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Fukutome, Takero1999 Electrostatic chucks with good corrosion resistance
Fukutome, Tosha1996 Electroless plating method of liquid crystal display panel
 1996 Manufcture of liquid crystal display device
 1996 Process for the manufacture of liquid-crystal display device
Fukutomi, Shinya1993 Phase transition study of liquid crystalline polymers by MD simulations
Fukutomi, Takashi1986 Charge mosaic membranes: Microdomain fixing of (polystyrene-poly-4-vinylpyridine) sequential copolymers prepared by macromonomer methods
 1986 Microdomain control of block copolymers by epitaxy in mesophases
 1986 Microdomain control of polymer blends by epitaxy in mesophases
 1987 Vertical-oriented microdomains controlled by epitaxy in mesophases
Fukutsuka, Tomokazu2006 Dispersion of Organic Dyes in n-Hexadecylamine-Intercalated Vanadium Xerogel Thin Films
Fukuue, Norihito2000 Insulative film with conductive layer for electrode of liquid crystal display and its production
Fukuya, Kiyoshi1980 Stable single-compartment vesicles with zwitterionic amphiphile involving an amino acid residue
Fukuyama, Atsushi1991 Edge localized mode activity as a limit cycle in tokamak plasmas
Fukuyama, H.1974 Phase diagram of the two-dimensional electron liquid
Fukuyama, Hidetoshi2006 Introduction of Conductivity in Molecular Assemblies
Fukuyama, Keiichi1985 Crystal structure of bis(1-p-octylphenylbutane-1,3-dionato)copper(II), a complex exhibiting double melting behavior
Fukuyama, Seiji1996 Axial nano-scale microstructures in graphitized fibers inherited from liquid crystal mesophase pitch
Fukuyama, Shigeki1979 Melting behavior of poly(ethylene terephthalate) crystallized and annealed under elevated pressure
Fukuyama, Shingo2010 Evaluations of liquid crystal panel as a random phase modulator for optical encryption systems based on the double random phase encoding
Fukuyama, T.2006 Spatiotemporal Synchronization of Coupled Oscillators in a Laboratory Plasma
Fukuyama, Toshiaki1995 Liquid crystal display apparatus with suppressed residual images
 1996 Reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus
 1996 Reflective-type liquid-crystal display device
Fukuyama, Yukio1987 Coal-tar pitch purification
 1987 Manufacture of pitch-based carbon fibers
Fukuyo, Makoto1995 Electronic and molecular structures of 2D septet tris(p-methoxyphenylmethylene)benzene as studied by ESR: a model for discotic high-spin assemblages
Fukuyo, Tsuneo1994 Stereoscopic liquid crystal display II (practical application)
Fukuyoshi, Hirokazu1996 Backlight for liquid crystal display
Fukuyoshi, Kenzo1991 Color filter overcoating material for liquid crystal display, color filter material, formation of overcoat, and formation of color filter
 1995 Black matrix material for liquid-crystal display and formation of black matrix layer using it by photopolymerization
 1995 Color filter for liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Color filter substrate for liquid crystal display for efficiently using incident light to give bright display
 1995 Electrode plates for liquid-crystal display devices
 1995 Polarizing film for reflection type liquid crystal display
 1995 Reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus with bright display
 1995 Reflection-type liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Transparent electrode for liquid-crystal display devices
 1996 Formation of transparent electrically conductive film for making electrodes in liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Light-reflection plate and liquid crystal display using same
 1996 Multilayered conductive film, transparent electrode substrate, and liquid-crystal display device using the same
 1996 Reflection type liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1996 Reflective liquid crystal display with high-contrast and its manufacture
 1996 Reflective liquid crystal display with high-contrast and its manufacture
 1996 Transparent electrode plate used for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Electrically conductive antireflection film for liquid-crystal display
 1997 Electrode substrate of liquid crystal display
 1997 Electrode substrates for display devices with excellent durability
 1997 Liquid crystal display device with silver films in cell electrodes
Fukuyoshi, Kenzo (cont...)1998 Electrode plate for liquid crystal display
 1998 Electrode substrate for optical imaging device
 1998 Liquid crystal display having light diffusion film containing transparent particles and transparent spacer particles
 1999 Color filter substrate for reflective-type liquid crystal display device
 1999 Conductive antireflection film
 1999 Laminated body having electric-conductive reflection prevention films
 1999 Liquid crystal display device with high contrast
 2000 Substrate for reflection type liquid crystal display
Fukuyoshi, Kenzou1997 Antireflective layer laminated polarizer sheets
 1998 Electrode plates for transmission-type liquid crystal display
 1998 Liquid crystal display having electrode containing silver alloy film layer
 1999 Transparent electrode for liquid crystal display
 2000 Reflection LCD (liquid crystal display) characterized by light-scattering film
Fukuzaki, Eiji2006 2,6,10-Tris(dianisylaminium)-3,7,11-tris(hexyloxy)triphenylene: A Robust Quartet Molecule at Room Temperature
Fukuzawa, Junichi1997 Coating composition and manufacture of color filter bearing protective film
Fukuzawa, Kenji1992 Location and dynamics of a-tocopherol in model phospholipid membranes with different charges
 2001 A comparative study of the ability of ferric nitriloacetate and other iron chelators to assist membrane lipid peroxidation by superoxide radicals
 2001 Molecular characteristics of astaxanthin and ß-carotene in the phospholipid monolayer and their distributions in the phospholipid bilayer
Fukuzawa, Kimio2000 Aggregates from waste glass
Fukuzawa, Satoru1997 Vane motor blades for oil-free operation with excellent wear and fatigue resistance
Fukuzawa, Seketsu2007 Thermal analyses of phospholipid mixtures by differential scanning calorimetry and effect of doping with a bolaform amphiphile
Fukuzawa, Tadashi1999 Multicolor liquid-crystal display without using color filter
Fukuzumi, Shunichi2007 Porphyrin-Based Molecular Architectures for Light Energy Conversion
Fulcheri, C.1989 New thermotropic polymers with flexible backbone and mesogenic side chains: blends with small molecule liquid crystals
Fulei, Tamas2004 Signal-to-noise ratio gain in stochastic resonators driven by colored noises
Fulghum, J.2004 Study of Ion Beam Alignment of Liquid Crystals on Polymer Substrates
Fulghum, J.E.1994 Investigation of liquid crystal alignment on polybutylmethacrylate surfaces using FTIR-ATR and XPS
 2006 Ion Beam Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystal on MEH-PPV-Layers
Fulghum, Julia E.2002 Study of Ion Beam Alignment of Liquid Crystals on Polymer Substrates
 2005 Orientation of 5CB Molecules on Aligning Substrates Studied by Angle Resolved X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
 2005 Oriented Monolayers Prepared from Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystal
Fulghum, Timothy M.2008 Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Ultrathin Films with a Binary Architecture: Combined Layer-by-Layer Polyelectrolyte and Surface-Initiated Polymerization Approach
Fulks, Ronald T.1996 active-matrix liquid-crystal display device and manufacturing method
 1996 Integrated dark matrix for active-matrix liquid-crystal display device
Fulleborn, M.1998 Reorientation of liquid crystalline systems in an electric field: transmission and ATR-FTIR investigations
Fülleborn, Markus1999 Orientation of liquid crystalline 5CB under an external electric field
 2002 The Reorientation of the Nematic Liquid Crystalline P-cyanophenyl-p-n-alkylbenzoates in an Electric Field Studied by the Time-resolved FTIR Transmission and ATR Spectroscopy
Fuller, A.M.1971 Nuclear spin-lattice relaxation in a liquid crystal ordered in a.c. electric fields
 1973 Pulsed NMR study of molecular motions and ordering in ethyl [p-(p-methoxybenzylidene)amino]cinnamate
 1973 Stability of molecular order in the smectic A phase of a liquid crystal
 1974 Non-Exponential Nuclear Spin-Lattice Relaxation in the Solid Phases of EMC
Fuller, C.S.1940 The Investigation of Synthetic Linear Polymers by X-rays.
