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Gasparoux, H.1977 Magnetic anisotropy and polymorphism in liquid crystals
 1977 Molecular correlations in isotropic phases. A previsional evaluation of the mesogenic character
 1977 Solid-state molecular arrangement of two p-methoxy-p'-alkyltolanes
 1978 Binary diagrams of mesomorphous compounds exhibiting singular points
 1979 Anomalous transitional behavior in mixtures of liquid crystals: a new transition of SA-SA type?
 1979 Correlations between the optical and magnetic anisotropies of uniaxial phases in a homologous series of liquid crystals. Application to the optical determination of thermal variations in the order parameter
 1979 Enantiotropic nematic reentrant behavior at atmospheric pressure in a pure compound
 1979 Measurements in a pure compound exhibiting an enantiotropic reentrant nematic behavior at atmospheric pressure
 1979 Nematic disc-like liquid crystals
 1979 New series exhibiting pure enantiotropic nematic reentrant compounds at atmospheric pressure
 1980 Carbonaceous mesophase and disk-like liquid crystals
 1980 Carbonaceous mesophase and disk-like molecules
 1980 Disk-like mesogens with columnar and nematic phases
 1980 Effect of disk-like solute size on the orientational order of a nematogen
 1980 Mesogenic and nonmesogenic central rigid cores
 1980 Truxene derivatives: temperature inverted nematic-columnar sequence in disc-like mesogens
 1981 An homologous series of disklike mesogens with nematic and columnar polymorphism
 1981 Carbonaceous mesophase
 1981 Carbonaceous mesophase and disc-like nematic liquid crystals
 1981 Disc-like mesogens: a classification
Gasparoux, H. (cont...)1981 Fluorine-containing liquid crystals: approach and prospects
 1981 Mesophase of acenaphtylene: in situ investigations
 1981 Nematic disk-like liquid crystal: a model for the carbonaceous mesophase
 1981 Occurrence of reentrant nematic and reentrant smectic A phases in mesogenic series
 1981 Orientation of nematic liquid crystalline polymer in a magnetic field. Evaluation of magnetic susceptibility
 1981 Reentrant nematic and smectic phases in the n-alkoxybenzoyloxycyanostilbene series
 1981 Truxene derivatives: a new family of disk-like liquid crystals with an inverted nematic-columnar sequence
 1981 X-ray investigations and magnetic field effect on a nematic phase of disk-like molecules
 1982 Magnetic effects and viscosity in the nematic phase of a polymer series
 1982 Mesomorphic properties of di(4-alkoxyphenyl)- and di(4-alkanoyloxyphenyl)tetrathiafulvalenes
 1982 New phase transitions SC-SC2 and SAd-SC2 in pure mesogens
 1982 Reentrant nematic phase with the new pentamorphism N SA SC Nre SAre in a mixture
 1983 Dielectric study of SA1, SA2 and S~A phases in liquid crystals of cyano compounds
 1983 Lenticular molecules and mesomorphic polymorphism
 1983 Mesophase formation from different pitches: texture characterization, magnetic anisotropy and rheological properties
 1983 Molecular orientational correlations in isotropic phases of nematogenic and smectogenic compounds
 1983 The smectic A phases of some long chain substituted 2,6-diarylpyrylium and -thiopyrylium salts
 1984 Chemistry and development of mesophase in pitch
 1984 Cyano and nitrobenzyloxy derivatives: new polymorphism aspects
 1984 Disk-like mesogen polymorphism
Gasparoux, H. (cont...)1984 Does nematic order depend on diamagnetism ?
