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Furuta, Mamoru1997 Fabrication of thin-film transistor for liquid -crystal display
 1997 Fabrication of thin-film transistor for liquid -crystal display
 1997 Laser annealing for manufacture of liquid-crystal display device
 1997 LDD thin-film transistors, active matrix arrays for liquid crystal display devices, and fabrication thereof
 1997 Thin-film semiconductor active-matrix array for liquid -crystal display and fabrication thereof
 1997 Thin-film transistor and active matrix-type liquid crystal display apparatus using same
 1998 Fabrication of thin-film transistor for active-matrix array of liquid - crystal display apparatus
 1998 Thin-film transistor for liq.-crystal display and fabrication thereof
 1999 Fabrication of thin-film transistor for active-matrix liquid-crystal display
 1999 Thin-film transistor for liq.-crystal displays, and fabrication thereof
 2000 Thin film transistors, active matrix arrays for liquid crystal display devices, and fabrication thereof
Furuta, Manabu1996 Projection-type active matrix liquid crystal display device with improved high contrast
Furuta, Moptonobu1999 Gas-barrier heat-resistant outer packaging films for vacuum thermal insulators
Furuta, Motonobu1993 Liquid-crystalline polyester-polyoxyphenylene blends for moldings with increased weld strength
 1994 Liquid-crystal polyester resin composition and process for producing the same
 1994 Poly(oxyphenylene)-based compositions containing liquid-crystalline polyesters
 1995 Blends containing modified polyoxyphenylenes for good compatibility and mechanical strength
 1995 Liquid crystalline polyester compositions
 1995 Liquid crystalline polyester compositions and their manufacture
 1995 Liquid-crystalline polyester-aromatic polycarbonate compositions
 1995 Melt processable liquid crystal polyester resin composition blend for moldings
 1995 Thermoplastic compositions of amine-modified polyolefins and polyesters
 1995 Thermoplastic resin compositions containing liquid crystalline polyesters, aromatic polycarbonates, and glass fibers
 1995 Thermoplastic resin compositions containing liquid crystalline polyesters, aromatic polycarbonates, diamines and glass fibers, and their manufacture
 1996 Laminate of a liquid-crystal polyester film and a metallic foil, and printed wiring boards using it
 1996 Liquid crystal polyester/thermoplastic resin composition adapted to forming strong barrier films
 1996 Liquid crystalline polyester compositions for moldings
 1996 Molded containers and method for producing the same
 1997 Continuous manufacture of gas-barrier liquid crystalline polyester thin films
 1997 Laminates of polyester-ethylene copolymer blends and paper pack container formed from these laminates
 1997 Liquid - crystalline polyester resin compositions and films therefrom with good gas impermeability and high strength
 1997 Liquid crystal polyester resin compositions and films and containers made from them
 1997 Liquid crystal polymer packed thin batteries
Furuta, Motonobu (cont...)1997 Liquid crystalline polyester resin composition containers with improved melt viscosity behavior with good retention of mechanical properties, heat resistance and gass barrier properties
 1997 Liquid-crystal polyester compositions for injection and extrusion molding
 1997 Preparation of films from liquid crystal polyester compositions
 1997 Thin-wall battery containing liquid-crystalline polyester exterior film for good chemical and heat resistance
 1998 Flexible laminates with metal foil and liquid -crystal polyester resin having dispersed rubber phase
 1998 Liquid - crystal polyester laminated materials with improved gas-barrier property and paper containers obtained from them
 1998 Liquid - crystalline polyester compositions and films with excellent tensile properties and gas impermeability
 1998 Liquid crystalline polyester resin compositions, their injection molded products, and gas-barrier films
 1999 Antistatic films having good heat resistance and gas-barrier property
 1999 Bending- and heat-resistant, gas-barrier, and transparent liquid bags having good UV-shielding properties
 1999 Easy-tearable films using liquid-crystalline polyesters and their packaging films, packaging bags, and lids
