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Frenkel, D.1979 Evidence for an orientationally ordered two-dimensional fluid phase from molecular-dynamics calculations
 1984 Monte Carlo study of the isotropic and nematic phases of infinitely thin hard platelets
 1984 Phase diagram of a system of hard ellipsoids
 1984 Phase diagram of hard ellipsoids of revolution
 1984 The Y-Expansion Equation of State for Hard Ellipsoids
 1985 Approximate relation between the melting of hard spheres and ellipsoidal platelets and needles
 1985 Evidence for algebraic orientational order in a two-dimensional hard-core nematic
 1985 Light scattering study of the statistical properties of nematic director fluctuations
 1985 The hard ellipsoid-of-revolution fluid -- I. Monte Carlo simulations
 1986 Evidence for Smectic Order in a Fluid of Hard Parallel Spherocylinders
 1987 Computer simulation of hard-core models for liquid crystals
 1987 Computer simulation of hard-core models for liquid crystals
 1987 Computer simulation of pretransitional phenomena in hard-core models for liquid crystals
 1987 Diffusion of Brownian particles in the isotropic phase of a nematic liquid crystal
 1987 Evidence for one-, two-, and three-dimensional order in a system of hard parallel spherocylinders
 1987 Measurements of the ratio of the Frank constants for splay and bend in nematics of disc-like molecules
 1987 Observation of dynamical precursors of the isotropic-nematic transition by computer simulation
 1988 Discotic liquid crystals. Physical parameters of some 2,3,7,8,12,13-hexa(alkanoyloxy)truxenes: observation of a reentrant isotropic phase in a pure disk-like mesogen
 1988 Dynamic light scattering near the isotropic-blue phase transition of cholesteryl oleylcarbonate
 1988 Dynamics of the Frederiks transition in nematics consisting of disk-like molecules. Thermal dependence of a bend viscosity coefficient
Frenkel, D. (cont...)1988 Measurements of the ratio of the Frank constants for splay and bend in nematics consisting of disk-like molecules. 2,3,6,7,10,11-Hexakis(p-alkoxybenzoyloxy)triphenylenes
 1988 Observation of a reentrant isotropic phase in a pure disk-like liquid crystal
 1988 Smectic ordering in nematic and smectic liquid-crystalline films probed by means of surface light scattering
 1988 Thermodynamic stability of a smectic phase in a system of hard rods
 1989 Accuracy of Enskog theory for rotational versus translational motion: A molecular-dynamics study
 1989 Columnar ordering as an excluded-volume effect
 1990 Monte Carlo simulation of two-dimensional hard ellipses
 1990 Phase diagram of a system of hard spherocylinders by computer simulation
 1991 On the anisotropy of diffusion in nematic liquid crystals: test of a modified affine transformation model via molecular dynamics
 1991 Relative stability of columnar and crystalline phases in a system of parallel hard spherocylinders
 1991 Simulation of submolecular and supramolecular fluids
 1991 Statistical mechanics of liquid crystals
 1992 Anomalous diffusion in the nematic phase of thin disks
 1992 Computer simulations of phase transitions in liquid crystals
 1992 Phase behavior of disklike hard-core mesogens
 1993 Hard convex body fluids
 1996 Simulating polymer liquid crystals
 2000 Phase behavior of lyotropic liquid crystals
 2002 The hard ellipsoid-of-revolution fluid I. Monte Carlo simulations
 2003 Designing refoldable model molecules
Frenkel, D. (cont...)2003 Phase behavior and crystallization kinetics of poly-12-hydroxystearic-coated polymethylmethacrylate colloids
 2003 Publisher's Note: Phase behavior and crystallization kinetics of poly-12-hydroxystearic-coated polymethylmethacrylate colloids [Phys. Rev. E 67, 020401(R) (2003)]
Frenkel, Daan1982 Monte Carlo study of the isotropic-nematic transition in a fluid of thin hard disks
 1985 Phase diagram of hard ellipsoids of revolution
 1987 Onsager's spherocylinders revisited
 1988 Calculation of liquid-crystal Frank constants by computer simulation
 1988 Structure of hard-core models for liquid crystals
 1992 Confinement Free Energy of Semiflexible Polymers
