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Abe, Tomiya

Similar Names

Abe, T.;   Abe, Tomya


Konishi, Shiro;   Okabe, Masahiro

Publication Titles

1992: Manufacture of liquid crystal polymer particle dispersed polymer films
1997: Display device element using liquid crystal dispersed in polymer matrix
1997: Guest-host type polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display element containing sorbitan fatty acid esters
1997: Liquid crystal display (LCD) using polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film
1997: Liquid crystal display element containing polyoxyethylene compound with allyl terminals to improve hysteresis characteristics
1997: Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for defect-free images
1997: Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with waterproofed plastic substrates
1997: Polymer dispersed color liquid crystal display element
1997: Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display device with low driving voltage and low hysteresis
1997: Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display element


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