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Anderson, Mark T.1998 Effect of Methanol Concentration on CTAB Micellization and on the Formation of Surfactant-Templated Silica (STS)
 1998 Surfactant-Templated Silica Mesophases Formed in Water:Cosolvent Mixtures
 1999 Process to form mesostructured films
Anderson, Michael H.1998 Progress report of USAF Research Laboratory liquid crystal AO program
 1999 Fast liquid crystal adaptive mirror for wavefront correction
 1999 Liquid crystals in precision optical devices
 2004 Polarimetry using liquid crystal variable retarders
 2008 Compact liquid crystal waveguide based Fourier transform spectrometer for in-situ and remote gas and chemical sensing
 2009 Compact liquid crystal waveguide based fourier transform spectrometer for in-situ and remote gas and chemical sensing
 2010 Liquid crystal waveguides: new devices enabled by >1000 waves of optical phase control
Anderson, Michael R.1997 A periodic transient method using liquid crystals for the measurement of local heat transfer coefficients
Anderson, Michael W.1994 14N NMR study of surfactant mesophases in the synthesis of mesoporous silicates
 1997 Cubosome Description of the Inorganic Mesoporous Structure MCM-48
Anderson, Neil A.2006 Determination of Lipid Phase Transition Temperatures in Hybrid Bilayer Membranes
Anderson, Norman S.2000 Liquid crystalline polymer monofilaments having improved adhesion to rubber and rubber coated products
Anderson, P.W.1978 Boojums in Superfluid 3He-A and Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
 1981 Theory of the blue phase of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1981 Theory of the Blue Phase of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals.
Anderson, Patricia P.1989 Method for preparing 4-hydroxy-3-phenylbenzoic acid from 2-phenylphenol alkali salts and carbon dioxide in N,N-dialkylcarboxamide solvents
Anderson, Peter1995 Architectural innovations: glass windows that switch on, off
Anderson, R.A.1992 Ferroelectric polymers
Anderson, R.C.1986 Platelet-activating factor analogs. II. Synthesis of the 1-O-(4-decyloxymethylphenyl)- and 1-O-(4-decyloxyphenylmethyl) analogs
Anderson, Rachel M.2005 Improved Synthesis of C2-Symmetric 4,4'-a,?-Alkylenedioxy-bis(3-methoxybenzaldehydes)
Anderson, Richard D.2003 Fuzzy logic control algorithms for MagneShock semiactive vehicle shock absorbers: design and experimental evaluations
Anderson, Robert A.2003 Generating strange magnetic and dielectric interactions: Classical molecules and particle foams
Anderson, S.P.2006 Electrical modulation of silicon-based two-dimensional photonic bandgap structures
Anderson, Sally1999 Triazine compounds and their use in electro-luminescent, electronic and liquid crystal devices
Anderson, Thomas W.1991 Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal shutters for IR imaging
Anderson, V.C.1982 Liquid crystalline solvents as mechanistic probes. 9. Dynamics of intramolecular fluorescence quenching processes of N,N-dimethyl-4-[3-(1-pyrenyl)propyl]aniline in the liquid crystalline and isotropic phases of a cholesteric solvent
 1983 Liquid-crystalline solvents as mechanistic probes. 10. Dynamics of intramolecular quenching of pyrenyl fluorescence in the liquid-crystalline and isotropic phases of a cholesteric solvent
Anderson, V.J.2000 Cellular solid behavior of liquid crystal colloids 1. Phase separation and morphology
 2000 Cellular solid behavior of liquid crystal colloids 2. Mechanical properties
 2001 Cellular solid behaviour of liquid crystal colloids 1. Phase separation and morphology
 2001 Cellular solid behaviour of liquid crystal colloids 2. Mechanical properties
Anderson, Valerie C.1981 Liquid crystalline solvents as mechanistic probes. 6. Dynamic quenching of pyrene fluorescence by 5α-cholestan-3β-yldimethylamine in the liquid crystalline and isotropic phases of a cholesteric solvent
 1982 Liquid-crystalline solvents as mechanistic probes. 8. Dynamic quenching of pyrene fluorescence by pyrene in the liquid crystalline and isotropic phases of a cholesteric solvent
 1984 Liquid-crystalline solvents as mechanistic probes. 12. Solvent anisotropy effects on the bending of hydrocarbon chains in α,ω-bis(1-pyrenyl)alkanes
Anderson, Valerie J.2002 Insights into phase transition kinetics from colloid science
Anderson, W.H.1986 Phase behavior of synthetic N-acylethanolamine phospholipids