 1992 Elastic constants of hard and soft nematic liquid crystals
 1994 Simulation study of a two-dimensional system of semiflexible polymers
 1994 The simulation of entropic phase transitions
 1995 Simulation study of the isotropic-to-nematic transitions of semiflexible polymers
 1995 Transverse interlayer order in lyotropic smectic liquid crystals
 1996 Phase separation in mixtures of a rodlike colloid and two or more rodlike polymers
 1997 Demixing in hard ellipsoid rod-plate mixtures
 1997 First-order nematic-smectic phase transition for hard spherocylinders in the limit of infinite aspect ratio
 1997 Numerical study of the phase behavior of rodlike colloids with attractive interactions
 1997 Tracing the phase boundaries of hard spherocylinders
 1998 Influence of polydispersity on the phase behavior of colloidal liquid crystals: A Monte Carlo simulation study
 1999 Nematic-isotropic transition in polydisperse systems of infinitely thin hard platelets
 2000 Phase behavior of two-dimensional hard rod fluids
 2002 Simulation of Shish-Kebab Crystallite Induced by a Single Prealigned Macromolecule
Frenkel, Daan (cont...)2002 Smectic filaments in colloidal suspensions of rods
 2003 Phase Transitions of Bulk Statistical Copolymers Studied by Dynamic Monte Carlo Simulations
 2003 Sectorization of a Lamellar Polymer Crystal Studied by Dynamic Monte Carlo Simulations
 2003 Velocity fluctuations and dispersion in a simple porous medium
 2004 Cubatic phase for tetrapods
 2004 Designing specificity of protein-substrate interactions
 2004 Melting of polydisperse hard disks
 2004 Self-Poisoning of Crystal Nuclei in Hard-Rod Liquids
 2007 Phase Coexistence of Cluster Crystals: Beyond the Gibbs Phase Rule
Frenkel, G.G.1981 Structural rearrangements in rigid-chain polymers in temperature-mechanical actions
 1982 DTA study of polypyromellitimide fibers
Frenkel, Gad2003 Shape fluctuations of a deformable body in a randomly stirred host fluid
Frenkel, M.1999 Solid Phase Transitions of the Cyclohexane Derivatives and the Model of Energy States of Molecules in Plastic Crystals
Frenkel, M.Ya.1970 Molecular dynamics of argon in the liquid-crystal phase transition region
 1973 Molecular-mechanical modeling of argon in the liquid-crystal phase transfer region
 1976 Molecular-mechanical modeling of argon in the liquid-crystal phase transition region
Frenkel, Michael2003 Thermodynamic Properties of 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Hexafluorophosphate in the Ideal Gas State
Frenkel, S.1970 Optically anisotropic structures of ordered molecular clusters in collagen solutions and films
 1974 Nature of polymeric liquid crystals
 1977 Thermokinetics of formation of polymeric mesomorphous phases in block copolymers and polymer mixtures
Frenkel, S.Ya.1969 Structural transformations during the polymerization of organized monomers
 1970 Application of the method of correlation functions to studies of light scattering by condensed and polymeric systems
 1972 Low-angle light scattering in liquid crystals
 1976 Spontaneous formation of the nematic phase in cellulose diacetate films
 1979 Phase separation in deformed solutions of flexible-chain polymers
 1979 Thermotropic mesomorphic state of orientationally crystallized polyethylene
 1980 Poly(alkylene-p-phenylene)di-p-oxybenzoates as polymeric nematics
 1980 Polyalkylene-p-phenylene-bis-(p-hydroxybenzoate) for thermotropic liquid crystal materials
 1982 Characteristics of the deformation of polypropylene melts in a supercooled state
 1982 Microanisotropic properties of cyanoethyl cellulose solutions
 1983 Energy of a hydrothermal transition in cellulose diacetate
 1983 Peculiarities of the deformational behaviour of cellulose diacetate films in "active" fluids
 1983 Rheological behavior of melts of a thermotropic mesomorphic polyester
 1983 Temperature-induced changes in liquid-crystal structure of a solution of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) in dichloroacetic acid
 1984 Multiple phase transitions in block copolymers
 1985 Block copolymers of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) with an amorphous block. The first critical concentration for dimethylformamide solutions