 1984 Does nematic order depends on diamagnetism
 1984 Magnetic, thermal behavior and flocculation of asphaltenes and heavy ends
 1984 Molecular aspect and polymorphism in polar rod-like mesogens
 1984 On Thermotropic Disk-Like Mesogens
 1984 Synthesis of tetrathiafulvalene derivatives with mesomorphogenic properties
 1984 Thermal behavior and flocculation of asphaltenes and heavy products
 1985 A smectic A polymorphism at low temperature
 1985 Cyano and nitrobenzyloxy derivatives: new polymorphism aspects
 1985 Electron microscopy of the two-dimensional fluid antiphase S~A
 1986 Effect of the chemical constitution of the side-chain on the formation and the structure of mesophases in some polysiloxanes
 1987 Benzotrisfuran derivatives. A new series of disk-like liquid crystals
 1987 Relationships between molecular structure and immiscibility of liquid crystalline side-chain polymers in low molecular weight nematic solvents
 1988 Role of molecular parameters on the miscibility of side-chain polymer solutes
 1988 Synthesis and properties of some liquid crystalline polysiloxanes
 1990 Carbon-13 NMR investigation of molecular order in liquid crystal polysiloxanes
 1990 New ferroelectric liquid crystal polysiloxanes
 1991 Ferroelectric liquid crystal siloxane homo and copolymers
 1991 Phase separation in nematic and smectic a phases
 1992 Examples of liquid crystals: molecules to macromolecules
Gasparoux, Henry1971 Magnetic field modification of the orientation of molecules in a drop of nematic substance (p,p'-Methoxybenzene-aminobutylbenzene)
 1971 Magnetic properties of nematic substances. p-Azoxyanisole and p-[(p-methoxybenzylidene)amino]butylbenzene
 1973 Change in the magnetic properties of a mesomorphic phase during a smectic A- nematic phase change
 1973 Comparison of magnetic properties of p-(p-methoxybenzylidene)aminobutylbenzene (MBBA) showing different nematic phase-isotropic phase transition temperatures
 1974 Nature of the smetic A-nematic transition from specific heat measurements
 1981 Pressure-temperature phase diagrams of liquid crystals in disk-like materials
Gasparrini, F.1997 Electrooptical Response in PDLC Film
 1997 Shear Deformation and Electrooptical Switch "On" and "Off" in PDLC Film
 1998 Electrooptical response in PDLC film
 1998 Shear deformation and electro-optical on and off switch in PDLC film
Gasparyan, R.A.1983 Radical formation rate in self-oxidizing themperature indicators
Gasper, L.2003 Phase Composition of Block Copoly(ether ester) Thermoplastic Elastomers Studied by Solid-State NMR Techniques
Gasper, Susan2008 Tetrathienoacene Copolymers As High Mobility, Soluble Organic Semiconductors
Gasperetti, S.2002 The Synthesis and Mesophase Behaviour of Fluorinated 2-vinylcyclopropane Polymers
 2004 New Fluorinated Liquid Crystalline Copoly(vinylcyclopropane)s with Unusual Macromolecular Structure
Gasperini, Paolo1996 Bentonite composition for flexible strip-like or sheet-like waterproofing extrudate and its production
Gass, P.2000 Permeative flow and the compatibility of smectic C zig-zag defects with compressive and dilative regions
Gass, P.A.1987 Surface alignment of liquid crystals by rubbed polymer layers
 1999 Layer and director profiles in ferroelectric liquid crystal displays subjected to mechanical damage
Gass, Paul Anthony1996 Liquid-crystal display device and method of its preparation
Gass, Paul Antony1996 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal display device
 1998 Liquid crystal device
 2003 Vertically aligned liquid crystal device
 2005 Control of liquid crystal alignment in an optical device
 2006 A display switchable between public and private modes
Gassel, John2008 A full-color SXGA TN AMLCD for military head-mounted displays and viewer applications
Gasser, M.2000 Collective dynamics of polymer-network stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
Gasser, Urs2008 Structural characterization of radiation-grafted block copolymer films, using SANS technique
Gasset, Maria1991 Effect of the antitumor protein α-sarcin on the thermotropic behavior of acid phospholipid vesicles
 1994 Bovine seminal ribonuclease destabilizes negatively charged membranes
Gassmann, Hanno2002 Non-Markoffian effects of a simple nonlinear bath
