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Abdulin, A.Z.


Bezborodov, V.S.;   Bubel', O.N.;   Bubel, O.N.;   Gumen, A.A.;   Kul'sha, A.M.;   Lomako, V.M.;   Min'ko, A.A.;   Posledovich, N.R.;   Rachkevich, V.S.;   Shchors, N.P.;   Tkachenko, V.M.;   Volod'ko, L.V.

Publication Titles

1977: Racemic 2-methylbutyl esters of p'-alkoxybenzylidene-p-amino-.alpha.-methylcinnamic acid
1977: Some optical properties of 2-methylbutyl p-alkoxybenzylidene-p-amino-.alpha.-methylcinnamates
1978: Some electrooptical effects in liquid crystals
1979: Synthesis of mesomorphic esters of p-(p-alkoxyphenylazo)benzoic, -o-chlorobenzoic, cinnamic, and .alpha.-methylcinnamic acids
1982: Mesomorphic properties of some derivatives of benzoic and cinnamic acids
1982: Synthesis and study of liquid-crystal properties of some optically active derivatives of biphenyl and phenylcyclohexane
1983: Preparation of transparent coatings orienting liquid crystals
1985: Modeling of light diffraction on multidimensional structures by liquid crystals


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