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Figueiredo Neto, A.M.1987 Bend periodic distortion of the texture in nematic lyotropic liquid crystals with and without ferrofluid
 1987 Microscopic structure of the uniaxial and biaxial lyotropic nematics
 1987 Phase diagram of the cholesteric lyotropic mesophase potassium laurate-n-decanol-water-d2-brucine sulfate ferrofluid
 1988 Influence of the microscopic shape anisotropy of the micelles on the pitch in a cholesteric lyotropic liquid crystal
 1988 Local ordering in lyotropic cholesteric liquid crystals studied by X-ray scattering
 1988 Topology of a Surface of the Phase Diagram of the Cholesteric Lyotropic Mesophase: Potassium Laurate/1-Decanol/Water/I-N-Lauroyl Potassium Alaninate
 1989 A new soap/detergent/water lyotropic liquid crystal with a biaxial nematic phase
 1989 Chirality-induced biaxiality at the uniaxial-to-biaxial cholesteric phase transition
 1989 Determination of the bend elastic constant and the anisotropy of diamagnetic susceptibility of lyotropic nematic calamitic liquid crystals
 1990 Measurements of the ratio between the bend elastic constant and the anisotropy of diamagnetic susceptibility of a lyotropic nematic liquid crystal as a function of the temperature
 1990 New thermal instability in a lyotropic uniaxial nematic liquid crystal
 1991 Gliding anchoring of lyotropic nematic liquid crystals on amorphous glass surfaces
 1991 Measurement of the coefficient of thermal expansion of uniaxial and biaxial lyotropic nematics: disks and rods or intrinsically biaxial micelles?
 1991 Study of the reciprocal space image of the biaxial nematic phase in the plane of the amphiphilic bilayer
 1992 Anchoring Properties of Lyotropic Nematic Discotic CSPFO / Water Mixture
 1992 Anisotropic Magnetic Fluid: A Magnetic Liquid Crystal
 1992 Critical Properties of the Uniaxial-Biaxial Transition in Cholesteric Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
 1992 Preliminary Rayleigh Scattering Measurements in the New Lyotropic System K-Laurate, DACl, H2O
 1992 The physics of lyotropic nematic liquid crystals
 1992 Uniaxial-to-biaxial cholesteric and nematic phase transitions in a lyotropic alcohol-free mixture
Figueiredo Neto, A.M. (cont...)1993 Anchoring properties of a lyotropic, nematic discotic cesium perfluorooctanoate/water mixture
 1993 Anisotropic magnetic fluid: A magnetic liquid crystal ?
 1993 Determination of the minimum concentrations of ferrofluid of cobalt ferrite (CoFe2O4) required to orient liquid crystals
 1993 Optical- and x-ray-scattering studies of ionic ferrofluids of MnFe2O4, γ-Fe2O3, and CoFe2O4
 1994 Anchoring properties of lyotropic liquid crystals near the nematic-isotropic transition
 1994 Dynamics of lyotropic ferronematic liquid crystals submitted to magnetic fields
 1994 Topological metamorphosis in the phase diagram of a liquid of biaxial micellar aggregates
 1995 Flow birefringence in lyotropic mixtures in the isotropic phase
 1995 Theory of the phase diagrams of lyotropic nematic and lyotropic cholesteric systems
 1996 Determination of the effective splay-bend elastic constant of a lyotropic nematic liquid crystal
 1996 Dry-friction and critical state in lyotropic nematic liquid crystals in a magnetic field
 1996 Metastable periodic Freedericksz transition in nematic liquid crystals
 1996 Surface fields and the splay-bend elastic constant
 1997 Elastic properties of magnetic suspensions in lyotropic nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Flow-induced birefringence in a lyotropic liquid crystal in the isotropic phase: An order diffusion approach
 1997 In Search of a Chiral Smectic Liquid -Crystal State with a Macroscopic Spontaneous Ferroelectric Polarization
 1997 Measurement of the splay-blend elastic constant in lyotropic ferronematic liquid crystals: the influence of the bounding surfaces
 1997 Surface Properties of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
 1997 Symmetry-breaking interface undulation for reconstructive phase transitions in complex fluids
 1997 Theory of reconstructive phase transitions in lyotropic complex fluids
Figueiredo Neto, A.M. (cont...)1997 Theory of the lamellar-hexagonal transformation: tilted mesophases in lyotropic systems
 1998 Elastic description of media characterized by nonlocal free-energy densities
 1998 Nonuniversal Critical Behavior at the Uniaxial-Biaxial Nematic Phase Transition in a Lyotropic Mixture
 1998 Phase diagram of a lyotropic mixture sodium bis (2 ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate/dodecanol/water: Reverse micellar, cylindrical, lamellar, and sponge phases
 1998 Self-screening of Langmuir-Blodgett films by a discotic micellar lyotropic liquid crystal
 1998 Structure of lyotropic nematic complex fluids
 1999 Longitudinal Spontaneous Polarization and Longitudinal Electroclinic Effect in Achiral Smectic Phases with Bent-Shaped Molecules
 1999 Molecular segregation in lyotropic complex fluids: A phenomenological approach
 1999 Stability of the uniform alignment of lyotropic nematic liquid crystals doped with magnetic grains
 1999 Structure and surface properties of lyotropic liquid crystals
 1999 Surface stabilized nematic phase in a magnetic fluid
 1999 Symmetries and induced effects in bilayer and multilayer antiferroelectric and ferroelectric liquid crystal phases
 1999 Time dependence of the magnetic grain concentration and secondary grain aggregation in ferronematic lyotropic liquid crystals subjected to magnetic field gradients