 1999 Flexible, gas- and gasoline-barrier, and heat-resistant tubes
 1999 Laminated films having liquid-crystalline polyester layers and their manufacture
 1999 Light-shielding films using liquid-crystalline polymers for gas-barrier packaging
 1999 Liquid crystal polyester composition for tape automatic bonding (TAB) substrate with good electric insulation
 1999 Liquid crystalline polyester composition for can container
 1999 Retort packaging containers made of liquid-crystal polyester compositions
 2000 Anticorrosive gas-barrier films and bags containing optically anisotropic liquid crystal polymers for packaging metal products
 2000 Container lids from paper-laminated liquid-crystalline polymer sheets with good gas- and light-barrier properties and shape retention
 2000 Flexible gas-barrier films and sealing materials for easy-open PTP (press-through packs)
Furuta, Motonobu (cont...)2000 Inflation die and manufacture of thermoplastic film using it
 2000 Inflation-molding die and manufacture of plastic films using it
 2000 Laminated film with good gas-barrier property, heat and flex resistance, and low water absorption, magnetic recording media, and their manufacture
 2000 Laminated films with excellent flex, heat, and water resistance and gas impermeability and their manufacture
 2000 Liquid crystalline polyester fibers and nonwoven fabric therefrom with good breathability, chemical and heat resistance
 2000 Plastic cards using liquid crystalline polymers
 2000 Preparation of thermoplastic resin-rubber compositions and an extruder therefor
 2001 Low-cost adhesive tapes with good gas and moisture barrier and heat-resistance properties
Furuta, Motonoru1999 Paper substrate and liquid crystal polyester laminate for beverage can with good gas bassier property and good heat resistance
Furuta, Notonobu1999 Flexible liquid-crystalline polyester polarizing films having excellent heat resistance, gas impermeability, and mechanical strength
Furuta, R.1994 20th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Nagoya
Furuta, Shigetaro1976 Nematic liquid crystal composition
Furuta, T.1972 Development of optical anisotropic mesophase from naphtha-tar pitch in magnetic field
 1979 Carbonization of heavy oils - chemical constituents of the residual products formed in the early stage of carbonization
 1984 Alignment of nematic liquid crystals on treated substrates: coupling strength
 1984 Development of anisotropic textures from hydrogenated acenaphthylene pitches
 1999 Fabrication of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites with structural gradient from sheath-core type bicomponent fibers
 2001 Enhancement of Photorefractive Effect in the Isotropic of Liquid Crystalline Polymers
Furuta, Takashi1988 Optical and Colorimetric Properties of an EC 8CB-Cell for the Transmission and Reflection Cell Types
Furuta, Takeshi1970 Optical mesophase texture and x-ray diffraction pattern of the early-stage carbonization of pitches
 1972 Carbonization of virgin reduced crude and coal tar pitch with insoluble matters removed
 1973 Carbonization of heavy oils. 2. Pyrolysis of sulfur containing reduced crude and of pitch added sulfur
 1973 Carbonization of heavy oils. 3. Changes of volatile matter, stacking of lamellae, and heat of combustion during mesophase formation
 1973 Carbonization of heavy oils. 4. Changes of benzene insolubles during mesophase formation
 1973 Carbonization of heavy oils. 5. Properties of mesophase isolated from the matrix by solvent extraction
 1973 Formation of anisotropic mesophase from various carbonaceous materials in early stages of carbonization
 1975 Carbonization of heavy oils. Part 6. Mesophase textures formed from various starting materials and effects of heat treatment conditions
 1975 Chemical structure and graphitizability of solvent extracts from tar-pitches
 1978 Carbonization of heavy oils. Part 7. Chemical constituents of the products formed in low temperature carbonization
 1983 The dissolution of heat-treated acenaphthylene pitch
 1984 Effect of hydrogenation on solubility of carbonized pitch
 1985 Microstructure of mesophase formed in a magnetic field
