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Gilchrist, Graham2004 Surface charge screening and boundary conditions for high two-beam coupling gain in pure liquid crystals
 2006 Surface Screening Layers and Dynamics of Energy Transfer in Photosensitive Polymer-Liquid Crystal Structures
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Giles, Mark2003 Mono-, oligo- and poly-3-(1,1-difluoroalkyl)thiophenes and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 Mono-, oligo- and poly-3-substituted-4-fluorothiophenes and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 Mono-, oligo- and poly-difluorovinyl-(hetero)arylenes, their synthesis and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 Mono-, oligo- and polyalkylidenefluorenes and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 Mono-, oligo- and polymers comprising a 2,6-azulene group and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 Monomers, oligomers and polymers containing dithienopyridine groups
 2003 Monomers, oligomers, and polymers of benzo[b]thiophene and 2,2'-bisbenzo[b]thiophene and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 New liquid crystalline solution processible organic semiconductors and their performance in field effect transistors
 2003 Polymerizable liquid crystalline organic semiconductors and their fabrication in organic field effect transistors
 2003 Preparation of thienothiophene analogs for use as semiconductors or charge transport materials
 2003 Reactive mesogenic azulenes
 2003 Reactive mesogenic benzodithiophenes for liquid crystal displays
 2003 Thienthiophenes with polymerizable group
 2004 Alkylidene Fluorene Liquid Crystalline Semiconducting Polymers for Organic Field Effect Transistor Devices
 2004 Mono-, oligo- and polymers comprising dithienotiophene and aryl groups and their uses as semiconductors or charge transport materials
 2004 Polymer dopants
 2004 Self-assembled liquid crystalline solution processable semiconductors
 2004 Use of poly-3,3"-dialkyl-2,2':5',2"-terthiophenes as charge transport materials
Giles, Michael K.1991 Using liquid-crystal TVs in Vander Lugt optical correlators
 1992 Using liquid-crystal devices as input and filter SLMs
 1993 Tracking speckle patterns with optical correlation
 1995 Design and performance of a joint transform correlator (JTC) system for measuring blood flow and tissue motion
 1995 Implementation of liquid crystal arrays as complex field modulators
 1995 Liquid crystal television (LCTV) as an optics education tool
 1995 Programmable deflector and scanner using a liquid crystal television (LCTV)
 1995 Programmable phase grating and beam steerer by operating a LCTV
 1996 Optical alignment monitoring and stabilization using a liquid crystal television (LCTV)
 1998 High-resolution phase distortion compensation in adaptive interferometers
 2000 Setting up a liquid crystal phase screen to simulate atmospheric turbulence
 2002 Closed-loop phase-contrast adaptive optics system using liquid crystal phase modulators: experimental results
 2002 Design considerations for a minature, portable, phase-contrast wave front sensor
 2002 Implementation of an adaptive Shack-Hartmann sensor using a phase-modulated liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 2003 Wavefront reconstruction of Shack-Hartmann data for a high-resolution pixelated wavefront corrector
 2004 Laboratory testing of components and systems used for advanced wavefront control
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 2000 Characterization of the phase separation of the E7 liquid crystal component mixtures in a thiol-ene-based polymer
 2000 Phase separation in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 2001 Characterization of PDLCs composed of the single liquid crystal component, K21, in a thiol-ene-based polymer
 2003 Effect of Monomer Functionality on the Morphology and Performance of the Holographic Transmission Gratings Recorded on Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals
 2005 Liquid crystal and polymer dispersions: morphological control (Invited Paper)
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Gille, Andreas1998 Bipolar clamping improves the sensitivity of mutation detection by temperature gradient gel electrophoresis
Gille, Christoph1998 Bipolar clamping improves the sensitivity of mutation detection by temperature gradient gel electrophoresis
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 2001 Using the human eye to characterize displays
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 1999 Cladis' orbiting disclinations in smectic films submitted to a torque
 2000 Interface dynamics in liquid crystals
 2001 Ising wall instability in a nematic liquid crystal
 2004 Observation of One-Dimensional Spinodal Decomposition in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
Gilli, J.M.1983 Addition of a flexible polymer, poly(vinylpyrrolidone), to a mesomorphic aqueous solution of a semirigid polymer, hydroxypropyl cellulose
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 1984 Mesomorphic transitions in a mixture of a flexible and a semi-rigid polymer
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 1984 Phase diagram and electrohydrodynamic instabilities in a nematic aromatic polyester
 1985 Bend elastic constant and shear rotational viscosity in a liquid crystal-mesomorphic polymer mixture
 1985 Liquid crystalline polymer solutions and mixtures
 1985 Magnetic birefringence in mixtures of a nematic aromatic polyester and PAA
 1985 The effect of an electric field on a thermotropic polymer: optical memory effect
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 1986 Refractive index of a sheared cholesteric polymer
 1988 Blue phase in liquid crystal polymer mixtures
 1988 New thermotropic polymers with flexible backbone and mesogenic side-chains: synthesis and characterization
 1989 New thermotropic polymers with flexible backbone and mesogenic side chains: blends with small molecule liquid crystals
 1989 Solidified in blue phases in a polysiloxane mesophase
Gilli, J.M. (cont...)1989 X-ray diffraction study of a polybutadiene, side chain, mesomorphic polymer
 1990 Biphases, blue phases, and shapes of nucleation
 1990 Biphases, blue phases, and shapes of nucleation
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 1991 Quenched blue phase, below the glass transition of a side chain polysiloxane: electron microscope studies
 1992 Enhanced smectic polymorphism of a cholesteric side chain co-oligosiloxane by blending with small molecule liquid crystals
 1992 First observations of a spiral instability at the smectic A-cholesteric transition under an electric field
 1992 First Observations of a Spiral Instability at the Smectic A-Cholesteric Transition under Electric Field
 1992 Image Analysis of Quenched Blue Phase 1: Transmission Electron Micrography
 1992 Smectic A-cholesteric transition in a side chain cooligomer-CE1 blend: a particular confined geometry for the TGB phase?
