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Abe, Tomohiro

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Abe, T.


Ishimaru, Koretoshi;   Kobayashi, Hitoshi;   Suezaki, Minoru;   Suezaki, Yuzuru

Publication Titles

1997: Adhesive sheet with optical function and manufacture of same
1998: Manufacture of phase shift film by solution casting and falling rate drying
1998: Production of thermoplastic phase differential films
1998: Soft stretched polynorbornene phase difference films showing no tear or breakage by bending or shear stress and formation of chips on cutting
1999: Manufacture of polarizer films from drawn solvent-cast thermoplastic resin films with specific thickness
2000: Manufacture of phase-difference thermoplastic polymer films for liquid-crystal displays


JP 09.236.793 (1997/09/09)
JP 10.142.420 (1998/05/29)
JP 10.221.501 (1998/08/21)
JP 10.300.925 (1998/11/13)
JP 11.337.732 (1999/12/10)
JP 2000.056.129 (2000/02/25)

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