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Achard, Marie France

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Achard, M.F.;   Achard, Marie F.;   Achard, Marie-France


Dumon, Michel;   Félix, Guy;   Gasparoux, Henry;   Hardouin, Francis;   Huh, Seung-Moo;   Jin, Jung-Il;   Kim, Kyu-Nam;   Klok, Harm-Anton;   Laguerre, Michel;   Langenwalter, Josef F.;   Lecommandoux, Sébastien;   Lee, Jun-Woo;   Lee, Woo-Keun;   Levelut, Anne-Marie;   Masood Siddiqi, Humaira;   Nguyen, Huu Tinh;   Park, Yong-Seok;   Pascault, Jean Pierre;   Sigaud, Gilles;   Terrien, Isabelle

Publication Titles

1981: Pressure-temperature phase diagrams of liquid crystals in disk-like materials
1982: A new ribbon phase in a thermotropic smectogenesis
1999: Side-on fixed liquid crystalline polymers: new stationary phases for high performance liquid chromatography
1999: Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of new H-shaped twin compounds: a series of 1,6-bis[2,5-bis(4-alkoxyphenoxycarbonyl)phenoxy]hex anes
2000: Phase separation kinetics of an SA liquid crystal in a reactive epoxy-amine polymer dispersed liquid crystal composite (PDLC) system: an X-ray diffraction study
2001: Self-Assembly of Rod-Coil Diblock Oligomers Based on -Helical Peptides
2003: Comparison of the liquid crystalline properties of dimesogenic compounds bearing alkoxy and perfluoroalkoxy tails
2006: Dimesogenic compounds consisting of cholesterol and fluorinated azobenzene moieties: Dependence of liquid crystal properties on spacer length and fluorination of the terminal tail


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