 1999 Z-scan measurement of the nonlinear refractive indices of micellar lyotropic liquid crystals with and without the ferrofluid doping
 2000 Determination of the thermo-optic coefficients and the thermal conductivities of a ferrofluid-doped lyotropic nematic liquid crystal using a nonlinear optical technique
 2000 Micellar shape dependence of cholesteric pitch in lyotropic liquid crystals
 2000 Nuclear magnetic resonance proton-spin relaxation study of the local director fluctuations in the lyotropic liquid crystal: Potassium laurate/1-decanol/water
 2000 Phase diagrams of lyotropic cholesteric fluids
 2000 Rayleigh scattering of a new lyotropic nematic liquid crystal system: crossover of propagative and diffusive behaviour
 2000 Spectral analysis: A new method to measure the spontaneous polarization of ferroelectric liquid crystals
Figueiredo Neto, A.M. (cont...)2001 Theory of the temperature-concentration phase diagrams of lyotropic liquid crystals
 2001 Unconventional states of liquid crystals: an analogy with unconventional superconductivity
 2002 Nanophase Segregation of Apolar Solvents in Smectic Liquid Crystals of Bent-Shape Molecules
 2002 Nanophase segregation of nonpolar solvents in smectic liquid crystals of bent-shape molecules
 2002 Phase Transition Induced by Wetting at the Interface between a Glass and a Sponge Lyotropic Phase
 2002 Slow molecular dynamics of water in a lyotropic complex fluid studied by deuterium conventional and spin-lattice relaxometry NMR
 2002 Temperature Dependence of the Director Reorienation of Dye-Doped Nematic Liquid Crystals and its Relation with the Non-Linear Absorption Coefficient
 2002 Temperature dependence of the director reorientation of dye-doped nematic liquid crystals subjected to an optical field and its relation with the non-linear absorption coefficient
 2002 Thermal and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Potassium Laurate/Water Solutions at Amphiphilic Concentrations around the Critical Micellar Concentration: A Laser Gaussian Single Beam Experiment in Millisecond Timescales
 2003 Behavior of the nonlinear refractive indices and birefringence in the neighborhood of first- and second-order phase transitions in lyotropic liquid crystals
 2003 Tetragonal Structure Induced by Wetting at the Interface between a Solid Substrate and a Lyotropic Sponge Phase
 2004 Bulk Structure of the (Inverted) Sponge Phase of the Lyotropic Mixture of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, 1-Pentanol, Water, and Cyclohexane
 2004 Characterization of native and oxidized human low-density lipoproteins by the Z-scan technique
 2004 Effect of the concentration of magnetic grains on the linear-optical-absorption coefficient of ferrofluid-doped lyotropic mesophases: deviation from the Beer-Lambert law
 2004 Micellar anisometry in lyotropic uniaxial nematic phases studied by transversal NMR relaxation dispersion
 2006 Electric field dependence of the electric conductivity in liquid crystals made of bent-core molecules
 2006 Electrical response of a liquid crystal cell: The role of Debye's layer
 2006 Thermal-lens effect of low-density lipoprotein lyotropic-like aggregates investigated by using the Z-scan technique
 2007 Electric contribution to the surface tension of a dielectric liquid containing ions
 2007 Impedance spectroscopy of an electrolytic cell limited by ohmic electrodes
Figueiredo Neto, A.M. (cont...)2007 Ionic relaxation in nematic liquid crystal cells
 2008 Theory of small-signal ac response of a dielectric liquid containing two groups of ions
Figueiredo Neto, Antonio M.2000 Analogy between Unconventional Superconductivity and Unconventional States of Liquid Crystals
 2000 Coupling between tilt and polar orders in liquid crystal phases formed from achiral bent shaped molecules
Figueiredo Neto, Antonio Martins1995 Reentrant uniaxial-biaxial transition in polyethylene glycol doped lyotropic liquid crystals
 2004 Optical, magnetic and dielectric properties of non-liquid crystalline elastomers doped
 2006 Relaxation time for the ionic current in a nematic cell under a large electric field
Figueiredo, J.M.1996 Morphological instabilities of a nonequilibrium nematic-isotropic interface
Figueiredo, J.M.A.1993 Transient dynamics of a cellular front instability during directional solidification
 1996 Morphological instabilities of a nonequilibrium nematic-isotropic interface
 1996 Planar-cellular instability at a growing nematic-isotropic interface
 1999 Experimental test of the Warren-Langer model in nematic-isotropic planar interfaces
Figueiredo, Jose A.2005 Bioactive Pseudo-C-nucleosides Containing Thiazole, Thiazolidinone, and Tetrazole Rings
Figueiredo, P.1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 Ordering of Cylindrical Microdomains in Thin Films of Hybrid Isotropic/Liquid Crystalline Triblock Copolymers
Figueiredo, W.2004 Fast and slow degrees of freedom coupling two different reservoirs
 2004 Growth model with a finite number of orientations on a linear substrate
 2004 Short-time dynamics for the spin-3 / 2 Blume-Capel model
Figueiredo, Wagner2002 Monomer-dimer reaction model with nearest-neighbor interactions at finite temperatures
 2002 Nonequilibrium antiferromagnetic mixed-spin Ising model
Figueirinhas, J.1987 Orientational flow in monodomain samples of the smectic-F phase: deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance
