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Ganicz, Tomasz1993 Comb-like polycarbosilanes-routes to a new group of liquid crystal polymers
 1996 Orientational effects in novel side-chain liquid crystalline polymer
 1996 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystal polycarbosilanes: poly(1-methyl-1-silaethylene), poly(1-methyl-1-silabutane) and poly(1-silabutane) with pendant mesogenic groups
 1997 Side-chain polycarbosilane-based liquid crystals
 1998 Mesogenic properties of dimeric liquid crystals with organosilicon spacers
 1998 Mesomorphic organosilicon polymers
 1999 Crosslinked liquid crystalline polymers
 1999 Liquid crystal dimers with organosilicon spacers as models for side chain LC polymers
 2000 Polyvinylsilanes: a novel group of organosilicon liquid crystal systems
 2000 Synthetic approach to condis-type mesophase networks
 2000 Vinylsilanes as Monomers for Side Chain Polymer Liquid Crystals
 2002 Effect of molecular architecture on liquid crystalline properties of cyclosiloxanes
 2002 Liquid crystalline, crosslinked polycarbosilanes
 2004 Linear and crosslinked silicon based liquid crystalline materials
Gann, Reuben2004 Behavior of coupled automata
Ganne, I.2000 Patterns and localized structures in bistable semiconductor resonators
Ganne, Isabelle2002 Precursor forms of cavity solitons in nonlinear semiconductor microresonators
Ganne, M.1998 Layered alkyltrimethylammonium chromates: thermal and structural investigations and crystal structure of the anhydrous bis(octadecyltrimethylammonium) dichromate
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Gannon, M.G.J.1978 The surface tension of nematic liquid crystals
Gano, J.E.1999 Thermochemical studies of twist-twist pi conjugated, sterically crowded stilbenes using simultaneous TG-DTA
Gans, C.1995 Synthesis and structural study of poly(isophthalamide)s
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Gansen, A.2003 Flow profile near a wall measured by double-focus fluorescence cross-correlation
Ganter, R.2000 Diagnostics and modeling of a macroscopic plasma display panel cell
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Gantz, Donald1996 Calorimetry of apolipoprotein-A1 binding to phosphatidylcholine-triolein-cholesterol emulsions
Ganzan, Den Yumiko1999 Fabrication of a thin-film transistor for an active-matrix liquid-crystal display
Ganzenmüller, Georg2009 Vapour?liquid phase transition of dipolar particles
Ganzha, L.M.1983 Prospects for the use of carbon-graphite adsorbents in chromatographic monitoring of by-product coke manufacture
Ganzke, D.2000 Collective dynamics of polymer-network stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2000 Decoration of solid state ferroelectric domains by the help of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2000 High frequency and high voltage mode of deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystals in a broad temperature range
 2000 Light modulation characteristics of single-polarizer PDFLC films
 2001 Electro-Optic and Dielectric Properties of an Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Material
 2001 Light modulation characteristics of a single-polarizer electro-optical cell based on polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2001 Low Voltage Light Modulator Based on FLC Layer Divided by Polymer Walls
 2001 Molecular and Collective Processes in the Antiferroelectric Phase of a Chlorinated Compound
 2001 Phase Behaviour and Electrooptic Properties of a New Fluorinated MFPOBC Analogue
 2002 Combination of Monomer and Polymer Possessing Different Alkyl and Spacer Chain Lengths in Antiferroelectric Achiral Mixtures
 2002 Comparative analysis of basic physical properties of a ferroelectric liquid crystal and a polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2002 Electrooptic, Dieletric and DSC Studies of Ferroelectric and Sub-Phase Alpha of a Highly Polar Compound
 2002 Laser Action in a Dye-Doped Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystals
 2002 Mean-Field Behavior of the Paraelectric-Ferroelectric Phase Transition of a Fluorinated Compound
 2002 Order Parameter Fluctuations in Ferro- and Antiferroelectric Phases of Two Selected Fluorinated Compounds
 2002 Photonic Effects in Periodic Nano-Structured Liquid Crystals
 2002 Room Temperature Antifferroelectric Phase Studied by Electrooptic Methods
Ganzke, Dirk1999 Determination of Landau coefficients in the smectic A phase of ferroelectric liquid crystals from automatic measurements of the capacitance current and electroclinic response
 1999 Ferroelectric liquid crystals for non-display applications
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 Methods and apparatus for the temperature-independent operation of electrooptical switches employing ferroelectric liquid crystals with distorted helix ferroelectric modes
 2002 Mirrorless Lasing in a Dye-Doped Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2002 Study of High Frequency Relaxation Processes on Homologous 4,4'-Dialkyl-[CIS(Trans)]-[1,1'Bicyclohexyl]-4- Carbonitriles (CCN'S) with Negative Dielectric Anisotropy
 2003 Electrically tunable waveguide laser based on ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2003 Electro-Tunable Liquid-Crystal Laser
 2004 Dielectric Studies of Bicyclohexylcarbonitrile Nematogens with Large Negative Dielectric Anisotropy
Gao, Ai-Ai1998 Synthesis of 4-alkyl-4'-bromobiphenyl as liquid crystal intermediate
 2002 Synthesis of 4-alkylcyclohexyl benzoic acid ester liquid crystals
 2004 Development of novel naphthalene derivative liquid crystal material
 2004 Synthesis of naphthoic acid ester liquid crystal compounds
 2004 Synthesis of new liquid crystal compounds containing trans decalin
 2005 Synthesis of liquid crystal compounds containing naphthalene skeleton
 2005 Synthesis of trans-decalin derivatives as liquid crystal
 2008 Research progress of the organic magnetic liquid crystals
Gao, Baoxiang2008 Pyrazine-Containing Acene-Type Molecular Ribbons with up to 16 Rectilinearly Arranged Fused Aromatic Rings
Gao, Bin2009 Analytical rates determinations and simulations on diffusion and reaction processes in holographic photopolymerization
Gao, Bo1997 Structural properties of bulk and aqueous systems of PEO-PIB-PEO triblock copolymers as studied by small-angle neutron scattering and cryo-transmission electron microscopy
Gao, C.Y.2007 Tuning Hydrogen-Bonding with Amide Groups for Stable Columnar Mesophases of Triphenylene Discogens
Gao, Cai-Yan2006 New triphenylene based discotic liquid crystals with mixed tails: molecular symmetry and wide columnar mesophase range
 2006 Synthesis and mesogenic behaviors of Schiff base liquid crystal with CH2O bridge
 2006 Synthesis of triphenylene discotic liquid crystals substituted with ester or amide functional groups and the effect of hydrogen bonding on mesogenic behaviors
 2007 Synthesis and mesomorphism of new triphenylene discotic liquid crystals with long alkoxy chains
Gao, Chao2004 Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-Coated Carbon Nanotubes: Temperature-Sensitive Molecular Nanohybrids in Water
Gao, Chuanbo2006 Formation Mechanism of Anionic Surfactant-Templated Mesoporous Silica
Gao, Chunji2009 A New Blue Light-Emitting Material with Phenylbenzimidazole Moiety and Its Electroluminescence Properties
Gao, Cun-Xiu1981 A bistable liquid crystal electrooptic modulator
 1981 A bistable liquid crystal electrooptic modulator
Gao, Fang2000 A fluorence probe study of the mixed surfactant vesicles
Gao, Fei2009 Infrared liquid crystal light valve based on polymer/liquid crystal
 2009 Monodispersed Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles with Very Large Pores for Enhanced Adsorption and Release of DNA
Gao, Feifei2008 High-Performance Liquid and Solid Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on a Novel Metal-Free Organic Sensitizer
Gao, Feng2002 A template-free method for hollow Ag2S semiconductor with a novel quasi-network microstructure