Anderson, W.W.1988 Fast nematic liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Anderson, Wayne H.1995 Bilayer nanotubes and helical ribbons formed by hydrated galactosylceramides: acyl chain and headgroup effects
Andersson, A.-S.1996 New aspects on membrane lipid regulation in Acholeplasma laidlawii A and phase equilibria of monoacyldiglucosyldiacylglycerol
 1996 Wild-type Escherichia coli cells regulate the membrane lipid composition in a "window" between gel and non-lamellar structures
 2000 Methylene ordering of acyl chains differs in glucolipids and phosphatidylglycerol from Acholeplasma laidlawii membranes - 2H NMR quadrupole splittings from individual lipids in mixed bilayers
Andersson, Claes2002 Urban growth simulation from "first principles"
 2003 Urban economy as a scale-free network
Andersson, G.1984 Synchrotron x-ray study of the orientational ordering D2-D1 structural phase transition of freely suspended discotic strands in triphenylene hexa-n-dodecanoate
 1986 Ferroelectric polarization properties of a 4'-((s)2-methylbutyloxy)-phenyl-4-alkyloxy-benzoate type smectic C* liquid crystal
 1987 A family of ferroelectric liquid crystals with very high spontaneous polarization
 1987 Direction of the polarization P on the bounding surfaces of chiral smectic C samples
 1987 Physical properties of the ferroelectric phase in some fast-switching chiral epoxy compounds and lactic ethers
 1987 Submicrosecond electrooptic switching in the liquid-crystal smectic A phase: the soft-mode ferroelectric effect
 1988 Parameter characteristics of a ferroelectric liquid crystal with polarization sign reversal
 1988 The soft-mode ferroelectric effect
 1989 Applications of the Soft-Mode Ferroelectric Effect
 1989 Behavior of the soft mode in the smectic A* and C* phases studied by dielectric measurements
 1989 Device physics of the soft-mode electro-optic effect
 1989 Dielectric relaxation of a mixture of a nematic liquid crystal and a non-liquid crystalline compound
 1989 Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of a bias electric field on the dielectric properties of the chiral smectic A* phase
 1989 Viscoelastic properties of the smectic A* and C* phases studied by a new dielectric method
 1991 Anomalous current and electrooptic response in a polyacrylate ferroelectric liquid crystal with large spontaneous polarization
 1991 Electrically controlled optical attenuators and switches with ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 Electroclinic light switch
 1991 Linear electrooptic effects in the chiral nematic phase
 1991 Sign reversal of the electroclinic coefficient in the smectic B* phase
 1991 Smectic A* materials with 11.25 degrees induced tilt angle for full gray scale generation
Andersson, G. (cont...)1991 Smectic layer switching using a field-induced N*-C* phase transition
 1992 Fast Electroclinic Switching in a Siloxane Copolymer
 1992 Ferroelectric and Electroclinic Switching in a Highly Diluted Siloxane Copolymer
 1992 Investigations of Soft-Mode and Electroclinic Response in a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal with PS ~ 5mC/m2
 1992 Pyroelectric Effect in Low-Molar Mass and Polymer Chiral Smectics
 1993 Ferroelectric and Electroclinic Swithing in "Diluted" Polysiloxanes
 1994 Manifestation of biquadratic coupling in the smectic C* phase soft mode dielectric response
 1995 Ferroelectric, pyroelectric and electro-optic properties of a chiral side chain copolymer with high polarization and a broad C* phase
 1996 Induced polarization in the SmA*-phase: a comparison of theoretical models and experimental methods
 1997 Collective and non-collective excitations in antiferroelectric and ferrielectric liquid crystals studied by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy and electro-optic measurements
 1997 Phase properties in relation to mesogen length in chiral side-chain polysiloxanes
 1997 Pyroelectric measurements on selected compounds with rich liquid crystalline polymorphism
 2000 Antiferroelectric liquid crystals with 45° tilt - a new class of promising electro-optic materials
 2000 Electrooptic and dielectric properties of new antiferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
 2001 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Dendrimers: Synthesis, Thermal Behavior, and Electrooptical Characterization
 2002 Electrically Commanded Surfaces (ECS): New Concept for Fast In-Plane Switching of Liquid Crystals
 2002 Investigations of Liquid Crystal Cells by Mueller Matrix Measurements
 2002 Liquid Crystalline Polysiloxane with 45° Molecular Tilt in the SmC* Phase
