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Feng, Ke-An1980 The anomalous properties in viscosity near the N -> SA transition point of liquid crystals
 1983 Anisotropic steric effects and negative in nematic liquid crystals
Feng, Liang2006 Acoustic Backward-Wave Negative Refractions in the Second Band of a Sonic Crystal
Feng, Lihai1998 Photoalignment mechanism of liquid crystals on poly(vinyl cinnamate) surfaces
Feng, Linxian1999 Influence of syndiotacticity and annealing temperature on the double melting peak behavior of syndiotactic polypropylene
Feng, Liwen1993 A study on conformational structure of model compound of novel side chain liquid crystalline polymer by using high-resolution-solid state carbon-13 NMR
Feng, Luoyu1989 Magnetooptical effect on the isotropic phase of nematogens
Feng, Ming Shiann1992 Polycrystalline silicon thin film transistors with low-temperature gate dielectrics
Feng, Minhui1995 Study on Synthesis and Liquid Crystalline Properties of Alkoxyl Viologen Polymers
Feng, Pingyun1994 Generalized synthesis of periodic surfactant/inorganic composite materials
 1994 Organization of Organic Molecules with Inorganic Molecular Species into Nanocomposite Biphase Arrays
 1998 Synthesis and organization of zeolite-like materials with three-dimensional helical pores
 2000 Control of pore sizes in mesoporous silica templated by liquid crystals in block copolymer-cosurfactant-water systems
 2000 Monolithic mesoporous silica templated by microemulsion liquid crystals
 2000 Periodic mesoporous silica monoliths templated by liquid crystals in complex systems
Feng, Q.1992 On the theory of Rayleigh-Bénard convection in homeotropic nematic liquid crystals
 1992 Theory of Rayleigh-Benard Convection in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1994 Nonlinear transverse modes of large-aspect-ratio homogeneously broadened lasers: I. Analysis and numerical simulation
Feng, Qiuwei2003 Facile Synthesis of Mesoporous Gold-Silica Nanocomposite Materials via Sol-Gel Process with Nonsurfactant Templates
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Feng, S.H.2003 Effect of temperature and surfactant concentration on the rheological behavior of mesophases
Feng, Shang-Hua2003 Phase behavior and rheological properties of NP-10 in sodium nitrate solution
 2004 Rheological properties of lyotropic liquid crystal
 2006 Effects of temperature on the rheology of two different cubic lyotropic liquid crystals
Feng, Shouhua2003 Hollow Spheres Based on Mesostructured Lead Titanate with Amorphous Framework
Feng, Shu2009 Hierarchical Structure in Oriented Fibers of a Dendronized Polymer
Feng, Si-Shen1999 Evolution of surface chemistry and physical properties during thin film polymerization of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers
 2000 Effects of Chain Structure on Surface Pressure-Area Behavior and Membrane Elasticity of Lipid Monolayers at the Air-Water Interface: Application of an Equation of States
Feng, Songlin2003 Band structures and band gaps of liquid surface waves propagating through an infinite array of cylinders
Feng, Ting Fui2000 Method for manufacturing thin film transistor (TFT) for liquid crystal display device
Feng, Tinggui2002 Radiative ablation to low-Z matter
Feng, Wei2001 Liquid crystal optical switches and signal processors
 2002 Self-assembled organic-inorganic composite superlattice thin films incorporating photo- and electrochemically active phosphomolybdate anion
 2003 Liquid crystal applications in optical telecommunication
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Feng, Xi-Zeng2006 Electrical conformational bistability of dimesogen molecules with a molecular chord structure
 2007 Matrix-molecule induced chiral enhancement effect of binary supramolecular liquid crystals
Feng, Xiao-Fan2003 Bit-depth extension using spatiotemporal microdither based on models of the equivalent input noise of the visual system
 2005 Improving color characteristics of LCD
 2006 CD motion-blur analysis, perception, and reduction using synchronized backlight flashing
 2009 Sub-pixel-based MVA LCTV characterization and color modeling