 1992 NMR Study of the Long Time, Defect Controlled, Magnetic Field Reorientation of a Nematic Polymer Liquid Crystal
 1992 Synthesis and Thermal Properties of Novel Liquid Crystalline Polyurethanes
 1993 NMR study of the long time, defect-controlled, magnetic reorientation of a nematic polymer liquid crystal
 1993 Synthesis and characterization of novel liquid-crystalline polyurethanes
 1998 NMR study of molecular dynamics in a Dho columnar mesophase
 2008 Evidence for biaxial order in nematic phases in the series of V-shaped shape persistent mesogens
Figueirinhas, J.L.1991 Study of molecular dynamics in the hexatic smectic F phase of TBDA: comparison with results from the crystal smectic G and the smectic C phases
 1992 Molecular Dynamics in a Liquid Crystal of Biforked Molecules
 1992 NMR Relaxation Study of the Molecular Dynamics in the Smectic Mesophases of the Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal ClIPNOC
 1992 NMR study of molecular order in a liquid crystal with smectic Ad and reentrant nematic mesophases: a comparative study with models for the SAd phase
 1993 Molecular dynamics study of the ferroelectric liquid crystal C1 IPNOC by proton spin-lattice relaxation
 1993 Proton nuclear magnetic relaxation study of molecular dynamics in the ferroelectric liquid crystal Val.DOC
 1994 Orientational order in the smectic F and G phases: deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) study
 1996 Molecular dynamics in the columnar and lamellar mesophases of a liquid crystal of biforked molecules
 1997 Novel composite material structures for large panel displays and controlled transparency windows
 1997 Study of the molecular dynamics in the TGBA and SC* mesophases of the liquid crystal 18FBTCO1M7
 1998 Change of the nature of the multicritical point in magnetically induced splay-twist Freedericksz transitions
 1998 Composite systems for display applications from cellulose elastomers and nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Freedericksz transition thresholds in pretilted nematic slabs
 1999 Liquid crystal and cellulose derivatives composites used in electro-optical applications
 2000 Preliminary results on UV and high temperature exposure effects on the electro-optical properties of cellulose derivatives based PDLC type cells
 2001 Electro-Optical Properties of Cellulose Based PDLC Type Cells: Dependence on the Type of Diisocyanate Cross-Linking Agent Used
 2001 Light scattering studies in cellulose derivative based PDLC type cells
 2001 Shear-induced order effects in Bi-soft segment urethane/urea elastomers
 2002 Electro-Optical behaviour determination for Cellulose Derivative PDLC Type Cells
 2002 Experimental Study of Transient Patterns in the Non-Fréedericksz Twist-Geometry
Figueirinhas, J.L. (cont...)2002 Flexible cellulose derivative PDLC type cells
 2002 Formation and Evolution of Spatial-Temporal Patterns in Nematic Cells in the non-Fréedericksz Twist-Geometry
 2002 Linear analysis of transient pattern evolution in the non-Freedericksz twist geometry
 2002 Onset of Periodic Distorted Nematic Director Structures in the Intermediate Fréedericksz Transition Geometries
 2002 Patterns' Formation in a Bi-Soft Segment Urethane Elastomer
 2002 Patterns' formation in elastomers II
 2002 Protein Alignment Induced by a Liquid Crystalline Polymer Detected by EPR Spectroscopy
 2003 Experimental study of the director pattern dynamics in the vicinity of the Fréedericksz twist geometry
 2004 Pattern Formation in a Bi-Soft Segment Urethane Elastomer
 2004 Periodic Distorted Nematic Director Structures in the Intermediate FrÉedericksz Transition Geometries
 2004 Transient Pattern Dynamics in the Magnetic Non-Fréedericksz Twist Geometry
 2005 3D Soft Microlithography in Segmented Anisotropic Urethane/Urea Elastomers
 2005 Analysis of the Shear-Induced Pattern Formation in Nematic Polymer Liquid Crystals Under an Applied Magnetic Field
 2005 Deuterium NMR Investigation of the Biaxial Nematic Phase in an Organosiloxane Tetrapode
 2005 Perturbative analysis of the nematic director reorientation dynamics induced by a magnetic field rotation in confined media
 2006 Anisotropic cellulose-derived matrix for dispersed liquid crystals
 2006 Molecular Dynamics Study in PU/PBDO Anisotropic Elastomers by Proton NMR Relaxometry
 2006 Tunable topographical cellulose matrices for electro-optical liquid crystal
 2007 New cellulose derivatives composites for electro-optical sensors
 2008 Critical fluctuations and random-anisotropy glass transition in nematic elastomers
Figueirinhas, J.L. (cont...)2008 Deuterium NMR Investigation of the Influence of Molecular Structure on the Biaxial Ordering of Organosiloxane Tetrapodes Nematic Phase
 2008 Dielectric relaxation studies and electro-optical measurements in poly(triethylene glycol dimethacrylate)/nematic E7 composites exhibiting an anchoring breaking transition
 2008 Electro-optical cells using a cellulose derivative and cholesteric liquid crystals
 2008 Perturbative analysis of the magnetic field effect on the stability of the shear flow of a nematic polymer
 2009 Collective Modes and Biaxial Ordering Observed by Deuterium NMR in the Nematic Phases of an Organosiloxane Tetrapode
 2009 Deuterium NMR study of mobility and fluctuations in nematic and isotropic elastomers
Figueras, M.2002 Phase synchronization in bidirectionally coupled optothermal devices
