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 2004 Heterogeneous Catalysis Using a Nanostructured Solid Acid Resin Based on Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
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 2001 Photo-Reversible Regulation of Optical Stop Bands
 2007 Fiber-Oriented Liquid Crystal Polarizers Based on Anisotropic Electrospinning
Gu, Zhen-Nan1999 Synthesis of ZnS nanowires in liquid crystal systems
 1999 Templated Synthesis of CdS nanowires in hexagonal liquid crystal systems
 2000 Nanostructured lead sulfide containing nanoholes templated by lyotropic hexagonal liquid crystals
 2000 Study progress in surfactant lyotropic liquid crystal system
 2001 Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles in Nonionic Surfactant System
 2002 Template-directed synthesis of sulfide semiconductors
Gu, Zheng2004 Studies on the synthesis, characterization and liquid crystal properties of meso-tetrakis(4-alkoxyphenyl)porphyrin metal complexes
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 2008 Synthesis, characterization and properties of iron(III) meso-tetrakis(4-alkoxyphenyl)porphyrin chloride
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 2004 Tunable Photonic Band Gap Crystals Based on a Liquid Crystal-Infiltrated Inverse Opal Structure
 2005 Control of the Optical Properties of Liquid Crystal-Infiltrated Inverse Opal Structures Using Photo Irradiation and/or an Electric Field
 2007 Phototunable photonic crystals with reversible wavelength choice
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 2002 Structural changes during annealing of the crystalline helical form of syndiotactic polypropylene
 2004 Influence of the Initial Morphology on the Elasticity of Oriented Syndiotactic Polypropylene
 2004 Structural and Morphological Changes during UV Irradiation of the Crystalline Helical Form of Syndiotactic Polypropylene
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 1995 Structural study of thermotropic liquid crystalline poly(ethyleneiminium) salts alkylated with mesogenic side chains
 1995 Synthesis of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polysiloxanes Having a Chiral n-Alkyl Tolansulfinate as the Pendant Group
Guillon, Daniel (cont...)1995 The synthesis and mesomorphism of a new series of silver(I) complexes showing glassy mesophases
 1996 Ferrocene-containing thermotropic side-chain liquid-crystalline polymethacrylates
 1996 Magnetic properties of rare-earth β-enaminoketone metallomesogens
 1996 Structural characterization of new ferroelectric liquid-crystalline siloxanes
 1996 Synthesis and Liquid-Crystalline Properties of Diazabutadiene Complexes of Rhenium(I)
 1996 X-ray and magnetic birefringence studies of some lanthanide metallomesogens with Schiff's base ligands
 1997 Compensatory effects in the establishment of spontaneous polarization in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1997 Effect of smectogenicity of the ionic groups on the thermotropic liquid crystalline behavior of pyridinium and poly(4-vinylpyridinium) salts quaternized with mesogenic groups
 1997 Ferrocene-containing thermotropic side-chain liquid-crystalline polymethacrylate from a mesomorphic trisubstituted ferrocene monomer
 1997 Liquid crystal properties of poly(2-vinylpyridine) fully quaternized with a mesogenic group
 1997 Metallopolymers: Preparation of Polymer Films with a High Content of Metal Centers via Photopolymerization of Metal-Containing Liquid-Crystalline Monomers
 1997 Structural characterization of mono- and di- mesogenic organosiloxanes: The impact of siloxane content on biphenyl benzoate systems
 1997 Structural study of columnar liquid-crystalline phases in homologous series of tetrapalladium organyls
 1997 Synthesis of liquid - crystalline oligotriacetylene derivatives
 1997 The Synthesis, Mesomorphism and Characterization by X-ray Diffraction and Freeze-Fracture Electron Microscopy of Polycatenar Liquid Crystals of Silver(I) Showing Columnar and Cubic Mesophases
 1998 Bent Tridentate Receptors in Calamitic Mesophases with Predetermined Photophysical Properties: New Luminescent Lanthanide-Containing Materials
 1998 Ferrocene-Containing Thermotropic Side-Chain Liquid - Crystalline Polysiloxanes
 1998 Influence of backbone tacticity on thermotropic properties of side chain liquid crystal polymethacrylates
 1998 Liquid - crystalline mixed [60]fullerene-ferrocene materials
 1998 Mixed-Valent Diruthenium(II,III) Long-Chain Carboxylates. 1. Molecular Design of Columnar Liquid-Crystalline Order
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