Feng, Xiao-Shuang2001 Synthesis and characterization of star polymers initiated by hexafunctional discotic initiator through atom transfer radical polymerization
 2001 Synthesis of 6-Armed Amphiphilic Block Copolymers with Styrene and 2,3-Dihydroxypropyl Acrylate by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
Feng, Xin-De1988 Studies on thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters: poly(arylene terephthalate-co-hexamethylene terephthalate)
 1988 Synthesis of a new class of side-chain liquid crystal polymers -polymers with mesogens laterally attached via short linkages to polymer backbones
 1993 Nematic schlieren textures of some thermotropic liquid crystal polymers with two-dimensional mesogenic units
 1993 Polymeric nematic schlieren textures with singularities of high strength
 1993 Restudy of the old poly-2,5-di(benzoyloxy)styrene as a new liquid crystal polymer
 1995 Characterization of the chain stiffness for a mesogen-jacketed liquid crystal polymer: poly{2,5-bis[(4-methoxybenzoyl)oxy]styrene}
 1995 Synthesis and chain rigidity of mesogen-jacketed liquid crystal polymers based on poly[2,5-disubstituted]styrene
 1996 Synthesis and chain rigidity of mesogen-jacketed liquid-crystalline polymers based on poly(2,5-disubstituted-styrene)
 1997 Mesogen-jacketed liquid crystal polymers with mesogens of aromatic amide structure
 1997 Synthesis and Properties of Stereoregular Polyacetylenes Containing Cyano Groups, Poly[[4-[[[n-[(4'-cyano-4-biphenylyl)-oxy]alkyl]oxy]carbonyl]phenyl]acetylenes]
 1997 Synthesis of liquid crystalline aromatic amide compounds
 1997 Synthesis of novel liquid crystal compounds with aromatic amide mesogenic cores
 1997 Synthesis of poly(phenylacetylenes) containing polar cyano groups
 1998 Influence of backbone rigidity on the liquid crystallinity of mesogen -containing polyacetylenes
 1998 Liquid Crystalline Polyacetylenes: Synthesis and Properties of Poly{n-[((4'-cyano-4-biphenylyl)oxy)carbonyl]-1-alkynes}
 1998 Mesomorphic properties of mesogen -containing polyacetylenes
 1998 Relationship between chemical structure and properties for mesogen-jacketed liquid crystal polymers
 1999 Mechanical perturbation induced molecular alignments in a side-chain liquid crystalline polyacetylene, poly{10-[4-(4'-methoxyphenoxycarbonyl)phenoxycarbonyl]-1-decyne}
 2005 Functional Disubstituted Polyacetylenes and Soluble Cross-Linked Polyenes: Effects of Pendant Groups or Side Chains on Liquid Crystallinity and Light Emission of Poly(1-phenyl-1-undecyne)s
Feng, Xing2007 Study on byproduct in synthesis of triphenyl liquid crystal compound by Suzuki coupling reaction
Feng, Xinliang2007 Triangle-shaped polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
 2008 Ballistic Electron Microscopy of Nanographene Layers
 2008 Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Edge-On Nanocolumnar Superstructures of Large Disc-Like Molecules
 2008 Supramolecular Organization and Photovoltaics of Triangle-shaped Discotic Graphenes with Swallow-tailed Alkyl Substituents
 2008 Synthesis, Helical Organization, and Fibrous Formation of C3 Symmetric Methoxy-Substituted Discotic Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
 2008 Unusual Symmetry Effect on Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
 2009 Controllable Columnar Organization of Positively Charged Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Choice of Counterions
 2009 Controlled Self-Assembly of C3-Symmetric Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes with Alternating Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Substituents in Solution, in the Bulk, and on a Surface
 2009 Growth of Long, Highly Stable, and Densely Packed Worm-Like Nanocolumns of Hexa-peri-Hexabenzocoronenes via Chemisorption on Au(111)
 2009 Spongelike Structures of Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene Derivatives Enhance the Sensitivity of Chemiresistive Carbon Nanotubes to Nonpolar Volatile Organic Compounds of Cancer
Feng, Xiqi1992 Spectral parameter characterization of the rigid core orders of disklike liquid crystals
Feng, Xu-Sheng2000 Studies on the Composite Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Tetracationic Porphyrazine Cobalt and Methyl Orange
Feng, Y.1998 The characterization of random propylene-ethylene copolymer