Fuller, Elisa2008 Liposome Encapsulation of Conjugated Polyelectrolytes: Toward a Liposome Beacon
Fuller, G.1989 Mechanical and optical rheometry of polymer liquid-crystal domain structure
Fuller, G.G.1990 The microstructure of polymer liquid crystals subject to transient flows
 1991 Role of director tumbling in the rheology of polymer liquid crystal solutions
 1998 The dynamics of two dimensional polymer nematics
 2001 Rheological Properties of Lipopolymer-Phospholipid Mixtures at the Air-Water Interface: A Novel Form of Two-Dimensional Physical Gelation
Fuller, G.J.1985 Computer simulation studies of anisotropic systems. XI. Second- and fourth-rank molecular interactions
Fuller, Gerald G.1988 Optical rheometry of polymeric liquids
 1990 Transient shear flow of nematic liquid crystals: Manifestations of director tumbling
 1994 Formation of Bilayer Disks and Two-Dimensional Foams on a Collapsing/Expanding Liquid-Crystal Monolayer
 1994 Structure and dynamics of liquid crystalline droplets suspended in polymer liquids
 1996 Deformation and Relaxation Processes of Mono- and Bilayer Domains of Liquid Crystalline Langmuir Films on Water
 1996 Extensional Flow of a Two-Dimensional Polymer Liquid Crystal
 1996 In-situ studies of flow-induced phenomena in Langmuir monolayers
 1996 Polarization-modulated Raman scattering measurements of nematic liquid crystal orientation
 1997 Electric field studies of liquid crystal droplet suspensions
 1998 Two-dimensional Raman study of the submolecular, electric field-induced reorientation of a nematic liquid crystal
 1999 Electric field-induced component dynamics in a binary liquid crystal mixture studied using two-dimensional Raman scattering
 2000 Non-Newtonian Rheology of Liquid Crystalline Polymer Monolayers
 2000 Surface Pressure-Induced Isotropic-Nematic Transition in Polymer Monolayers-Effect of Solvent Molecules
 2001 Isotropic-Nematic Phase Transitions of Lyotropic, Two-Dimensional Liquid Crystalline Polymer Solutions
 2003 Influence of phase transition and photoisomerization on interfacial rheology
 2003 Microstructure evolution in magnetorheological suspensions governed by Mason number
 2003 The orientation dynamics of rigid rod suspensions under extensional flow
 2009 Liquid Crystalline Collagen: A Self-Assembled Morphology for the Orientation of Mammalian Cells
Fuller, Michael J.2000 Photorefractivity in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2001 Photorefractivity in Nematic Liquid Crystals Using a Donor-Acceptor Dyad with a Low-Lying Excited Singlet State for Charge Generation
 2002 Hybrid Photorefractive Material Composed of Layered Conjugated Polymer and Dye-Doped Liquid Crystal Films
Fuller, N.1979 Molecular forces between and within lipid membranes.
 1998 Equation of state of a charged bilayer system: Measure of the entropy of the lamellar-lamellar transition in DDABr
Fuller, Nola1991 Molecular organization and stability of hydrated dispersions of headgroup-modified phosphatidylethanolamine analogs
Fuller, S.1992 Amphitropic liquid crystals: two lamellar phases in a surfactant containing thermotropic and lyotropic mesogenic groups
 1992 Amphitropic Liquid Crystals: The Influence of a Cyanobiphenyl Moiety on the Mesophase Properties of Cationic Surfactants
 1992 The Lyotropic and Thermotropic Behaviour of some Novel Liquid-Crystalline Materials
 1992 Two Lamellar Phases in Cyanobiphenyl Substituted Cationic Surfactants
 2000 Influence of Added Electrolytes on the Lyotropic Phase Behavior of Triethylammoniodecyloxycyanobiphenyl Bromide (OCB-C10NEt3Br)
 2000 Lyotropic Phase Behavior of Triethylammoniodecyloxycyanobiphenyl Bromide and the Influence of Added Thermotropic Mesogens
Fuller, Stuart1992 Amphitropic liquid crystals. Part 1.: Effect of a thermotropic mesogen on lyotropic mesomorphism, and of a surfactant on thermotropic mesomorphism. The C16EO8–5-CB–water system
 1995 Formulation of Lyotropic Lamellar Phases of Surfactants as Novel Lubricants
 1996 Thermotropic and Lyotropic Mesophase Behavior of Amphitropic Diammonium Surfactants
 1998 Lyotropic surfactant liquid crystals
Fuller, W.1962 Determination of the Helical Configuration of Ribonucleic Acid Molecules by X-Ray Diffraction Study of Crystalline Amino-Acid?transfer Ribonucleic Acid
 1999 Observation of a transient structure prior to strain-induced crystallization in poly(ethylene terephthalate)
 2005 Time-Resolved SAXS/Stress - Strain Studies of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes During Mechanical Cycling at Large Strains
Fullman, M.1995 First full-color thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) display product: the FC-2
Fulmer, E.I.1948 Coagulation of Hydrous Ferric Oxide Sols by Electrolytes
Fulmer, Susan L.2002 One-Dimensional Materials Based on Group VIII Metalomesogens
Fumero, J.1988 Thermotropic properties of synthetic chain-substituted phosphatidylcholines: effect of substituent size, polarity, number, and location on molecular packing in bilayers
Fumeron, S.2006 A geometric approach for radiation transport inside complex systems
Fumikura, Tatsumi1995 Liquid-crystal display element
Fumikura, Tatsunori1996 Liquid crystal display apparatus without color filter
 1996 Liquid crystal display device with reduced shadowing and manufacture thereof
 1996 Reflecting liquid crystal display device
 1998 Liquid crystal display
 1999 Transversal electromagnetic-type liquid crystal display
Funabashi, Hiroyuki1992 Morphological change of mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber by air oxidation at high temperature
Funabashi, Masahiro1997 Preparation of benzothiazole liquid crystals
 2000 Driving method of liquid crystal device
 2000 Method for driving of liquid crystal charge-transporting device
Funabashi, Minoru1996 Information processing apparatus or liquid crystal display device
Funabiki, K.1997 Synthesis of fluorine-containing disazo dyes extended with ester linkages and their application to guest-host liquid crystal displays
 1998 Fluorine-containing benzothiazolyl bisazo dyes - their application to guest-host liquid crystal displays
 2004 Application of polyfluorophenazines to dichroic fluorescent dyes in guest-host liquid crystal displays
Funabiki, Kazumasa1998 Synthesis and properties of novel dichroic disazo dyes containing the tetrafluoro-p-phenylene moiety for guest-host liquid crystal displays
 1999 Synthesis of tris-, tetrakis-, pentakisazo dyes and their application to guest-host liquid crystal displays
Funada, F.1989 Novel optically active compounds for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1989 The effect of fluorinated alkyl group on mesophase thermal stabilities
 1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
 1990 Relationship between molecular structure and spontaneous polarization for optically active γ-lactone derivatives
 1991 Novel optically active dopants for ferroelectric liquid crystals
Funada, Fumiaki1978 Nematic liquid crystal composition
 1982 A thin film transistor addressed liquid crystal display device
 1982 Liquid crystal display trends
 1982 Liquid crystal displays with nonlinear or active devices
 1983 4-Alkylcyclohexyl-4-alkanoyloxybenzoate and its liquid crystal composition
 1983 Display characteristics of White-Taylor GH-LCD using a long pitch liquid crystal
 1984 A liquid crystal display device using tellurium-TFT array
 1988 Deviation of layer normal from rubbing direction in SSF-LC
 1989 α-(4-Substituted-phenyl)ethyl alcohol derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1989 Chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and display devices containing them