 2002 Photochromic ferroelectric liquid-crystalline polymer
 2002 Preparation of Mesogen-Functionalized Dendrimers for Second-Order Nonlinear Optics
Andersson, Gunnar1992 Antiferroelectric behavior in a liquid crystalline polymer
 1992 Fast electroclinic switching in a ferroelectric LC polysiloxane
 1992 Investigations of soft-mode and electroclinic response in a ferroelectric liquid crystal with Ps ~ 5 mC/m2
 1995 Pyroelectric studies on liquid crystals
 1995 Soft mode dielectric response and rotational viscosity of a ferroelectric liquid crystal polymer
 1996 Chiral liquid crystalline side-chain polymers: effects of side-chain length on physical properties
 1998 Effects of nitro substituents on the properties of a ferroelectric liquid crystalline side chain polysiloxane
 1998 Influence of molar mass parameters on electro-optical switching in ferroelectric liquid crystalline polysiloxanes
 2000 Ferro-, ferri- and antiferro-electric behavior in a bent-shaped mesogen
 2001 Cone motion viscosity and optical second harmonic generation of ferroelectric liquid crystalline dendrimers
 2001 Improved Thermal Stability of Pyroelectric Polymers by Crosslinking of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2002 Antiferroelectric liquid-crystal mixture without smectic layer shrinkage at the direct Sm-A*-Sm-Ca* transition
 2002 Symmetric Chiral Liquid Crystalline Dimers, Synthesis and Electro-Optical Characterisation
 2003 Liquid crystal goggles for vision science applications
 2005 A new series of siloxane liquid crystalline dimers exhibiting the antiferroelectric phase
 2005 Antiferroelectric siloxane liquid crystal dimers with large molecular tilt under an applied electric field
 2006 Polar liquid crystalline monomers with two or three lactate groups for the preparation of side chain polysiloxanes
 2008 Spectral and temporal characteristics of liquid crystal goggles for vision research
Andersson, H.1991 Photoinitiated cationic bulk polymerization of mesogenic vinyl ethers
 1992 Photocrosslinking of Oriented Liquid Crystalline Vinyl Ether Monomers
 1992 Preparation of ordered, crosslinked and thermally stable liquid -crystalline poly(vinyl ether) films
 1992 Preparation of Ordered, Crosslinked and Thermally Stable Liquid Crystalline Poly(vinyl Ether) Films
 1993 Polymerization in the liquid-crystalline state of vinyl ether monomers
 1993 Preparation of ordered and crosslinked films from liquid-crystalline vinyl ether monomers
 1993 Synthesis, characterization and relaxation of highly organized side-chain liquid crystalline polymers
 1994 Preparation of ordered and crosslinked films from liquid crystalline vinyl ether monomers
 1994 Synthesis and photopolymerization of bifunctional liquid crystalline vinyl ether monomers
 1995 Photopolymerization of liquid crystalline donor-acceptor monomers
 1996 Preparation and characterization of crosslinked liquid crystalline polymer films as nonlinear optical materials
 1996 Synthesis and Polymerization of Liquid Crystalline Donor-Acceptor Monomers
 1996 Thermal reversibility of ordered, photocrosslinked liquid crystalline poly(vinyl ether)s
Andersson, Henrik1995 Preparation of ordered and crosslinked films from liquid crystalline p-vinylphenoxy-based monomers
Andersson, Jenny2002 Controlled Solubilization of Toluene by Silicate-Catanionic Surfactant Mesophases as Studied by in Situ and ex Situ XRD
Andersson, Kjell1994 Preparation of aqueous suspensions of colloidal particles and their use as flocculating agents
Andersson, Lars1980 On the use of moments for describing the molecular orientation distribution
Andersson, M.R.2001 Lasing in a Microcavity with an Oriented Liquid-Crystalline Polyfluorene Copolymer as Active Layer
Andersson, Margareta1999 A New Computer-Based Evaporimeter System for Rapid and Precise Measurements of Water Diffusion Through Stratum Corneum In Vitro
Andersson, Maria M.2005 Analysis of fatty acid epoxidation by high performance liquid chromatography coupled with evaporative light scattering detection and mass spectrometry
Andersson, Martin2002 Macroscopic Alignment of Silver Nanoparticles in Reverse Hexagonal Liquid Crystalline Templates
 2003 Formation of Calcium Carbonate in Liquid Crystalline Phases
 2004 Oxidation of Self-Organized Nonionic Surfactants
 2005 Ag/AgCl-Loaded Ordered Mesoporous Anatase for Photocatalysis
Andersson, Mats R.2007 Red and near infrared polarized light emissions from polyfluorene copolymer based light emitting diodes
