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Griffin, R.G.1973 Fluorine chemical shielding tensors and crystal structure of potassium tetrafluorophthalate
 1978 Head-group conformation in phospholipids: a phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance study of oriented monodomain dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayers
 1981 Solid-state carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance of the lecithin gel to liquid-crystalline phase transition
 1982 Molecular dynamics and conformation in the gel and liquid-crystalline phases of phosphatidylethanolamine bilayers
 1985 Anisotropic spin-lattice relaxation in lipid bilayers: A solid state 2H NMR lineshape study
Griffin, Robert G.1985 Comparative study of the gel phases of ether- and ester-linked phosphatidylcholines
 1986 Solid-state NMR study of trehalose/1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-phosphatidylcholine interactions
Griffin, Robert R.1991 Manufacture of graphite electrode nipples
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Griffith, Lawrence L.1990 Fiber optic high-definition large-screen display system
Griffith, M.S.1991 Comparison of electrooptic coefficients of amorphous and liquid crystalline nonlinear optical copolymers
 1997 Ferroelectric liquid crystal over active silicon technology for displays
 1998 A high-resolution, full-color, head-mounted ferroelectric liquid crystal-over-silicon display
Griffith, Michael S.1996 Miniature silicon backplane ferroelectric liquid crystal displays for head mounted display applications
Griffith, Michael Stewart1992 Electrooptical liquid-crystal polymers and their formation and processing
Griffith, O. Hayes1990 Preparation and application of an affinity matrix for phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C
 1990 Synthesis of phosphonate derivatives of myo-inositol for use in biochemical studies of inositol-binding proteins
 1991 A chromogenic substrate for phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C: 4-nitrophenyl myo-inositol-1-phosphate
Griffith, O.H.1969 A spin-labeled lipid for probing biological membranes
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 1979 Temperature and pressure study of 8S5
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Griffiths, John1987 Liquid crystal displays and fluorescent dyes for use in them
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 1999 The influence of intramolecular hydrogen bonding on the order parameter and photostability properties of dichroic azo dyes in a nematic liquid crystal host
Griffiths, M.K.1994 Computer modelling of discotic liquid crystals
Griffiths, Mark2004 Functional redundancy of two nucleoside transporters of the ENT family (CeENT1, CeENT2) required for development of Caenorhabditis elegans
Griffiths, Peter R.2006 Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Deformation
Grigalevicius, S.2007 Triazine-Based Aromatic Amines as New Glass-Forming Charge Transport Materials
 2008 Carbazol-3-yl Substituted Aromatic Amines Containing Crosslinkable Groups as Materials for Multilayer Light Emitting Diodes
 2008 Crosslinkable Fluorene-Based Derivatives as Materials for Light Emitting Diodes
Grigalevicius, Saulius2007 Well Defined Carbazol-3,9-Diyl Based Oligomers as Host Materials for Organic Electro-Phosphorescent Devices
Grigera, S.A.1999 Two-step liquid-solid vortex transition with the field along the ab planes in YBa2Cu3O7-δ crystals
 2007 Formation of a Nematic Fluid at High Fields in Sr3Ru2O7
 2009 Entropy Landscape of Phase Formation Associated with Quantum Criticality in Sr3Ru2O7
 2009 Inhomogeneous Magnetic Phases: A Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov-Like Phase in Sr3Ru2O7
Grigera, Tomas S.2004 Localization threshold of instantaneous normal modes from level-spacing statistics
Griggs, Barbara1995 Gel to liquid-crystal transitions in synthetic amphiphile vesicles
Grigo, Ulrich1992 Polycarbonate- thermotropic polymer-stabilizer blends with good flow
Grigolini, P.1983 Fast-computational approach to the evaluation of slow-motion EPR spectra in terms of a generalized Langevin equation
 2002 Scaling breakdown: A signature of aging
 2003 Long- and short-time analysis of heartbeat sequences: Correlation with mortality risk in congestive heart failure patients
 2004 Random growth of interfaces as a subordinated process
Grigolini, Paolo1985 Spectroscopic effects of rotational inertia
 2002 Lévy scaling: The diffusion entropy analysis applied to DNA sequences
 2002 Scaling detection in time series: Diffusion entropy analysis
