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Ågren, Patrik

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Aagren, Patrik;   Agren, Patrik;   Ågren, P.


Amenitsch, Heinz;   Andersson, Jenny;   Beurroies, Isabelle;   Blanchard, Juliette;   Bussian, Patrick;   Büchel, Gunter;   Denoyel, Renaud;   Karlsson, Stefan;   Kleitz, Freddy;   Kriechbaum, Manfred;   Laggner, Peter;   Lind, Anna;   Lindén, Mika;   Rosenholm, Jarl B.;   Schwarzenbacher, Robert;   Schüth, Ferdi;   Zibrowius, Bodo

Publication Titles

1999: Kinetics of Cosurfactant-Surfactant-Silicate Phase Behavior. 1. Short-Chain Alcohols
2000: Kinetics of Cosurfactant-Surfactant-Silicate Phase Behavior. 2. Short-Chain Amines
2000: Solubilization of oil in silicate-surfactant mesostructures
2002: Controlled Solubilization of Toluene by Silicate-Catanionic Surfactant Mesophases as Studied by in Situ and ex Situ XRD
2002: Influence of Cosurfactants on the Properties of Mesostructured Materials
2006: Detailed in Situ XRD and Calorimetric Study of the Formation of Silicate/Mixed Surfactant Mesophases under Alkaline Conditions. Influence of Surfactant Chain Length and Synthesis Temperature


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J. Phys. Chem. B, 110, 16254
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