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Achard, Marie-France

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Achard, M.-F.;   Achard, M.F.;   Achard, Marie France


Babot, Odile;   Backov, Renal;   Benning, Stephan Alois;   Binet, Laurent;   Birot, Marc;   Bock, Harald;   Brun, Nicolas;   Deleuze, Herve;   Hardouin, Francis;   Haßheider, Thomas;   Hesemann, Peter;   Julian-Lopez, Beatriz;   Keller, Patrick;   Kitzerow, Heinz-Siegfried;   Laurent, Guillaume;   Leroy, Celine M.;   Livage, Jacques;   Masse, Pascal;   Popa, Marcel Ionel;   Sanchez, Clement;   Sigaud, Gilles;   Steunou, Nathalie;   Ungureanu, Simona

Publication Titles

1988: Nematic-nematic immiscibility and induced smectic A phases in mixtures with liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers
2001: Color-Tuned Electroluminescence from Columnar Liquid Crystalline Alkyl Arenecarboxylates
2007: Designing Nanotextured Vanadium Oxide-Based Macroscopic Fibers: Application as Alcoholic Sensors
2007: One-Pot Syntheses of the First Series of Emulsion Based Hierarchical Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Open-Cell Monoliths Possessing Tunable Functionality (Organo-Si(HIPE) Series)
2008: Eu3+@Organo-Si(HIPE) Macro-Mesocellular Hybrid Foams Generation: Syntheses, Characterizations, and Photonic Properties


Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 40, 2060
Chem. Mater., 19, 3988
Chem. Mater., 19, 5786
Chem. Mater., 20, 7117
Makromol. Chem., 189, 2159

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