Figueroa, Benjamin2003 Erratum: Fractal radar scattering from soil [Phys. Rev. E 67, 041403 (2003)]
 2003 Fractal radar scattering from soil
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 1983 Temperature inversion of the sign of the rotation of the plane of light polarization in liquid crystals
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 2005 Deuterium NMR Investigation of the Biaxial Nematic Phase in an Organosiloxane Tetrapode
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 2005 Peculiar Molecular Dynamics Behaviour in the Isotropic Phase of Some Liquid Crystalline Systems
 2006 Anisotropic cellulose-derived matrix for dispersed liquid crystals
 2006 NMR Relaxation Study of Molecular Dynamics in the Smectic A Phase of PAMAM Liquid Crystalline Dendrimers of Generation 1 and 3
 2006 Tunable topographical cellulose matrices for electro-optical liquid crystal
 2007 New cellulose derivatives composites for electro-optical sensors
Filip, Daniela2001 Characterization of polymer-liquid crystal blends
 2006 Characterization by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) and 2D IR Correlation Spectroscopy of PAMAM Dendrimer
 2006 New Siloxane-Organic Polyesters with Azobenzene Side Chains. Synthesis, Thermotropic Behavior and Surface Properties
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 2006 High Stability Synclinic and Anticlinic Achiral Phases in Novel Two and Three Rings Esters with Isopropyl Terminal Group
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 2008 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of Chiral Esters Comprising Partially Fluorinated Alkoxyalkoxy Terminal Chains and a 1-methylheptyl Chiral Moiety
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 2009 Mesomorphic and dielectric properties of esters useful for formulation of nematic mixtures for dual frequency addressing system
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 1994 Branched nonionic oligooxyethylene V-amphiphiles effect of molecular geometry on LC-phase behavior. 2
 1994 Chain conformation in nematic elastomers
 1994 Densely crosslinked liquid single-crystal elastomers
 1994 Liquid crystal elastomers: influence of the orientational distribution of the crosslinks on the phase behavior and reorientation processes
 1994 Liquid crystalline elastomers - a class of materials with novel properties
 1994 Liquid-Crystalline Polysurfactants
 1994 Liquid-crystalline side-chain AB block copolymers by direct anionic polymerization of a mesogenic methacrylate
 1994 Metallo-mesogens of copper(II) with α-(p-alkoxyphenyl)malondialdehydes
Finkelmann, Heino (cont...)1994 Nematic elastomers beyond the critical point
 1994 Orientation of a chiral smectic C elastomer by mechanical fields
 1994 Second harmonic generation on mechanically oriented SC-elastomers
 1994 Second Harmonic Generation on Mechanically Oriented SC*-Elastomers
 1994 Structure Formation of AB-Block Copolymers in Anisotropic Solvents
 1994 Synthesis and magnetic properties of mesogenic side-chain polymers containing stable radicals
 1995 Amphiphilic liquid-crystalline networks - phase behavior and alignment by mechanical fields
 1995 Fluctuations above the smectic-A-isotropic transition in liquid crystalline elastomers under external stress
 1995 Liquid Single Crystal Elastomers - Application in Bifocal Contact Lenses and Strain Induced Director Reorientation
 1995 Macroscopically Ordered Discotic Columnar Networks
 1995 Mechanical field orientation of chiral smectic C polymer networks
 1995 Mechanically Induced Second Harmonic Generation in SC Elastomers
 1995 Mixtures of branched nonionic oligo-oxyethylene surfactants in aqueous solutions - the effect of molecular geometry of LC phase behavior. 4
 1995 Piezoelectric Properties of Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
 1995 Strain-induced director reorientation in nematic liquid single crystal elastomers
 1995 Structure formation of liquid-crystalline isotropic AB block copolymers in nematic solvents
 1995 Synthesis and pPhase Characerization of New Carbazole Containing Liquid Crystal Side Chain Polysiloxanes
 1995 The Face Behaviour and the State of Order of Nematic Elastomers
 1995 The Influence of the Surfactant Microstructure on the Macroscopic Lyotropic LC-Phase Organisation
 1996 Asymmetrically branched nonionic oligooxyethylene Va-surfactants: effect of molecular geometry on liquid-crystalline phase behavior, 5
Finkelmann, Heino (cont...)1996 Kerr effect in a laterally substituted side-chain liquid crystalline polymer
 1996 Piezoelectricity of mechanically oriented SC*-elastomers
 1996 Spontaneous Alignment of the Lamellar Phase from an Amphiphilic Side-Chain Polymer Network with Mechanically-Induced Fixed Polymer Anisotropy
 1996 Structure formation of liquid crystalline block copolymers
 1996 Synthesis and phase behavior of new carbazole-containing liquid crystalline side chain polysiloxanes
 1996 Temperature dependence of the hydrodynamic properties of a comblike liquid-crystalline polymer with a lateral macromolecular structure
 1996 Temperature dependence of the Maxwell effect in solution of a comblike polymer with a lateral macromolecular structure
 1997 4th Int. Symp. Polym. Adv. Technol., Leipzig
 1997 4th Int. Symp. Polym. Adv. Technol., Leipzig
 1997 Biaxiality phenomenon in molecular properties of comb LC polymer with lateral structure: first evidence