Andersson, Nina2007 Combined Emulsion and Solvent Evaporation (ESE) Synthesis Route to Well-Ordered Mesoporous Materials
Andersson, O.2000 Investigations of the temperature gradients affecting the temperature scale of a 3ω-heat capacity spectrometer
Andersson, Ove1990 Thermal conductivity, heat capacity and phase diagram of cyclooctanol in liquid, solid and glassy crystal states under high pressure
 2006 On the nonlinear variation of dc conductivity with dielectric relaxation time
Andersson, P.1978 Thermal conductivity and heat capacity of cyclopentane in the range 100–300 K and up to 2·1 GPa
 1978 Thermal conductivity and phase diagram of CCl4 under pressure
 1980 Thermal resistivity, heat capacity, and phase diagram of carbon tetrabromide under pressure
 1984 Thermal conductivity of solids and liquids under pressure
Andersson, Sara K.1991 Phase transfer palladium(0)/copper(I) catalyzed polymerization reactions. 7. Synthesis and thermotropic behavior of 1,4-bis[2-(3',3''-difluoro-4',4''-di-n-alkyloxyphenyl)ethynyl]benzen e dimers
Andersson, Sten1984 A cubic structure consisting of a lipid bilayer forming an infinite periodic minimum surface of the gyroid type in the glycerolmonooleate-water system
Andersson, Sven Borje1999 Nicotine compositions and methods of formulation thereof
Andersson, Thomas1981 Protein hydration from water oxygen-17 magnetic relaxation
Andguladze, M.K.1981 Study of glycosyl diglycerides. IX. Synthesis of fluorescence-labeled glycosyl diglycerides
 1983 Study of glycosyldiglycerides. X. Synthesis of mannosyldiglycerides with fluorescent labels
Andilla, J.2004 Characterization of a reflective spatial light modulator by determination of its Jones matrix
 2006 Design of a low-cost interactive holographic optical tweezers system
Ando, Aisuke2005 Layered structure and Xe sorption and diffusion properties of low-density liquid-crystalline polyesters with n-alkyl side chains
Ando, Bruno2004 Emergent oscillations in unidirectionally coupled overdamped bistable systems
Ando, Hironori1995 Rheological properties of polycarbonate/(p-quarterphenyl derivatives) blends
Ando, Hiroyuki2005 Surface Relief Grating Formation Using a Novel Azobenzene-based Photochromic Amorphous Molecular Material, Tris[4-(phenylazo)phenyl]amine
 2008 Relationship between molecular structure and photoinduced surface relief grating formation using azobenzene-based photochromic amorphous molecular materials
Ando, I.1985 Effect of pressure on the magnetic orientation of the poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) liquid crystal as studied by proton NMR under high pressure
 1987 Effect of pressure on the molecular motion of a poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) lyotropic liquid crystal as studied by proton nuclear magnetic resonance
 1989 Conformation aspect of poly(γ-oleyl L-glutamate) with long flexible side chains as studied by variable-temperature carbon-13 CP/MAS NMR spectroscopy
 1989 Conformational behavior of poly(β-aspartate) with n-alkyl side chains in the solid state as studied by carbon-13-CP/MAS-NMR spectroscopy
 1994 Rigid-Rod Polyesters with Flexible Side Chains Based on 1,4-Dialkyl Esters of Pyromellitic Acid and 4,4'-Biphenol. 5. High-Resolution 13C NMR Studies for Crystalline and Liquid Crystalline Layered Phases
 2005 Long-Channel Cavity and Gas Diffusion in Liquid-Crystalline Polyester with n-Alkyl Side Chains
Ando, Isao1983 Proton NMR studies on n-paraffins in restricted molecular motion
 1987 Conformation and dynamic aspects of poly(n-alkyl L-glutamates) in the solid and liquid crystalline state as studied by NMR spectroscopy
 1988 Conformation and dynamic aspects of poly(γ-n-octadecyl L-glutamate) in the solid state and liquid-crystalline state as studied by variable-temperature carbon-13 CP/MAS NMR spectroscopy
 1990 Proton NMR relaxation study of molecular motion in poly(γ-n-octadecyl L-glutamate) and poly(γ-oleyl L-glutamate)
 1992 Structural studies of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine and distearoylphosphatidylcholine in the crystalline and liquid -crystalline states by variable-temperature solid-state high-resolution carbon-13 NMR spectroscopy
 1993 Structure and mobility of poly(γ-n-alkyl-L-glutamate)s in the solid and liquid crystalline states as studied by NMR spectroscopy
 1994 Conformation and molecular motion of a poly(L-glutamate) with long n-alkyl side-chains in the solid state and the liquid-crystalline state as studied by high-resolution 13C NMR spectroscopy. Part 2
