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Goulding, Mark2005 A parallel high-throughput approach to liquid crystal screening
 2008 Banana-shaped dopants for flexoelectric nematic mixtures
 2009 Rod-shaped dopants for flexoelectric nematic mixtures
Goulding, Mark John1993 Alkoxymethylene compounds and liquid-crystal compositions and display devices containing them
 1993 Alkoxymethylene fluoroterphenyls and liquid - crystal mixtures and display devices containing them
 1993 Liquid-crystal electrooptical system and its preparation
 1993 Phenylpyrazine ethynes and liquid-crystal media and display devices using them
 1993 Phenylpyrazines and liquid-crystal media and display devices using them
 1994 (Biphenylyl)pyrazines for liquid crystalline media
 1994 Liquid crystalline di-, tri- and tetrafluorophenylpyrazines
 1994 Liquid-crystal material and a display cell using it
 1994 Liquid-crystal phenylpyrazines and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1994 Naphthalene derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1994 Preparation of mesogenic phenyl thioether liquid crystals and liquid crystal medium containing them
 1995 Fluorinated terphenyl derivatives and a liquid crystalline medium
 1995 Liquid crystalline copolymer
 1996 Chiral polymerizable binaphthol derivatives and their copolymerization to form liquid crystalline materials
 1996 Liquid crystal composition based on mixture of polar compounds having negative dielectric anisotropy
 1996 Monofunctional reactive terphenyls for polymerization and use in liquid crystalline materials with broad bandwidths
 1996 Three ring alkoxyphenyl liquid crystalline derivatives
 1997 Anisotropic polymers prepared by photopolymerization
 2002 Acetylenic biphenyl derivatives and their use as liquid crystalline components
 2002 Benzonitriles with both chloro and fluoro lateral substituents for use as components of liquid crystalline media
Goulding, Mark John (cont...)2003 Chiral compounds
 2004 1,4-di-(trans-4-cyclohexyl)benzene derivatives and their use in liquid crystal media and liquid crystal devices
 2004 Cholesteric nematic liquid crystal mixture showing improved physical properties and high twist liquid crystal display
 2004 Pyrans as liquid crystals for electrooptical and display devices
 2004 Pyrans as liquid crystals for electrooptical and display devices
 2004 Tolane derivatives and liquid crystalline medium for liquid crystal displays
 2006 2,7-Di(halophenyl)-9,9-bisalkylfluorene derivatives for liquid crystal compositions & organic electroluminescent display devices
Goulet, Alain1997 Free-space optical interconnect and processing demonstrators with arrays of light-emitting thyristors
 1999 Combining optoelectronic transceiver arrays and micro-optical components for photonically enhanced digital processors
 2001 Reconfigurable free-space optical interconnection module for pipelined optoelectronic parallel processing
Goulet, Louise1990 Crystallization kinetics and melting of caprolactone random copolymers
Gouliaev, Nikolai1998 Interbilayer interactions from high-resolution x-ray scattering
 1998 Simulations of Interacting Membranes in the Soft Confinement Regime
Goulian, M.2007 Fluctuations and Rheology in Active Bacterial Suspensions
Goulian, Mark1995 Shear alignment and instability of smectic phases
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Gounder, Raj N.1978 Applications of thermotropic mesophase reactions
Gounelle, Y.1971 NMR study of a nematic phase acetone solution
 1974 Nuclear magnetic resonance in the nematic phase. Geometry of 2,5-dihydrofuran
 1974 Nuclear magnetic resonance in the nematic phase. Investigation of hindrance of free rotation in monofluoroacetone
 1980 Deformation of methylenecyclopropane in solution: NMR study in the nematic phase at 240 and 400 MHz
Gounelle, Yves1969 Nematic phase NMR studies. Variation of the orientation factor with solute structure
 1970 NMR spectra of compounds in the nematic phase: study of the ethylene ketal group
 1995 Measurement and Analysis of the Molecular Ordering Tensors of Two Enantiomers Oriented in a Polypeptide Liquid Crystalline System
Gounon, Pierre1994 Optimization of collagen liquid crystalline assemblies: Influence of sonic fragmentation