 1997 Critical stripe-domain instability of nematic elastomers
 1997 Electromechanical Effects in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Elastomers (FLCE)
 1997 Light-scattering study of random disorder in liquid -crystalline elastomers
 1997 Liquid-crystalline main-chain elastomers
 1997 Molecular Orientation and Dynamics of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymers and Elastomers Investigated with Time Resolved FT-IR Spectroscopy
 1997 Nematic and smectic liquid single crystal elastomers. Influence of external stress parallel and perpendicular to the director
 1997 Orientation behavior of smectic polymer networks by uniaxial mechanical fields
 1997 Orientation behavior of smectic polymer networks by uniaxial mechanical fields
 1997 Preliminary communication lyotropic mesomorphism of AB block copolymers in a nematic solvent
 1997 Smectic A liquid single crystal elastomers showing macroscopic in-plane fluidity
Finkelmann, Heino (cont...)1997 Synthesis of symmetric and asymmetric carbazolyl monomers and their siloxane polymers. Effect of the 2,3,6,7,9-substitution in the carbazole unit on its mesomorphic behavior
 1997 The Electromechanical Behaviour of Chiral Smectic Elastomers
 1997 The Influence of Molecular Geometry of Non-Ionic Surfactants on Self-Organistion into Micelles and LC-Phase Behaviour in Surfactant-Water Systems
 1997 Toward Synthesis of Polysubstituted Carbazol Mesogens as Potential Discotic Liquid Crystals
 1998 Convergent synthesis of columnar twins and tetramers from triphenylene building blocks. The first example of a columnar spiro-twin
 1998 Director reorientation via stripe-domains in nematic elastomers. Influence of crosslink density, anisotropy of the network, and smectic clusters
 1998 Formation of a transient periodic stripe domain pattern in nematic AB block copolymer solution during photo-induced director reorientation
 1998 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1998 Influence of Network Topology on Polydomain-Monodomain Transition in Side Chain Liquid Crystalline Elastomers with Cyanobiphenyl Mesogens
 1998 Lyotropic liquid-crystalline elastomers
 1998 On the thread-like morphology of LC/I block copolymers in nematic solvents
 1998 One-dimensional long-range order of smectic -A elastomers with diverse crosslinking density
 1998 Optical anisotropy of comb-like macromolecules of lateral and semilateral structure
 1998 Physical properties of liquid crystalline elastomers
 1998 Piezoelectricity in ferroelectric liquid crystalline elastomers
 1998 Preparation of (η6-alkoxytriphenylene)tricarbonylchromium(0) complexes. Mesomorphic properties of a disk-shaped chromium-arene complex
 1998 Segmental motion of ferroelectric liquid crystal polymer and elastomer during electro-optical switching
 1998 Texture Evolution during the Polydomain-Monodomain Transition in Nematic Elastomers
 1998 The inverse electromechanical effect in mechanically oriented S*C-elastomers examined by means of an ultra-stable Michelson interferometer
 1999 A composite of a nematic and an isotropic elastomer. A rubber analogous to a bimetal
Finkelmann, Heino (cont...)1999 Direct and inverse electromechanical effect in ferroelectric liquid crystalline elastomers
 1999 Effect of composition on the morphology and electrooptical properties of physically crosslinked liquid crystals
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Influence of a mechanical field on the liquid crystalline to isotropic phase transformation
 1999 Liquid crystal acrylate-based networks: polymer backbone-LC order interaction
 1999 Liquid crystalline single-crystal rubber hydrogels with increased double refraction and their manufacture and use
 1999 Monodomain liquid crystalline networks: reorientation mechanism from uniform to stripe domains
 1999 Piezoelectric and pyroelectric investigations on microtomized sections of single-crystalline ferroelectric liquid crystalline elastomers (FL-FLCE)
 1999 Rheological properties of mono- and polydomain liquid crystalline elastomers exhibiting a broad smectic A phase
 1999 Rheology of Liquid Crystalline Elastomers in Their Isotropic and Smectic A State
 1999 Smectic-A liquid single-crystal elastomers. Strain-induced breakdown of smectic layers
 1999 Time-Resolved FTIR Spectroscopy on Structure and Mobility of Single Crystal Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
 1999 Time-resolved polarized FTIR-spectroscopy on the molecular structure and mobility of ferroelectric lc elastomers (FLCE)
 2000 Acrylate based polymers and networks containing triphenylene groups: synthesis and structures
 2000 Competition between Liquid Crystalline Phase Symmetry and Microphase Morphology in a Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystalline-Isotropic Block Copolymer
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
Finkelmann, Heino (cont...)2000 LC-elastomers and artificial muscles
 2000 Lyotropic mesomorphism of AB block copolymers in nematic solvents
 2000 Measurement of the pyroelectric response and of the thermal diffusivity of microtomized sections of "single crystalline" ferroelectric liquid crystalline elastomers
 2000 Pretransitional phenomena in acrylate-based liquid crystal networks
 2000 Structure, mobility, and piezoelectricity in ferroelectric liquid crystalline elastomers
 2001 A New Opto-Mechanical Effect in Solids
 2001 A Smectic A Liquid Single Crystal Elastomer (LSCE): Phase Behavior and Mechanical Anisotropy