 1987 Aggregation of spheres from hydrogenated mesophase pitches
Furuta, Tatsuhiko1997 Fabrication of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites from sheath-core type bicomponent fibers
Furuta, Tomofumi1981 Colorimetric Measurement of the WO3 Electrochromic Display
Furuta, Tomohiro1993 Numerical simulation on melting behavior of an atomic layer irradiated by thermal radiation
Furuta, Yoshihiro1996 Liquid crystal display device
 1996 Manufacture of liquid crystal display
 1998 Liquid-crystal display device and method of preparing it
Furuta, Yoshihisa1997 Liquid crystal display device capable of receiving drawing input
Furutani, K.2007 A self-consistent approach for the SmA–SmC* phase transition
Furutani, Katsushi2005 Manipulation of microparticles using surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals (Invited Paper)
 2005 Microsphere Manipulation Using Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2005 Two-dimensional micromanipulation using liquid crystals
Furutani, Masaya2006 Molecular Alignment Structure of Dimeric Liquid Crystal 8PY11OCB
 2008 Alignment Structure Formed in Dimeric Liquid Crystal Molecules
 2009 Molecular Alignment Structure of Dimeric Liquid Crystal Having INACA Phase Sequence
 2010 Alignment Structure of Dimeric Liquid Crystal Molecules Having Bent Molecular Structure
Furutani, Shigeyuki1999 2'-Pyrene modified oligonucleotide provides a highly sensitive fluorescent probe of RNA
Furuuchi, Koji1998 Light-scattering film and its manufacture
Furuya, Akihiko1999 Conductive antireflection film
Furuya, H.1988 Deuterium NMR analysis of dimer liquid crystals
 1988 Deuterium NMR analysis of main-chain polymer liquid crystals
 1989 Orientational characteristics of main-chain polymer liquid crystals as revealed by the rotational isomeric state analysis of deuterium NMR spectra
 1990 SQUID studies of α,ω-bis[(4,4'-cyanobiphenyl)oxy]alkanes and elucidation of the orientational order parameter
 1991 SQUID studies of main-chain polymer liquid crystals and rotational isomeric state treatment of the data
 1995 Thermodynamics and molecular ordering of carbonate-type dimer liquid crystals with emphasis on the geometrical characteristics of the linking group
Furuya, Hidemine1985 Deuterium NMR Studies on the Orientational Order in Dimeric Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
 1986 An Odd-Even Effect in the Mesophasic Behavior of Dimer Liquid Crystals Due to the Bond Orientation of a Phenylene Unit Incorporated in the Flexible Spacer
 1986 Conformational characteristics of main-chain type liquid crystalline polymers
 1986 Role of the soft spacer in main chain-type liquid-crystalline polymers
 1988 Molecular ordering in dimer liquid crystals as estimated by the analysis of deuterium-NMR spectra of deuterated flexible spacers
 1988 Molecular ordering in liquid crystals carrying flexible hydrocarbon tails: a rotational isomeric state analysis of deuterium-NMR data of Emsley et al. on 4-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls (nCB)
 1995 Calculation of the Conformation Entropies of Dimer Liquid Crystals and Comparison with the Observed Transition Entropies at Constant Volume
 1995 Dipole Moment and Optical Anisotropy Studies of Mesogenic Twin Compounds, α,ω-Bis[(4,4'-cyanobiphenyl)oxy]alkanes
 1996 Conformational transitions and incidental reorganization of mesophase structures peculiar to polyaspartates - a highly versatile system designed by nature
 1996 High pressure differential thermal analysis of dimer liquid crystals: α,ω-bis[(4,4'-cyanobiphenylyl)oxy]alkanes
 1996 Liquid Crystal Formation Coupled with the Coil-Helix Transition in the Ternary System Poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate)/Dichloroacetic Acid/Dichloroethane
 1997 Orientational ordering of a dimer liquid crystal by high-resolution solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy
 1997 Spatial configurations, transformation, and reorganization of mesophase structures of polyaspartates-a highly intelligent molecular system
 1998 Conformational analysis of the alkyl spacer of a dimer liquid crystal in the solid and liquid crystalline states by 13C-13C dipolar coupling