Gourbil, A.2002 Cubic Phases of Cn-ANBC Bearing Secondary Alkoxy Chains: Studies by Optical Microscopy and X-ray Diffraction
 2002 Dimeric Chalcones: Optical Microscopy and X-Ray Diffraction
Gourbil, Agnes2002 AFM, x-ray diffraction and optical microscopy studies of faceted droplets of a thermotropic bicontinuous cubic mesophase
Gourcy, Jean-Gabriel1995 Enantiomeric excess analysis of (2R,3S)-3-deuterio-2-methylcyclohexanone and (1S,2R,3S)-3-deuterio-2-methylcyclohexanol, through deuterium NMR in a polypeptide lyotropic liquid crystal
Gourdon, Delphine2003 Transitions between smooth and complex stick-slip sliding of surfaces
Gourier, C.2002 Collapse of Monolayers of 10,12-Pentacosadiyonic Acid: Kinetics and Structure
Gouriou, Laure2006 Asymmetric allylic substitution catalyzed by C1-symmetrical complexes of molybdenum: structural requirements of the ligand and the stereochemical course of the reaction
Gouripeddi, S.P.2009 Hybrid Nematic Films: A Detailed Monte Carlo Investigation
Gourlaouen, Luc2006 Compositions comprising electrophilic monomers and agents forming liquid crystals for treatment of keratinic fiber
Gourlay, J.1993 Time-multiplexed optical Hadamard image transforms with ferroelectric-liquid-crystal-over-silicon spatial light modulators
 1996 A comparative investigation into planarized liquid crystal over silicon spatial light modulators
 1998 Practical issues for the use of liquid crystal spatial light modulators in adaptive optics
Gourlay, James1994 Improving the performance of liquid-crystal-over-silicon spatial light modulators: Issues and achievements
 1996 Edge-enhancement with ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulators exploiting domain walls
 1996 Scanning probe microscope study of obliquely evaporated SiOx and its indium tin oxide underlayer for the alignment of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1996 Study of indium-tin-oxide surface morphology and its influence on obliquely evaporated SiOx alignment layers for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1997 Real time adaptive optics correction with a ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulator and Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
Gourlay, James D.1995 Fabrication issues for silicon backplane active matrix miniature liquid crystal display
Goursot, Annick2008 Lipid thermodynamics: melting is molecular
Gourzheev, Nikolay2006 Medical fluid comprising liquid crystal for contact and non-contact conservative treatment, device for the preparation and introduction in the human organism cavities thereof
Gourzheev, Valeriy2006 Medical fluid comprising liquid crystal for contact and non-contact conservative treatment, device for the preparation and introduction in the human organism cavities thereof
Gousse, Cecile2001 New Oligomers and Polymers Bearing Furan Moieties
Gousset, Karine2003 Stabilization of membranes in human platelets freeze-dried with trehalose
Goustouridis, Dimitrios2004 Glass Transition Temperature Monitoring in Bilayer and Patterned Photoresist Films
Goutarel, Robert1963 Steroid alkaloids. XIX. New method of synthesis of 3β-amino-5-steroids
Gouthami, K.2009 Accurate Method for the Determination of Phase Transitions in Liquid Crystals with Photoacoustic Technique
Gouton, Pierre2008 An inverse display color characterization model based on an optimized geometrical structure
Gouveia, A.2002 K-shell spectroscopy of an independently diagnosed uniaxially expanding laser-produced aluminum plasma
Gouwy, G.1994 CIMID, a technology for high density integration of electronic systems
Goux, Aurelie2006 Mechanistic Study of the Electrodeposition of Nanoporous Self-Assembled ZnO/Eosin Y Hybrid Thin Films: Effect of Eosin Concentration
 2009 Oriented Mesoporous Silica Films Obtained by Electro-Assisted Self-Assembly (EASA)
Gouyet, Jean-Francois2003 Mean-field kinetic lattice gas model of electrochemical cells
Gouyette, C.1994 Spectroscopic evidence for an intramolecular RNA triple helix
Gouzerh, J.1987 Irreversible evolution in the topology of magnetic domains (invited)
Gov, N.2004 Hydrodynamics of confined membranes
 2004 Pinning of fluid membranes by periodic harmonic potentials
 2006 Morphological Transitions during the Formation of Templated Mesoporous Materials: Theoretical Modeling