 2002 Novel trimethacrylates: synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of new monomers for improved dental restoratives
 2004 Sugar-Based Microemulsion Glass Templates
Gao, Feng-Li2006 Nickel-disilicide-assisted excimer laser crystallization of amorphous silicon
Gao, Fengqing2009 Formation of lyotropic liquid crystals from a fatty acid and a nitrogenous heterocyclic compound in water
Gao, Furong2000 A visual barrel system for study of reciprocating screw injection molding
Gao, G.1997 Fluorescence spectroscopic study of the interaction of saporin with phospholipid vesicles
Gao, Ge1991 Study of liquid-crystalline polymers with mesogens laterally fixed into the main chain
 2008 Synthesis of chiral ionic liquids
Gao, Guang-Hua2004 Density functional study on the structures and thermodynamic properties of small ions around polyanionic DNA
Gao, H.2001 Optimization of Film Compensated Reflective Bistable Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays
 2003 Influence of cell and LC parameters on the dynamics of STN liquid crystal displays
Gao, H.J.1999 Optimization of reflective bistable twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
 2000 0°–360° bistable nematic liquid crystal display with large dDeltan and high contrast
 2000 Determination of the direction of the "easy" axis at a twisted nematic liquid crystal-wall using half-leaky guided modes
 2000 pi/2 and 5pi/2 twisted bistable nematic liquid crystal display
 2001 Determination of the torsional anchoring of a twisted nematic liquid crystal using the half-leaky guided mode technique
 2002 Fully leaky guided wave determination of the original alignment direction for the directors at the walls in a twisted nematic liquid crystal cell
Gao, Haiyang2008 Circuit design of partial gating image based on Cyclone II and HTPS
 2008 Control circuit design of novel partial gating detector by liquid crystal
 2008 Enhancement latitude of civil digital photography system by liquid crystal
 2008 Modulation transfer function of partial gating detector by liquid crystal auto-controlling light intensity
 2008 Partial gating image intensifier based on liquid crystal auto-controlling light intensity
 2008 Study of liquid crystal based on auto-controlling light intensity
Gao, Hong-jing1997 Configuration transitions of nematic droplets in PDLC
Gao, Hong-Li2007 Isomerization of conjugated linolenic acids during methylation
 2007 Re-characterization of three conjugated linolenic acid isomers by GC–MS and NMR
Gao, Hongcheng2002 Studies on the nanotubes formed by 2-phenyl-5-(4-diphenylyl)1,3,4-oxadiazole and cyclodextrins
Gao, Hongjin1987 Infrared emission spectroscopy of organic compounds
 1998 Black photopolymer and fabrication of blackmatrix
 1998 Pigment-dispersed resists for color filters
 1998 Threshold dependence on pixel size and cell thickness in a multidomain twisted nematic liquid crystal display
 1999 Analysis of operation mode of reflective liquid crystal display devices
 1999 Dynamic parameter space method to represent the operation modes of liquid crystal displays
 2000 Analysis of the operation mode of reflective liquid crystal display devices with front film compensation
 2000 Fully leaky guided wave determination of the polar anchoring energy of a homogeneously aligned nematic liquid crystal
 2000 Novel photoalignment materials for liquid crystals based on modified polysiloxane
 2000 Optical properties of reflective bistable twisted nematic liquid crystal display
 2001 Analysis of operation mode of reflective twisted nematic liquid crystal display devices with rear film compensation
 2001 Dynamic simulation of Pi-cell liquid crystal displays
 2001 Synthesis of photosensitive polyimide and its application as alignment layer in LCUs
 2002 Dynamic response of super-twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
Gao, Hongqi2005 Measuring refractive index of plate glass using joint transform correlative technique