 1989 Fluoroalkoxybiphenylcarboxylic derivative and its liquid crystal composition for ferroelectric device
 1989 Fluoroalkyl ester and its liquid crystal composition for ferroelectric device
 1989 Liquid crystalline compounds incorporating fluorinated alkyl group
 1990 Ferroelectric liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1990 Ferroelectric liquid crystal device
 1990 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Incorporating the Optically Active γ-Lactone Ring
 1990 Fluoroalkyl compounds and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1990 Liquid crystal compositions
 1990 Optically active compounds for ferroelectric liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1990 Optically active compounds, their preparation, and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
Funada, Fumiaki (cont...)1990 Optically-active biphenyl ester derivatives, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and ferroelectric liquid-crystal display devices
 1991 Effect of molecular structure of chiral fluorinated compounds on spontaneous polarization of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 Ferroelectric liquid - crystal device
 1991 Ferroelectric liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal display device
 1991 Preparation of benzoic acid esters as liquid crystals
 1992 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal composition and liquid-crystal device containing it
 1992 Fluoroalkyl esters, liquid crystal compositions containing them, and ferroelectric liquid crystal display devices
 1992 Liquid - crystal display device
 1992 Liquid - crystal display device
 1992 Liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Nematic liquid - crystal composition for active-matrix application
 1992 Nematic liquid - crystal composition for active-matrix application
 1992 Nematic liquid crystal composition for active-matrix display device
 1992 Nematic liquid crystal materials for TFT-LCDs (thin film transistor-liquid crystal displays) and their display characteristics
 1995 Liquid-crystal display device with liquid crystal dispersed or impregnated in a perfluoro-type polymer of perfluoroalkyl acrylate or methacrylate
 1995 Nematic liquid-crystal composition
 1995 Nematic liquid-crystal composition
 1995 Thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display and fabrication thereof
 1997 Liquid crystal display device with microlenses having focal point between cover layer and center of liquid crystal layer
Funada, Fumiaki (cont...)1997 Power reduction of driver-integrated p-Si TFT-LCDs with divided shift-registers
 1997 Recent trend of display devices
 1998 Active matrix liquid crystal display with improved high aperture and its manufacture
 1999 Method for fabricating semiconductor substrate for active-matrix liquid-crystal display device
Funada, Satoru1986 Phase equilibrium in solutions of rodlike polymers
Funado, S.1985 Effects of pressure on the dielectric properties of ferroelectric smectic C* liquid crystal DOBAMBC
Funagoshi, Akira1997 Dry etching of hydrogenated silicon nitride-nonsingle crystal silicon laminate for taper etching
Funahashi, Hiroko2001 Physical vapor deposition and/or sputtering of light-absorptive antireflection multilayer films on glass substrates for display devices
Funahashi, Hiroyuki1980 The Interaction between Dyes and Nonionic Surfactants: the Mode of Action on Nonionic Surfactants in Dyeing
 1994 Influence of boron-doping on structure and thermal oxidation property of carbon fibers
Funahashi, M.2007 High Ambipolar Mobility in a Highly Ordered Smectic Phase of a Dialkylphenylterthiophene Derivative That Can Be Applied to Solution-Processed Organic Field-Effect Transistors
Funahashi, Masahiro1996 Photoconductive behavior in smectic A phase of 2-(4'-heptyloxyphenyl)-6-dodecylthiobenzothiazole
 1997 Fast ambipolar carrier transport in smectic phases of phenylnaphthalene liquid crystal
 1997 Fast hole transport in a new calamitic liquid crystal of 2-(4'-heptyloxyphenyl)-6-dodecylthiobenzothiazole
 1997 First electronic conduction with high hole mobility in smectic A phase of a calamitic liquid crystal
 1997 Preparation of 6-alkylthio-2-(p-alkoxyphenyl)benzothiazole derivatives as liquid crystals
 1997 Preparation of benzothiazole derivatives as liquid crystal compounds
 1998 Anomalous high carrier mobility in smectic E phase of a 2-phenylnaphthalene derivative
 1998 Liquid crystal compound for display device
 1998 Polarized light emission from a calamitic liquid crystalline semiconductor doped with dyes
 1999 Carrier transport in calamitic mesophases of liquid crystalline photoconductor 2-phenylnaphthalene derivatives
 1999 Microsecond photoresponse in liquid crystalline photoconductor doped with C70 under illumination of visible light
 1999 Photoconductive anisotropy in smectic liquid crystalline photoconductor, 2-(4'-octylphenyl)-6-dodecyloxynaphthalene
 1999 Photoelectrical properties of a ferroelectric liquid crystalline photoconductor
 1999 Photohole generation in smectic liquid crystalline photoconductor
 1999 Smectic liquid crystal charge transfer material
 2000 Effect of domain boundary on carrier transport of calamitic liquid crystalline photoconductive materials
 2000 High ambipolar carrier mobility in self-organizing terthiophene derivative
 2000 Photosensitization of smectic photoconductive liquid crystal by C70 doping
 2001 Electrical Properties of Domain Boundary in Photoconductive Smectic Mesophases and their Crystal Phases
 2001 Probe of Molecular Ordering in Photoconductive Smectic Mesophases by Transient Photocurrent Measurement
Funahashi, Masahiro (cont...)2002 Charge Transport in Liquid Crystalline Semiconductor and Crosslinked Polymer Composite
 2002 Conductive liquid crystalline compounds having a piperazine structure
 2002 Ionic and Electronic Charge Transport in Calamitic Liquid Crystals
 2002 Mesomorphic behaviors and charge transport in terthiophene derivatives
 2003 Enhanced light emission from self-organizing molecular semiconductor by using organic thin film transistor
 2003 Modeling of electronic charge transport in smectic liquid crystals
 2004 Charge Transport in Liquid Crystalline Semiconductor and Crosslinked Polymer Composite
 2004 Impurity effect on charge carrier transport in smectic liquid crystals
 2004 Mesomorphic behaviors and charge carrier transport in terthiophene derivatives
 2005 High Carrier Mobility up to 0.1 cm2 V-1 s-1 at Ambient Temperatures in Thiophene-Based Smectic Liquid Crystals
 2005 High Carrier Mobility up to 0.1 cm2/Vs and a Wide Mesomorphic Temperature Range of Alkynyl-Substituted Terthiophene and Quaterthiophene Derivatives
 2005 New possibility for an organic semiconductor: a smectic liquid crystalline semiconductor having a long conjugated core and two long alkyl chains
 2006 Carrier transport and luminescence of glassy cholesteric semiconductors
 2006 Electronic carrier transport in liquid crystalline semiconductors
 2006 Electronic Carrier Transport in Liquid Crystalline Semiconductors - Increase in Carrier Mobility and Extension of Mesomorphic Temperature Range
 2006 Electronic conduction in the chiral nematic phase of an oligothiophene derivative
 2006 High electron mobility of phenylterthiophene derivatives around room temperature
 2007 Effect of Pretransitional Organization in Chiral Nematic of Oligothiophene Derivatives on Their Carrier Transport Characteristics
 2007 High-performance thin film transistors from semiconducting liquid crystalline phases by solution processes
 2007 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of a Liquid Crystalline Semiconductor Molecule: 8-TTP-8