 1992 Smectic A-Cholesteric Transition in a Side Chain Cooligomer-CE1 blend: A Particular Confined Geometry for the TGB Phase
 1993 Two-dimensional Landau-de Gennes dynamic model for the unwinding transition of a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1994 Excitability in liquid crystal
 1994 Spiral waves in liquid crystal
 1994 Static and dynamic textures obtained under an electric field in the neighborhood of the winding transition of a strongly confined cholesteric
 1995 Excitability and defect-mediated turbulence in nematic liquid crystal
 1997 Flow alignment in smectic liquid crystal
 1997 Inversion walls in homeotropic nematic and cholesteric layers
 1997 Spiral waves in nematic liquid crystals: experimental analysis of selection rules
 1998 Surprising Dynamics of Some Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Patterns
Gilli, J.M. (cont...)1999 Critical radius of loop defects in homeotropic nematic liquid crystals
 2004 New Aspect of the Voltage/Confinement Ratio Phase Diagram for a Confined Homeotropic Cholesteric
 2004 Polymer-Dispersed Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Reflecting In the Infrared Region
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Gilli, Jean-Marc1995 Compared study of a quenched blue phase by direct transmission electron and atomic force microscopy
 2002 Observation on One-Dimensional Spinodal Decomposition in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2004 Experimental Study of One-Dimensional Spinodal Decomposition in Liquid Crystals
 2004 Experimental Study of Spinodal Decomposition in a 1D Conserved Order Parameter System
 2005 Observation of one-dimensional spinodal decomposition in a nematic liquid crystal
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 2002 Circularly polarized luminescence from an organoterbium emitter embedded in a chiral polymer
 2003 Polarized organic electroluminescence: Ordering from the top
 2004 Polarized light-emitting devices with light-emitting layer alignment gratings and displays using them
Gilo, Mordechai1999 Transparent indium tin oxide films prepared by ion-assisted deposition with a single-layer overcoat
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 1990 Synthesis and characterization of the liquid-crystalline side-chain polymer 4'-cyano-4-(pentyloxy)stilbene polysiloxane
 1992 A convenient synthesis of 2',3''''-dimethyl-p-sexiphenyl
 1992 Structure of 2',3''''-dimethyl-p-sexiphenyl by x-ray and semiempirical methods
 1993 FT-IR studies of N-(p-cyanobenzylidene)-p-octyloxyaniline, 4'-cyanobenzylidene-4-hexyloxyaniline and 4'-hexyloxybenlidene-4-cyanoaniline
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 1994 Infrared Studies of the Microdomains and Mesomorphic Properties of 4'-Cyano-4-biphenyl [4-(4-pentenyloxy)]benzoate Coated on Silica
 1995 Differential scanning calorimetric and Fourier transform infrared spectrometric investigations of the influence of silica on the liquid crystalline properties of 4'-cyano-4-biphenyl [4-(4-pentenyloxy)]benzoate
 1997 Thermogravimetric studies of silica physically and chemically modified with the liquid crystal 4'-cyano-4-biphenyl-4-(4-pentenyloxy)]benzoate
 1998 FT-IR studies of the interfacial alignment of the liquid crystal 4'-cyano-4-biphenyl [4-(4-pentenyloxy)]benzoate bonded to silica
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 2005 Widely tunable ultraviolet-visible liquid crystal laser
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 2007 Roof-shaped pyrazaboles as a structural motif for bent-core liquid crystals.