 1994 Conformation and molecular motion of poly(L-glutamate) with long n-alkyl side chains in the solid state and the liquid crystalline state as studied by high-resolution 13C NMR spectroscopy
 1995 Solid-state high-resolution 13C NMR study on main-chain liquid crystalline polyurethane elastomer
 1996 Solid-state high-resolution variable-temperature 13C NMR study on HDI-based main-chain liquid crystalline elastomer
 1996 Solid-state high-resolution variable-temperature 13C NMR study on hexamethylene diisocyanate-based main-chain liquid-crystalline elastomer
 1997 Orientational ordering of a dimer liquid crystal by high-resolution solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy
 1998 Conformational analysis of the alkyl spacer of a dimer liquid crystal in the solid and liquid crystalline states by 13C-13C dipolar coupling
 1998 High resolution 13C NMR studies for crystalline and liquid crystalline phases of PB-18 polyester composed of 4,4'-dihydroxybiphenyl and octadecanedioic acid
 1999 Conformational analysis of the biphenyl moiety of dimer liquid crystals in the solid state by high-resolution solid-state 13C NMR and ab initio GIAO-CHF calculations
 1999 Diffusional Behavior of Solvent in Polypeptide Liquid Crystalline and Gel States with Highly Oriented Chains As Studied by NMR Spectroscopy
 2000 Diffusional Behavior of n-Alkanes in Polypeptide Gel System with Highly Oriented Chains As Studied by Pulsed Field Gradient Spin Echo 1H NMR Method
 2002 Diffusion of Rodlike Polypeptides with Different Main-Chain Lengths in the Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline State As Studied by the Field-Gradient 1H NMR Method
 2002 Diffusional Behavior of Polypeptides in the Isotropic, Biphasic, and Liquid Crystalline Phases As Studied by the Pulse Field-Gradient Spin-Echo 1H NMR Method
 2003 Structure and dynamics of rodlike polyester with long n-alkyl side chains over a wide range of temperatures by solid state 13C NMR
Ando, Isao (cont...)2005 Diffusion process of methane molecules in cylindrical channel cavities of oriented polyester with long n-alkyl side chains as studied by field-gradient 1H NMR spectroscopy
Ando, Katsutoshi1994 Thermally stimulated current of carriers trapped in polypropylene fibers
Ando, Kazuto1995 X-ray diffraction study on smectic liquid crystal state of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine
Ando, Kiyoshi1997 Homeotropic-orientation liquid - crystal display device
 1997 Manufacture of liquid - crystal display device using polarization storage film as alignment film
Ando, Kyoshi1996 Liquid crystal display with improved viewing-angle and its manufacture
 1996 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display element
 1996 Manufacture of multidomain-structure liquid crystal display device
 1996 Multidomain-structure liquid crystal display device and method of aligning liquid crystal
 1997 Liquid crystal display with improved viewing-angles
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal display with improved pretilt angle
Ando, M.1989 Synthesis of polymer materials by low-energy electron beam. XI. Synthesis of liquid-crystalline side-chain polymer by electron beam irradiation
Ando, Mariko2005 Synthesis and Properties of Hexakis(6-octyl-2-azulenyl)benzene as a Multielectron Redox System with Liquid Crystalline Behavior
 2007 Synthesis of 6-Hexadecylazulene Derivatives as a Multielectron Redox System with Liquid Crystalline Behavior
Ando, Masahiko1995 Thin film transistor for liquid crystal display switching
 1996 Active matrix-type liquid crystal display device and manufacture thereof
 1996 Active-matrix liquid-crystal display device having ITO signal lines and either symmetric TFT structure or electrode and signal line edges with taper angles 30° or less
 1996 Liquid-crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
 1996 Manufacture of thin-film transistor and apparatus therefor
 1996 Reflection type display apparatus with high brightness and contrast
 1997 Active matrix substrate and its manufacture for liquid-crystal display device
 1997 Lightweight liquid-crystal display device having indium tin oxide electrode obtained by low-temperature process
 1997 Liquid crystal display with high contrast
 1997 Liquid-crystal display device and its manufacture
 1998 Active-matrix liquid-crystal display device
 1998 Manufacture of active matrix substrate for liquid crystal display
 1999 Semiconductor device as an active-matrix substrate for a liq.-crystal display