Gao, Hongyue2007 Hologram image storage in the methyl-red doped nematic liquid crystal films
 2007 Study on holographic image storage and reconstruction in azo-dye-doped liquid-crystal films
 2009 Analytical rates determinations and simulations on diffusion and reaction processes in holographic photopolymerization
Gao, Hui1992 Structural study of disk-like aggregates in cholesteric liquid crystal polymer
Gao, J.B.2004 Detecting dynamical changes in time series using the permutation entropy
Gao, Jiali2007 Phase separation and polymer crystallization in a poly(4-methyl-1-pentene)-dioctylsebacate-dimethylphthalate system via thermally induced phase separation
Gao, Jian1996 Quasi guest-host effect liquid-crystal displays: a new kind of positive contrast liquid-crystal display device
 1998 Study of lyotropic liquid crystals formed by DCDAC/n-butanol/water ternary system
 2003 Unexpected correspondence between noise-induced and master-slave complete synchronizations
 2007 Azobenzene-Containing Supramolecular Polymer Films for Laser-Induced Surface Relief Gratings
Gao, Jiangang2006 Photoinduced alignment of azobenzene side-chain polymers with short spacer: Biaxial orientation and fast response
 2007 Preparation of Ag nanoparticles termini-protected side-chain liquid crystalline azobenzene polymers by RAFT polymerization
Gao, Jianmi1997 Zero-field multistable cholesteric liquid crystal displays
 2002 Reverse-mode direct-view display employing a Liquid crystal having a characteristic wavelength in the non-visible spectrum
Gao, Jiao-Bo1996 Metal-insulator-semiconductor structure single crystal silicon liquid-crystal light valve
 2000 Dynamic IR scene projection using the single-crystal silicon liquid crystal light valve
 2002 Gallium arsenide photoaddressed infrared liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 2005 The optical system for infrared dynamic scene simulation
 2007 Scene simulation optics in testing of dual-field angle infrared imagers
 2007 Spatial light modulator based on sheared polymer network liquid crystal
 2009 Infrared liquid crystal light valve based on polymer/liquid crystal
Gao, Jin2006 Effects of temperature on molecular distribution of glassy cholesteric siloxane cyclic side-chain liquid crystal
Gao, Jinsheng1998 Kinetics of mesophase transformation of coal tar pitch
 1999 Kinetic study of mesophase transformation of coal tar pitches by programmed heating
Gao, Ju2002 Generation of single-frequency coherent transition radiation by a prebunched electron beam traversing a vacuum beam tunnel in a periodic medium
Gao, Jun1993 Intermediate ordering in a liquid supported monolayer: A molecular dynamics study
 2001 Self-Association of Hydroxypropylcellulose in Water
Gao, Jun-Gang2006 Curing and Thermal Properties of PEPEB Liquid Crystalline Diepoxide/Aromatic Diamine
 2006 Synthesis and Curing of Liquid-Crystalline Epoxy Resins Containing a Biphenyl Mesogen
 2007 Curing and Morphology of BPA Epoxy Resin/LC Epoxy Resin PEPEB Composites
 2007 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystals of N,N'-1,4-phenylenebis[4-[2-[(2-propenyl)oxy]ethoxy]benzamide]
 2008 Curing Behavior, Kinetics and Thermal Properties of o-Cresol Formaldehyde Epoxy Resin Modified by Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resin
 2008 Novel Triaromatic Ester Mesogenic Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resin Containing Both Methyl Substituent and Ethoxy Flexible Spacer: Synthesis and Curing
 2008 Synthesis of LC p-Biphenyl di{4-[2-(2,3-epoxypropyl)ethoxy] benzoate} and Curing Kinetics with Succinic Anhydride
 2008 Synthesis of liquid crystalline epoxy p-PEPB and modification study on bisphenol-A epoxy resin
 2009 Curing Kinetics of Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resins Based on Bisphenol-S Mesogen with DDE by Nonisothermal DSC Data
 2009 Synthesis and characterization of unsaturated liquid crystalline compounds based on bisphenol-F mesogen
 2010 Synthesis of liquid crystalline epoxy resis p-BDEPB and cure kinetics with 3-MeTHPA