 1999 Conformational analysis of the biphenyl moiety of dimer liquid crystals in the solid state by high-resolution solid-state 13C NMR and ab initio GIAO-CHF calculations
 1999 Phase behaviors of main-chain liquid crystals. 2H NMR and pressure-volume-temperature analysis of dimer and trimer model compounds
 1999 Thermodynamics of main-chain liquid crystals-characteristic conformation of spacers and the role in determining the phase transition behaviors
 2003 Phase Behavior of Ternary Systems Involving a Conformationally Variable Chain and a Randomly Coiled Polymer1
 2008 On the Stability of the Nematic Order Observed During the Cold-crystallization of PET
Furuya, Hiroaki1999 Manufacture of liquid crystal display and cleaning method of its substrate
 1999 Manufacturing method for color filter panel and liquid crystal display
Furuya, Hisashi1997 Single crystal drawing apparatus
Furuya, K.1985 Acoustic emission from phase transition of some chemicals
 2003 Ordered quantization and the Ehrenfest time scale
Furuya, Keiichi1996 Thermal degradation and combustion process of liquid crystalline polyesters studied by directly coupled thermal analysis-mass spectrometry
Furuya, Kh.1996 Conformational transitions and spontaneous reorganization of mesophase structures typical for polyaspartates. A highly versatile system designed by nature
Furuya, M.2009 A high-dynamic-range and high-resolution projector with dual modulation
Furuya, Mamoru1996 High-pressure mercury discharge tube light source for liquid crystal display projector
 1996 Light source for liquid crystal projector
 1996 Metal halide lamps, lighting apparatus, and liquid crystal projectors
 1997 Direct current discharge lamp for projector in liquid crystal display device
 1997 High-pressure discharge lamps for illumination apparatus and liquid-crystal projectors
 1997 Metal halide lamp for color liquid crystal projectors
 1999 Discharge lamp, device having the lamp, and liquid crystal display projector
Furuya, Masamitsu1995 Liquid crystal display with highly reliable connection of electroconductive material
 1996 Liquid crystal display with improved reliability
 2000 Liquid crystal display and its manufacture
Furuya, Masato1996 Active matrix color liquid crystal display
Furuya, Masayuki1989 Preparation of (4-hydroxyphenyl)cyclohexanecarboxylic acids
 1989 Preparation of 4'-hydroxybiphenylcarboxylic acids
Furuya, Mayumi2002 Liquid crystalline compound having a difluoropropyleneoxy group as bonding group, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
Furuya, Naoomi1973 Electrooptic characteristics of nematic liquid crystals
Furuya, Takenori2000 Polyurethane-coated cloth for label printing sheet with washability
Furuya, Takeshi2006 Preparation of Liposomes Using an Improved Supercritical Reverse Phase Evaporation Method
 2007 Optimum Tail Length of Fluorinated Double-Tail Anionic Surfactant for Water/Supercritical CO2 Microemulsion Formation
 2007 Surfactant-Mixing Effects on the Interfacial Tension and the Microemulsion Formation in Water/Supercritical CO2 System
 2008 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Water-in-Supercritical CO2 Microemulsion as a Function of Water Content
 2008 Water/Supercritical CO2 Microemulsions with Mixed Surfactant Systems
Furuya, Yukio1992 Method for manufacturing active matrix liquid crystal display device
Furuyama, M.1988 Transverse structure of pitch fiber from coal tar mesophase pitch
 1989 Pitch-based carbon fibers as studied by transmission electron microscopy
 1990 Preferred orientation of pitch precursor fibers
 1990 Structures and electric properties of pitch-based carbon fibers heat-treated at various temperatures
 1992 Preferred orientation of high-performance carbon fibers
Furuyama, Masatoshi1986 Manufacture of mesophase pitch for carbon fibers
 1986 Mesophase pitch fiber manufacture
 1988 Nozzles for spinning pitch precursors for manufacture of high-tenacity carbon fibers with nonradial structure
 1989 Manufacture of mesophase pitch carbon or graphite fibers with high tensile strength
 1989 Manufacture of mesophase pitch-based carbon or graphite fibers with high tensile strength
 1989 Manufacture of pitch-based carbon or graphite fibers with high tensile strength
 1990 Manufacture of mesophase pitch fibers with high tensile strength