Gast, Alice P.1994 The influence of structure on diffusion in screened Coulombic suspensions
 1996 Effect of Short Diblock Copolymers at Internal Interfaces of Large Diblock Copolymer Mesophases
 2002 Structure of pH-Dependent Block Copolymer Micelles: Charge and Ionic Strength Dependence
 2003 Mechanics of semiflexible chains formed by poly(ethylene glycol)-linked paramagnetic particles
 2004 Rotational dynamics of semiflexible paramagnetic particle chains
Gast, Jeroen2001 A series of novel liquid crystalline polymers showing a nematic discotic and/or a nematic columnar phase
Gast, K.2002 Stagewise Fractionation of Petroleum Pitches with Supercritical Toluene
Gastaldi, G.1997 Liquid crystalline polymer gels: preparation and swelling behavior of cellulose-based networks
 1999 Solution properties and mesophase formation of 4-phenylbenzoylcellulose
Gastaud, Nicolas2004 Effect of parameter mismatch on the synchronization of chaotic semiconductor lasers with electro-optical feedback
Gastinger, Kay2004 Determination of the phase- and polarization-changing properties of reflective spatial light modulators in one set-up
Gat, Nahum2007 True-color night vision cameras
Gat, Omri2004 Solution of a statistical mechanics model for pulse formation in lasers
Gatash, S.V.1998 Thermotropic changes of fibrinogen conformation
Gatdula, Elysse2010 Asymmetric synthesis of a highly soluble ‘trimeric’ analogue of the chiral nematic liquid crystal twist agent Merck S1011
Gatenholm, Paul2003 Contribution of the Molecular Architecture of 4-Contribution of the Molecular Architecture of 4-O-Methyl Glucuronoxylan to Its Aggregation Behavior in Solution
Gates, Elinor L.1994 Use of electro-optical devices for optical path-length (OPL) compensation
Gates, H.2003 Electronic paper Flexible active-matrix electronic ink display
Gates, I.P.1976 Ultralow-voltage image intensifiers
Gates, J.C.2009 Direct Optical Observation of Walls and Disclination Effects in Active Photonic Devices
Gates, James C.2007 100GHz electrically tunable planar Bragg grating via nematic liquid crystal overlay for reconfigurable WDM networks.
Gates, Stephen M.1997 Prospects for active matrix displays on plastic
Gates, Stephen McConnell1998 Thin film transistors fabricated on plastic substrates
 2004 Low temperature processes for making electronic device structures
Gathania, A.K.2001 Dielectric Relaxation Modes in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mixtures
Gathania, Arvind K.1999 Dielectric properties of surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture - effects of dichroic dye
 1999 Dielectric relaxations in a room-temperature ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture
 1999 Effects of dichroic dye on the dielectric properties of ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture
 1999 Observation of relaxation modes in room temperature ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
 2004 Switching Dynamics in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mixture
 2008 Critical behaviour of the order parameters at the SmC* to SmA phase transition in a ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture
Gather, M.C.2007 An Improved Optical Method for Determining the Order Parameter in Thin Oriented Molecular Films and Demonstration of a Highly Axial Dipole Moment for the Lowest Energy &pgr;-&pgr;* Optical Transition in Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-co-bithiophene)
Gather, Malte C.2008 An alignable fluorene thienothiophene copolymer with deep-blue electroluminescent emission at 410 nm
Gathercole, L.J.1989 Molecular organization of type IV collagen: polymer liquid crystal-like aspects
 1996 Molecular orientations in an extruded collagenous composite, the marginal rib of the egg capsule of the dogfish Scyliorhinus canicula; a novel lyotropic liquid crystalline arrangement and its origin in the spinnerets
Gatica, Silvina M.2002 Ground state and thermal properties of a lattice gas on a cylindrical surface
Gatt, S.1980 The synthesis of cholesteryl alkyl ethers
 1984 Preparation and characterization of well defined d-erythro sphingomyelins
Gatt, Shimon1974 Solubilization of sphingomyelin by triton X-100 effect of the method of mixing and the concentrations of detergent and lipid