 2001 Nematic Elastomers: The Dependence of Phase Transformation and Orientation Processes on Crosslinking Topology
 2001 Polysubstituted N-arylcarbazoles as discotic molecules
 2001 Shear modulus of polydomain, mono-domain and non-mesomorphic side-chain elastomers: Influence of the nematic order
 2001 The elastic anisotropy of nematic elastomers
 2001 Tunable Mirrorless Lasing in Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
 2002 Dibenzophospholes: Phase Behavior of Novel Phosphorus-Based Chiral Liquid Crystals
 2002 Electrically controllable liquid crystal elastomer-graphite composite artifical muscles
 2002 First asymmetrically beta-tetrasubstituted porphyrin-based discotic lamellar liquid crystal
 2002 Laser Emission in a Dye Doped Cholesteric Polymer Network
 2002 Light Avoiding Motion and Fast Electromechanical Response of Dye Doped Liquid Crystal Elastomers
 2002 Main-chain liquid crystalline elastomers
 2002 Mirrorless Lasing in Cholesteric Polymer Networks
 2002 Mirrorless lasing in liquid crystalline materials
Finkelmann, Heino (cont...)2002 Opto-Mechanical response of LC elastomers
 2002 Smectic Liquid Single Crystal Hydrogels (LSCH) and Hygroelastic Measurements
 2002 Synthesis and pH-dependant phase behaviour of lyotropic epoxide-amine addition polymers
 2002 The first asymmetrically β-polysubstituted porphyrin-based hexagonal columnar liquid crystal
 2002 X-Ray Diffraction Studies on the Phase-Transformational Behavior of a Smectic Liquid-Crystalline Elastomer Composed of Chiral Mesogens
 2002 X-Ray Studies on Smectic Liquid Cristalline Elastomers
 2003 Azo dye-functionalized LC elastomers
 2003 Defect Mode Emission of a Dye Doped Cholesteric Polymer Network
 2003 Fast liquid crystal elastomer swims into the dark
 2003 Lyotropic liquid crystalline polymers and elastomers by addition reaction of epoxides and amines
 2003 Main-chain liquid-crystalline elastomers: Synthesis and mechanics
 2003 Mechanical properties of monodomain side chain nematic elastomers
 2003 Probing the photonic properties of cholesteric liquid crystals by fluorescent guest molecules
 2003 Smectic liquid single crystal hydrogels (LSCH): Hygroelastic and 2H NMR diffusion measurements
 2003 2H-NMR-investigations on the biaxiality of a liquid crystalline side chain polymer
 2004 2H-NMR investigations on the biaxiality of Liquid-Crystalline Side-Chain polymers
 2004 Cholesteric Elastomers
 2004 Cholesteric Liquid-Crystalline Side-on Polysiloxanes: Effects of Biaxiality on the Cholesteric Structure
 2004 Disorder by Random Crosslinking in Smectic Elastomers
 2004 Electromechanics of a Chiral Smectic C Elastomer: Measurement of Complex Piezoelectric Constant through Successive Phase Transformations
Finkelmann, Heino (cont...)2004 Fast liquid-crystal elastomer swims into the dark
 2004 Hexagonal Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Hydrogels: Influence of Uniaxial Stress and pH Value on the Anisotropic Swelling Behavior
 2004 Hystereses of volume changes in liquid single crystal elastomers swollen with low molecular weight liquid crystal
 2004 Lyotropic liquid crystalline epoxide-amine-addition polymers
 2004 Mechanical properties of monodomain side chain nematic elastomers
 2004 Optical Microresonators Formed by Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
 2004 Photo sensitive liquid-crystalline elastomers
 2004 Reply to the Commentary by E.M. Terentjev and M. Warner on "Mechanical properties of monodomain side chain nematic elastomers"
 2004 Reply to the Commentary by O. Stenull and T.C. Lubensky on "Mechanical properties of monodomain side chain nematic elastomers"
 2004 Swelling dynamics of liquid crystal elastomers swollen with low molecular weight liquid crystals
 2005 Biaxial Shape Memory Effect Exhibited by Monodomain Chiral Smectic C Elastomers
 2005 Evidence of Supercritical Behavior in Liquid Single Crystal Elastomers
 2005 FTIR-Spectroscopy on Segmental Reorientation of a Nematic Elastomer under External Mechanical Fields
 2005 Lamellar Liquid Single Crystal Hydrogels: Synthesis and Investigation of Anisotropic Water Diffusion and Swelling
 2005 Mechanically tunable photonic properties of cholesteric elastomers
 2005 Probing the Photonic Properties of a Cholesteric Elastomer under Biaxial Stress
 2005 Strain-induced reorientation and mobility in nematic liquid-crystalline elastomers as studied by time-resolved FTIR spectroscopy
 2006 Actuation of liquid crystal elastomers reprocessed with carbon nanoparticles
 2006 Coupling between order and dimension in nematic elastomers
 2006 Electrooptical effects of swollen polydomain liquid crystal elastomers
Finkelmann, Heino (cont...)2006 Lyotropic liquid crystalline polymers: ph-dependent phase behaviour
 2006 Main chain LC elastomers
 2006 Main-chain smectic liquid-crystalline polymers as randomly disordered systems
 2006 Phase Biaxiality in Nematic Liquid Crystalline Side-Chain Polymers of Various Chemical Constitutions
 2006 Shear mechanical anisotropy of side chain liquid-crystal elastomers: influence of sample preparation
 2006 Shear Mechanical Properties of Main Chain Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
 2006 Thermo-mechanical properties of tri-functionally crosslinked liquid single crystal elastomers
 2006 Variation of the network anisotropy of cholesteric elastomers
 2006 Variation of the Network Anisotropy of Cholesteric Side Chain Elastomers