Gove, Alan N.1996 Progress on color night vision: visible/IR fusion, perception and search, and low-light CCD imaging
Govender, Kuveshni2006 Electrodeposition of mesoporous CdTe films with the aid of citric acid from lyotropic liquid crystalline phases
Govers, E.1984 Correlation functions in the isotropic phase of nematics
 1984 Correlation functions in the isotropic phase of nematics
 1984 Elastic continuum theory of biaxial nematics
 1985 Fluid dynamics of biaxial nematics
 1986 Response to "Comment on 'Elastic continuum theory of biaxial nematics' "
 1987 On the fluctuation theory of DE Gennes for nematics
 1987 The calculation of the elastic constants of nematics
 1987 The Molecular-Statistical Calculation of the Elastic Constants of Uniaxial Nematics
Govidaiah, T.N.2002 TGB Phases in the Binary Mixtures of Liquid Crystalline Compounds
Govignon, Jacques P.1991 Hybrid digital/optical ATR system
Govil, G.1984 A study of permeability of lipid dispersions incorporated with drugs
Govil, Girjesh1978 Conformational structure of glycerol trivalerate and its relation to phospholipids: Studies by NMR and potential energy calculations
 1984 The preferred conformation(s) of trimethyl phosphate as derived from NMR spectra of partially oriented molecules and potential energy calculations
 1990 Solvent induced conformational changes in renin inhibitor polypeptide
 1992 Antioxidants in Biomembranes: Magnetic Resonance Studies
 1992 Modification of Protoporphyrin-IX for Formation of Stable Langmuir Blodgett Films
Govind, A.S.1993 A simple molecular theory of a nematic-nematic phase transition in highly polar compounds
 1997 A simple molecular theory of the SmA1-SmAd critical point and nematic lake in highly polar compounds
 1997 Effect of a strong electric field on the reentrant nematic to smectic Ad phase transition
 2000 A molecular theory including hard rod interactions of liquid crystalline phases exhibited by highly polar compounds
 2000 A simple molecular model for N-SmAd-NdRe-N1Re-SmA1 phase sequence in highly polar compounds
 2002 A molecular theory of smectic C liquid crystals made of rod-like molecules.
Govinda, A.S.1992 A Simple Molecular Theory of a Nematic-Nematic Phase Transition in Highly Polar Compounds
Govindaiah, T.N.2002 Induced Chiral Smectic Phase in the Binary Mixture of Nematic and Cholesteryl Compounds
 2002 Induced Chiral Smectic Phase in the Binary Mixture of Nematic and Cholesteryl Compounds
 2002 Micellar Nematic Lyophase in the Binary Mixture of Two No-Mesogenic Compounds
 2009 Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Phases in the Mixtures of Non-Mesogenic Compounds
 2009 Mesomorphic Behaviour of Lamellar Smectic Phases in the Binary Mixture of Non-Mesogenic Compounds
Govindan, B.S.2004 Complexity, fractals, disease time, and cancer
Govindan, Bindu S.2004 Steady states of a microtubule assembly in a confined geometry
Govindan, T.E.2004 Parameter space reduction criteria to search for synchronization domains in coupled discrete systems
Govindarajan, Rama2003 Shell model for drag reduction with polymer additives in homogeneous turbulence
 2003 Stabilization of hydrodynamic flows by small viscosity variations
Govindaraju, Thimmaiah2007 Using Measurements of Anchoring Energies of Liquid Crystals on Surfaces To Quantify Proteins Captured by Immobilized Ligands
Govindjee1999 Light-induced and osmotically-induced changes in chlorophyll a fluorescence in two Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 strains that differ in membrane lipid unsaturation
Govindjee, Rajni1999 Light-induced and osmotically-induced changes in chlorophyll a fluorescence in two Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 strains that differ in membrane lipid unsaturation
Govor, Leonid V.2004 Self-assembled nanoparticle deposits formed at the contact line of evaporating micrometer-size droplets
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 1979 On the investigation of temperature fields arising during plastic deformation of crystals
Govorun, Dmytro M.2008 The Peculiarities of the RNA Luminescence
Govorun, E.Ya.1972 Visualization of millimeter and submillimeter wavelength radiation by means of liquid crystals