Gattermann, Ludwig1890 On azoxyphenol ethers
 1906 Synthesen aromatischer Aldehyde
 1907 Synthesen aromatischer Aldehyde. (Zweite Abhandlung.)
 1912 Synthesen aromatischer Aldehyde
Gatteschi, D.2008 Two-Step Magnetic Ordering in Quasi-One-Dimensional Helimagnets: Possible Experimental Validation of Villain's Conjecture about a Chiral Spin Liquid Phase
Gatteschi, Dante1991 Transition metals complexed to ordered mesophases. Synthesis, mesomorphic behavior and EPR investigations on a homologous series of N-(4-alkoxysalicylidene)-4'-alkylanilines complexed to copper(II)
 1993 Transition metals complexed to ordered mesophases. Synthesis, mesomorphism , x-ray and EPR characterization of a homologous series of N-(4-dodecyloxysalicylidene)-4'-alkylanilines complexed to oxovanadium(IV)
Gatti, Francesco G.2000 Influencing intramolecular motion with an alternating electric field
Gatti, G.1970 Nematic Phase P.M.R. Study of 1,2-Dihaloethanes
 1972 NMR study of ethylene carbonate and ethylene thiocarbonate partially oriented in the nematic phase
Gatti, M.1985 A new torsion pendulum technique to measure the twist elastic constant of liquid crystals
 1986 Measurements of surface elastic torques in liquid crystals : a method to measure elastic constants and anchoring energies
Gatti, Marta1985 Almost critical behavior of the anchoring energy at the interface between a nematic liquid crystal and a silicon monoxide substrate
Gattiglia, E.1985 Melting and crystallization behavior of elastoplastic semicrystalline copolymers: poly(ether ester)
Gattinger, P.1994 Interferometric Investigations of Electromechanical Effects in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
Gattinger, Peter1998 The inverse electromechanical effect in mechanically oriented S*C-elastomers examined by means of an ultra-stable Michelson interferometer
Gatyas, Louis W.1932 Bactericidal properties of monoethers of dihydric phenols. II. The monoethers of hydroquinone
Gau, Eh-Jou1994 Study on dielectric properties and phase transition temperature of ferroelectric liquid crystals
Gau, Hartmut2000 Liquid microstructures at solid interfaces
Gaub, H.1985 Phase transitions, lateral phase separation and microstructure of model membranes composed of a polymerizable two-chain lipid and dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine
Gaub, H.E.1987 Shape and microstructure of crystalline domains in polydiacetylene monolayers
Gaub, Herman1986 Thermodynamic models for the shapes of monolayer phospholipid crystals
Gaub, Hermann E.1994 AFM-Investigation of the molecular structure of films from a polymerizable two-chain lipid
 2003 Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy of Azobenzene Polymers: Switching Elasticity of Single Photochromic Macromolecules
Gaubatz, John W.1984 Thermotropic properties and molecular dynamics of cholesteryl ester rich very low density lipoproteins: effect of hydrophobic core on polar surface
 1994 Electron cryomicroscopy and digital image processing of lipoprotein(a)
Gaubert, P.1922 The liquid crystals of calcium phosphate
Gaubert, Paul1908 Liquid Crystals of Ergosterol
 1910 Liquid Crystals of Compounds of Cholesterol and Ergosterol with Urea
 1911 Refractive Indices of Liquid Crystals
 1911 Refractive Indices of Liquid Mixed Crystals
 1911 Soft Crystals and the Measurement of their Refractive Indices
 1912 The Circular Polarization of Liquid Crystals
 1913 Liquid mixed crystals
 1913 Some Compounds of Cholesterol Giving Liquid Crystals
 1913 The refractive indices of liquid crystals
 1914 New compounds of cholesterol giving liquid crystals
 1917 Rotatory power of liquid crystals
 1917 The polymorphism of certain substances (liquid crystals and sphaerolites with helicoldal winding)
 1918 Artificial coloration of liquid crystals
 1919 Liquid crystals of agaricinic acid
Gaucher-Miri, Valerie1997 Reversible strain-induced order in the amorphous phase of a low-density ethylene/butene copolymer
Gaucher, Valerie1994 Phase partitioning of the chain defects in ethylene-butene copolymers in the framework of the crystalline chain kink model
Gaudagno, L.1995 Thermal behavior and transport properties of liquid crystalline polymers: phase organization in a thermotropic polyester
Gaudefroy, V.2002 Memory effect and crystalline structure in polyamide 11
Gauden, P.1987 Method for the determination of the value of the optical Kerr constant in weakly anisotropic liquids
Gaudet, J.2004 Are microbubbles necessary for the breakdown of liquid water subjected to a submicrosecond pulse?