Funahashi, Masahiro (cont...)2007 Organic Semiconductors with Helical Structure Based on Oligothiophene derivatives Exhibiting Chiral Nematic Phase
 2007 Study of unsymmetrical dimesogens containing 4-heptylazobenzene
 2008 Ambipolar transport in the smectic E phase of 2-propyl-5''-hexynylterthiophene derivative over a wide temperature range
 2008 An Electrochromic Nanostructured Liquid Crystal Consisting of π-Conjugated and Ionic Moieties
 2008 Electron Transport and Electrochemistry of Mesomorphic Fullerenes with Long-Range Ordered Lamellae
 2008 Side chain liquid crystal poly(fumarate)s bearing tolane-based mesogens
 2008 Thin film transistors based on solution-processable liquid crystalline semiconductors
 2009 Development of Liquid-Crystalline Semiconductors with High Carrier Mobilities and Their Application to Thin-film Transistors
 2009 Liquid-Crystalline Nanostructures: pi-Conjugated Oligothiophene-Based Polycatenar Liquid Crystals: Self-Organization and Photoconductive, Luminescent, and Redox Properties (Adv. Funct. Mater. 3/2009)
 2009 Molecular dynamics simulation of the liquid crystalline semiconductor: 8-TTP-8
 2009 pi-Conjugated Oligothiophene-Based Polycatenar Liquid Crystals: Self-Organization and Photoconductive, Luminescent, and Redox Properties
Funahashi, Masakazu1995 Ferroelectric polymeric liquid crystal composition with superior orienting property and easy orienting control
 1996 Development of liquid crystal materials. Ferroelectric polymer liquid crystals
Funahata, Kazuyuki1997 Active matrix liquid crystal display with horizontal electric field and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid crystal polyamide or polyimide oriented film compositions for display devices
 1998 Composition for liquid orientation film
 1999 Liquid crystal display device having photoisomerizable structure-containing orientation film
 1999 Transversal electromagnetic-type active matrix liquid crystal display
 2000 Reflection-type color liquid crystal display
 2000 Transfer film and manufacture of scanning reflective plate
Funai, Eiji2009 Smectic C to Cubic Phase Transition of 4'-n-Docosyloxy-3'-nitrobiphenyl-4-carboxylic Acid (ANBC-22) and Alternating-Current Electric Field Effect
Funaki, Keisuke1986 Liquid-crystalline polyesters and polycarbonates having 4,4'-dihydroxyazo- or 4,4'-dihydroxyazoxybenzene as a mesogenic unit
 1997 Induced cholesteric liquid crystalline polymers
 1997 Thermal properties of side chain type liquid crystalline copolymer composed of a mesogenic monomer and non-mesogenic chiral monomer
Funaki, Takafumi2004 Shear-Induced Mesophase Organization of Polyanionic Rigid Rods in Aqueous Solution
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Funakoshi, K.1994 Effects of terminal substituents on mesomorphic properties: phenyl 4-(4-X-substituted phenyliminomethyl)benzoate and its isomers
Funakoshi, Kei2007 Formation of Giant Lipid Vesiclelike Compartments from a Planar Lipid Membrane by a Pulsed Jet Flow
Funamizu, Hideki2006 Generation and properties of random optical intensities with fractality
Funamoto, K.2004 Flexible Lasers Made from Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Polymers
Funamoto, Kazuhiro2002 Flexible mirrorless laser based on a free-standing film of photopolymerized cholesteric liquid crystal
 2003 Discontinuous Shift of Lasing Wavelength with Temperature in Cholesteric Liquid Crystal
 2003 Tunable lasing in doped liquid crystals with one-dimensional periodic structure
Funaoka, Shinichiro2004 Parallel and Perpendicular Orientations Observed in Shear Aligned SCA Liquid Crystal of Main-Chain Polyester
 2004 Study on Smectic Liquid Crystal Glass and Isotropic Liquid Glass Formed by Thermotropic Main-Chain Liquid Crystal Polyester
Funar-Timofei, S.2004 Experimental And Theoretical Study Of The Adsorption Of A Trisazo Direct Dye Derived From 4,4'-Diaminobenzanilide On A Cellulose Substrate
Funari, S.S.1992 Phase Behaviour of C16EO6 / 2H2O System
 1995 Phase behaviour of the ternary system POPC/C12E2/2H2O
 2000 Nonaqueous Synthesis of Mesostructured Aluminophosphate/Surfactant Composites: Synthesis, Characterization, and In-Situ SAXS Studies
 2005 Influence of phytosphingosine-type ceramides on the structure of DMPC membrane
 2005 Scattering Curves of Ordered Mesoscopic Materials
 2007 Liquid crystalline aqueous clay suspensions
 2009 The structural variety of DNA-DPPC-divalent metal cation aggregates: SAXD and SANS study
Funari, Sergio S.1992 Microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and NMR studies of lyotropic liquid crystal phases in the C22EO6/water system: a new intermediate phase
 1994 Intermediate Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Phases in the C16EO6/Water System
 1997 X-ray studies on the C12EO2/water system
 1998 Induction of a hexagonal phase in phospholipid-surfactant bilayers
 2005 Hydration properties of N-(a-hydroxyacyl)-sphingosine: X-ray powder diffraction and FT–Raman spectroscopic studies
 2005 Oligomer-to-polymer transition in short ethylene glycol chains connected to mobile hydrophobic anchors
 2006 Liquid-crystalline aqueous clay suspensions
 2004 The hypotensive drug 2-hydroxyoleic acid modifies the structural properties of model membranes
 2007 Interaction of G-protein and alpha 2-adrenergic-receptor peptides with nonlamellar-forming lipids
 2008 Effects of 2-hydroxyoleic acid on the structural properties of biological and model plasma membranes
 2009 Interaction of transmembrane-spanning segments of the a2-adrenergic receptor with model membranes
Funasaki, Henry1968 Isolation and identification of cholesteryl alkyl ethers from bovine cardiac muscle
Funasaki, Noriaki2006 Micelle formation of bile salts and zwitterionic derivative as studied by two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy
Funatani, S.2003 Measurement of shear-stress distribution by liquid-crystal coating
Funatani, Shumpei2000 Temperature measurement technique by liquid crystal thermometry considering the effect of viewing angle and its application to thermal convection phenomenon
Funato, Hiroyoshi2006 Hologram element, production method thereof, and optical head including the element
Funatsu, Eiji1992 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display orientation film from electrically conductive polymer
Funatsukuri, Yasuo1996 Projection-type color liquid crystal display device
Funayama, Katsuya1998 Formation of Supramolecular Fibril by Water-Soluble Azo Dye
Funazou, Yasuo2004 New Video-image Projection System based on the Diffraction Grating Technology
 2005 Multiview image integration system for glassless 3D display
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Fundin, Johan2001 Association Properties of Diblock Copolymers of Propylene Oxide and Ethylene Oxide in Aqueous Solution. The Effect of P and E Block Lengths
 2001 Rheology and Structures of Aqueous Gels of Triblock(oxyethylene/oxybutylene/oxyethylene) Copolymers with Lengthy Oxyethylene Blocks
 2002 A Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Study of the Structure of Gels Formed by Poly(oxyethylene)-Poly(oxypropylene) Diblock Copolymers in Water
Funfschilling, Denis2003 Patterns of electroconvection in the nematic liquid crystal N4
 2004 Dependence of domain wall dynamics on background wave number
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 1989 Fast responding and highly multiplexible distorted helix ferroelectric liquid-crystal displays
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 1990 Large Aperture Polarized Light Source and Novel Liquid Crystal Display Operating Modes