Gao, Kejing1998 Preparation of polyethylene with MG - type highly active catalysts
Gao, L.2004 Nonlinear alternating current responses of graded materials
Gao, Lan1993 Anomalous rheological properties of microemulsion with nonionic surfactant
Gao, Lei2002 Fluctuation of the strength function
 2003 Dispersive anomalous diffusive transport in ratchets with long-range correlated spatial disorder
 2003 Optical bistability and tristability in nonlinear metal/dielectric composite media of nonspherical particles
 2003 Theory of ac electrokinetic behavior of spheroidal cell suspensions with an intrinsic dispersion
 2005 Optical bistability in nonlinear mixtures of coated inclusions with radial dielectric anisotropy
Gao, Lian2003 Synthesis and Characterization of CdS Nanorods via Hydrothermal Microemulsion
 2008 Debundling of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by a Nanoball-Penetrating Method
 2008 Dispersion of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Nafion in Water/Ethanol for Preparing Transparent Conducting Films
Gao, Lianghui2002 Smectic phases of semiflexible manifolds: Constant-pressure ensemble
 2003 Finite-size thermomechanical effects in smectic liquid crystals: The vapor pressure paradox as an anharmonic phenomenon
 2003 Interfaces of semi-infinite smectic liquid crystals and equations of state of infinite smectic stacks of semiflexible manifolds
Gao, Lianxun2006 Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Mesoporous Silica by Aerosol-Assisted Self-Assembly
Gao, Ling-ling2010 Synthesis and properties of linear chloroacetylated polystyrene
Gao, Lining2008 The Photodimerization of a Cinnamoyl Moiety Derivative in Dilute Solution Based on the Intramolecular Chain Interaction of Gemini Surfactant
Gao, Long-Cheng2005 Copolymers of 2,5-bis[(4-methoxyphenyl) oxycarbonyl]styrene with n-butyl acrylate: Design, synthesis, and characterization
 2006 Ellipsoid-shaped carbosilane dendrimers modified with p-nitroazobenzene mesogens on the periphery
 2006 Synthesis and properties of azobenzene-containing poly(1-alkyne)s with different functional pendant groups
 2007 ABA-type amphiphilic triblock copolymers containing p-ethoxy azobenzene via atom transfer radical polymerization: Synthesis, characterization, and properties
 2007 ABA-type liquid crystalline triblock copolymers via nitroxide-mediated radical polymerization: Design, synthesis, and morphologies
 2007 Controlled grafting of ethyl cellulose with azobenzene-containing polymethacrylates via atom transfer radical polymerization
 2007 Double-Hexagonal Morphology Formed by Rod-Rich Triblock Copolymer
 2007 Effect of spacer length on the liquid crystalline property of azobenzene-containing ABA-type triblock copolymers via ATRP
 2007 Effect of the terminal substituent of azobenzene on the properties of ABA triblock copolymers via atom transfer radical polymerization
 2007 Star Mesogen-Jacketed Liquid Crystalline Polymers with Silsesquioxane Core: Synthesis and Characterization
 2007 Synthesis and characterization of 4-arm star side-chain liquid crystalline polymers containing azobenzene with different terminal substituents via ATRP
 2007 Synthesis and characterization of tri-arm star side-chain liquid crystalline polymers containing azobenzene via atom transfer radical polymerization
 2007 Synthesis and Properties of Mesogen-Jacketed Liquid Crystalline Polymers with Asymmetry Mesogenic Core
 2008 ABA type liquid crystalline triblock copolymers by combination of living cationic polymerization and ATRP: synthesis and self-assembly
 2008 Synthesis and characterization of H-type amphiphilic liquid crystalline block copolymers by ATRP
 2009 Influence of alkoxy tail length and unbalanced mesogenic core on phase behavior of mesogen-jacketed liquid crystalline polymers
 2009 Jacketed polymers: Controlled synthesis of mesogen-jacketed polymers and block copolymers
 2009 Self-Assembly of Rod-Coil-Rod Triblock Copolymer and Homopolymer Blends