 2003 Generalized master equation via aging continuous-time random walks
 2003 Vortex dynamics in evolutive flows: A weakly chaotic phenomenon
 2004 Aging and rejuvenation with fractional derivatives
 2004 Non-Poisson dichotomous noise: Higher-order correlation functions and aging
 2004 Solar turbulence in earth's global and regional temperature anomalies
 2009 Event-Driven Power-Law Relaxation in Weak Turbulence
 2009 Experimental Quenching of Harmonic Stimuli: Universality of Linear Response Theory
Grigoras, M.1997 Phase transfer catalysis in polycondensation processes. XVII. Synthesis and thermal properties of some aromatic polyethers
Grigoras, S.1990 Substituted polysiloxane polymers: conformation of the pendant groups
 1995 Molecular modeling study of polydiphenylsiloxane in crystalline and mesophase states
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Grigorchuk, N.I.2002 Stability of coupled exciton-electronic complexes in one-dimensional molecular chain
Grigorenko, A.N.2003 Symmetry Locking and Commensurate Vortex Domain Formation in Periodic Pinning Arrays
Grigorenko, N.A.2003 Molecular constructions based on double-stranded nucleic acid liquid crystals: formation, properties, practical application
Grigor'ev, A.I.1980 Study of mesomorphic properties of solutions of block copolymers of butadiene with styrene and of isoprene with α-methylstyrene
 1980 Study of the morphological properties of a polymer with mesogenic groups in the main chain
 1983 Molecular properties and phase states of a polymer with mesogenic groups in the main chain
 1984 Mesomorphic properties of poly[terephthaloyl bis(4-oxybenzoates)] containing methylene and oxyethylene flexible units in the main chain
 1984 Temperature transitions and mesomorphism in poly[decamethylene terephthaloylbis(p-oxybenzoate)]
 1985 Comparative orientation of poly[(oligooxypropylene-200 and -250) terephthaloylbis(4-oxybenzoate)] molecules in magnetic and mechanical fields
 1985 Mesomorphic properties of poly[oligooxypropylene terephthaloylbis(4-oxybenzoates)]
 1985 Mesomorphic structure of poly[oligopropylene glycol (200) 4,4'-(terephthaloyloxy)bis(benzoate)]
 1987 Molecular properties and structure of thermotropic poly(terephthaloyl-di-p-oxybenzoate) having flexible methylene and siloxane spacers
 1989 Orientation of liquid-crystalline melts of poly[decamethylene terephthaloylbis(oxybenzoate)]
 1989 Orientation of mesogenic groups of polyethylene glycol 300 terephthaloyl bis(p-oxyoenzoate) in liquid-crystalline melts
 1989 Polymorphism of the crystalline and liquid-crystalline phases of poly[tris(oxyethylene)fumaroylbis(4-oxybenzoate)]
 1990 On the mesomorphic structure of polyethylene glycol 1000-terephthaloyl-bis-4-oxybenzoyl-bis-4'-oxybenzoyl-bis-4''-oxybenzoate
 1991 Mesomorphic properties of polymers of terephthaloyl-bis-4-oxybenzoyl-bis-4'-hydroxybenzoate with flexible oxyethylene spacers of various lengths
 1991 Mesomorphic structure of polymers having long mesogenic groups in the backbone
 1991 Structure of a polymer having conformationally flexible mesogenic groups in the backbone
 1991 Structure of poly(alkylene terephthaloyldi-p-oxybenzoates) having an odd number of methylene groups
 1992 Intramolecular mobility and mesomorphic state of linear polyesters with conformationally labile mesogenic groups and spacers of various length
 1992 Mesomorphic properties of poly(1,1,3,3-tetramethyl-1,3- bis( hydroxymethyl)-1,3-disila-2-oxaterephthaloyl di-p-oxybenzoate)
 1992 Mesomorphic properties of thermotropic poly[terephthaloylbis(4-oxybenzoyl)bis(4'-oxybenzoates)] with flexible spacers in the main chain
Grigor'ev, A.I. (cont...)1992 Orientation of poly(pentamethylene terephthaloyl-di-p-oxybenzoate) in solutions under the action of a magnetic field
 1993 Effect of the rigidity of mesogenic groups on liquid - crystalline properties of polymers
 1993 Mesomorphic properties of liquid - crystalline copolyesters with asymmetric mesogenic groups
 1993 Silicon-containing polyesters based on organosilicon dicarboxylic acids and aromatic diols
 1994 Effect of the chemical structure of flexible spacers on mesomorphic properties of poly(terephthaloyl-di-p-hydroxybenzoates)
 1994 Molecular mobility and structure of linear thermotropic polyesters with mesogenic groups in trans- and cis-forms
 1994 Structure of aromatic thermotropic copolyesters with side-chain substituents
 1995 Hydroxyethyl cyanoethyl cellulose: a thermotropic mesogenic polymer
 1995 Synthesis and properties of polyester-polyimides based on bistrimellitimides and decamethylene glycol
 1997 Liquid crystalline polyesters based on 2,2'-bifluorenone-6,6'-dicarboxylic acid