 1990 New liquid crystal polarized color projection principle
 1990 Some new α-fluoro esters incorporating a cyclohexane ring as chiral dopants for ferroelectric mixtures
 1991 Chiral dioxanes, liquid crystal mixtures containing them, and the use of the mixtures for optical or electrooptical applications
 1991 Four unit linking groups. II. Some novel smectic C materials
 1991 Liquid crystals and liquid crystal displays
 1991 New Mixtures for Ferroelectric Applications
 1991 New short-pitch bistable ferroelectric (SBF) liquid crystal displays
 1991 Some Novel Smectic C Materials Incorporating Four-Unit-Linking Groups
 1991 “New Short-Pitch Bistable Ferroelectric (SBF) Liquid Crystal Displays”
 1992 Alkanoic Acid 4-(5-n-Alkyl-2-Pyridinyl)Phenyl Esters: Some Novel Smectic Materials for Display Devices
 1992 Alkenyloxyphenylpyrimidines and liquid - crystal mixtures containing them
 1992 Multiplexing Behavior and gray Scale Capability of short Pitch Bistable Ferroelectric (SBF) Liquid Crystal Displays
 1992 New optically active dopants based on chiral dioxanes
 1992 Optical element for generating short-wave laser light
 1992 Some 4-(5-alkyl-2-pyridinyl)phenyl alkanoates and their use in liquid crystals
 1992 Strongly Nonlinear Optical Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals for Frequency Doubling
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 2008 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cell With Phase Separated Composite Organic Film
 2008 Helical Structure in Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2008 Molecular Alignment in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display Having Microscopically Patterned Electrodes
 2008 Molecular Alignment Structure of Polymer-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2008 Response Time of Polymer-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2008 The Effect of Polymer Doping on the Formation of Helical Structure in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2009 Control of Helical Structure in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals utilizing Polymer Stabilization
Furue, Hirokazu (cont...)2009 Fabrication of Defect-Free Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells Using Combination of Different Pretilt Alignment Films Rubbed in Anti-Parallel
 2009 Molecular Alignment Structure of Dimeric Liquid Crystal Having INACA Phase Sequence
 2009 Polymer-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Photocured at Nematic Phase
 2009 Reorientational Motion of Polymer-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2009 The Influence of Alkyl Spacer on Helical Structure of Polymer-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2010 Alignment Structure of Dimeric Liquid Crystal Molecules Having Bent Molecular Structure
 2010 Measurement of Polymer Stabilization Strength in Polymer-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Furugaki, Hisakazu1992 Preparation of methyl-branched alkyl glycosides as moisturizers and cosmetics containing them
Furuhashi, Hideo2003 Three-dimensional shape measurement system using optical spatial modulator and zoom camera
 2008 Three-dimensional whole circumference shape measurement system using optical patterns projection technique
Furuhashi, Kazuhiro1996 Liquid crystal display containing electroconductive paste for uniform display
 1998 Liquid crystal display
Furuhashi, Keizo1988 Preparation of optically active α-methylcarboxylic acids as intermediates for insect pheromones and liquid crystals.
 1988 Preparation of optically active 1-alkoxy-2-propanols as intermediates for agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals
 1988 Preparation of optically active 2-chloro-1-alkanols as intermediates for drugs, agrochemicals, and ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1989 Optically active 2-alkyl-1-alkanoic acid and its preparation, particularly for liquid crystals
 1989 Preparation of optically active 2-alkyl-1-alkanols, useful as intermediates for drugs, agrochemicals, and ferroelectric liquid crystals, by alkylation of epoxyalkanes with trialkylaluminums
 1990 Optically active arenecarboxylic acid (fluoromethyl)alkyl esters as ferroelectric liquid crystals and their preparation
 1990 Preparation of optically active 1-alkoxy-3-fluoro-2-propanols
 1992 Optically active alkanediols as liquid crystal intermediates and their preparation
Furuhashi, Shigeki1996 Polarizer plates for liquid-crystal display devices
 1997 Energy ray-curable resin compositions and triacetylcellulose films, polarizers, and liquid crystal displays thereof
 1997 Microlens array for liquid crystal display device
 1997 Nonglare sheets
 1997 UV-curable coating compositions containing wave length absorbing particles for preparation of nonclear coating layers
 1998 Light scattering film for liquid crystal display
 2000 Color polarizer with support for liquid crystal projector and color liquid crystal projector
Furuhashi, Tsutomu1996 Active matrix liquid crystal display with impressed electrical field parallel to substrate plane
 2003 Improvement of the Response Time of Super Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Displays by Using a Backlight System
Furuhata, K.1977 Electric Field Induced Birefringence of Sm A and Sm C* Phases in DOBAMBC
 1977 Polarized Raman Spectra of Aligned Sm A and C* Phases in DOBAMBC
 1979 Polarized Raman scattering and its electric field effects in DOBAMBC
Furuhata, Kenichi1978 Birefringence in the smectic A phase and the disappearance of helicoidal structure in the smectic C* phase caused by an electric field in DOBAMBC
Furuhata, Y.1973 New liquid-crystal method for revealing ferroelectric domains
Furuichi, Keiji2001 Novel Mesogenic Polymer Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display Device Exhibiting V-Shaped Electrooptic Characteristics
 2002 Electro-optic characteristics of FLCDs exhibiting v-shaped and half-v-shaped switching fabricated using photoalignment
Furuichi, Makio2000 Time-resolved fluorescence studies on the internal motion of chlorophyll a of light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b-protein complex in lipid membranes
Furukawa, A.1986 Liquid-crystal polymers. 23. Steric and polar effects of large substituents in thermotropic aromatic polyesters with decamethylene spacers
 1987 Liquid crystalline side-chain phosphazenes
 1987 Liquid-crystalline side chain phosphazenes
 1988 Relationships between polymer structure and liquid crystalline phase behavior for thermotropic polyesters
 1988 Structure of thermotropic polyesters with large substituents
 2003 Convection in a very compressible fluid: Comparison of simulations with experiments
 2009 Defect structures in nematic liquid crystals around charged particles
Furukawa, Akio1986 Polymeric phospholipid analogs. 19. Synthesis and polymerization of 10-(11-methacryloyloxyundecyloxycarbonyl)decyl 2-(trimethylammonio)ethyl phosphate
 1987 Polymeric phospholipid analogs. 20. Synthesis and polymerization of 20-(methacryloyloxy)eicosyl 2-(trimethylammonio)ethyl phosphate and 32-(methacryloyloxy)dotriacontyl 2-(trimethylammonio)ethyl phosphate
 1988 Polymeric Phospholipid Analogs. XXIV. Polymeric Phospholipid Analogs with Uridine Units
 2008 Effective speckle reduction in laser projection displays
Furukawa, Akira1988 The effect of temperature on optical and viscoelastic properties of a homogeneous thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
 1990 A comparison of optical light transmission and dynamic viscoelastic properties for determining transitions in thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers
 1991 Synthesis and characterization of extended-rod thermotropic polyesters with poly(oxyethylene) pendant substituents
 2000 Plasma address liquid crystal display device
 2002 Convective heat transport in compressible fluids
 2004 Viscoelastic phase separation in shear flow
Furukawa, H.2005 Anisotropic Polyion-Complex Gels from Template Polymerization
Furukawa, Haruhiko2001 Effect of Hydrophilic- and Hydrophobic-Chain Lengths on the Phase Behavior of A-B-type Silicone Surfactants in Water
 2001 Phase Behavior and Formation of Reverse Cubic Phase Based Emulsion in Water/Poly(oxyethylene) Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Surfactants/Silicone Oil Systems
 2001 Phase Behavior of a Mixture of Poly(oxyethylene)-Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Copolymer and Nonionic Surfactant in Water
 2002 Microemulsions in poly (oxyethylene) poly (dimethylsiloxane) copolymer (surfactant) systems
 2002 Self-Organization, Phase Behavior, and Microstructure of Poly(oxyethylene) Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Surfactants in Nonpolar Oil
Furukawa, Hidemitsu2003 Swelling-induced modulation of static and dynamic fluctuations in polyacrylamide gels observed by scanning microscopic light scattering
 2004 Crystal-like pattern formation in polymerization-induced phase separation
 2004 Formation and Disruption of Viscoelastic Wormlike Micellar Networks in the Mixed Surfactant Systems of Sucrose Alkanoate and Polyoxyethylene Alkyl Ether
 2006 Light-induced formation of curved needle texture by circularly polarized light irradiation on a discotic liquid crystal containing a racemic chromium complex
 2007 Anisotropic structure in gels induced by a little amount of rod-like polyelectrolyte
 2008 Self-Assembling Structure in Solution of a Semirigid Polyelectrolyte
Furukawa, Hiromitsu2006 PLS regression approach for oxygen saturation in spectroscopic fundus images
Furukawa, Hiroshi1987 1/f noise, log-normal distribution, and cascade process in electrical networks
Furukawa, Hiroyuki2006 Electric-field-induced transitions of liquid crystalline comb-shaped polymers
 2006 Oriented glass states formed by ionic liquid–liquid crystals
 2006 Phase Transitions and Orientational Behavior of Liquid Crystal Polymers with Amphiphilic Skeleton
Furukawa, Junji1990 Synthesis and physical properties of liquid crystalline polyurethanes
 1994 (Meth)acrylamide derivative liquid crystal monomers and their polymers
 1996 Preparation and physical properties of polyurethane elastomers containing mesogenic moieties
Furukawa, K.1980 8th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kyoto
 1980 8th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kyoto
 1983 2,3-Dicyanohydroquinone derivative liquid crystals having strong negative dielectric anisotropy
 1984 10th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Tokyo
 1985 11th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Kanazawa
 1986 12th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Nagoya
 1986 Physical properties of some chiral smectic liquid crystals having 1-methylalkoxyphenyl group
 1986 Some observations on the sense and magnitude of spontaneous polarization and twisting power of a number of ferroelectric liquid crystal types
 1987 13th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Fukuoka
 1987 13th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Fukuoka
 1988 14th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Sendai
 1988 14th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Sendai
 1988 Chiral smectic C liquid crystals having an electronegative substituent ortho to the chiral tail group: a study of a factor determining the magnitude of spontaneous polarization
 1997 Heat capacities and phase transitions of the antiferroelectric liquid crystals MHPOBC and MHPOCBC
 2003 Measurement of positron production efficiency from a tungsten monocrystalline target using 4- and 8-GeV electrons
Furukawa, Kazuaki2003 Side Chain Effect on Thermochromism and Solvatochromism of End-Grafted Polysilane [Si(CH3)2SiR2]n (R = C2H5, n-C4H9, n-C6H13, n-C8H17, n-C10H21)
Furukawa, Keiichi1996 Heat-resistant polyester films with reduced amounts of oligomers and low terminal carboxyl group content
 1997 Manufacture of heat-resistant films containing liquid -crystalline polyesters by extrusion molding
 1997 Polyester compositions for high productivity of film manufacture
 1998 Films of polyester blends with low oligomer content and good retention of heat resistance and their manufacture
 1998 Polyester films with good impact and abrasion resistance for electrically insulators and their manufacture
 1998 Polyester films with uniform thickness and less streaky surface defects and their manufacture
 1999 Biaxially oriented polyester films with good surface properties and high elasticity, and their manufacture
 1999 Polyester compositions and manufacture of uniform films therefrom
 2001 Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display
Furukawa, Kenichi1992 Transparent liquid-crystal display panel for navigation apparatus
Furukawa, Kenji1978 (-)-2-Methyl-1-butyl p-(p'-n-alkoxycinnamoyloxy)benzoates
 1978 4,4'-Bis[p-(2-methylbutyloxy)benzoyloxy]diphenyl as liquid crystal component
 1978 Optically active 4'-(2-methylbutyl)-4-biphenylcarboxylic acid and its 4"-alkylphenyl esters
 1978 p-(4-Alkyl- or alkoxybenzoyloxy)phenyl p-(-)-2-methylbutoxybenzoates
 1978 Phenyl p-(2-methylbutyloxy)benzoates
 1978 Substituted hydroquinone esters of p-(2-methylbutyloxy)benzoic acid
 1979 p'-(Cyanophenyl) p-[(β-alkoxy)ethylthio]benzoates
 1979 p-(4-Alkyl-1-cyclohexenyl)benzoic acid p-cyanophenyl esters
 1979 p-Cyanophenyl p-alkylthiobenzoates
 1980 2,3-Dicyanohydroquinone derivatives
 1980 Dicyanohydroquinone cyclohexanecarboxylic acid esters
 1981 p-Cyanobenzoic acid trans-4-substituted cyclohexyl esters
 1981 trans-4"-Alkylcyclohexyl esters of 4'-(2-methylbutyl)-4-biphenylcarboxylic acid and liquid crystal compositions containing them
 1984 Liquid crystalline compounds and mixtures
 1984 Smectic liquid crystal compounds and compositions
 1985 Isocyanatophenyl alkylcyclohexanecarboxylates and their use in liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1985 Liquid crystal compositions containing trans-2-(p-isothiocyanatophenyl)-5-alkyl-1,3-dioxanes
 1985 Liquid crystal compounds
 1985 Liquid crystalline biphenyl derivatives and their mixtures
 1985 Liquid crystalline carbonic acid esters and liquid crystal compositions containing them
Furukawa, Kenji (cont...)1985 Liquid crystalline carbonic acid esters and liquid crystal compositions containing them
 1985 Liquid-crystalline substituted biphenyl esters
 1985 p-Substituted phenylisothiocyanates
 1985 Substituted pyridazines
 1986 Ester-type liquid crystals for optical switching electrooptical displays
 1986 Synthesis and some properties of low melting ferroelectric liquid crystals of benzylideneanilines
 1987 Liquid crystal composition
 1988 Coating composition of molecular alignment-controlling film for liquid crystal devices
 1988 Diamino compounds and polyimide liquid-crystal aligning films derived from them
 1988 Smectic liquid-crystal mixtures
 1989 Liquid crystals
 1989 Novel phases exhibiting tristable switching
 1989 Smectic Layer Switching by an Electric Field in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells
 1989 Some Correlations between the Temperature Dependence of Induced Cholesteric Pitch and the Chemical Structure of Chiral Compounds
 1990 1,1-Bis[4-(4-aminophenoxy)phenyl]cyclohexanes and polyimide polymers thereof for use in liquid crystal devices.