 1985 Gelation in the dimethylformamide-poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) system
 1985 Properties of regenerated cellulose fibers obtained via a stage of spontaneous elongation of cellulose diacetate fibers
 1985 Rheological behavior of concentrated solutions of cyanoethyl cellulose in dimethylformamide
 1985 Rheological behavior of melts of a model low-melting-point liquid-crystalline copolymer of terephthaloylbis(4-oxybenzoyl chloride) and polypropylene glycol. Plastic flow and nonlinear viscoelasticity
Frenkel, S.Ya. (cont...)1985 Structure of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) gels in dimethylformamide
 1985 Study of the structure of oriented blends of polypropylene and polyethylene obtained by the method of polymerization in situ combination
 1986 Behavior of a cholesteric solution of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) in a constant magnetic field
 1986 Behavior of a cholesteric solution of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) in an electric field
 1986 Conical deformation of cholesteric solutions of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate)
 1986 Liquid-crystalline state of concentrated solutions of cyanoethyl cellulose in dimethylformamide
 1986 Possible mechanism of the unfolding of macromolecules in polymer compositions
 1986 Pre-transition phenomena in the crystallization and melting of flexible-chain polymers
 1987 Effect of molecular weight and the chemical nature of the terminal groups on thermodynamic parameters of poly[decamethylene terephthaloylbis(4-oxybenzoate)]
 1987 Equilibrium enthalpy of the transition from crystalline to isotropic phase for poly[decamethylene terephthaloylbis(4-oxybenzoate)]
 1987 Initial stages of the action of electric fields on cholesteric solutions of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate)
 1987 Liquid-crystalline structure of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) solutions
 1987 Rheological behavior of mesomorphic polyester melts under shear and longitudinal deformation
 1987 Thermodynamic properties of thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters having mesogenic and nonmesogenic units in the backbone
 1987 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters containing flexible segments of different lengths
 1988 Temperature dependence of the coefficient of rotational viscosity of a solution of poly[decamethylene fumaroylbis(4-oxybenzoate)] in 4,4'-pentylcyanobiphenyl
 1989 Behavior of linear liquid-crystalline polyester chains in nematic solvent: effect of the degree of polymerization on the rotational viscosity
 1989 Polymorphism of the crystalline and liquid-crystalline phases of poly[tris(oxyethylene)fumaroylbis(4-oxybenzoate)]
 1989 Temperature inversion of the cholesteric helix pitch in solutions of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate)
 1995 Hydroxyethyl cyanoethyl cellulose: a thermotropic mesogenic polymer
Frenkel, S.Ya. (cont...)1996 Dispersions of cholesteryl propionate or benzoate esters in poly(dimethylsiloxane) rubber coated on 4,4'-diaminodiphenyl ether-pyromellitic dianhydride copolymer film as high-temperature liquid-crystal heat indicators
 1998 Dynamics of liquid crystalline pretransitional phenomena
 1998 Proton magnetic relaxation in solutions of liquid-crystalline polyesters with backbone containing mesogenic fragments separated by spacers of various lengths
 1998 Pulse NMR study of the dynamics of fluctuations of local anisotropy in the solutions of liquid crystalline R-F polymers
 2000 Proton magnetic relaxation study of pretransitional phenomena in the isotropic phase of a nematic liquid crystal I. Dynamics of local order fluctuations
Frenkel, Sergei Ya.1988 Temperature dependence of the pitch of the cholesteric helix of poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate) in N,N-dimethylformamide and N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone
Frenken, J.W.M.1996 Difference in surface melting between indium (110) and (011)