 1998 Effect of amide groups and polymethylene flexible spacers on the mesogenic properties of poly(silarylene)s
 1998 Thermodynamic and structural characteristics of cholesteric copolyesters
 1999 Synthesis and properties of silbenzylidene thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyesters
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 1986 Excitation of nonlinear surface electromagnetic waves in the prism-metal film-nematic liquid crystal system
 1989 Light-induced modulated structures, intrinsic optical multistability and instabilities for the competitive wave interactions in liquid crystals
Grigorian, Souren2009 Bimodal Temperature Behavior of Structure and Mobility in High Molecular Weight P3HT Thin Films
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Grigoriev, D.O.2008 New Method for Fabrication of Loaded Micro- and Nanocontainers: Emulsion Encapsulation by Polyelectrolyte Layer-by-Layer Deposition on the Liquid Core
Grigoriev, Roman O.2002 Non-normality and the localized control of extended systems
 2002 Spectral theory for the failure of linear control in a nonlinear stochastic system
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Grigorieva, E.V.2004 Spatiotemporal structures in a model with delay and diffusion
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Grigoriu, G.1997 Alignment properties of some polymeric layers
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 1986 Nondegradative evaporation of poly(cholesteryl ω-methacryloyloxyundecanoate) macromolecules
Grigorov, Martin2005 Polysaccharide-Induced Order-to-Order Transitions in Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
Grigorova, L.V.1991 The nucleic acid synthesis and spatial organization of DNA molecules in the presence of heparin and the quaternary ammonium salt of conidin oligomer-25
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 1984 Light-induced bulk noncentrosymmetry of nematic liquid crystals -flexoelectric mechanism of second harmonic generation
 1985 Optical bistability during excitation of surface plasmons at a metal - nematic liquid crystal interface
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 1987 Nonlinear dispersion of surface electromagnetic waves excited in the system prism-metal plate-nematic liquid crystal
Grigoryan, Z.A.1976 Dependence between infrared spectra and liquid crystal properties in a series of Schiff bases and hippuric acid derivatives
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 1985 2,5-Disubstituted pyridines, mesomorphic material, and an electrooptical device
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 1985 Liquid-crystal material for electrooptical devices
 1985 Orientation of nematic liquid crystals
 1986 Optical properties of polymer films for liquid-crystalline displays
 1986 Sealant for liquid crystal indicators
 1991 Study of the alignment effect of rubbed polymer surfaces on nematic liquid crystals
 1992 Alignment layer with soluble polyimidobenzimidazole
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 1990 Simulation des Schaltverhaltens planarer nematischer Flüssigkristallzellen im elektromagnetischen Feld
 1991 Viscoelastic coefficients of glass-forming nematics
 1992 Determination of Visco-Elastic Coefficients from the Transmission of a Planar LC-Cell with low Frequency Modulated Voltage
 1992 Director Pattern and Optical Behaviour of 2D Inhomogenous Nematic LC Layers
 1993 Determination of viscoelastic coefficients from the optical transmission of a planar liquid crystal cell with low-frequency modulated voltage
 1993 Director patterns and inversion walls in 2D inhomogeneously deformed nematic liquid crystal (LC) layers
 1993 Magnetically Induced Transient Structures in the Twist Fréedericksz Transition of Low Molecular Mass LC
 1993 Spontane Strukturbildung in Flüssigkristallen
 1993 Transiente Strukturbildung beim Twist-Freederickszübergang niedermolekularer Nematen
 1994 Transient Structures During the Reorientation of Low Molecular Mass Nematics in Magnetic Fields Investigated by Optical Microscopy and NMR
 1994 Transient structures in the twist Freedericksz transition of low-molecular-weight nematic liquid crystals
 1995 Numerical Calculation of Nematic Director Fields with Stochastic Inner Boundaries
 1995 Spontaneous Pattern Formation in Nematic LC Subject to Continously Rotating Magnetic Fields
 1995 Transient patterns in the magnetic reorientation of low molecular mass nematic liquid crystals
 2002 Stripe patterns in the magnetic reorientation of a glass-forming nematic liquid crystal