 2007 Cholesteric elastomers and lasing
 2007 Criticality Controlled by Cross-Linking Density in Liquid Single-Crystal Elastomers
 2007 Electromechanical and Electrooptical Effects of Liquid Crystal Elastomers Swollen with a Low Molecular Weight Liquid Crystal
 2007 Enantioselective Absorption of Chirally Doped Liquid Crystalline Networks Studied by the Use of an Electronic Microbalance
 2007 Order and strain in main-chain smectic liquid-crystalline polymers and elastomers
 2007 Shape anisotropy and optical birefringence measurements of dry and swollen liquid single crystal elastomers
 2007 Trifunctionally Cross-Linked Liquid Single Crystal Elastomers: Swelling Dynamics and Electromechanical Effects
 2007 2H-NMR studies on phase biaxiality in side-chain liquid crystalline elastomers
 2008 Chiral smectic main-chain liquid crystalline elastomers
 2008 Liquid single crystal elastomers with local oblate chain conformation
 2008 Lithium diffusion in smectic-A side-chain elastomers
Finkelmann, Heino (cont...)2008 Main-Chain Liquid Crystalline Elastomers: Monomer and Cross-Linker Molecular Control of the Thermotropic and Elastic Properties
 2008 Metastable untwisted states in cholesteric elastomers
 2008 Molecular order and dynamics in biaxial liquid crystalline elastomers
 2008 Multifunctional liquid crystal elastomers: Large electromechanical and electro-optical effects
 2008 Nematic main-chain liquid crystalline elastomers - Influence of the crosslinker constitution on order and mechanics
 2008 Order and strain in main-chain smectic liquid-crystalline polymers and elastomers
 2008 Synthesis and phase behaviour of lyotropic side-chain polymers
 2008 Uniaxial and Shear Deformations in Smectic-C Main-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers
 2009 Controlling the Critical Behavior of Paranematic to Nematic Transition in Main-Chain Liquid Single-Crystal Elastomers
 2009 Electromechanics of Monodomain Chiral Smectic C Elastomer: Mechanical Response to Electric Stimulation
 2009 Liquid crystal elastomer–nanoparticle systems for actuation
 2009 Magnetoactive liquid crystal elastomer nanocomposites
 2009 Main Chain Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers: Swelling Dynamics and Electromechanical Effects
 2009 Mechanical Deformations in Smectic-C Main-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers
 2009 Order, disorder and stretching of a smectic elastomer with 'side-on' mesogenic side groups
 2009 Thermal and Mechanical Properties of New Main-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers
 2010 Thermal study of the Isotropic to Smectic C phase transition in main-chain liquid-crystalline elastomers
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 1988 Physical properties of liquid crystals
 1989 2,3-Difluorobiphenyls, their preparation, and liquid-crystal phases and display devices containing them
 1989 4-Cyano-2,3-difluorophenol derivatives for liquid-crystal display devices
 1989 Benzonitriles and liquid-crystal phases and display devices containing them
 1989 Cyclohexene derivatives and liquid-crystal phases and display devices containing them
 1989 Difluorobenzene derivatives, their preparation, and liquid-crystal phases and display devices containing them
 1989 Difluorobenzonitrile derivatives for liquid-crystal display devices
 1989 Dihalobenzene derivatives and liquid-crystal phases and display devices containing them
 1989 Dihalobenzene derivatives for liquid-crystal display devices
 1989 Liquid crystals for active matrix displays
 1989 Liquid-crystalline reference compounds
 1989 New Fluorinated Liquid Crystalline Compounds with Positive Dielectric Anisotropy
 1989 Physical properties of diphenyldiacetylenic liquid crystals
 1989 Pyridine derivatives for liquid-crystal display devices
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Finkenzeller, Ulrich (cont...)1990 Difluoromethoxy-Substituted Liquid Crystals - A Comparative Study
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 1990 Switching Times in Twisted Structures: Influence of the Absolute Magnitude of the Elastic Constants
 1990 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline materials with high optical anisotropy
 1991 1,2-Disubstituted 2,6-difluorobenzene compounds and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1991 1,4-Disubstituted 2,6-difluorobenzene derivatives and liquid crystal media
 1991 2,5-Disubstituted heterocycles for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 5-Oxy-2-phenylpyrimidine derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 Benzene derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 Di- and trifluorotolane derivatives, their use in liquid crystal media, the media, and liquid-crystal displays using the media
 1991 Di- und trifluoromethoxy compounds for liquid crystallin media
 1991 Difluoroacetonitrile derivatives and liquid -crystal media and display devices containing them
 1991 Difluorophenylisothiocyanate and liquid crystal medium
 1991 Electrically controlled birefringence effect-based liquid crystal compositions containing thiadiazole derivatives
 1991 Electrooptical liquid - crystal system
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 1991 Phenylcyclohexane derivatives and liquid crystal media containing them
 1991 Phenylcyclohexane derivatives, their use in liquid crystal media, the media, and electrooptical displays using the media