 2005 Microbubble-based model analysis of liquid breakdown initiation by a submicrosecond pulse
Gaudette, Claude2008 Adapting deployed touch screen displays for NVG compatibility
Gaudiana, R.1991 Light scattering of thermotropic polyester and polysulfone mixtures in solution
Gaudiana, R.A.1987 Molecular factors affecting solubility in rigid-rod polyamides
 1987 Para-linked, aromatic, thermotropic polyesters with low mesophase temperatures
 1987 Soluble, amorphous, para-linked aromatic polyesters
 1988 Liquid crystal compounds having fluorine-containing core
 1988 Liquid-crystal compounds having ether tail moieties
 1989 Amorphous rigid-rod polymers
 1989 Novel thermotropic poly(ester amides)
 1991 Infrared spectral study of noncrystalline rodlike polymers
 1991 Study of tails in smectic liquid crystals. I. The effect of fluorocarbon/hydrocarbon ether tails on phenyl ester biphenyl cores
 1992 Liquid-crystalline polymers: a comparison of two synthetic approaches to thermotropic polymers
 1992 Rheology of rigid-flexible liquid-crystalline polymer/poly(methyl methacrylate) blends
 1996 The effect of fluorocarbon tails on the phase behavior of some Schiff's base liquid crystals
Gaudiana, Russell2002 Dye sensitized titania photovoltaic cells on flexible substrates - concept to commercialization
 2006 Patterned photovoltaic cell
Gaudiana, Russell A.1988 Manufacture of melt-processable polyesteramides having para-linked substituted-phenylene moieties
 1992 Liquid-crystal compounds having chiral ester head groups
 1995 Melt diffusion in liquid crystalline polymers. Rigid rod vs. semi-rigid model systems
Gaudig, Lutz2002 Procedure for the operation of a freely recordable, glare-free and energy saving display in the traffic sector and equipment system for its realization
Gaudreau, Jean E.2006 Innovative stereoscopic display using variable polarized angle
Gauerke, E.R.1997 Environmental applications of the LANL nuclear microprobe
Gauffre, F.2002 Dynamical effects induced by long range activation in a nonequilibrium reaction-diffusion system
Gauger, D.R.2001 Chain-length dependence of the hydration properties of saturated phosphatidylcholines as revealed by FTIR spectroscopy
 2005 The Influence of Anisotropic Membrane Inclusions on Curvature Elastic Properties of Lipid Membranes
Gaughan, J.P.1979 Characterization and structure of some new smectic F phases
 1979 The structure of smectic A phases of compounds with cyano end groups
 1979 The structure of the crystal, smectic E and smectic B forms of IBPBAC
Gauglitz, G.1998 Integrated optical devices with liquid crystal overlays for the sensing of volatile organic compounds
 1999 The application of the phase transition in nematic liquid crystals for the optical detection of volatile organic compounds
Gauglitz, Günter1992 4,4'-Distyrylazobenzene as Chromophore
 2000 Optical transducers based on liquid crystals for air analysis
Gault, J.D.1984 Micellar diffusion as a function of temperature and water concentration of aligned lyotropic liquid crystal systems of decylammonium chloride and ammonium chloride (10:1)
 1985 Thermotropic mesophases of the C8, C10, C12 and C16 n-alkyl ammonium chlorides
 1986 Diffusion measurements in aligned nematic and smectic amphiphilic liquid crystalline decylammonium chloride and ammonium chloride water mixtures
 1988 Mesomorphic properties of the 4,4'-di(n)-alkoxybenzalazines
Gault, John D.1986 Diffusion in the decylammonium chloride/ammonium chloride/water system in the lamellar, nematic and isotropic phases
 1986 Phase diagrams of the decylammonium chloride/ammonium chloride/water system in the nematic micellar region
 1988 Micellar diffusion in the liquid crystalline and concentrated isotropic phases of decylammonium chloride/ammonium chloride/water systems
 1988 The effect of chain length and salt on phase diagrams of the n-alkyl ammonium halide-water system
Gaultier, J.1983 Structural evolution of a mesogenic derivative: 2,6-bis[4-(n-butyl)phenyl]TTF
 1983 Structure of a smectic transition metal complex: bis{S,S'-[1-(4-octylphenyl)ethylene-1,2-dithiolato]}nickel, C32H44S4