Grigutsch, Maren1997 Comment on "Periodic distortions in lyotropic nematic calamitic liquid crystals "
 1997 Transient stripe patterns of nematics in a continuously rotating magnetic field
 1998 Optical characterization of electroconvection in nematics
 1998 Spatiotemporal analysis of electroconvection in nematics
 1999 Comment on "Corresponding states of periodic structures in nematic liquid crystals"
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Grillo, I.2001 Insertion of small anisotropic clay particles in swollen lamellar or sponge phases of nonionic surfactant
 2002 Structural modifications in the swelling of inhomogeneous microgels by light and neutron scattering
 2003 How Does ZrO2/Surfactant Mesophase Nucleate? Formation Mechanism
 2003 Shear induced structures in lamellar mesophases
 2006 The Frozen State in the Liquid Phase of Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymers
 2007 Reply: Comment on "The Frozen State in the Liquid Phase of Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymers"
 2008 Self-Assembly in Complex Mixed Surfactant Solutions: The Impact of Dodecyl Triethylene Glycol on Dihexadecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Bromide
 2008 Structural Investigation of Carbosilane Liquid Crystalline Dendrimers
 2008 The Surface and Solution Properties of Dihexadecyl Dimethylammonium Bromide
Grillo, Isabelle2001 Polymerization of Cationic Surfactant Phases
 2005 The role of counterions on the elasticity of highly charged lamellar phases: A small-angle x-ray and neutron-scattering determination
 2008 Competition between Entropy and Electrostatic Interactions in a Binary Colloidal Mixture of Spheres and Platelets
 2008 Photolabile lamellar phases
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 2005 Field-Effect Transistors Based on Self-Organized Molecular Nanostripes
 2005 New carbon-rich materials for electronics, lithium battery, and hydrogen storage applications
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 1982 Silicon liquid crystal light valves for optical-data processing
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 1983 Silicon liquid-crystal light valves: status and issues
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 1988 X-ray diffraction study of the polymorphic behavior of N-methylated dioleoylphosphatidylethanolamine
 1989 Effect of fatty acyl chain length and structure on the lamellar gel to liquid-crystalline and lamellar to reversed hexagonal phase transitions of aqueous phosphatidylethanolamine dispersions
 1989 Hydrocarbon chain conformation in the HII phase. Comments
 1989 Stability of lyotropic phases with curved interfaces
 1990 Physical studies on the membranes and lipids of plasmalogen-deficient Megasphaera elsdenii
 1990 Polymorphic phase behavior of alpha-tocopherol hemisuccinate
 1990 Thermotropic characterization of the 2-O-acyl,polyprenyl a-d-glucopyranoside isolated from palmitate-enriched Acholeplasma laidlawii B membranes
 1990 Volume constriction in a lipid-water liquid crystal using high-pressure x-ray diffraction
 1992 Structural study of the inverted cubic phases of didodecyl alkyl-β-D-glucopyranosyl-rac-glycerol
 1993 Pressure-induced, topological phase transitions in membranes
 1994 Differential scanning calorimetry and x-ray diffraction studies of the thermotropic phase behavior of the diastereomeric di-tetradecyl-β-D-galactosyl glycerols and their mixture
 1994 Enigmatic thermotropic phase behavior of highly asymmetric mixed-chain phosphatidylcholines that form mixed-interdigitated gel phases
 1994 Observation of a reversible thermotropic order-order transition in a diblock copolymer
 1995 Time-resolved x-ray studies on pressure-jump induced topological transitions in biological membranes
 1996 Organic and inorganic bicontinuous phases
 1997 Nonlamellar Phases Induced by the Interaction of Gramicidin S with Lipid Bilayers. A Possible Relationship to Membrane-Disrupting Activity
Gruner, Sol M. (cont...)1998 Mesoporous monolithic ceramics, their manufacture using a lyotropic liquid crystalline L3 phase, and their use
 2004 Nanohybrids from Liquid Crystalline Extended Amphiphilic Dendrimers
 2005 Flow-Induced Alignment of Block Copolymer-Sol Nanoparticle Coassemblies toward Oriented Bulk Polymer-Silica Hybrids
 2007 A Re-Evaluation of the Morphology of a Bicontinuous Block Copolymer-Ceramic Material
 2007 Surface Induced Tilt Propagation in Thin Films of Semifluorinated Liquid Crystalline Side Chain Block Copolymers
 2008 Self-Assembly of Four-Layer Woodpile Structure from Zigzag ABC Copolymer/Aluminosilicate Concertinas
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