 1990 Manufacture of mesophase pitch-based graphite fibers with increased tensile strength
 1990 Pitch-based carbon fibers with high tensile strength and their manufacture
 1990 Spinnerets for spinning pitch precursor fibers for manufacture of carbon fibers with nonradial structure
 1991 Graphite fibers with increased surface area
 1991 Manufacture of carbon or graphite fibers from mesophase pitch
 1991 Manufacture of pitch-based carbon or graphite fibers with high tensile strength and modulus
 1991 Manufacture of pitch-based hollow carbon or graphite fibers
 1991 Mesophase pitch precursor fibers and carbon or graphite fibers from them, with tensile strength
 1991 Pitch-based carbon fibers with high compressive breaking strain
 1992 Manufacture of lightweight pitch-based carbon or graphite fibers with high tensile strength and modulus
 1993 Compressive properties of single-filament carbon fibers
 1998 Production method of pitch carbon fiber for reinforcing material
Furuyama, Masatosi1985 Mesophase pitch and carbon products produced from it
Furuyama, Shizuo1975 Benzalaniline derivative
 1975 Benzalcyanoaniline derivative
 1976 Acrylic acid derivative
 1976 Aromatic ester derivatives
 1976 Aromatic esters
 1977 Aromatic ester derivatives
Fusca, Tiziana2008 Dual mechanism of activation of plant plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase by acidic phospholipids: Evidence for a phospholipid binding site which overlaps the calmodulin-binding site
Fusco, C.2002 Microscopic two-dimensional lattice model of dimer granular compaction with friction
Fusco, Nicola2002 Relaxation and overlap-probability function in the spherical and mean-spherical models
Fuse, Keiji2004 Characteristic of diffractive optical element for arbitrary pattern beam shaping
 2004 Characteristics of diffractive optical element for multispot beam homogenizing
Fuse, Yuji1992 Method for manufacture of substrate with color filter for liquid -crystal display device
Fuseshiro, Shuji1989 Continuous manufacture of mesophase pitch for preparation of carbon fibers and molded carbon products
 1989 Continuous preparation of mesophase pitch
 1989 Continuous preparation of mesophase pitch
Fusetani, Yoshio1999 Storage-stable epoxy resin compositions for sealing of liquid crystal displays
Fushiki, M.2003 System size dependence of the diffusion coefficient in a simple liquid
Fushimi, Hiroshi2004 Low-Driving-Voltage Electro-Optic Modulator With Novel KTa1-xNbxO3 Crystal Waveguides
Fuson, Reynold C.1953 Heterocycles Containing p-Phenylene Units. I. Ethers
Fuss, Peter1983 Piperidine derivatives
 1984 Tetrahydropyrans for liquid crystal display devices
 1985 Condensed dioxans
 1985 Liquid crystal sulfur dioxide derivatives
 1985 Liquid crystalline compounds
 1986 Bicyclooctane derivatives and liquid crystal compositions containing them
 1986 Heterocyclic compounds for liquid-crystal compositions
 1986 Heterocyclic liquid crystal constituents
Fuss, Robert1997 [1,2,5]-Thiadiazole derivatives and liquid - crystal mixtures and display devices using them
Fuss, Robert W.1995 Aryloxy tetrafluoropropionic acid ester, method for production and its use in liquid-crystal mixtures
 1995 Preparation of [1,3,4]-thiadiazole liquid crystal precursors
Fuss, Robert Walter1995 1,2-Difluoronaphthalene derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and optical switching and display devices containing them
 1995 3,4-Difluorotetralin derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical switching and display devices containing them
 1995 7,8-Difluoro-3,4-dihydro-2H-naphthalen-1-one derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical switching and display devices containing them
 1995 Preparation of trifluornaphthalene derivatives as liquid crystal components
 1995 Tetrafluorotetralin derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical switching and display devices containing them
 1996 3,4-difluoropyridine and its mixture suitable for liquid crystal displays
 1996 Thieno(2,3-b)thiophene derivatives and their use in liquid-crystal mixtures
Fussell, D.2002 Wave dispersion in gyrotropic relativistic pulsar plasmas