 2010 Effect of spacer length on the liquid crystalline property of azobenzene-containing ABA-type triblock copolymers via ATRP
 2010 Influence of the terminal substituent of azobenzene on the liquid crystalline property of ABA triblock copolymers
Gao, Manglai1994 Build-up of polymeric molecular deposition films bearing mesogenic groups
 1995 Electrochrometic studies on polar multilayers of liquid crystalline polymers
Gao, Meng-Xiang2007 Ligand Exchange of Manganese(II) Macrocyclic Pentaamine Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, and Single-Crystal X-ray Structure Determination
Gao, Min2009 Supramolecular Self-Assembly of Dimeric Dendrons with Different Aliphatic Spacers
Gao, Min-Rui2009 Synthesis of Unique Ultrathin Lamellar Mesostructured CoSe2-Amine (Protonated) Nanobelts in a Binary Solution
Gao, P.1996 Rheology of low nematic transition temperature thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester HBA/HQ/SA
 1997 The viscosity reducing effects of very low concentrations of a thermotropic copolyester in a matrix of HDPE
 1999 The deformation and break-up of thermotropic co-polyester droplets in a molten polypropylene matrix subjecting to oscillatory simple shear and entry flow
 1999 The effect of TLCP melt structure on the bulk viscosity of high molecular mass polyethylene
 1999 TLCP droplet dynamics and their role in viscosity reduction
Gao, Philip2007 Uniformly Aligned Full-Length Membrane Proteins in Liquid Crystalline Bilayers for Structural Characterization
Gao, Ping1998 Viscosity changes due to TLCP melt structure development in very low concentration TLCP/HMMPE blends
 2008 Facet-Selective 2D Self-Assembly of TiO2 Nanoleaves via Supramolecular Interactions
Gao, Qi1986 Conformation of the oleate chains in crystals of cholesteryl oleate at 123 K
Gao, Qiang1998 Enhanced reflective liquid crystal displays using DuPont holographic recording films
Gao, Qing-fu2000 Crystallization and melting behavior of poly(phenylene sulfide) blends with polyamide 6
Gao, Qiushan2010 Synthesis and properties of thermotropic liquid crytalline polyesters with flexible polymethylene spacer
Gao, Ren-Xiao2002 Synthesis of 5-alkyl-2-(4-cyanophenyl)-1,3-dioxanes
 2002 Synthesis of tolan-type liquid crystals
 2004 Synthesis and property of liquid crystal compounds: trans-cyclohexyltolan-type with lateral fluorines
 2007 Study on byproduct in synthesis of triphenyl liquid crystal compound by Suzuki coupling reaction
Gao, Run-Mei2009 Magnetically tunable liquid crystal terahertz switch based on Bragg fiber
Gao, S.1985 Synthesis and properties of high-temperature liquid crystals as stationary phase in gas chromatography. II. Synthesis and properties of esters of ethylene-4,4'-diphenyl bis(p-alkoxybenzoate) series
 2000 X-ray Crystallographic and 13C NMR Investigations of the Effects of Electron-Withdrawing Groups on a Series of Pyrroles
 2007 [Fe3(HCOO)6]: A Permanent Porous Diamond Framework Displaying H2/N2 Adsorption, Guest Inclusion, and Guest-Dependent Magnetism
Gao, Shong1998 Dynamical supervision of sheding virus in experimentally immunized SPF chicken flocks infected with different NDV pathotypes
Gao, Shuang1996 New method for synthesis and characterization of p-alkoxylphenylbenzoporphyrin
 1996 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystal - metal benzoporphyrins
Gao, Tieyu2009 Towards nanoporous polymer thin film-based drug delivery systems
Gao, Wei1997 Phase Transitions in Lamellar Alkylphosphonate Salts
Gao, Wen-Ying2008 Liquid Ordered Phase of Binary Mixtures Containing Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine and Sterols
 2008 Phase Diagram of Androsterol-Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine Mixtures Dispersed in Excess Water
 2008 The role of sterol rings and side chain on the structure and phase behaviour of sphingomyelin bilayers
Gao, Wenqi1996 The fabrication and application of a novel OASLM based on a-Si:H and its alloy