Frenkin, E.1995 P-V-T characteristics of flexible-chain mesomorphous polymers
Frenkin, E.I.1990 Features of the structure of linear polyethylene of intermediate density
 1991 Structure of mesophase poly(vinyltrimethylsilane)
 1995 Effect of pressure on thermophysical characteristics of poly[bis(trifluoroethoxy)phosphazene]
Frenklach, Michael2003 Particle aggregation with simultaneous surface growth
Frenning, Göran2009 Proton Absorption in As-Synthesized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles as a Structure-Function Relationship Probing Mechanism
Frenot, M.P.1984 Deuterium longitudinal nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation of heavy water in surfactant/deuterium oxide systems
Frense, D.1992 Epoxidation in lyotropic mesophases
 1993 A redox probe dye to estimate metabolic activity of cells immobilized in organic solvents via reverse micelles and lyotropic mesophases
 1994 Diffusion in lyotropic mesophases used as matrix for biocatalysts in organic solvents
Frense, Dieter1996 Immobilization of Candida rugosa lipase in lyotropic liquid crystals and some properties of the immobilized enzyme
 1998 Transmembrane protein inclusion in liquid crystal systems
 2000 Method for increasing the stability of biomolecules in aqueous phase by immobilization into lipid liquid crystals
Frenz, C.2005 Holographic Gratings in Diblock Copolymers with Azobenzene and Mesogenic Side Groups in the Photoaddressable Dispersed Phase
Frenz, Carsten2004 Holographic studies on block copolymers
 2005 Holographic information storage in azobenzene-containing diblock copolymers
Frenzel, H.2000 Influence of different glass fiber sizings on selected mechanical properties of PET/glass composites
Frenzel, J.1980 PVT measurements on liquid crystalline polymers
 1982 The glass transition and the glassy state in isotropic and liquid crystalline polymers
 1983 Phase behavior of liquid crystalline side chain polymers
Frenzel, Jan2009 Generalized Fabrication of Nanoporous Metals (Au, Pd, Pt, Ag, and Cu) through Chemical Dealloying
Frenzel, Stefan1995 Synthesis of tetrathiafulvalene polymers
Frere, Bernard1984 Profiling PAH emissions by open-tubular column gas chromatography with liquid-crystal stationary phases
Frere, Y.1993 Quaternized Polyethyleneimine with Liquid-Crystalline Properties
 2005 Deuterium NMR Investigation of the Biaxial Nematic Phase in an Organosiloxane Tetrapode
Frere, Yves1991 Thermotropic liquid crystals from N-alkylpyridinium halides ω-substituted with a mesogenic group
 1992 Kinetics and steric limitation of quaternization of poly(4-vinylpyridine) with mesogenic ω-(4'-methoxy-4-biphenylyloxy)alkyl bromides
 1997 Effect of smectogenicity of the ionic groups on the thermotropic liquid crystalline behavior of pyridinium and poly(4-vinylpyridinium) salts quaternized with mesogenic groups
 1988 Liquid crystals from side-chain mesogenic poly(vinyl ether-alt-maleic anhydride)
 1991 Side-chain liquid-crystalline polysalts. Synthesis and thermal properties of poly{1-[ω-(4'-methoxy-4-biphenylyloxy)alkyl]-4-vinylpyridinium bromide} or poly[1-(2-{2-[2-(4'-methoxy-4-biphenylyloxy)ethoxy]ethoxy}ethyl)-4-vinylpyridinium bromide]
 1992 Structural behavior of thermotropic liquid crystals from poly(4-vinylpyridine) fully and partially quaternized with a mesogenic group
 1994 Synthesis and characterization of crystalline poly(ethylene-imine)s with mesogenic side chains forming liquid crystals on quaternization
 1994 Synthesis of side-chain liquid-crystalline polysalts with a poly(methylsiloxane) backbone
Frerking, H.W.1991 The effect of blending temperature, composition, and shear rate on PET/Vectra A900 liquid crystal polyester (LCP) blend viscosity and morphology
Fresa, R.1992 Liquid Crystalline Polymorphism in New Semiflexible Polyesters containing 2-Phenyl-Benzoxazole Group
 2000 Segmented liquid-crystalline polyesters with allyl groups as lateral substituents. Synthesis and characterization
Fresa, Rosa1993 Liquid-crystalline polymorphism in a new class of semiflexible polyesters containing a 2-phenylbenzoxazole group
