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Ackermann, J.


Ackermann, C. Videlot;   Asabe, Y.;   Brisset, H.;   Didane, Y.;   El Kassmi, A.;   Fages, F.;   Fujishiro, H.;   Ito, M.;   Kawamura, K.;   Kirner, T.;   Li, W.Y.;   McCaskill, J.S.;   Mehl, G.H.;   Muraoka, H.;   Ogawa, S.;   Raynal, P.;   Steen, D.;   Ueda, Y.;   Videlot-Ackermann, C.;   Yoshimoto, N.

Publication Titles

2002: Biochemical Amplification Waves in a One-Dimensional Microflow System
2006: Epitaxial Relationships of Vapor Deposited Thin Films of Octithiophene on KBr (001)
2008: Solution Growth and Structures of Semiconducting Distyryl-Oligothiophene
2009: Liquid Crystal .alpha.,.omega.-Hexyl-Distyryl-Bithiophene: Morphology and Charge Tranport Properties in Organic Thin Film Transistors

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