 1990 Correspondence between Smectic Layer Switching and DC Hysteresis of Apparent Tilt Angle in an Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mixture
 1990 Liquid crystal orientation controlling polyimide films for liquid-crystal display devices
 1990 Liquid-crystal-aligning coatings for display devices
 1991 Antiferroelectric phase and tristable-switching in MHPOBC
 1994 Chemistry of alignment control for liquid crystals
Furukawa, Kenji (cont...)1995 Optically active p-(1-methylalkyloxy)phenol for precursor of ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1996 Advances in liquid crystals for active matrix-LCD
Furukawa, Kuniaki1992 dielectric film for liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Liquid-crystal display panel having transfer electrode
 1992 Liquid-crystal display panel having transfer electrode
 1992 Manufacture of color filter for liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Manufacture of active matrix type liquid crystal display panel with improved wide-viewing-angles
 1996 Liquid-crystal display panel
 1997 Liquid crystal display panel and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid crystal display panel without discrimination of display region
Furukawa, Kunio1996 Orientation film preparation for liquid crystal panel
Furukawa, Masayuki1996 Liquid crystal display driver circuit
 1999 Matrix-type liquid crystal display device having transistors disposed in oblique angle for preventing from peeling
Furukawa, Minoru2000 Cis-azo compound and liquid crystal display color filter made from the same
Furukawa, Mutsuhisa1996 Synthesis and characterization of liquid-crystalline polyurethane elastomers
Furukawa, Nobuyuki1999 Multilayer structure plastic substrate containing photohardenable ladder polymer
Furukawa, Noriaki1997 Liquid crystal display panel and process for producing the same
 1998 Vertically aligned liquid-crystal display device
 2001 Vertically-aligned (va) liquid crystal display device
Furukawa, Ruth1993 Formation of liquid crystals from actin filaments
Furukawa, Shoji2007 On the Similarity and Difference of Molecular Structure and Packing Between Organopolysilanes with Symmetric and Asymmetric Side-Chains
Furukawa, Shuhei2006 Influence of Solvent for the Two-Dimensional Crystals Based on Dehydrobenzo[12]annulene Derivatives at the Liquid-Solid Interface
Furukawa, Shuji1999 Resistant membrane-type transparent touch panels with good resistance to wear and Newton ring
 2000 Touch panel for display screens
Furukawa, T.1994 Structure and properties of ferroelectric polymers
 1995 Helicoidal distributed-feedback cavity action in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1996 Distinct ferroelectric smectic liquid crystals consisting of banana shaped achiral molecules
 1997 Spontaneous helix formation in smectic liquid crystals comprising achiral molecules
Furukawa, Tadahiro1998 Color filter for liquid crystal display
 1999 Multicolor filter and materials for its preparation
 2006 Film Liquid Crystal Displays Using Thin Flexible Light Guide Plate
Furukawa, Takeo1976 Piezoelectric relaxation in poly(gamma-benzyl-glutamate)
 1991 Nonlinear dielectric investigation of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1997 Dielectric behavior in chiral smectic phases of main-chain polyesters
 2000 Dielectric relaxation and molecular motion in the chiral main-chain liquid crystalline copolyester, BB-4*(2-Me)/BB-6
Furukawa, Teiji1999 Moisture-barrier polypropylene sheets with improved thermoformability for pharmaceutical product packaging
Furukawa, Tomoaki1998 Smectic liquid-crystal composition and liquid-crystal display device
 1999 Ferroelectric liquid crystal composition for electrooptical display device
 1999 Smectic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display using the same
 2000 Manufacture of ferroelectric liquid crystalline material of host-guest structure and liquid crystal display device
Furukawa, Tomoo1995 Synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystals having chiral nitrodihydrobenzofuran structure
 1996 Highly-SHG-active nematic liquid crystal formed from aromatic polyester
 1996 Nematic liquid crystals with polar ordering formed from simple aromatic polyester
 1997 Distinct ferroelectric smectic liquid crystals consisting of achiral molecules with banana shape
 1997 SHG-active films formed from uniaxial and biaxial nematic liquid crystals with polar ordering
 1999 Ferroelectric liquid crystal materials with wide operating range for τ-V min mode devices
 2000 Temperature dependence of practical τ-Vmin mode FLC materials
Furukawa, Y.1992 Novel asynchronous time-resolved Fourier transform IR spectroscopy
 2000 Polymorphism of linoleic acid (cis-9, cis-12-Octadecadienoic acid) and a-linolenic acid (cis-9, cis-12, cis-15-Octadecatrienoic acid)
 2003 Synthesis and properties of fluorosilicone with perfluorooctylundecyl side chains
Furukawa, Yoko1997 Liquid-crystal display element, methods of producing and storing the same, and electronic equipment on which the same is mounted
Furukawa, Yoshinori2002 Surface instability of icicles
Furukawa, Yoshito1985 Liquid crystal compositions containing cyclohexylpyrimidine derivatives
 1985 Liquid crystal compositions containing disubstituted pyrimidines
 1986 1,4-Dipyrimidinylbenzene derivative and liquid crystal composition containing it
 1986 Liquid crystal compositions containing 4-cyano-3-halophenyl 4-(5-alkylpyrimidin-2-yl)benzoates
 1986 Liquid crystal compositions containing phenoxypropanol esters
 1986 Liquid crystal compositions containing pyrimidine derivatives having isothiocyanato or nitro group
 1986 Liquid crystalline cyanopyridines
 1986 Liquid-crystal compositions containing 3-halo-4-cyanophenyl 6-substituted naphthalene-2-carboxylates
 1986 Liquid-crystal compositions containing halogenated aromatic compounds
 1986 Nematic liquid-crystal compositions
 1986 Phenoxypropanol esters with positive dielectric anisotropy
 1986 Pyrimidine derivative and its liquid crystal composition
 1986 Pyrimidine derivatives for liquid crystal electrooptical displays
Furukawa, Yukio1993 Vibrational studies on the dynamics of switching between the surface-stabilized states of a ferroelectric liquid crystal by asynchronous time-resolved Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
 2006 Voltage-Induced Infrared Spectra from the Organic Field-Effect Transistor Based on N,N'-bis(3-methylphenyl)-N,N'-diphenyl-1,1'-biphenyl-4,4'-diamine (TPD)
 2007 High Performance n-Channel Organic Field-Effect Transistors Based on N,N'-Dioctyl-3,4,9,10-Perylene Tetracarboxylic Diimide
 2007 Relationship between Film Structure and Electric Performance of Organic Field-Effect Transistors Based on Perylene Tetracarboxylic Diimide Derivatives
 2008 Micro-Raman Spectroscopy on Pentacene Thin-Film Transistors
Furukawa, Yutaka1993 Preparation of 1,2-difluoroethane derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1993 Preparation of trans-fluoroethylene derivatives with low viscosity and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
Furuki, Takao2008 Vitrification is essential for anhydrobiosis in an African chironomid, Polypedilum vanderplanki
Furuki, Yuusuke2007 A Hydrogen-bonded Supramolecular Hexagonal Columnar Liquid Crystal Composed of a Tricarboxylic Triphenylene and Monopyridyl Dendrons
 2007 Synthesis of the supramolecular columnar liquid crystal composed of triphenylene and polymerizable dendron and its photo-polymerization
Furumi, S.1997 4th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'97), Nagoya
 1998 5th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'98), Kobe
 2000 Photocontrolled Orientation of Discotic Liquid Crystals
 2001 Surface-Assisted Orientational Control of Discotic Liquid Crystals by Light
 2003 Surface alignment of nematic-discotic liquid crystals
 2004 Photogeneration of High Pretilt Angles of Nematic Liquid Crystals by Non-Polarized Light Irradiation of Azobenzene-Containing Polymer Films