Gaur, U.1982 Phase transitions in mesophase macromolecules. III. The transitions in poly(ethylene terephthalate p-oxybenzoate)
Gaus, Katharina2006 Visualizing membrane microdomains by Laurdan 2-photon microscopy (Review)
Gauss, Jürgen1995 Accurate computations of 77Se NMR chemical shifts with the GIAO-CCSD method
 2007 Helical Packing of Discotic Hexaphenyl Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes: Theory and Experiment
Gauss, W.1978 Quadrupole splittings of alkali NMR signals in decylammonium chloride mesophases
Gaussem, P.1995 Identification of 15 different candidate causal point mutations and three polymorphisms in 19 patients with protein S deficiency using a scanning method for the analysis of the protein S active gene
Gautam, K.S.2002 Melting at Alkyl Side Chain Comb Polymer Interfaces
Gautam, Keshav S.2003 Observation of Novel Liquid-Crystalline Phase above the Bulk-Melting Temperature
Gautam, Siddharth2008 Molecular reorientations in liquid crystal 6O.4
Gautama, Temujin2003 Indications of nonlinear structures in brain electrical activity
Gautchier, Peter Michael1995 Low-calorie foods, comprising a mesomorphic phase of surfactants.
Gautherie, M.1969 Application des cristaux liquides cholestériques a la thermographie cutanée
 1974 Cholesterol thermography. Sheets of liquid crystals. Clinical, pharmacological, and physiological applications. Comparison with infrared thermography
Gauthier-Fournier, F.1988 Size and shape of micelles in the ternary system n-dodecylbetaine/water/1-pentanol
Gauthier, Bernard1956 Selective oxidation of glucose mercaptals
Gauthier, Catherine1993 Application de la spectrométrie mécanique et diélectrique à i'analyse du comportement du poly(téréphtalate d'éthylène). Influence de la cristallinité
 2007 Drastic Modification of the Dispersion State of Submicron Silica during Biaxial Deformation of Poly(ethylene terephthalate)
Gauthier, Daniel J.2002 Honeycomb Pattern Formation by Laser-Beam Filamentation in Atomic Sodium Vapor
 2003 Condition for alternans and stability of the 1:1 response pattern in a "memory" model of paced cardiac dynamics
 2004 Condition for alternans and its control in a two-dimensional mapping model of paced cardiac dynamics
 2004 Rate-dependent propagation of cardiac action potentials in a one-dimensional fiber
Gauthier, David2004 Micrometer-sized hexagonal tubes self-assembled by a cyclic peptide in a liquid crystal
 2007 Efficient synthesis and astonishing supramolecular architectures of several symmetric macrolactams
Gauthier, J.-C.2002 Time-resolved plasma spectroscopy of thin foils heated by a relativistic-intensity short-pulse laser
Gauthier, J.C.2004 Complete characterization of a plasma mirror for the production of high-contrast ultraintense laser pulses
Gauthier, Jean-Claude2004 X-ray line polarization of He-like Si satellite spectra in plasmas driven by high-intensity ultrashort pulsed lasers
Gauthier, M.M.1983 Linear thermotropic nematic polymers: odd-even effects in polyesters and copolyesters containing a substituted azoxybenzene moiety
 1983 The existence of two distinct levels of order in thermotropic nematic polyesters
 1984 Alkyl chain order in a linear polymeric liquid crystal
 1984 Influence of molecular weight on phase transitions and alignment of a thermotropic nematic polyester
 1985 NMR study of dilute solutions of main-chain nematic polyesters in p-azoxyanisole
 1985 Structure-property correlations in some nematic main-chain polyesters
 1985 Structure-property relations in flexible thermotropic mesophase polymers: I. Phase transitions in polyesters based on the azoxybenzene mesogen
 1986 Hexagonal columnar mesophase Dh in some transition metal complexes
 1986 Phase diagram and component order parameters in a nematic mixture: a combined deuterium and proton NMR study
 1986 Synthesis and properties of model compounds containing a cyclohexyl group in the mesogenic moiety
 1988 Investigation of the nematic-isotropic biphase in thermotropic main chain polymers. Homogeneity of the pure isotropic and nematic phases. Part III. NMR study
 1990 On the characterization of main-chain liquid-crystalline oligomers based on trans-1,4-cyclohexylene di-p-hydroxybenzoate
