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Achard, M.F.

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Achard, M.-F.;   Achard, Marie F.;   Achard, Marie France;   Achard, Marie-France


Baeyens-Volant, D.;   Bedel, J.P.;   Bedel, J.Ph.;   Betterton, K.;   Bouchta, A.;   Brulet, A.;   Brûlet, A.;   Cha, Soon Wook;   Chung, S.-J.;   Cotton, J.P.;   Coulon, C.;   David, C.;   Davidson, P.;   Deffieux, A.;   Destrade, C.;   Dumon, M.;   El Mohamed, S.;   El-Mohamed, S.;   Essid, S.;   Felix, G.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Gasparoux, H.;   Gharbi, A.;   Godquin-Giroud, A.M.;   Grand, C.;   Guichard, Y.;   Hardouin, F.;   Isaert, N.;   Ismaili, M.;   Jin, J.-I.;   Jin, Jung-Il;   Kawasumi, M.;   Keller, P.;   Kleman, M.;   Ko, Doo-Hyun;   Lafeitte, J.-D.;   Laffitte, J.D.;   Laguerre, M.;   Lecommandoux, S.;   Lee, Dong Won;   Lee, J.-W.;   Lee, Jung-Woo;   Leroux, N.;   Levelut, Anne-Marie;   Liebert, L.;   Loos, M.;   Maaroufi, A.;   Manai, M.;   Marcerou, J.P.;   Mauzac, M.;   Mery, S.;   Monnerie, L.;   Nastishin, Yu.A.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   Nguyen, Huu Tinh;   Noel, C.;   Noirez, L.;   Papon, E.;   Percec, Virgil;   Richard, H.;   Rouillon, J.C.;   Roullion, J.C.;   Shin, Jin Wook;   Sigaud, G.;   Siguad, G.;   Strazielle, C.;   Strzelecki, L.;   Talroze, R.V.;   Tarento, R.J.;   Terrien, I.;   Twieg, R.J.;   Weill, C.;   Yoon, D.Y.;   Yun, Y.-K.;   Yun, Yong-Kuk