Gao, Xi-Cun2007 Theoretical investigation of propagation of nonlocal spatial soliton in nematic liquid crystals
Gao, Xia2003 Lamellar Branching of Poly(bisphenol A-co-decane) Spherulites at Different Temperatures Studied by High-Temperature AFM
 2003 Universal behavior of localization of residue fluctuations in globular proteins
 2004 Relationships Between the Crystal Structures and the Multiple Melting Behaviors of Poly(ethylene 2,6-naphthalate)
Gao, Xijian2005 A multispectral imaging analysis system for early detection of cervical cancer
Gao, Xingguo2008 Biomineralizing synthesis of mesoporous hydroxyapatite-calcium pyrophosphate polycrystal using ovalbumin as biosurfactant
Gao, Xiufang2003 Experimental investigation of the heat transfer characteristics of confined impinging slot jets
Gao, Xushan1992 Thermotropic phase equilibria in liquid crystalline systems of undiluted polydisperse rodlike molecules
Gao, Y.1999 Synthesis of ribbons of silver nanoparticles in lamellar liquid crystals
 2005 Bioinspired Ceramic Thin Film Processing: Present Status and Future Perspectives
Gao, Y.F.2002 A mesophase transition in a binary monolayer on a solid surface
Gao, Ya-Li1999 Electrooptical properties of liquid crystal composite materials
Gao, Yan-Fang1998 Application of coupling agents in preparation of composite from thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester and aluminum nitride powder
 1998 Effect of sequence structure on the thermotropic liquid crystalline properties of polyester amides based on dimethylbenzidine, bisphenol-A and p-terephthaloyl chloride
 1998 Sequence structure and thermotropic liquid crystalline properties of aromatic-aliphatic polyesteramides based on dimethylbenzidine, hexamethylene glycol and p-terephthaloyl chloride
 1998 Thermotropic liquid crystalline behavior of ternary unregular aromatic-aliphatic polyesteramides
 1999 Study on the composite of aluminum nitride powder and liquid-crystalline polyester
 2000 Study on the thermotropic liquid crystalline properties of ternary unregular aromatic polyesteramides
Gao, Yanan2005 Hexagonal Liquid Crystalline Phases Formed in Ternary Systems of Brij 97-Water-Ionic Liquids
Gao, Ye2005 Main chain 1,1'-ferrocene-containing polyelectrolytes exhibiting thermotropic liquid-crystalline and fluorescent properties
 2007 Ferrocene-containing Liquid Crystalline Polymers
Gao, Yong-Mei2008 Advances in fluorinated liquid crystals
 2008 Synthesis and Characterization of H-bonded Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polysiloxanes
Gao, Yu2008 Synthesis of chiral ionic liquids
Gao, Yuan2006 Perfluoropentacene and Perfluorotetracene: Syntheses, Crystal Structures, and FET Characteristics
 2006 Synthesis and Characterization of Amphiphilic Phenylene Ethynylene Oligomers and Their Langmuir-Blodgett Films
Gao, Yuanyuan2006 Tetracyclic ester liquid crystal compound containing two symmetrical flexible ethylene bridge bonds with high clearing point and low viscosity
 2006 Tetracyclic ester liquid crystal compound containing two symmetrical flexible ethylene bridge bonds with high clearing point and low viscosity
Gao, Yue-Ying1997 Inorganic small particle formation in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1998 Inorganic small particle formation by photochemical reaction in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1999 Benzopinacol particle formation in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1999 Effect of lamellar liquid crystals system on SOD-like activity of copper-salicylate complex
 1999 Spectrophotometric determination of transition temperature in potassium myristate-water system
 2001 Effect of microenvironment created by surfactant on SOD-like activity of SOD and Cu(II)-salicylate complex
Gao, Yuming2005 Novel Carbon Nanotubes Based on Disk-Rod Assemblies of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
Gao, Zhang-Shou2003 Study on the configuration of anion clusters in solid-liquid interface of KDP crystals with density functional theory