 2000 Liquid crystal display device having FET
 2004 Thin film transistor and display device fabrication
 2005 Antistatic pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions and sheets for surface protection of optoelectronic materials
 2005 Passivation films for organic semiconductor devices such as TFTs
 2005 Printable organic TFT technologies for FPD applications
 2006 Development of color liquid crystal displays driven by organic TFTs
 2008 High-Mobility Aligned Pentacene Films Grown by Zone-Casting
Ando, Masahiko (cont...)2008 Materials challenges and applications of solution-processed organic field-effect transistors
Ando, Masahiro1999 Discotic liquid crystals of transition metal complexes. 23. Synthesis and mesomorphism of tetrakis(3,4-di-n-alkylphenyl)porphyrin derivatives and their metal complexes
 2006 Flying-seed-like liquid crystals
Ando, Masahito1996 Liquid crystal display with improved displaying characteristics and its manufacture
 1996 Tunable filter
Ando, Masato1996 Ink-jet printer
Ando, Masayki1997 Manufacture of color filter
Ando, Masayuki1989 Energy beam-curable materials and their preparation
 1989 Polymerizable diacrylates
 1989 Synthesis of polymer materials by low energy electron beam. XII. Structure and phase transitions of liquid-crystalline side-chain polymer prepared by EB solid-state polymerization
 1990 Polyamide-based thermotropic liquid crystal materials
 1990 Synthesis of polymer materials by low energy electron beam. XIII. Structure and properties of EB-cured polymers of bifunctional monomer with biphenyl moiety as mesogenic group
 1990 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyester-polyamides
 1995 Light-modulating elements
 1995 Liquid crystal-containing microcapsule, liquid crystal/polymer complex film, and their manufacture
 1995 Liquid crystal-polymer composite-type optical device
 1995 Liquid crystal/polymer composite-type optical member
 1995 Liquid-crystal optical element and its manufacture
 1996 Color liquid crystal display device and manufacture of color filter substrate
 1996 Color liquid-crystal display device and manufacture of its color filter
 1996 Information recording medium using W/O-type liquid crystal emulsion
 1996 Liquid crystal-dispersed polymer film elements
 1996 Liquid crystal/polymer composite film-type display element and manufacture thereof
 1996 Manufacture of color filter for liquid crystal display
 1997 Color filter substrate for liquid - crystal display device and its manufacture
 1997 Manufacture of color filter substrate for liquid -crystal display device
 1997 Preparation and electrooptical properties of liquid crystal dispersed film by electron-beam irradiation
Ando, Masayuki (cont...)1997 Preparation of benzothiazole liquid crystals
 1998 Polymer dispersion-type liquid crystal optical device and method for producing the same
 1999 A factor related to hysteresis of light valve using liquid crystal/polymer composite film
 1999 Effects of liquid crystal material on electro-optical properties and structures of liquid crystal/polymer composite film prepared by electron-beam polymerization
Ando, Munenori1990 Preparation of phthalocyanines as materials for gas sensors, liquid crystals, and disk memory
Ando, N.1995 Measurements of the azimuthal anchoring energy of a nematic liquid crystal (5CB) aligned on as-stacked polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett films
Ando, Naoki1990 Preparation of anthraquinonepolycarboxylic acids
Ando, Nobuo1999 Discotic liquid crystals of transition metal complexes. 22. Synthesis and mesomorphism of octa-alkoxy-substituted tetraphenylporphyrin derivatives and their copper(II) complexes
Ando, Nobuyuki1998 Black photosensitive resin compositions, color filter containing them and process for their manufacture
Ando, R.1983 Orientation and spectra characteristics of the azobenzene chromophore in the ammonium bilayer assembly
 1994 Surface monolayer and aqueous bilayers of single-chain ammonium amphiphiles which contain benzylideneaniline and salicylideneaniline units
Ando, Reiko1980 Decarboxylation of 6-nitrobenzisoxazole-3-carboxylate catalyzed by ammonium bilayer membranes. A comparison of the catalytic behavior of micelles, bilayer membranes, and other aqueous aggregates
Ando, S.2004 Antioxidant Effect of Ferulic Acid in Isolated Membranes and Intact Cells: Synergistic Interactions with -Tocopherol, -Carotene, and Ascorbic Acid
Ando, Shingo2007 Synthesis of C60 Polymer by Free Electron Laser Irradiation with Tunable Wavelength