Gauthier, Mario1993 A conductometric analysis of mesogel formation by ABA block copolymers in w/o microemulsions
Gauthier, Michel G.2004 Building reliable lattice Monte Carlo models for real drift and diffusion problems
Gauthier, P.2004 Deflagration-to-detonation transition in inertial-confinement-fusion baseline targets
Gauthier, S.2003 Self-similar dynamic quasi-two-dimensional sand fronts
Gautier, Benoit2006 Nematic liquid crystals light valve calibration and application to phase shifting speckle interferometry
 2007 Nematic liquid crystals light valve: application to phase shifting speckle interferometry
Gautier, C.2001 Color rendering of polymer network cholesteric liquid crystal: model and experimental results
 2001 Nematic and cholesteric PDLC elaborated under shear stress
 2001 Passive broadband reflector: elaboration and spectral properties
 2002 A hybrid-aligned polymer network liquid crystal: optical and electro-optical properties
 2002 Optical Properties of a Passive Choletric Reflector Using a Composite Alignement
Gautier, J.-C.1998 Liquid Crystals and Colloids in Water-Amiodarone Systems
 1999 The lyotropic polymorphism of two pharmacologically active molecules
Gautier, P.2000 Switching behavior and electro-optical properties of liquid crystals in nematic gels
 2002 Orientation of a nematic liquid crystal near a polymer layer determined by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
 2003 Structure and texture of anisotropic nematic gels
 2008 A New Application of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals: Fast Electrooptic Helmet Visors for Pulsed Welding Applications
Gautier, Pascal1998 Infra-red study on the evolution of the polymerization of mesogenic diacrylates in a low molecular mass liquid crystal matrix
Gautlier, J.1983 Phase transitions in the mesogenic series: bis[4-(n-alkyl)phenyl]TTF and bis[4-(n-alkoxy)phenyl]TTF
Gauza, S.1995 Effect of polarity of liquid-crystal compounds on the induction of smectic Ad phase
 1997 Influence of the structure of two ring ester on the induction of smectic Ad phase in bicomponent mixtures containing a compound with virtual Ad phase
 1997 Selective Light Reflection in Mixtures with Induced Ad Phase
 1998 Selective light reflection in mixtures with induced Ad phase
 2000 Bicomponent systems with induced or enhanced antiferroelectric SmCA* phase
 2000 Physical properties of components of mixture with induced Sm CA* phase
 2001 Properties of System with Induced SmCA* Phase
 2002 DSC Studies of Systems with Induced Antiferroelectric Phase
 2002 Induced Antiferroelectric Smectic C A * Phase Structural Correlations
 2002 Investigation of the SmCc* Phase by Dielectric Measurements
 2004 Study of the SmCa * phase by dielectric measurements
 2004 Ultraviolet stability of liquid crystals containing cyano and isothiocyanato terminal groups
 2005 Comparison of the mesogenic and physical properties of polar tolanes, biphenyls, and terphenyls
 2005 High birefringence liquid crystals for photonic applications
 2006 A Study of a Binary Liquid-Crystalline Mixtures with the Wide Antiferroelectric Phase
 2007 Low viscosity, high birefringence liquid crystalline compounds and mixtures
 2008 Physical properties of laterally fluorinated isothiocyanato phenyl-tolane liquid crystals
 2009 Syntheses and mesomorphic properties of laterally fluorinatedphenyl isothiocyanatotolanes and their high birefringent mixtures
Gauza, Sebastian1999 Synthesis, mesomorphic properties and chemical stability of some fluoro terminally substituted acetylenes
 2001 Bicomponent system with induced antiferroelectric SmCA* phase
 2001 Systems with enhanced antiferroelectric phase. Phase diagrams, dielectric and electro-optic studies
 2003 High birefringence and wide nematic range liquid crystal mixtures
 2003 High Birefringence Isothiocyanato Tolane Liquid Crystals
 2003 Synthesis, mesomorphic and optical properties of isothiocyanatotolanes
 2004 Fast-response and scattering-free polymer network liquid crystals for infrared light modulators
 2004 Molecular engineering of high-birefringence liquid crystals