Fussell, D.P.2003 Three-dimensional local density of states in a finite two-dimensional photonic crystal composed of cylinders
 2004 Three-dimensional Green's tensor, local density of states, and spontaneous emission in finite two-dimensional photonic crystals composed of cylinders
Futami, Sachiko1988 Liquid crystal device
Futami, Toshio1996 TFT liquid crystal display apparatus
Futami, Yukiko1988 Polymeric liquid-crystal composition and liquid-crystal device
 1997 Liquid crystal apparatus and display system
Futamura, Kazunori2004 Polarizer optical film and image display
Futamura, Nobuyuki1987 Dyeable synthetic photosensitive polymer composition for preparing color separation filter for liquid-crystal color television
 1992 Color filter useful for liquid-crystal display devices and manufacture thereof
 1996 Color liquid-crystal display device and its manufacture
Futamura, S.1980 Physical and rheological characterization of poly(aryloxyphosphazene) copolymers
Futamura, Shigeru2004 Direct Observation of Odd-Even Effect for Chiral Alkyl Alcohols in Solution Using Vibrational Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy
Futatsuki, Takashi1999 Electrolyzed Water as the Novel Cleaning Media in Ultra-Large-Scale Integration and Liquid-Crystal Display Manufacturing
Futatsumori, Koji1992 Epoxy resin compositions and cured products as sealing materials for liquid crystal displays
Futawatari, Tomoo1996 Fabrication of insulator substrate for thin-film transistor-array liquid-crystal display
Fütterer, Gerald2008 Full-color interactive holographic projection system for large 3D scene reconstruction
Fütterer, T.2000 The dependence on the helical pitch of the antiferroelectric dielectric modes
 2001 Investigations on the Dynamic Behaviour and Threshold Voltages of Binary Antiferroelectric Liquid-Crystalline Mixtures
 2002 Chiral two ring compounds exhibiting antiferroelectric phases
Fütterer, Tobias2003 Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Poly(paraphenylene)s: Thermotropic Phases, Solution Behavior, and Monolayer Films
 2004 Characterization of polybutadiene-poly(ethyleneoxide) aggregates in aqueous solution: A light-scattering and small-angle neutron-scattering study
 2005 Aggregation of an Amphiphilic Poly(p-phenylene) in Micellar Surfactant Solutions. Static and Dynamic Light Scattering
Fuwa, Yoshiaki1994 Anomalous behavior of spontaneous polarization in ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture
 1995 New bistable electrooptic effect in side-chain ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymer
 1995 Polarization reversal process and transient light scattering in polymeric ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1995 Sign inversion of spontaneous polarization and electro-optic properties in ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture
 1996 Light scattering in polymeric ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1997 Static and dynamic properties of ferroelectric liquid crystal and their novel applications
 1998 Sign inversion of spontaneous polarization in ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
Fuyama, Eiji1998 Plastic film substrate
Fuyama, Moriaki1987 Development of LSI chip mounting technology for liquid crystal display panels
 1989 Fabrication technology of electrode for liquid crystal display panel
 1989 High density bonding technology for liquid crystal display panel
Fuyama, Nobuyuki1997 A development of automatic light control filter with liquid crystal
Füzes, L.1978 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IV. The polymerization of cholesteryl-vinyl-succinate
Fuzessy, Zoltan2003 Difference displacement measurement using digital holograms as coherent masks
Fuziwara, Minekazu2005 Unique Microstructure of Mesoporous Pt (HI-Pt) Prepared via Direct Physical Casting in Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Media
 2009 Ferromagnetic mesostructured alloys: Design of ordered mesostructured alloys with multicomponent metals from lyotropic liquid crystals
Fye, Glenn1994 Wide-angle cross-cockpit AMLCD technology
Fyfe, C.A.1978 Carbon-13 spectra of liquid crystals and nonrigid solids using a high-resolution spectrometer
 1988 Solid state NMR studies of aromatic polyesters based on 4-hydroxybenzoic acid