Ando, Shinji2005 Synthesis and physical properties of novel liquid crystals containing pyranobenzopyrans as a core structure
 2008 Solution-Processible Bipolar Triphenylamine-Benzimidazole Derivatives for Highly Efficient Single-Layer Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Ando, T.1987 13th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Fukuoka
 1988 Physical Properties of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Incorporating a Boron Atom
 1988 Synthesis and thermal properties of new ferroelectric liquid crystalline materials containing boron atoms
Ando, Takahisa1998 Holographic stereogram movie system for practical 3D display
 1998 Three-dimensional display systems with holographic technologies
 1999 Holographic 3D display system using holographic optical element
 2002 Development of a color 3D display visible to plural viewers at the same time without special glasses by using a ray-regenerating method
 2004 Step barrier system multiview glassless 3D display
 2005 Multiview image integration system for glassless 3D display
Ando, Takanori2005 Novel Photo Alignment Method with Rotating Substrate
Ando, Takashi1980 Catalytic carbonization of aromatic hydrocarbons. IX. Carbonization mechanism of heterocyclic sulfur compounds leading to the anisotropic coke
Ando, Takuji1995 Fuel-transporting tubes having liquid crystalline polymer blend layer
Ando, Taro2008 High-quality generation of higher-order Laguerre-Gaussian beams using liquid crystal on silicon spatial light modulator
Ando, Teiichi1982 Ligand-exchange gas chromatography of lower aliphatic amines on solid and liquid crystalline stationary phases
Ando, Tomohiro2000 V-shaped switching due to frustoelectricity in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2001 Probable Langevin-Like Director Reorientation in an Interface-Induced Disordered SmC*-Like State of Liquid Crystals Characterized by Frustration between Ferro- and Antiferroelectricity
 2002 Biaxial Anchoring and V-Shaped Switching in a Novel Binary Mixture System of Smectics Frustrated Between Ferro- and Antiferro-Electricity
 2002 Molecular Ordering Deformation Induced by Externally Applied Electric Field in an Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2002 Orientational distributions in smectic liquid crystals showing -shaped switching investigated by polarized Raman scattering
 2003 Hayashi et al. Reply: Comment on "Probable Langevin-Like Director Reorientation in an Interface-Induced Disordered SmC*-Like State of Liquid Crystals Characterized by Frustration between Ferro- and Antiferroelectricity"
 2003 Intrinsic aspect of V-shaped switching in ferroelectric liquid crystals: Biaxial anchoring arising from peculiar short axis biasing in the molecular rotation around the long axis
Ando, Torahiko1987 Liquid-crystal materials
 1988 Liquid-crystal compositions
 1996 Effects of polymer matrix on electro-optic properties of liquid crystal mixed with polymer
Ando, Tsugumichi1997 Preparation of liquid crystal compounds, liquid crystal compositions containing the compounds, and liquid crystal display devices made by using the compositions
 1998 Preparation of alkoxybenzene derivatives for liquid -crystal composition and liquid - crystal display element
 1998 Preparation of liquid crystal compounds having negative permittivity, liquid crystal compositions, and liquid crystal display device
 1998 Tetracyclic compound having lateral halogen substituent and liquid crystal composition comprising the same
Ando, Tsuneo1996 Light diffusing sheet for liquid crystal display device
Ando, Y.1996 Annealing effects of a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester based on 6-hydroxy 2-naphthoic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, terephthalic acid and 4,4'-biphenol
Ando, Yasuhiro1992 Pigtailed Compact Tunable Wavelength-Selective Filter Using a Liquid Crystal for Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing Systems
Ando, Yoichi2001 Mobility of the Doped Holes and the Antiferromagnetic Correlations in Underdoped High- Tc Cuprates
 2002 Electrical Resistivity Anisotropy from Self-Organized One Dimensionality in High-Temperature Superconductors
 2002 Novel Anisotropy in the Superconducting Gap Structure of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d Probed by Quasiparticle Heat Transport
 2005 Magic Doping Fractions for High-Temperature Superconductors
Ando, Yorimichi1998 Liquid crystal compound with negative dielectric anisotropy value for composition used in liquid crystal display element