 2004 Polymer-Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystal for Polarization-Independent Variable Optical Attenuator
 2004 Super High Birefringence Isothiocyanato Biphenyl-Bistolane Liquid Crystals
 2004 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties fluoro- and chloro-substituted isothiocyanatotolanes
 2004 Temperature effect on liquid crystal refractive indices
 2004 Tunable-Focus Cylindrical Liquid Crystal Lens
 2004 Tunable-focus flat liquid crystal spherical lens
 2004 UV Stable High Birefringence Liquid Crystals
 2005 High birefringence and high resistivity isothiocyanate-based nematic liquid crystal mixtures
 2005 High contrast homeotropic alignment of difluorotolane liquid crystals
 2005 High-contrast vertical alignment of lateral difluoro-terphenyl liquid crystals
 2005 Single-substrate IPS-LCD using an anisotropic polymer film
 2005 Tunable-Focus Cylindrical Liquid Crystal Lenses
Gauza, Sebastian (cont...)2005 Ultraviolet stability of liquid crystal alignment layers and mixtures
 2006 A method to estimate the Leslie coefficients of liquid crystals based on MBBA data
 2006 Dopant-Enhanced Vertical Alignment of Negative Liquid Crystals
 2006 High Contrast and Fast Response Polarization-Independent Reflective Display Using a Dye-Doped Dual-Frequency Liquid Crystal Gel
 2006 High dno/dT Liquid Crystals and their Applications in a Thermally Tunable Liquid Crystal Photonic Crystal Fiber
 2006 High figure-of-merit nematic mixtures based on totally unsaturated isothiocyanate liquid crystals
 2006 Isothiocyanato-Tolanes Based High Birefringence and Fast Response Time Mixtures for Photonic Applications
 2006 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of fluoro and isothiocyanato biphenyl tolane liquid crystals
 2006 Transmissive spatial light modulators with high figure-of-merit liquid crystals for foveated imaging applications
 2006 Vertical alignment of high birefringence and negative dielectric anisotropic liquid crystals for projection displays
 2007 High birefringence and large negative dielectric anisotropy phenyl-tolane liquid crystals
 2007 High Figure-of-Merit Laterally Fluorinated Biphenyltolane-Isothiocyanates
 2007 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of super high birefringence isothiocyanato bistolane liquid crystals
 2008 Fast switching near a smectic-to-nematic phase transition
 2008 High Birefringence and Low Crossover Frequency Dual-Frequency Liquid Crystals
 2008 High birefringence and low viscosity negative dielectric anisotropy liquid crystals
 2008 High performance dual frequency liquid crystal compounds
 2008 LED-Lit LCD TVs
 2008 Nanoparticles Doped Liquid Crystal Filled Photonic Bandgap Fibers
 2008 New Fluorinated Terphenyl Isothiocyanate Liquid Crystal Single Compounds and Mixtures
Gauza, Sebastian (cont...)2008 New fluorinated terphenyl isothiocyanate liquid crystals
 2008 Physical Properties of Laterally Fluorinated Isothiocyanato Phenyl-tolane Single Liquid Crystals Components and Mixtures
 2008 Sub-millisecond response phase modulator using a low crossover frequency dual-frequency liquid crystal
 2008 Synthesis of laterally substituted α-methylstilbene-tolane liquid crystals
 2009 Diluters' effects on high ?n and low-viscosity negative ?e terphenyl liquid crystals
 2009 Electro-optics of polymer-stabilized blue phase liquid crystal displays
 2009 High Birefringence and Low Viscosity Liquid Crystals with Negative Dielectric Anisotropy
 2009 High birefringence phenyl tolane positive compounds for dual frequency liquid crystals
 2009 Low temperature effects on the response time of liquid crystal displays
 2009 Negative A-plates for broadband wide-view liquid crystal displays
 2009 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of a-methylstilbene-based liquid crystals
 2010 High birefringence lateral difluoro phenyl tolane liquid crystals
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Geisel, Theo2003 Signatures of classical diffusion in quantum fluctuations of two-dimensional chaotic systems
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