Fresch, Barbara2006 Collective Fluctuations in Ordered Fluids Investigated by Two-Dimensional Electron-Electron Double Resonance Spectroscopy
Frese, T.2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2002 Smectic and Columnar Liquid Crystalline Phases Through Charge-Transfer Interactions
 2003 Switchable cholesteric systems for optical storage and circularly polarized light emission
 2004 Smectic and Columnar Liquid Crystalline Phases through Charge-Transfer Interactions
Frese, Thomas2003 Optical Storage in Pentaalkinylbenzene Derivatives. Strong Gain Effect by Recrystallization Processes
 2005 Star-Shaped Discotic Oligomesogens Based on Radial Pentakisphenylethynylbenzene Moieties
Fresta, M.1994 Interaction of the fluoroquinolone antimicrobial agent ofloxacin with a biological membrane model
 1995 Methotrexate interaction with a lipid membrane model of DPPC
Fresta, Massimo1996 Interaction of natural and modified β-cyclodextrins with a biological membrane model of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine
 1998 A calorimetric study on the idebenone-phospholipid membrane interaction
 1998 Synthesis of methotrexate α,γ-bis(amides) and correlation of thermotropic and DPPC biomembrane interaction parameters with their anticancer activity
 1999 Characterization and in-vivo ocular absorption of liposome-encapsulated acyclovir
Fretigny, Christian1998 A mesomorphic amphiphilic phthalocyanine derivative used for the functionalization of the grid surface of a field-effect transistor
Frette, V.2000 Alignment visualization using electroconvection of planar nematics
Freudenberg, Karl1910 Ueber die Carbomethoxyderivate der Phenolcarbonsäuren und ihre Verwendung für Synthesen. IV
 1932 Synthesen von Abkömmlingen der Amino-säuren
 1952 Oxyzimtalkohole und ihre Dehydrierungs-polymerisate
Freudenmann, Roland2001 Synthesis of conjugated-bridged triphenylenes and applications in OLEDs
Freund, H.-J.1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 NEXAFS measurements of the molecular ordering in the boundary layers of liquid crystalline free standing films
 2003 Ultra-thin zeolite films prepared by spin-coating Silicalite-1 precursor solutions
Freund, H.P.2004 Phase-matching segmented wigglers in free-electron lasers
Freund, Isaac1967 Second-harmonic generation in liquid crystals
 1968 Molecular swarm liquid crystal optical parametric devices
Freund, J.1993 STM studies on dye molecules embedded in ordered liquid crystal structures and an approach for laser assisted scanning tunneling microscopy
 1994 Scanning tunneling microscopy of liquid crystals, perylene-tetracarboxylic-dianhydride, and phthalocyanine
Freund, Jan A.2002 Finite-sample frequency distributions originating from an equiprobability distribution
 2002 Signal detection by means of phase coherence induced through phase resetting
Freund, L.B.2006 Isotropic ?Islands? in a Cholesteric ?Sea?: Patterned Thermal Expansion for Responsive Surface Topologies
Freund, Lothar1988 Synthesis of monomers and polymers by the Heck reaction
Freundlich, Piotr1981 Dielectric Behaviour and Molecular Motion in Low-Temperature Phase of t-Nitrobutane (TBN)
Frey, A.1977 Deformation and orientation of solute molecules in nematic phases
Frey, Anny1990 The mesophase of parenteral fat emulsion is both substrate and inhibitor of lipoprotein lipase and hepatic lipase
 1994 Lipid composition and structure of commercial parenteral emulsions
Frey, E.2003 Depinning of semiflexible polymers
 2004 Totally asymmetric simple exclusion process with Langmuir kinetics
 2004 Transverse fluctuations of grafted polymers
Frey, Erwin1999 Light-Induced Melting of Colloidal Crystals in Two Dimensions
 2004 Linear response of a grafted semiflexible polymer to a uniform force field
 2004 Novel universality classes of coupled driven diffusive systems
 2004 Overdamped stress relaxation in buckled rods
Frey, F.1998 Low dimensional diffuse scattering
Frey, G.L.2008 Syntheses of Mesostructured Silica Films Containing Conjugated Polymers from Tetrahydrofuran-Water Solutions
Frey, H.1991 Crystallization and mesomorphic disordering of di-n-hexylsilylene/di-n-pentylsilylene copolymers