Ando, Yoshiyuki1998 Method for roughening polymer surface for printed circuit board
 1998 Three-dimensional circuit component, and its manufacture by coating resin with conductor
Ando, Yoshuki1996 Catalytic filler, resin composition, and resin composite for for electroless plating with metal
Ando, Yushi2007 Surface Organization, Light-Driven Surface Changes, and Stability of Semifluorinated Azobenzene Polymers
Ando, Yutaka1988 Structure and melting behavior of poly(vinylidene fluoride) crystallized by pressure quenching
Andoh, Masanori1989 Spontaneous nucleation of turbulence in electrohydrodynamics and its similarity with crystal growth
 1990 Local transition to turbulence in electrohydrodynamic convection
 1992 Transient bimodality in turbulence-1-turbulence-2 transition in electrohydrodynamic convection in nematic liquid crystals
Andoh, Noboru1998 Synthesis and properties of novel dichroic disazo dyes containing the tetrafluoro-p-phenylene moiety for guest-host liquid crystal displays
Andoh, Toshio1987 Liquid crystalline compounds bearing pyridine ring: azoxy compounds with alkyl substituents
Andoh, Yasunori1991 Fabrication of a-Si:H Thin Film Transistors on 4-inch Glass Substrates by a Large Area Ion Doping Technique
 1998 Technology for generation of ion and plasma stream and its application
 2006 Development of an Ion Beam Aligner for Liquid Crystal Displays
Andonovski, A.2000 Dielectric relaxation of 4-cyanophenyl 4'-n-decyloxybenzoate in the isotropic, nematic, and smectic A phases
 2002 Dielectric, viscous and elastic properties of nematogenic 1-(4-trans-propylcyclohexyl)-2-(4-cyanophenyl)ethane
Andonovski, Aleksandar1999 Electro-optical investigation of nematic liquid crystals using dielectrometry
Andou, Hidehiko2001 Surface protection film for liquid crystal display, liquid crystal display protected with such a film and method of protecting liquid crystal display with such a film
Andou, Tugumiti1998 Liquid crystal composition for display devices
 1998 Polyhaloalkyl ether derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
Andou, Yoshiyuki1996 Printed circuit board and its manufacture
Andou, Yukihiro1999 Methods of forming raised and recessed patterns and use of the patterns in the manufacture of liquid crystal display color filters
Andrä, Jörg2003 Physicochemical properties of bacterial glycopolymers in relation to bioactivity
 2005 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of glycosyl dialkyl- and diacyl-glycerols bearing saturated, unsaturated and methyl branched fatty acid and fatty alcohol chains: Part II. Mesomorphic properties
 2006 What can calorimetry tell us about changes of three-dimensional aggregate structures of phospholipids and glycolipids?
Andrade, F.F.2007 Influence of PEG-12 Dimethicone addition on stability and formation of emulsions containing liquid crystal
Andrade, Genara S.2005 Hydroquinone and Resorcinol-Containing Copolyesters
Andrade, J.S.2002 Traveling length and minimal traveling time for flow through percolation networks with long-range spatial correlations
 2003 Scaling behavior of diffusion and reaction processes in percolating porous media
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 1985 Anomalies in heat capacity near nematic-smectic phase transitions and the fluctuating nature of the NAC point
 1985 Influence of smectic ordering on the pretransitional light-scattering behavior in the isotropic phase of liquid crystals
 1987 Detecting the Halperin-Lubensky-Ma effect in a liquid crystal
 1987 High-resolution adiabatic calorimetry measurements in the vicinity of the liquid crystal phase transitions
 1987 Light-scattering study of thermotropic liquid crystals and micellar solutions
 1987 Renormalization of susceptibility in the isotropic phase of liquid crystals as a result of interaction of orientational and translational order parameters
 1987 Universality of the critical dynamics and the nature of the nematic-isotropic phase transition
 1988 Alternative universality for a nematic-smectic A-smectic C multicritical point topology
 1988 Critical phenomena in liquid crystals
Anisimov, M.A. (cont...)1988 Thermodynamics of nonmesomorphic compound phase equilibria in nematic liquid crystals
 1989 Formation of an anisotropic phase in the production of petroleum carbon
 1990 Experimental test of a fluctuation-induced first-order phase transition: The nematic–smectic-A transition
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