 2006 Chiroptical Properties Induced in Chiral Photonic-Bandgap Liquid Crystals Leading to a Highly Efficient Laser-Feedback Effect
 2006 Chiroptical Properties Induced in Chiral Photonic-Bandgap Liquid Crystals Leading to a Highly Efficient Laser-Feedback Effect
Furumi, Seiichi1998 A convenient preparation of photoactive monolayers for liquid crystal photoalignment by the surface adsorption of an aminoalkylated azobenzene on poly(acrylic acid) films
 1998 Three-dimensional photocontrol of liquid crystal alignment by azobenzene-containing self-assembled monolayers
 1999 Effect of substituents of azobenzenes side chains tethered to polymethacrylates on three-dimensional photocontrol of nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Photogeneration of high pretilt angles of nematic liquid crystals by azobenzene-containing polymer films
 1999 Photogeneration of inclined homeotropic liquid crystal alignment by azobenzene-containing polymer thin films
 2000 Photochemical manipulation of discotic liquid crystal alignment by a poly(vinyl cinnamate) thin film
 2000 Photogeneration of pretilt angles of nematic liquid crystals by azobenzene-containing monolayers on poly(acrylic acid) films
 2001 Polarized Photoluminescence from Photopatterned Discotic Liquid Crystal Films
 2003 Electrical control of the structure and lasing in chiral photonic band-gap liquid crystals
 2003 Study on laser action from UV-curable chiral nematic liquid crystals
 2004 Highly sensitive photoalignment of liquid crystals through polarization preserved triplet energy transfer
 2004 Phototunable photonic bandgap in a chiral liquid crystal laser device
 2005 Surface-Mediated Photoalignment of Discotic Liquid Crystals on Azobenzene Polymer Films
 2006 Control of photonic bandgaps in chiral liquid crystals for distributed feedback effect
 2006 Effect of para-substituents of azobenzene side chains tethered to poly(methacrylate)s on pretilt angle photocontrol of nematic liquid crystals
 2007 Surface-Assisted Photoalignment of Discotic Liquid Crystals by Nonpolarized Light Irradiation of Photo-Cross-Linkable Polymer Thin Films
 2008 Photoresponsive Glass-Forming Butadiene-Based Chiral Liquid Crystals with Circularly Polarized Photoluminescence
 2010 Glass-Forming Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Oligomers for New Tunable Solid-State Laser
Furumya, Hideo1997 Thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display
Furumya, Naoaki1992 Electrodes for liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Liquid crystal display driver circuit
Furuno, Tetsuya1988 Optimization of carbonization conditions for needle coke production from a low-sulfur petroleum vacuum residue
Furuno, Yuka2007 Linkage Effects of Chromium(III) Acetylacetonato Units on Chiral Induction of Liquid Crystal Phases
Furuo, Osamu1999 Manufacture of silane-treated smectite
Furusaki, Akira2009 NMR relaxation rate and dynamical structure factors in nematic and multipolar liquids of frustrated spin chains under magnetic fields
Furusaki, Kazuya1998 Liquid crystal display having lamp cover with slits
Furusako, Shinya1997 Liquid-crystal display panel
Furusato, Takao1998 Thin-film transistor panel for liquid - crystal display
Furusawa, Akira1989 Low energy excitation modes of amorphous polymers and structural relaxation at low temperatures probed by PHB
 1989 Low-energy excitation modes of amorphous polymers probed by photochemical hole burning
 1990 Photochemical hole burning of tetraphenylporphine bound to a side-chain of a liquid crystalline polymer
 1991 High-temperature photochemical hole burning and laser-induced hole filling in dye-doped polymer systems
Furusawa, K.2007 Dynamics of Liquid Crystalline Gelation of DNA
 2008 Liquid crystalline gelation of aqueous solutions of structure proteins
Furusawa, Kazuya2006 Mono-and multilayered aluminum ion-induced liquid crystalline gel of DNA
 2007 Adsorption kinetics of carcinogenic agent to DNA gel beads
 2007 DNA Liquid-Crystalline Gel as Adsorbent of Carcinogenic Agent
Furusawa, Koichi1997 Heat-writable liquid crystal cell with electrodes for erasing display pattern
Furusawa, Masahiro2003 Fabrication of a semiconductor integrated circuit driver for liquid crystal displays. Manufacturing method for conductive layer wiring, layered structure member, electro-optic device, and electronic apparatus
Furusawa, Mitsuru2003 Increase in error threshold for quasispecies by heterogeneous replication accuracy
Furusawa, Satoshi1997 Photopolymerizable coloring composition for color pattern formation for display materials and manufacture of color pattern
Furusawa, Shigetaka2002 Novel Superstructure of Nondiscoid Mesogens: Uneven-Parallel Association of Half-Disk Molecules, 3,4,5-Trialkoxybenzoic Anhydrides, to a Columnar Structure and Its One-Directionally Geared Interdigitation
Furusawa, Yasuhiro1998 Backlight assembly for liquid crystal panel
Furushima, Teruhiko1993 Fabricating a liquid-crystal panel
 1993 Method of manufacturing transistor bases and liquid-crystal cells provided with same
 1995 Active matrix type liquid crystal display
 1995 Color active matrix type liquid crystal display with lowering light-shielding margin for high-contrast display
 1997 Liquid crystal device with substrates of different materials and similar thermal expansion coefficients
 1997 Manufacture of polymer dispersed liquid crystal display device
 1999 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal display having even polymer network.
Furusho, Junji2002 Electro-rheological effects of liquid crystalline polymer on one-sided pattern electrodes
 2003 Influence of electrode configuration and liquid crystalline polymer type on electrorheological effect
Furusho, Yoshio2006 A luminescent poly(phenylenevinylene)-amylose composite with supramolecular liquid crystallinity
 2007 Application of Soluble Poly(phenylenevinylene) Wrapped in Amylose to Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Furuso, Nobuyoshi2002 Control of In-Plane and Out-Of-Plane Reorientation in Photo-Cross-Linkable Copolymer Liquid-Crystal Films by Irradiation with Linearly Polarized Ultraviolet Light and Annealing
Furuta, H.2002 Field Sequential Full Color LCD Using a Half-V-FLCD and LEDs
Furuta, Hirokazu2002 Electro-optic characteristics of FLCDs exhibiting v-shaped and half-v-shaped switching fabricated using photoalignment
 2003 Fabrication and electro-optic characteristics of polymer-stabilized V-mode FLCD and intrinsic H-V-mode FLCD: their application to AM LCDs
 2003 Intrinsic Half-V-Mode Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Displays Fabricated Using Hybrid Alignment Exhibiting High Contrast Ratio and High Reliability without DC Voltage Application to Remove Layer Degeneracy and Their Electro-Optic Characteristics
 2004 Fabrication and electro-optic characteristics of polymer-stabilized V-mode ferroelectric liquid crystal display and intrinsic H-V-mode ferroelectric liquid crystal displays: their application to field sequential fullcolor active matrix liquid crystal displays
Furuta, Hiroyuki2006 Ultrafast Responses of Doubly N-Confused Hexaphyrin Derivatives
Furuta, K.1998 Aluminum-based gate structure for active-matrix liquid crystal displays
Furuta, Ko2003 Average size of random polygons with fixed knot topology
Furuta, Mamoru1992 Low-temperature polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistors for large-area liquid crystal display
 1994 Manufacturing method of thin film transistor and semiconductor device utilized for liquid crystal displays
 1995 Manufacture of thin-film transistor and liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Laser annealing method and liquid crystal display
 1996 Thin film transistor array and liquid crystal display device
 1997 Deposition of polycrystalline thin film, apparatus for the deposition, and thin-film transistor.
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