 1991 Phenylcyclohexane derivatives, their use in liquid crystal media, the media, and electrooptical displays using the media
 1991 Preparation of 4-substituted-4'-halo- and -4'-halomethoxy-1,2-diphenylethanes as liquid crystals
 1991 Preparation of fluorinated diphenyldiynes and related compounds as liquid crystals
 1991 Preparation of fluorinated polyphenyls as liquid crystals
 1991 Preparation of haloalkylbiphenyls and analogs as liquid crystal components
 1991 Preparation of haloethynylcyclohexane derivatives as liquid crystals
 1991 Requirements for Polymer and Liquid Crystalline Materials for Application in PDLC/NCAP Devices
 1992 1,4-disubstituted 2,6-difluorobenzene derivatives and liquid - crystal media and display devices containing them
 1992 2-Fluoropyridines - Synthesis and Physical Properties of a New Class of Liquid Crystals
 1992 Difluoromethylene-containing compounds useful as liquid crystals for electrooptical displays
 1992 Dynamic Behaviour of Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1992 Electrooptical liquid - crystal display device
 1992 Electrooptical liquid crystal system
 1992 Electrooptical system
 1992 Liquid - crystal display device
 1992 Liquid - crystal display device
Finkenzeller, Ulrich (cont...)1992 Liquid - crystal media and electrooptical display devices containing them
 1992 Liquid crystal media, their use in electrooptical applications, and electrooptical liquid - crystal displays using them
 1992 Nematic liquid - crystal composition
 1992 Nematic liquid - crystal compositions based on terminally and laterally fluorinated compounds
 1992 Nematic liquid - crystal compositions based on terminally and laterally fluorinated compounds
 1992 Nematic liquid crystal media, method for reducing the temperature dependence of birefringence in the media, and electrooptical systems employing the media
 1992 New fluorinated heterocyclic compounds for improved ferroelectric liquid crystal -mixtures
 1992 Partially fluorinated compounds and liquid-crystal compositions and display devices containing them
 1992 Pyrimidine esters, their use in liquid crystal media, the media, and liquid-crystal and electrooptical displays using the media
 1992 The Biaxial Dielectric Properties in the Chiral Smectic C Phase of Single Compounds and Their Relation to Molecular Structure
 1992 The Difluoromethylencyclobutylgroup - A New Input for Mesogenity in Liquid Crystals
 1993 Benzene derivatives, their use in liquid crystal media for displays, the media, and electrooptical displays employing the media
 1993 Ferroelectric liquid crystal media, their use in electrooptical apparatus, and the apparatus
 1993 Ferroelectric smectic displays and materials
 1993 Fluorovinylene compounds, liquid crystal media containing them, and displays employing the media
 1993 Method for producing microencapsulated liquid crystals and their use
 1993 Nematic liquid-crystal composition
 1993 The Terminally meta-Difluorinated Phenylengroup as a Building Block in Liquid Crystals. - Scope and Limitation
 1993 Trans-1,3-disubstituted Cyclobutanes - Interesting Compounds for Liquid Crystals
 1993 Vinyl and halovinyl group-containing derivative liquid crystal compounds, smectic liquid crystal media containing them, and displays employing the media
Finkenzeller, Ulrich (cont...)1994 Benzene derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1994 Cyclobutane-benzene derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1994 Ferroelectric liquid crystal media and their use in electrooptical switches and displays
 1994 Ferroelectric liquid crystal media, their use in electrooptical devices, and devices using them
 1994 Liquid crystalline 2,6-disubstituted benzotrifluorides
 1994 Mesogenic polyenes, liquid crystal media containing them, and electrooptical displays employing the media
 1994 Preparation of (trifluoroethoxy)phenyl moiety-containing liquid crystals
 1994 Preparation of 1,2,2,2-tetrafluoroethyloxy group-containing liquid crystals and liquid crystal media containing them.
 1994 Preparation of methylenespiroalkanes as liquid crystal components
 1994 Preparation of phenyl thioethers as liquid crystal components
 1994 Preparation of phenyl(methylene)spiroalkanes as liquid crystal components
 1995 Biaxial dielectric properties in the chiral smectic C phase of single compounds and their relation to molecular structure
 1995 Matrix liquid-crystal display
 1996 Fluorinated liquid crystal compounds for liquid crystal compositions for electrooptical display devices
 1996 Partially fluorinated benzene derivatives useful as liquid crystal display composition
 1996 Preparation of α-fluorobenzyl fluoroalkyl ethers as liquid crystal components
Finkner, Lyle G.1998 Two-telescope interferometric testbed to develop low-cost atmospheric correction techniques for high angular resolution
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 1992 Automated two-dimensional phase sensing and control using phase contrast imaging
 1992 Intracavity phase correction of an external Talbot cavity laser with the use of liquid crystals
 1992 Semiconductor laser array in an external Talbot cavity
 1993 Phased 2D semiconductor laser array for high coherent output power
 1994 High power coherent two-dimensional semiconductor laser array
 1994 Phase locking of a two-dimensional semiconductor laser array in an external Talbot cavity
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