D.;   Sabatini, D.A.;   Tillin, M.;   Tombling, C.;   Towler, M.;   Tran, S.;   Uchiyama, H.;   Walton, E.;   Walton, H.;   Winlow, R.

Publication Titles

2000: Supersolubilization in Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Microemulsions: Solubilization Enhancement by Lipophilic and Hydrophilic Linkers
2004: Nucleation of the pi-cell operating state: a comparison of techniques
2006: Storage Addressing Scheme for the Bistable Twisted Nematic Mode

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