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Abbate, G.

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Bazhenov, V.Yu.;   Bennis, N.;   Bruzzese, R.;   Calaselice, R.;   Cao, W.;   Caputo, R.;   Castaldo, F.;   Colicchio, M.;   Coppola, G.;   D'Amore, F.;   Derrien, F.;   Duhem, Olivier;   Ferraiuolo, A.;   Ferraiuolo, S.;   Giocondo, M.;   Henninot, J.F.;   Henninot, Jean-Francois;   Janossy, I.;   Kreuzer, M.;   Lehnert, P.;   Maddalena, P.;   Malinconico, M.;   Marino, A.;   Marrucci, L.;   Massera, E.;   Mazzulla, A.;   Mormile, P.;   Oton, J.M.;   Otón, J.M.;   Palffy-Muhoray, Peter;   Paparo, D.;   Petti, L.;   Piccirillo, B.;   Pierattini, G.;   Quintana, X.;   Rea, I.;   Righini, G.C.;   Rippa, M.;   Saetta, L.;   Sakhno, O.;   Santamato, E.;   Sasso, A.;   Scalia, G.;   Shen, Y.-R.;   Sirleto, L.;   Slussarenko Jr., S.S.;   Slussarenko, S.;   Slussarenko, S.S.;   Stumpe, J.;   Taheri, B.;   Tkachenko, V.;   Umeton, C.;   Vasnetsov, M.V.;   Veltri, A.;   Villiargio, M.;   Vita, F.;   Vogeler, T.;   Wagner, T.;   Warenghem, M.;   Warenghem, Marc;   Warenghen, M.;   de Stefano, L.;   del Gais, G.

Publication Titles

1987: Laser-induced reorientation in liquid crystals: a new class of nonlinear optical effects
1987: Optically induced twist Fréedericksz transitions in planar-aligned nematic liquid crystals
1988: All-optical-field-induced first-order Freedericksz transitions and hysteresis in a nematic film
1988: Interaction of liquid crystals with electromagnetic fields: Mauguin theorem, angular momentum conservation, and optical Fréedericksz transitions in twisted nematic liquid crystals
1988: Optical Freedericksz transitions in twisted planar nematics
1989: First-order polarization-activated optical transitions in smectic C and planar nematic liquid crystals
1990: A new approach to global stability analysis of one-dimensional continuous dissipative systems
1990: Laser-induced nonlinear dynamics in a nematic liquid-crystal film
1991: Photodynamical effects induced by the angular momentum of light in liquid crystals
1991: Polarization effects in the optical reorientation of freely suspended smectic-C liquid-crystal films
1992: Optical Freedericksz Transition in Nematics Doped with Chiral Agents
1992: Self-induced stimulated light scattering in nematic liquid crystals: Theory and experiment
1993: A new optical method for the measurement of viscoelastic coefficient in nematic liquid crystals
1993: Optical reorientation in cholesteric nematic mixtures
1994: Electric field-induced mode splitting in a liquid crystal waveguide
1994: Modulating light with light: a slab waveguide-liquid crystal device
1994: Wavelength dependence of optical reorientation in dye-doped nematics
1995: Lagrangian approach to light propagation in liquid crystals
1996: Transverse-magnetic nonlinear modes in a nematic liquid-crystal slab waveguide
1997: A theoretical and experimental-investigation of TM mode propagation in a nonlinear hybrid aligned liquid crystal waveguide
1998: Bulk optical Freedericksz effect: nonlinear optics of nematics liquid crystals in capillaries
1998: Enhanced optical nonlinearity by photoinduced molecular orientation in absorbing liquids
1998: Non linearly induced self waveguides structure in dye doped nematic liquid crystals confined in capillaries
1998: Nonlinear optical propagation in a dye-doped nematic liquid crystal waveguide
1998: Observation of liquid crystal alignment in capillaries using a new experimental approach
1998: Optical Kerr-like response of dye-doped nematics
1999: Dynamical regimes and motion intermittence induced by a laser beam in a nematic liquid crystal film
1999: Experimental observation of nonlinear beam splitting in dye-doped liquid crystal waveguides
1999: From bulk Janossy effect to nonlinear self wave-guiding or spatial soliton in dye-doped liquid crystals
1999: Nonlinear optical propagation in dye-doped liquid crystal waveguides
2002: Thermal and Orientational 2D+1 Spatial Optical Solitons in Dye Doped Liquid Crystals
2003: Dynamical electro-optical characterization of Policryps gratings
2003: Orientational control of light propagation in liquid crystal waveguides
2003: Policryps characterization in the near infrared
2003: ZLI-1695 Liquid crystal anisotropy characterization in the near infrared by generalized ellipsometry
2004: Dynamical behavior of holographic gratings with a nematic film - polymer slice sequence structure
2004: Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of liquid crystal and polymeric thin films in visible and near infrared
2005: Lasing Thresholds of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Lasers
2005: Photonics Devices Based on Hybrid Approach Combining Liquid Crystals and Sol-Gel Waveguides
2006: High accuracy optical characterization of anisotropic liquids by merging standard techniques
2006: New Generation of Holographic Gratings Based on Polymer-LC Composites: POLICRYPS and POLIPHEM
2007: Ellipsometric Study of Liquid Crystal Infiltrated Porous Silicon
2007: Optical characterization of liquid crystals by combined ellipsometry and half-leaky-guided-mode spectroscopy in the visible-near infrared range
2007: Organic and hybrid tunable bragg gratings for photonic devices
2008: First Approach to the Analysis of the Lasing Conditions in POLIPHEM© Structures
2009: Ellipsometric study of vertically aligned nematic liquid crystals
2010: Lasing by Second-Order Bragg Diffraction in Dye-Doped POLIPHEM Gratings


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