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Acimis, Mahmut

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Acimis, M.


Akyüz, Sevim;   Alaman, Aysen;   Altschuh, Joachim;   Kuball, Hans-Georg;   Reeves, Leonard W.

Publication Titles

1979: Optical activity of oriented molecules. 5. .alpha.,.beta.-Unsaturated keto steroids
1980: A type II aqueous cholesteric lyomesophase
1980: Bilayer solution chemistry in disk micelles of type II DM phases. Effects of micelle size and simple counterions
1980: Disk micelles in type II DM phases: short chains in long chain host bilayers
1987: Micellar phases formed by a solution of l-serine hydrochloride decyl ester and orthophosphoric acid
1989: Formation of micellar nematic phases from surfactants and aqueous orthophosphoric acid
1992: 31P AND 2H NMR Spectra of A Lyomesophase Containing Phosphoric Acid Monodecylester and H3PO4
1992: FT-IR and Raman spectroscopic studies of some lyotropic liquid crystals
1993: Formation of lyotropic phases of weak birefringence: Interaction of orthophosphoric acid with amphiphilic esters containing a large hydrophobic part
1993: The FT-IR and Raman spectroscopic studies of some liquid crystals
1995: Polarizing Microscopic and 31P NMR Studies of Decylammonium Chloride/Potassium Chloride/Water System. Containing Phosphoric Acid Monodecyl Ester and H3PO4


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