 1993 Synthesis and properties of poly[bis(γ-ethoxypropyl)silylene]
 1994 Int. Conf. Liq. Cryst. Polym., Beijing, Abstr.
 1994 Mesomorphic flexible chain polymers based on silicon
 1995 Synthesis and gel formation of amphiphilic semicarbazones containing saccharide units
 1997 Liquid crystal functionalized carbosilane dendrimers - molecules in the conflict between spherical shape and mesogen order
 1999 Dielectric relaxation in carbosilane dendrimers with cyanobiphenyl end groups
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2002 New LC Networks Based on Hyperbranched Polymers
 2003 Microphase segregation of linear-hyperbranched block copolymer architectures
 2004 Liquid crystals derived from the functionalisation of hyperbranched polyglycerol
 2005 Hyperbranched Liquid Crystalline Polymers Exhibiting Well-defined Mesophases
Frey, Holger1990 Solid-state transitions of poly[(di-n-hexyl/di-n-pentyl)silylene] copolymers
 1991 Order and thermochromism of poly(di-n-alkyl)silane copolymers
 1993 Crystalline order and mesophases of poly(di-n-alkyl)silylene copolymers
 1993 Highly mobile charge carriers in poly(di-n-alkyl)silanes in the solid and in the mesophase
 1993 Radiation-induced conductivity in poly(methylphenylsilylene) and poly(di-n-hexylsilylene) studied by time-resolved microwave conductivity
 1994 Anisotropic Radiation-Induced Conductivity in Oriented Poly(di-n-hexylsilylene) in the Solid Phase and in the Mesophase
 1994 Chiral Poly(dipentylsilylene) Copolymers
 1995 Charge carrier mobilities in liquid crystalline mesomorphic poly(di-n-alkylsilylene)s; influence of backbone conformation
 1995 Crystalline and disordered state of poly(dihexylsilylene) copolymers
 1995 LC-dendrimers based on carbosilanarborols
 1995 Structure and Chiroptical Properties of Bis[(S)-methylbutyl]silylene-Dipentylsilylene Copolymers
 1995 Synthesis and mesomorphic behavior of poly(dipropylsilylenemethylene)
 1996 A mesogen-functionalized carbosilane dendrimer. A dendritic liquid crystalline polymer
 1996 Branched LC bismethacrylates
 1996 Carbosilane dendrimers with liquid-crystalline properties and their preparation and use
 1996 Charge Carrier Mobilities in Substituted Polysilylenes: Influence of Backbone Conformation
 1996 Liquid Crystalline Thermosets Based on Branched Bismethacrylates
 1996 Mesogen-functionalized carbosilane dendrimers-dendritic liquid crystalline polymers
 1996 Mono- and Multilayers of Mesogen-Substituted Carbosilane Dendrimers on Mica
 1996 Optical and charge transport properties of di-n-hexyl substituted polysilylene and polygermylene
Frey, Holger (cont...)1996 Solid State NMR Investigation of C1-Deuterated Poly(di-n-Hexylsilylene)
 1996 Synthesis of Poly(silylenemethylene)s Symmetrically Substituted with Alkyl Side Groups Containing 4-6 Carbon Atoms
 1997 Carbosilane Dendrimers with Perfluoroalkyl End Groups. Core-Shell Macromolecules with Generation-Dependent Order
 1997 Liquid crystalline acrylates or α-substituted acrylates, curable dental compositions containing these compounds, and methods for using these compositions
 1998 Ambient-temperature liquid - crystalline bismethacrylates based on cholesterol. Cholesteric and smectic thermosets
 1998 Polymerization of polymer/ferroelectric liquid crystal composites formed with branched liquid crystalline bismethacrylates
 1999 Hyperbranched polyether polyols with liquid crystalline properties
 1999 Liquid crystalline (meth)acrylate compounds, composition and method
 1999 Phase behavior of poly(di-n-decylsilane)
 2000 Synthesis and Thermal Behavior of Esterified Aliphatic Hyperbranched Polyether Polyols
Frey, Joseph2000 Resolving the Puzzle of Ferrofluid Dispersants
Frey, Margaret W.1995 A review of lattice theory for lyotropic liquid crystalline polymers, spinodal decomposition, and gel formation
 1996 Morphological characteristics of the lyotropic and gel phases in the cellulose/NH3/NH4SCN system
 1996 Rheology and gelation of cellulose/ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate solutions
 1997 Morphological and rheological analyses of the gel phase in the cellulose/NH3/NH4SCN system
 2005 Rheology of cellulose/KSCN/ethylenediamine solutions and coagulation into filaments and films
Frey, Martin1996 White K-mica evolution from phengite to muscovite in shales and shale matrix melange, Diablo Range, California
Frey, Philippe2002 Saltating motion of a bead in a rapid water stream
