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Ackland, G.J.


Adam, C.J.;   Clark, S.J.;   Crain, J.;   Ferrarini, A.;   White, J.;   Wilson, M.R.

Publication Titles

1997: Conformation energy surface for liquid crystal molecules from first principles: application to 5CB
1997: Conformation-dependent dipoles of liquid crystal molecules and fragments from first principles
1997: Electronic Structure Calculation of Liquid Crystal Molecules: Application to Chiral Solutes
1997: Properties of liquid crystal molecules from first principles computer simulation
1998: Ab-initio molecular polarizabilities of liquid crystals: application to DOBAMBC and 5CB
1998: Electronic structure calculations of liquid crystal molecules: application to chiral solutes
1998: Transferability of first principles derived torsional potentials for mesogenic molecules and fragments
1999: A first principles and mean field investigation of the conformational properties of 5CB
2002: Devil's staircase in kinetically limited growth


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