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Abe, Y.

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Abe, Yasuo;   Abe, Yasushi;   Abe, Yoko;   Abe, Yoshio;   Abe, Yoshisaki;   Abe, Yukino;   Abe, Yuriko;   Abe, Yutaka


Beck, R.;   Funabiki, K.;   Hayashi, M.;   Hoffmann, H.;   Joglekar, B.;   Kamino, Y.;   Kaneko, M.;   Katano, S.;   Matsui, M.;   Mukai, H.;   Muramatsu, H.;   Nakagawa, H.;   Nakaya, K.;   Nakazima, N.;   Ohta, K.;   Shibata, K.;   Sugiyama, K.;   Sumiya, Y.;   Tanase, T.;   Tanka, N.;   Terabayashi, T.;   Terao, K.

Publication Titles

1995: Molecular dynamics simulation of the phospholipid bilayers, water and n-alkanes at the liquid-crystalline state: parallel molecular dynamics simulator
1996: Synthesis of perfluoroalkylated azo dyes and their application to guest-host liquid crystal display
1997: Fluorine-containing negative dichroic 1,4-bis(acylamino)anthraquinone dyes
1997: Synthesis of fluorine-containing disazo dyes extended with ester linkages and their application to guest-host liquid crystal displays
1998: Fluorine-containing benzothiazolyl bisazo dyes - their application to guest-host liquid crystal displays
2002: A Novel L3-Phase from a Ca-Salt of an Anionic Surfactant and a Cosurfactant
2007: Syntheses, Structures, and Mesomorphism of a Series of Cu(II) Salen Complexes with 4-Substituted Long Alkoxy Chains


High Perform. Comput. RIKEN, 1, 215
J. Phys. Chem. B, 106, 3335
Liq. Cryst., 21, 669
Liq. Cryst., 23, 217
Liq. Cryst., 23, 821
Liq. Cryst., 25, 235
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 466, 129

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