Gowd, E. Bhoje2005 Main chain thermotropic liquid crystalline polyurethanes containing biphenyl mesogens based on novel AB-type self-polycondensation route: FT-IR and XRD studies
 2006 Structural Changes in Thermally Induced Phase Transitions of Uniaxially Oriented de Form of Syndiotactic Polystyrene Investigated by Temperature-Dependent Measurements of X-ray Fiber Diagrams and Polarized Infrared Spectra
 2007 Structural Changes during Thermally Induced Phase Transitions Observed for Uniaxially Oriented d Form of Syndiotactic Polystyrene
 2008 Structural Correlation between Crystal Lattice and Lamellar Morphology in the Phase Transitions of Uniaxially Oriented Syndiotactic Polystyrene (d and de Forms) As Revealed by Simultaneous Measurements of Wide-Angle and Small-Angle X-ray Scatterings
Gowda, D. Channe2010 Synthesis and Crystal Structure of S-ethyl-2(tert-butoxycarbonylamino)-4-methyl-pentanethioate
Gowda, D. Krishne1998 Crystal structure of octylbenzoic acid
Gowens, John2002 Dynamical Phase Distorsion Sensing with Non-Linear Zernike Filter Based on FLC Light Valve
Gowens, John W.2002 Sub-millisecond phase contrast wavefront sensor based on an optically addressed ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Gower, Laurie B.2008 Transition Bars during Transformation of an Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Precursor
Gowers, J.P.1999 Laser crystallized poly-Si TFTs for AMLCDs
 1999 The technology and application of laser crystallized poly-SI TFTs
Goworek, J.2003 Positron probing of the micellar template interior in MCM-41
Goworek, T.1997 Positronium in large voids. Silicagel
 1998 Positronium lifetimes in porous Vycor glass
 2002 Comments on the relation: positronium lifetime – free volume size parameters of the Tao–Eldrup model
 2003 Positron probing of the micellar template interior in MCM-41
 2004 Observation of intramolecular defects in n-alkanes C25H52–C29H60 by the positron annihilation method
 2004 Positronium in solid phases of n-pentacosane
Gowrishankar, T.R.2002 Resealing dynamics of a cell membrane after electroporation
Goyal, Deepak1999 Materials challenges in interconnection: trade-offs for rapid deployment
Goyal, P.S.2001 SANS study of salt induced micellization in PEO–PPO–PEO block copolymers
 2003 Selective counterion condensation in ionic micellar solutions
Goyal, R.K.2001 Recent development of acrylic polymer coating for corrosion control and other applications
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Goyal, Sawraj1994 Structural and functional role of lipids in yeast and mycelial forms of Candida albicans
Goychuk, Igor2004 Fractional diffusion modeling of ion channel gating
 2004 Quantum dynamics with non-Markovian fluctuating parameters
 2004 Theory of non-Markovian stochastic resonance
Goyeneche, D.2003 Quantum diffusion on a cyclic one-dimensional lattice
Goz, Mehmet1991 Dielectric anisotropy of cyanooctylbiphenyl liquid crystal films
Goze Bac, Christophe2001 Three-dimensional rotational Langevin dynamics and the Lebwohl-Lasher model
Gozewski, Conrad1996 Switchable-focus lenses in holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal
Gozewski, Conrad M.1994 Applications of switchable Polaroid holograms
 1997 Electronically switchable Bragg gratings for large-scale NXN fiber optic crossconnects
Gozon, J.1999 Dispersion of cholesteric liquid crystals in side-chain polymer matrix
Graaf, H.2008 A tailored dye probe for single molecule studies in liquid crystals
Grabar, A.2004 Enhanced Dielectric Response of Liquid Crystal Ferroelectric Suspension
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 1999 Synthesis and properties of vinylic copolymers with fluorescent moieties as optical brighteners for liquid crystals
 2001 Spectral properties of 3-benzanthrone derivative dyes in isotropic solvents, polymer film and liquid crystal
 2004 Molecular orientation of some fluorescent dichroic dyes in nematic liquid crystal
Grabchev, Ivo1998 Synthesis and properties of benzanthrone derivatives as luminophore dyes for liquid crystals
 2000 Synthesis and properties of fluorescent 1,8-naphthalimide dyes for application in liquid crystal displays
 2003 Photophysical and photochemical properties of green fluorescent liquid crystalline systems
 2005 Photophysical properties of fluorescent copolymers of methylmethacrylate for use in liquid crystalline systems