 1989 Molecular motion in the homopolyesters of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid
 1990 Molecular motion in the homopolyester of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid
 1991 The first demonstration of orientational order in a rigid backbone liquid crystalline polymer using deuterium NMR spectroscopy
 1992 Demonstration of the liquid-crystalline behavior of a rigid-backbone polyester in a magnetic field
Fyfe, Colin A.1993 Synthesis of isotopically labeled monomers and polymers of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid and 6-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid
 2007 Controlling the Shape and Alignment of Mesopores by Confinement in Colloidal Crystals: Designer Pathways to Silica Monoliths with Hierarchical Porosity
Fygenson, D. Kuchnir2003 Size exclusion and diffusion of fluoresceinated probes within collagen fibrils
Fynewever, Herb1998 Isotropic to nematic transition in semiflexible polymer melts
 1998 Phase behavior of semiflexible tangent hard sphere chains
Fynewever, Herbert2004 Molecular alignment of rigid rods in nonrigid spherical pores
Fyodorov, Yan V.2002 Statistics of resonances and nonorthogonal eigenfunctions in a model for single-channel chaotic scattering
 2003 Level curvature distribution in a model of two uncoupled chaotic subsystems
 2003 Random symmetric matrices with a constraint: The spectral density of random impedance networks
 2003 Statistics of transmitted power in multichannel dissipative ergodic structures
 2004 Variance of transmitted power in multichannel dissipative ergodic structures invariant under time reversal
Fytas, G.1996 Evidence of dynamic heterogeneity as obtained from dielectric and brillouin light-scattering studies of poly(n-hexylmethacrylate)
 2001 Characterization of Association Colloids of Amphiphilic Poly(p-phenylene)sulfonates in Aqueous Solution
 2001 Levels of Structure Formation in Aqueous Solutions of Anisotropic Association Colloids Consisting of Rodlike Polyelectrolytes
 2004 Dynamics of core-shell particles in concentrated suspensions
 2005 Structure and Dynamics of Polymer-Grafted Clay Suspensions
 2006 Orientation dynamics in isotropic phases of model oligofluorenes: Glass or liquid crystal
Fytas, George1995 Dipole Moment and Optical Anisotropy Studies of Mesogenic Twin Compounds, α,ω-Bis[(4,4'-cyanobiphenyl)oxy]alkanes
 2001 Macromolecular Anisotropic Association in Isotropic Solutions of a Liquid Crystal Side Chain Polymer
 2006 Supramolecular Structures in Aqueous Solutions of Rigid Polyelectrolytes with Monovalent and Divalent Counterions
 2007 Equilibrium Length and Shape of Rodlike Polyelectrolyte Micelles in Dilute Aqueous Solutions
Fytas, N.G.2004 Estimation of critical behavior from the density of states in classical statistical models
Gaalema, Stephen D.1990 Fast ferroelectric-liquid-crystal spatial light modulator with silicon-integrated-circuit active backplane
 1993 Analog electrooptic modulators for ferroelectric-liquid-crystal/VLSI spatial light modulators
 1994 One-transistor DRAM ferroelectric-liquid-crystal spatial light modulator
Gabaix, Xavier2002 Quantifying stock-price response to demand fluctuations
Gabaldon, John2006 Hierarchically Organized Nanoparticle Mesostructure Arrays Formed through Hydrothermal Self-Assembly
Gabard, J.1972 4th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
 1975 Research on mesomorphic substances. VII. New smectic fluorene derivatives
 1976 Molecular structure and smectic properties
 1981 Studies on mesogenic substances. VIII. Preparation and mesomorphic properties of isometric series
 1981 Studies on mesomorphic substances. IX. "Forked" smectics. Molecular organization in smectic A phases
 1989 Macroscopic expression of molecular recognition: supramolecular liquid crystalline phases induced by association of complementary heterocyclic components
Gabard, Jacqueline1971 Nematic tolans
 1973 Mesomorphic substances. III. Nematic tolans
 1975 Substituted tolanes
 1985 Exciton approach to the optical activity of C3-cyclotriveratrylene derivatives
Gabaston, L.1997 Laser microprocessible semiconducting polymers
Gabaston, L.I.1994 Int. Conf. Liq. Cryst. Polym., Beijing, Abstr.