 2003 Rolling motion of a bead in a rapid water stream
Frey, Phillipe2004 Fluctuations of the solid discharge of gravity-driven particle flows in a turbulent stream
Frey, Stefan2005 Director fields of nematic liquid crystals in tunable photonic crystals
Frey, T.1992 Liquid Crystalline Photoconductors
 1992 Photoconductivity in the Liquid Crystalline Phase
 1993 Discotic liquid crystals - A new class of fast photoconductors
 1993 Highly photoconductive discotic liquid crystals: structure-property relations in the homologous series of hexaalkoxytriphenylenes
 1993 Liquid crystalline photoconductors
 1993 Transient photoconductivity in a discotic liquid crystal
Frey, Thomas1993 Organic photoconductor with liquid crystal cells
 1993 Organic photoconductors with liquid crystal properties
Frey, Volker2000 Printed FLCDs on plastic substrates
Frey, Wolfgang2006 Columnar and smectic liquid crystals based on crown ethers
 2009 Crown ethers with lateral ortho-terphenyl units: effect of ester groups and sodium salts on the mesomorphic properties
 2009 p-Alkoxybiphenyls with guanidinium head groups displaying smectic mesophases
Freyberg, D.P.1975 Crystal structures of α-trans- and p-methoxycinnamic acids and their relation to thermal mesomorphism
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Freygang, N.N.2009 Record of thin dynamic holographic grating with asymmetrical fringe profile in optical feedback loop with TV-closure
Freygang, Nikolay N.1999 Imaging bypass system with correction for primary mirror distortions
 2000 Holographic correction in mid-IR using OA LC SLM elements
 2003 New elements and schemes for holographic correction in mid-IR
 2005 System of phase conjugation with a two-stage holographic corrector recording scheme
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 2005 Role of dislocation loops on the elastic constants of lyotropic lamellar phases
Freyssingeas, Eric1997 Quasi-elastic light scattering study of highly swollen lamellar and "sponge" phases
 2005 Relaxation Processes in Semidilute Solutions of Polymers in Liquid Crystal Solvents
 2010 Short-range dynamics of a nematic liquid-crystalline phase
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 1996 Femtosecond analysis of the spinning motion of liquid crystal molecules in smectic A phases
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 1998 Extended Smoluchowski models for interpreting relaxation phenomena in liquids.
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 2004 Director Fluctuations and ESR Spectra: A Slow-Motional Treatment
 2005 Molecular diffusion in liquid crystals and chiral discrimination. I. Theory
 2006 Collective Fluctuations in Ordered Fluids Investigated by Two-Dimensional Electron-Electron Double Resonance Spectroscopy
 2006 Deuterium NMR Evidences of Slow Dynamics in the Nematic Phase of a Banana-Shaped Liquid Crystal
 2006 Molecular diffusion in liquid crystals and chiral discrimination. II. Model calculations
 2006 Slow Dynamics of Banana-Shaped Molecules: A Theoretical Approach to Analyze 2H-NMR T2 Relaxation Times
 2008 Local biaxiality in cholesteric liquid crystals from the surface interaction model
 2009 Transverse Nuclear Spin Relaxation in Nematic Liquid Crystals. Angular Dependence of the Relaxation Rate in Pulsed Experiments
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 2003 Universality of electromagnetic-field correlations within homogeneous and isotropic sources
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 1971 Properties of the system water-1-aminooctane-octanoic acid. I. Determinations of phase equilibriums and structure investigations of the liquid crystalline phase by ir spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction
 1971 System water-p-xylene-1-aminooctane-octanoic acid. II. Stability of emulsions in different regions
 1973 Catalysis in micellar and liquid crystalline phases
 1974 Thin films from liquid crystals
 1975 Lyotropic liquid crystals and foam stability
 1976 Liquid crystals and emulsions
 1978 Liquid crystals and foams
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 1970 Liquid crystals-the formula for emulsions
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 1971 Liquid crystalline phases in emulsions
 1971 Liquid crystals and the foaming capacity of an amine dissolved in water and p-xylene
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