 2006 Functional properties of fluorescent poly(amidoamine) dendrimers in nematic liquid crystalline media
Grabchev, Ivo K.2003 Synthesis of Ethyl 3-Aryl-1-methyl-8-oxo-8H-anthra[9,1-gh]quinoline-2-carboxylates as Dyes for Potential Application in Liquid Crystal Displays
Grabchuk, G.P.2008 Effect of Polymethine Dyes with Various Electron-Donating Abilities of Terminal Groups on Thermopolymerization of Methylmethacrylate in Solutions
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 1995 Interaction between ionophores and biomimetic membranes
 1997 Sodium taurocholate-induced lamellar-micellar phase transitions of DPPC determined by DSC and x-ray diffraction
 1998 Sodium taurocholate-induced lamellar-micellar phase transitions of DPPC determined by DSC and x-ray diffraction
 1999 A differential scanning calorimetry study of the interaction of Lasalocid antibiotic with phospholipid bilayers
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 2008 Liquid crystalline hydrogen bonded oligo(p-phenylenevinylene)s
 2008 Star-shaped oligobenzoates: non-conventional mesogens forming columnar helical mesophases
 2009 Cooperative Molecular Motion within a Self-Assembled Liquid-Crystalline Molecular Wire: The Case of a TEG-Substituted Perylenediimide Disc
 2009 Miscibility between Differently Shaped Mesogens: Structural and Morphological Study of a Phthalocyanine-Perylene Binary System
 2009 Self-Assembly of Dendronized Triphenylenes into Helical Pyramidal Columns and Chiral Spheres
 2009 Solid-State Organization of Semifluorinated Alkanes Probed by 19F MAS NMR Spectroscopy
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 1980 Investigation of molecular motions in smectic A and C TBBA by NMR relaxation dispersion
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Graf, Wolfgang1995 Advanced windows with a wide range in solar transmittance
 1998 Switchable glazing with a large dynamic range in total solar energy transmittance (TSET)
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 2004 Glass Forming Nematic-Discotic Oligomesogens
Grafe, Annett2002 Glass Forming Nematic-Discotic Oligomesogens
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 2005 Surface controlled orientation of a novel star-shaped discotic oligomesogen
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Graham-Rowe, Duncan2007 Electronic paper rewrites the rulebook for displays
 2007 Projectors get personal
Graham, A.1993 High-resolution ferroelectric liquid crystal display
 1994 A high-resolution ferroelectric liquid crystal display
 1995 Greyscale and color in ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
Graham, A.J.2004 Nucleation rate of critical droplets on an elastic string in a ?6 potential
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 1996 Preliminary space environment tests of nematic liquid crystals
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 2003 Polymerizable liquid crystalline organic semiconductors and their fabrication in organic field effect transistors
Graham, Donald Gordon2004 Polymerized liquid crystal film with improved adhesion, film fabrication, multilayer film, and use
Graham, Eva1991 The electronic structure and second-order nonlinear optical properties of donor-acceptor acetylenes: a detailed investigation of structure-property relationships
Graham, I.2003 Investigation of the forest-fire model on a small-world network
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 2006 Construction of Chiral Propeller Architectures from Achiral Molecules
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 2005 Structures and Phase Transformations of Asymmetric Bent Main-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polyesters
 2006 Alkyl Tail Length Dependence of Structures in a Series of Symmetrically Tapered Bisamides Exhibiting Self-Assembled Supramolecular Columnar Phases
 2006 Origin of Self-Assembled Helical Supramolecular Structures in Achiral C6 Biphenyl Carboxylic Acid Compounds
 2006 Phase behaviors and supramolecular structures of a series of symmetrically tapered bisamides
 2007 Biaxial Molecular Arrangement of Rod-Disc Molecule under an Electric Field
 2007 Self-Assembly of Chemically Linked Rod-Disc Mesogenic Liquid Crystals
