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Abdallah, David J.

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Abdallah, D.J.


Bachman, Robert E.;   Chen, Hui;   Cocker, T. Matthew;   Gönen, Z. Serpil;   Hsu, Hsiu-Fu;   Khetrapal, C.L.;   Kwait, Dylan C.;   Lu, Liangde;   Nagana Gowda, G.A.;   Robertson, Allan;   Wauters, Hui C.;   Weiss, Richard G.;   Weslowski, Brian T.

Publication Titles

2000: Smectic Liquid-Crystalline Phases of Quaternary Group VA (Especially Phosphonium) Salts with Three Equivalent Long n-Alkyl Chains. How Do Layered Assemblies Form in Liquid-Crystalline and Crystalline Phases?
2000: The crystalline and liquid crystalline structures of benzyl-tri-octadecylammonium bromide complete the puzzle: how do Group VA halide salts with one-four long n-alkyl chains pack?
2002: Phase Characterization and Properties of Completely Saturated Quaternary Phosphonium Salts. Ordered, Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids
2005: Liquid-Crystalline Phase of Phosphonium Salts with Three Long n-Alkyl Chains as Ordered Ionic Fluids

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