Gao, Zhengxiang2009 Optical Absorption Spectra of Charge-Doped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes from First-Principles Calculations
Gao, Zhenheng1990 Studies of 1,4-bis(phenylethynyl)benzene and its bis-substituted phenyl derivatives
Gao, Zhi-Qiang2005 A design and fabrication of a liquid crystal display with homeotropic or tilted homeotropic alignment layer(s) having a high photostability, high contrast and stable pretilt angle
 2006 Topology influences performance in the associative memory neural networks
Gao, Zhishan2005 Test aspheric with CGH based on a liquid crystal display
Gao, Zhuo2004 Dynamical mechanisms of adaptation in multiagent systems
Gao, Zihong2000 Synthesis and thermotropic liquid crystalline behavior of novel poly(aryl ether ketone)s with a lateral methoxy group
Gao, Zongyong2007 Formation of fibril structures in polymerizable, rod-coil-oligomer-modified epoxy networks
Gaona, N.2007 Temperature dependence of liquid crystal electrical response by impedance analysis
 2009 Phase Modulation and Optical Anisotropy of High Birefringence Liquid Crystals
Gaona, Noemi2007 Enhanced instrumentation system to characterize the electric behavior of AFLC displays
Gaonkar, Anilkumar G.1980 The effect of substrate pH on some monomolecular film properties of hexadecanol and hexadecoxy ethanol, propanol, and butanol monolayers
Gapinski, J.2003 Temperature and pressure study of Brillouin transverse modes in the organic glass-forming liquid orthoterphenyl
 2004 Dynamics of core-shell particles in concentrated suspensions
Gapinski, Jacek2001 Dynamic light scattering from liquid crystal polymer brushes swollen in a nematic solvent
 2002 Correlation between nonexponential relaxation and non-Arrhenius behavior under conditions of high compression
 2006 Movement of Proteins in an Environment Crowded by Surfactant Micelles: Anomalous versus Normal Diffusion
Gaponenko, Sergey2008 Nanoporous alumina films for display devices
Gaponik, N.2004 Emission stimulation in a directional band gap of a CdTe-loaded opal photonic crystal
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 1984 Effect of the composition of a dispersion medium on polymorphic tranformations and properties of lithium greases
 1987 Polymorphous transformations and antifriction properties of lithium lubricating greases
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Garabatos, C.1995 Ageing studies with micro-strip gas chambers
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 2005 Influence of phytosphingosine-type ceramides on the structure of DMPC membrane
 2005 Mixed Micelles Formed by SDS and a Bolaamphiphile with Carbohydrate Headgroups
 2006 Influence of Solvent Quality on the Self-Organization of Archetypical Hairy Rods-Branched and Linear Side Chain Polyfluorenes: Rodlike Chains versus "Beta-Sheets" in Solution
 2007 Influence of Side Chain Length on the Self-Assembly of Hairy-Rod Poly(9,9-dialkylfluorene)s in the Poor Solvent Methylcyclohexane
Garamus, Vasil2009 Self-Assembly and Mixing Behaviour of Symmetric Single-Chain Bolalipids: The Formation of Temperature and pH-responsive Hydrogels
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 2005 Comparison of the Supramolecular Structures of Two Glyco Lipids with Chiral and Nonchiral Methyl-Branched Alkyl Chains from Natural Sources
 2009 Long-Living Intermediates during a Lamellar to a Diamond-Cubic Lipid Phase Transition: A Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Investigation
Garanin, D.A.2004 Saddle index properties, singular topology, and its relation to thermodynamic singularities for a ?4 mean-field model
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 1995 Oscillatory shear alignment of a liquid crystalline polymer
Garay, Raul O.1991 Synthesis and characterization of extended-rod thermotropic polyesters with poly(oxyethylene) pendant substituents
 1992 Rheo-optical properties of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer
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