 2007 Synthesis, Characterization, and Induction of Stable Anisotropy in Liquid Crystalline Photo-addressable PPI Dendrimers
 2009 Self-Assembly in Helical Columnar Mesophases and Luminescence of Chiral 1H-Pyrazoles
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 2002 Dendrimers with laterally grafted mesogens
 2003 Bis(salicylaldiminate) copper(II) and palladium(II) complexes: towards columnar mesophases
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 2004 Electric-field-induced B1-B2 transition in bent-core mesogens
 2004 Second harmonic generation measurements in aligned samples of liquid crystals composed of bent-core molecules
Gimeno, Nelida2004 Hydrogen-bonded banana liquid crystals
 2004 SmCP-Networked Films Obtained by in Situ Photopolymerization of Neat Reactive Banana-Shaped Liquid Crystals
 2006 Self-assembled bent-core side-chain liquid crystalline polymers
 2008 New H-bonded complexes and their supramolecular liquid-crystalline organizations
 2009 Terminal Chains as a Tool To Modulate the Properties of Bent-Core Liquid Crystals
 2003 Bis(salicylaldiminate) copper(II) and palladium(II) complexes: towards columnar mesophases
 2007 Liquid crystalline and nonlinear optical properties of bent-shaped compounds derived from 3,4-biphenylene
 2008 Noncovalent Interactions as a Tool To Design New Bent-Core Liquid-Crystal Materials
Gimeno, Roger2006 Multiplexed lenses written onto a liquid crystal display to increase depth of focus
Giminez, R.2002 Light-induced orientation of dyes in azobenzene containing LC polymers
Gimsa, Jan1995 Do band 3 protein conformational changes mediate shape changes of human erythrocytes?
 2007 Actin is not required for nanotubular protrusions of primary astrocytes grown on metal nano-lawn
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 2000 Photophysical studies on nanostructured PPV-systems
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 2000 The H2-phase of the lyotropic liquid crystal sodium 3,4,5-tris(ω-acryloyloxyundecyloxy)benzoate
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 2001 Nanoporous Catalytic Materials with Organic Frameworks
 2004 Functional, nanostructured materials via the polymerization of liquid crystal assemblies
 2005 Polymerizable Transition-Metal-Containing Liquid Crystals with Thermally Reactive 1,3-Diene Tails
 2005 Supported Lyotropic Liquid-Crystal Polymer Membranes: Promising Materials for Molecular-Size-Selective Aqueous Nanofiltration
 2006 Crosslinked Bicontinuous Cubic Lyotropic Liquid-Crystal/Butyl-Rubber Composites: Highly Selective, Breathable Barrier Materials for Chemical Agent Protection
 2006 Recent Advances in the Design of Polymerizable Lyotropic Liquid-Crystal Assemblies for Heterogeneous Catalysis and Selective Separations
 2007 Enhanced CO2 Separation Selectivity in Oligo(ethylene glycol) Functionalized Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids
 2007 Synthesis and Performance of Polymerizable Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids as Gas Separation Membranes
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 1997 Highly ordered polymer-inorganic nanocomposites via monomer self assembly: In situ condensation approach
 1997 Lyotropic liquid-crystalline template formation of composite materials
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 1998 Fluorescent phasmidic liquid crystals
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 1998 Polymerizable Lyotropic Liquid Crystals Containing Transition-Metal and Lanthanide Ions: Architectural Control and Introduction of New Properties into Nanostructured Polymers
 1998 Polymerizable Lyotropic Liquid Crystals Containing Transition-Metal Ions as Building Blocks for Nanostructured Polymers and Composites
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 1992 The Physical Properties of Photochromic Liquid Crystals
 1993 A polarizing microscope for high-pressure studies of liquid crystals
 1993 A specialized apparatus for the study of liquid crystals at high pressures
 1993 Physical properties of mixtures of low molar mass nematic liquid crystals with photochromic fulgide guest dyes
 1993 The influence of pretransitional phenomena on blue phase range
 1995 Apparatus for simultaneous observation of the electro-optic response and small angle x-ray scattering in liquid crystals
 1995 Dielectric permittivity properties of a fulgide dye guest-host liquid crystal
Gleeson, H.F. (cont...)1995 Electro-Optic and Piezo-Optic Studies of an Antiferro-Ferri-Ferro-Electric System
 1995 Variations in the elastic constants of a fulgide-doped liquid crystal system
 1996 Antiferroelectricity in novel liquid crystalline materials
 1996 Microsecond studies of layer motion in a ferroelectric liquid crystal device
 1996 The influence of sulfur on phenyl propiolates for ferroelectric applications
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