Gabaston, Laurence I.1996 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline aniline monomers and semiconducting polyaniline with mesogenic side-chains
 2004 Synthesis of Laser-Alignable Liquid Crystalline Conducting Polymers
Gabaston, Laurence Isabelle1997 Liquid-crystalline conducting polymers
Gabay, M.1975 Freedericksz transition of nematics in an oblique magnetic field
 1989 Coupled Spin Systems and Plastic Crystals
 1990 Adsorption-induced anchoring transitions
 1998 Smectic-like phase for modulated XY spins in two dimensions
Gabbasova, Z.1991 Surface order transition in nematic liquid crystals
 1992 Flexoelectricity and Order Phase Transitions in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1993 Flexoelectricity and alignment phase transitions in nematic liquid crystals
 1994 Stochastic contribution to the anchoring energy: deviation from the Rapini-Papoular expression
Gabbasova, Z.V.1995 New type vortex structures in liquid crystal films
Gabbay, M.1978 Restauration du frottement intérieur dans Mgo monocristallin déformé plastiquement a l'ambiante
Gabbay, Michael2004 Globally coupled noisy oscillators with inhomogeneous periodic forcing
Gabdoulline, Razif R.1996 Molecular origin of the internal dipole potential in lipid bilayers: role of the electrostatic potential of water
Gabel, Detlef2009 Interaction of Na2B12H11SH with dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine liposomes
 2010 Interaction of N,N,N-trialkylammonioundecahydro-closo-dodecaborates with dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine liposomes
Gabelica, Z.1998 Preparation of novel mixed [Cu, Zn, Al] hexagonal and lamellar mesophases
 1998 Synthesis strategies leading to pure alumina mesophases in aqueous solution
 2000 Synthesis strategies leading to surfactant-assisted aluminas with controlled mesoporosity in aqueous media
Gabelica, Zelimir1999 Light fastness properties of acid dye and mesoporous Ca-aluminosilicate composite
Gabellini, A.1999 Tailored rigid-flexible block copolymers. Part 5. Synthesis and amphiphilic behavior of diblocks of poly(p-benzamide) and poly(ethylene glycol)
Gabellini, Antonella1998 Tailored rigid-flexible block copolymers. Part 4. Synthesis and properties of diblocks of poly(p-benzamide) and poly(m-benzamide)
Gabellini, G.1996 Miscibility and dynamic mechanical behavior of blends with LCP's
 1996 Poly(p-phenylene sulfide)/liquid crystalline polymer blends. I. Miscibility and morphologic studies
 1996 Poly(p-phenylene sulfide)/liquid crystalline polymer blends. II. Crystallization kinetics
Gabellini, Guido1995 Morphology-determining factors in blends of engineering thermoplastics with polymer liquid crystals
Gaber, B.P.1983 On the subtransitions of deuterated derivatives of 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine
 1987 Pressure studies on two hydrated phospholipids - 1,2-dimyristoyl-phosphatidylcholine and 1,2-dipalmitoyl-phosphatidylcholine
 1990 Molecular modelling of saccharide-lipid interactions
Gaber, Richard F.2008 Hyper- and hyporesponsive mutant forms of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ssy1 amino acid sensor
Gabert, Andrea J.2006 Synthesis and Characterization of ABA Triblock Copolymers Containing Smectic C* Liquid Crystal Side Chains via Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization Using a Bimetallic Molybdenum Initiator
Gabetty, E.1992 Enantiomeric analysis in a polypeptide lyotropic liquid crystal through proton decoupled deuterium NMR
Gabinsky, Y.L.1994 Polarization microscopy study of lyotropic liquid crystalline structures in blood plasma
Gabitov, I.2003 Shedding and interaction of solitons in weakly disordered optical fibers
Gabitov, Ildar2003 Interchannel interaction of optical solitons
Gabitova, R.K.1976 Study of liquid-crystal adsorbents for gas chromatography of aromatic isomers
 1977 Effect of a solid support on the selectivity of a liquid-crystal stationary phase
 1979 Classification of liquid-crystalline fixed phases based on polarity factors
 1981 Use of liquid-crystalline 2-cyano-5-phenylpyrimidine in gas chromatography
Gabitto, J.1999 Modeling and Simulation of Photo-CVD Reactors
Gabke, A.1998 Effect of pressure on the stability, phase behavior and transformation kinetics between structures of lyotropic lipid mesophases and model membrane systems
 2000 Kinetics of Lyotropic Phase Transitions Involving the Inverse Bicontinuous Cubic Phases
 2000 Kinetics of phase transformations between lyotropic lipid mesophases of different topology: a time-resolved synchrotron X-ray diffraction study using the pressure-jump relaxation technique
Gäbler, Michael2004 New discotic liquid crystals and fabrication of optical anisotropic elements
Gabler, R.1939 Ph. D. Thesis Leipzig
Gabler, Rudolf1938 Über das Auftreten von mehr als zwei polymorphen, krystallin-flüssigen Phasen bei Azomethinverbindungen
 1938 Über die thermische Persistenz von krystallin-flüssigen Phasen
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