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Abdulhalim, I.


Aharon, Ofir;   Benguigui, L.;   Clark, Noel A.;   Johnson, K.M.;   Menashe, D.;   Moddel, G.;   Moses, R.;   Moses, Riki;   Safrani, Avner;   Sharon, R.;   Walker, C.M.;   Weil, R.

Publication Titles

1985: Light transmission measurements in the liquid crystal SmC* phase of DOBAMBC at normal incidence
1985: Selective reflection by helicoidal liquid crystals. Results of an exact calculation using the 4 x 4 characteristic matrix method
1987: Light propagation along the helix of chiral smectics and twisted nematics
1988: Critical angles for light propagation in the chiral smectic liquid crystals
1989: High-speed analog spatial light modulator using a hydrogenated amorphous silicon photosensor and an electroclinic liquid crystal
1989: Optically addressed electroclinic liquid crystal spatial light modulator with a hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) photodiode
1990: Optics of chiral smectic liquid crystals near their Lifshitz point
1992: Director-polarization reorientation via solitary waves in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1992: Kink-Antikink Pair Production and Annihilation in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
1992: Light Modulation and Waveguiding in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals with Fixed Boundary Molecuar Orientations
1992: Strong effect of the interface layers on the electrooptic response of ferroelectric liquid crystals
1994: Soliton switching in feroelectric liquid crystals and their transient electrooptic response
2003: Optimization of antiferroelectric liquid crystal devices at the degeneration point
2006: Anisotropic layers in waveguides for mode tuning and tunable filtering
2006: Dispersion relations for liquid crystals using the anisotropic Lorentz model with geometrical effects
2007: Biomedical optical applications of liquid crystal devices
2008: Liquid crystal tunable filters and polarization controllers for biomedical optical imaging
2010: Approximate analytic solutions for the director profile of homogeneously aligned nematic liquid crystals


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