 2007 Structure of Macroscopic Monodomains and Its Soft Confinements of Chiral Smectic Phases on Crystallization in a Main-Chain Nonracemic Liquid Crystalline Polyester
 2010 From crystals to columnar liquid crystal phases: molecular design, synthesis and phase structure characterization of a series of novel phenazines potentially useful in photovoltaic applications
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 1989 Second harmonic generation from Langmuir-Blodgett films of azo dyes
 1989 Side chain liquid crystal polysiloxanes and their low Tg copolymer analogs
 1989 Silicon-29 NMR investigations of polysiloxanes
 1989 Siloxane copolymers with laterally and terminally attached mesogenic side chains
 1989 Siloxane copolymers with latterally and terminally attached mesogenic side chains
 1989 Synthesis and liquid crystal properties of dimethylene linked compounds incorporating the cyclobutane or spiro[3.3]heptane rings
 1989 The preparation and liquid crystal properties of materials incorporating a monosubstituted ring system
 1989 The synthesis and transition temperatures of some 4,4"-dialkyl- and 4,4"-alkoxyalkyl-1,1':4',1"-terphenyls with 2,3- or 2',3'-difluoro substituents and of their biphenyl analogs
 1989 The synthesis and transition temperatures of some fluoro-substituted 4-cyanophenyl and 4-cyanobiphenyl-4'-yl 4-pentyl- and 4-butoxybenzoates
 1989 The synthesis of optically active cyanohydrin esters and their use as high Ps dopants for ferroelectric displays
 1989 X-ray diffraction studies on cis- and trans-4'-cyanobiphenyl-4-yl 3-n-propylcyclobutane-1-carboxylate
 1990 Di(5-substituted-salicylidene)ethylenediaminato complexes. Part II. Mesomorphic properties of di(5-alkylsalicylidene)ethylenediaminato nickel(II) and copper(II) complexes and an x-ray structure determination of [di(5-hexyloxy salicylidene)ethylenediaminato]nicke l(II)
 1990 Liquid crystalline cyclic polymers
 1990 Liquid-crystalline polysiloxanes with fluoro-substituted side chains
 1990 Low-molar-mass thermotropic liquid crystals
 1990 Polysiloxanes with laterally attached mesogenic side chains
 1990 The effect of diluting polar terminal groups with nonpolar terminal groups in laterally attached side chain copolymers
Gray, George W. (cont...)1990 The effects of variation of a core ring system in the mesogenic side chain of liquid-crystal polysiloxanes
 1990 The synthesis and properties of some novel ferroelectric materials: hosts and dopants
 1990 The synthesis and properties of some novel liquid-crystal side chain polyesters
 1990 Unusual structures in some alkyl cyanoterphenyls
 1991 Cross-coupling reactions in the synthesis of liquid crystals
 1991 Development of liquid crystal materials for information technology
 1991 Dielectric relaxation properties and alignment behavior of a liquid-crystalline polymer having laterally attached mesogenic groups
 1991 Electric field induced a.c. alignment and realignment, a study of a liquid-crystalline copolymer having longitudinally and laterally attached mesogenic groups as side chains monitored through dielectric spectroscopy and optical thermomicroscopy
 1991 Some developments in the synthesis of liquid crystal materials
 1991 Synthesis and properties of some liquid crystal polysiloxanes with laterally or terminally attached side chains
 1991 The liquid-crystalline properties of copper(II) complexes of β-diketones
 1991 The synthesis and transition temperatures of some lateral cyano-substituted 1,1':4',1"-terphenyls
 1991 The synthesis and transition temperatures of some lateral monofluoro-substituted 4,4''-dialkyl- and 4,4''-alkoxyalkyl-1,1':4',1''-terphenyls
 1991 The synthesis of several lateral difluoro-substituted 4,4"-dialkyl-and 4,4"-alkoxyalkylterphenyls and a rationalization of the effect of such substitution on mesophase type and transition temperatures
 1992 Palladium-Catalysed Cross-Coupling Reactions in the Synthesis of Some High Polarizability Materials
 1992 Structural Study of Laterally Attached Side Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 1992 Synthesis and Characterisation of the 4-n-Alkyloxy-4"-Cyano-p-Terphenyls
 1992 Synthesis and transition temperatures of some novel, chiral nematic, laterally attached, side-chain, siloxane polymers
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