Publication Titles

1974: Divergence of the .gamma.1 viscosity coefficient measured in the nematic phase in the vicinity of a sematic A-nematic transition
1974: Twist viscosity coefficient .gamma.1 divergence near the nematic-smectic A transition
1975: Compared action of a rotating magnetic field on smectic A and nematic phases. Application to the study of the S{\sub A} -> nematic transition
1975: Magnetic properties of smectic mesophases
1976: Advances in the investigation of the nematic-smectic A transition: magnetic study of mixtures of mesomorphic compounds
1976: Orientational order and enthalpic measurements on binary mixtures at the N-SA transition: Comparison with McMillan's models
1977: An experimental system for a nematic-smectic A-smectic C Lifshitz's point
1977: Effect of non-mesomorphic plate-like solutes on thermal behavior of liquid crystalline solvents
1977: Experimental tricritical point nematic-smectic a in a two components-system
1977: Magnetic anisotropy and polymorphism in liquid crystals
1978: Binary diagrams of mesomorphous compounds exhibiting singular points
1979: A possible polar smectic A-non-polar smectic A transition line in a binary system?
1979: Anomalous transitional behavior in mixtures of liquid crystals: a new transition of S{\sub A}-S{\sub A} type?
1979: Critical behavior of dynamic twist viscosity .gamma.1 near polycritical points
1979: Enantiotropic nematic reentrant behavior at atmospheric pressure in a pure compound
1979: Measurements in a pure compound exhibiting an enantiotropic reentrant nematic behavior at atmospheric pressure
1980: Effect of disk-like solute size on the orientational order of a nematogen
1980: Influence of a smectic phase on thermodynamical behavior of the nematic to isotropic phase transition
1980: Magnetic susceptibility of mesophases of disk-like molecules
1981: A fluid smectic A antiphase in a pure nitro rod-like compound
1981: A new type of smectic A phase with long range modulation in the layers
1981: Number of S{\sub A} phases
1981: Orientation of nematic liquid crystalline polymer in a magnetic field. Evaluation of magnetic susceptibility
1981: Reentrant nematic and smectic phases in the n-alkoxybenzoyloxycyanostilbene series
1982: A new thermotropic smectic phase made of ribbons
1982: Magnetic effects and viscosity in the nematic phase of a polymer series
1983: Diamagnetic anisotropy of liquid-crystalline side-chain polysiloxanes in the nematic and smectic phases
1983: Polymorphism of mesogenic substances containing polar molecules. Part I. Physical chemistry and structure
1984: Does nematic order depend on diamagnetism ?
1984: Does nematic order depends on diamagnetism
1984: Hexagonal columnar mesophase Dh in a new organometallic disk-like compound
1984: Hexagonal columnar mesophase in new organometallic disc-like series
1984: Magnetic, thermal behavior and flocculation of asphaltenes and heavy ends
1984: Some aspects of the phase transitions in polar rod systems
1984: The Fluid Mesophases of Polar Rods
1984: Thermal behavior and flocculation of asphaltenes and heavy products
1984: Unusual bilayered fluid smectic modifications in polar series
1985: A smectic A polymorphism at low temperature
1985: Critical or tricritical S{\sub Ad}-S{\sub A2} point in a (temperature-molecular length) phase diagram?
1985: Generalization of the polymorphism with 2D fluid smectic phases
1985: Microscopic characterization of the new "crenelated" SA phase (SAcre)
1986: Density measurements on liquid-crystalline side-chain polysiloxanes
1986: Effect of the chemical constitution of the side-chain on the formation and the structure of mesophases in some polysiloxanes
1986: Evolutions from partial bilayer SA phase (SAd) to monolayer SA phase (SA1)
1987: How the smectic A phase adapts to two incommensurate periods in asymmetric liquid crystalline systems
1987: Relationships between molecular structure and immiscibility of liquid crystalline side-chain polymers in low molecular weight nematic solvents
1988: Role of molecular parameters on the miscibility of side-chain polymer solutes
1988: Synthesis and properties of some liquid crystalline polysiloxanes
1988: Unusual property in a novel liquid-crystal side chain polysiloxane series
1989: Changes in the mesogenic properties of siloxane copolymers and polysiloxane blends
1989: Smectic A polymorphism from low to high molar mass systems
1989: X-ray diffraction study of the smectic A phases of some side-chain polysiloxanes
1990: Consolute critical point for two smectic-A phases
1990: Flory's parameters in solutions of liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers in low-molecular weight liquid crystals
1990: N-substituted aldonamides. III. Relationship between chemical structure and the formation of lyotropic mesophases
1990: Nematic-nematic modification in side-on-fixed polysiloxanes
1990: New ferroelectric liquid crystal polysiloxanes
1990: Phase behavior of liquid-crystalline copoly(dimethyl-methylhydrogeno)siloxanes substituted with long polar side groups
1990: Polysiloxanes substituted with forked mesogens
1991: Evidence for a jacketed nematic polymer
1991: Liquid crystal side chain polysiloxanes containing various proportions of nonmesogenic units
1991: Liquid-crystalline copolysiloxane system including side-on and side-end fixed mesogenic groups
1991: Phase separation in nematic and smectic a phases
1991: Rod-like mesogens with antipathetic fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon tails
1992: Highly Flexible Siloxane Segments in Liquid Crystal Systems: Comparison of Dimers and Side-Chain Polymers
1992: Influence of Fluoroalkylation on the Properties of L.C. Side-Chain Polymers and Their Mixtures
1992: Liquid-crystalline side chain polymers by chemical modification of poly(chloroalkylvinylether)s
1992: New TGBA series exhibiting a SC*SASA*N* phase sequence
1992: Relationship between Optical Properties of LLC Side-Chain Polymers Oriented by an Electric Field and the Conformational Change of the Backbone
1992: Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of New Liquid Crystalline Polyacrylates and Polymethacrylates with "Side-on Fixed" Mesogenic Groups
1993: Analogy between liquid crystal side chain polysiloxanes and liquid crystal twins with siloxane spacers
1993: Small angle neutron scattering experiments on "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polyacrylates
1994: Consequences of the 'jacketed' effect on mesomorphic and orientational properties of 'side-on fixed' liquid crystalline polymers
1994: Novel sequence with incommensurate S{\sub A} phases in a new dimesogenic liquid crystal
1994: Phase behavior of high- and low-molar-mass liquid crystal mixtures
1994: Small angle neutron scattering (SANS) studies on "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polymers
1994: Solubility of liquid crystalline side-chain polymers in smectic A solutions
1995: From incommensurability to commensurability in smectic phases for a series of dimesogenic liquid crystals
1995: SANS Study of a Semiflexible Main Chain Liquid Crystalline Polyether
1995: X-ray diffraction study of 'side-on fixed' homopolysiloxanes from nematic to smectic C phases
1996: Effect of the spacer and aliphatic tail length on the conformation of "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polyacrylates: "SANS" experiments
1996: Thermodynamic and conformational study of side on/side end fixed liquid crystalline copolyacrylates
1997: Are nematic side-on polymers totally extended? a SANS study
1997: Backbone conformation study on "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polymers
1997: Polymer dispersed liquid crystals: relation between formulation, electro-optical properties and morphology
1997: What about the backbone conformation in nematic and smectic C phases of a "side-on" fixed LCP? A SANS study
1998: Competition in low ordered smectics between incommensurate phases Sic and two-dimensional modulated ones for dimesogenic compounds
1998: Side-on fixation in liquid crystalline polymers and dimesogens
1998: Side-on fixed polysiloxanes and 'diluted' copolysiloxanes with nematic and smectic C phases
1998: Thermotropic laterally attached liquid crystalline polymers. I. New stationary phases for high-performance liquid chromatography
1999: Dimesogenic compounds consisting of a cholesteryl moiety and an aromatic mesogen interconnected through a central pentamethylene spacer
1999: Influence of the molecular length on the occurrence of incommensurate low ordered smectic phases for nonsymmetric dimesogenic compounds
2000: Dimesogenic compounds with an electron-attracting terminal group
2000: Novel mesophases in fluorine substituted banana-shaped mesogens
2000: Physical characterization of B1 and B2 phases in a newly synthesized series of banana shaped molecules
2000: Smectic C Structure and Backbone Confinement in Side-on Fixed Liquid Crystalline Polymers
2001: Incommensurability induced by intermolecular hydrogen bonding
2001: New banana-shaped thiobenzoate liquid crystals with B6, B1 and B2 phases
2001: New switchable smectic phases in banana-shaped compounds
2002: Anomalies of periodicity in TGB structures in new liquid crystal dimers
2002: Influence of fluoro substituents on the mesophase behavior of banana-shaped molecules
2003: Banana-shaped molecules derived from substituted isophathalic acids
2003: Cholesterol-based hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals
2003: Switching of banana liquid crystal mesophases under field
2003: Textural analysis of a mesophase with banana shaped molecules
2004: Evidence for different polymorphisms with and without an external electric field in a series of bent-shaped molecules
2004: Novel chiral liquid crystal with two chiral butyl lactate chains exhibiting several frustrated mesophases including smectic Q and TGB phases separated by an optically isotropic phase
2006: (E,T) Phase Diagrams in Polar Compounds


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