 1998 The measurement of compositional heterogeneity in a propylene-ethylene block copolymer
 1999 Effect of self-nucleation on crystallization and melting behavior of polypropylene and its copolymers
Feng, Y.P.2004 Bond-Angle-Potential-Dependent Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation and Lipid Inverted Phase
Feng, Yan2004 Spontaneous formation of periodic nanostructured film by electrodeposition: Experimental observations and modeling
Feng, Yanli2005 Novel Photochromic Tetraazaporphyrin Mg (II) Containing Bisthienylethene
Feng, Yentong1994 Kinetics of mesophase formation of coal tar pitch
Feng, Ying2002 Effect of urea, dimethylurea, and tetramethylurea on the phase behavior of dioleoylphosphatidylethanolamine
 2003 Stable cubic phases in codispersions of glucocerebroside and palmitoyloleoylphosphatidylethanolamine
 2004 Phase behavior of dipalmitoylphosphatidylethanolamine in dimethylsulfoxide-water mixture
Feng, Yingtong1993 Heat treatment process of mesophase during purification of coal tar pitch
 1995 Structural characteristics of quinoline insoluble fraction and their influence on mesophase transformation
 1996 Test on calcination of magnesia brick bonded with mesophase pith binder
 1998 Kinetics of mesophase transformation of coal tar pitch
 1999 Kinetic study of mesophase transformation of coal tar pitches by programmed heating
Feng, Yuding1998 Evaluation of multiple melting peaks of propylene-ethylene copolymers
Feng, Yue-you1996 Metal-insulator-semiconductor structure single crystal silicon liquid-crystal light valve
Feng, Yujun2009 Environmentally stimuli-responsive surfactants
Feng, Yuyang2007 Metal-dielectric composite optical structures with novel dynamic tunable localized surface-plasmonic effects
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Feng, Zhi-Liu1994 Synthesis of thermotropic liquid crystal aromatic copolyesters and copoly(ester-amide)s containing di(ethyloxy-ether) as the spacer
 1995 Synthesis and characterization of thermotropic copolyesters and copoly(ester-amides) containing oxyethylene-ether as the spacer
 1996 Synthesis and characterization of aromatic liquid crystalline poly(ester-imide)s derived from an imidodicarboxylic acid
 1997 Liquid crystalline polymer as a processing agent in blends of poly(ether ketone)/LCP70
 1998 Isothermal crystallization kinetics and melting behavior of poly(β-hydroxybutyrate)/poly(vinyl acetate) blends
 1999 Nonisothermal crystallization and melting behavior of poly(β-hydroxybutyrate)-poly(vinyl-acetate) blends
 2002 Synthesis and characterization of poly(beta-hydroxybutyrate) and poly(epsi-caprolactone) copolyester by transesterification
Feng, Zhi-yun2000 Studies on 1-phenyl-4-ethyl-(2'- substituted phenyl) silacyclohexane-based liquid crystal compounds in quantum chemistry
Feng, Zhifang2005 Negative Refraction and Imaging Using 12-fold-Symmetry Quasicrystals
Feng, Zhiqiang2003 High-resolution maskless lithography by the integration of micro-optics and point array technique
Feng, Zhong1999 Preparation of semiflexible acetoxypropyl cellulose and the liquid-crystalline phase transition
Feng, Zu-Ru1979 High-speed phase-change storage models of liquid crystal matrix displays
 1986 Liquid crystal color displays
Feng, Zunjie1998 Synthesis and use of fluorinated aromatic acid sterol ester
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Fenn, David Robert2003 Mixing scheme and preparation of a refinish automotive coating composition
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 2004 Publisher's Note: Ising fluids in an external magnetic field: An integral equation approach [Phys. Rev. E 69, 061506 (2004)]
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 1996 Optically addressed spatial light modulator with highly sensitive layer of amorphous hydrogenated silicon carbide
 1998 Deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystals with large tilt angles in optically addressed spatial light modulators for dynamical holography applications
 2000 Reflective FLC optically addressed spatial light modulators with pixelated metal mirror and light-blocking layer
 2003 Polarization splitting of optical resonant modes in a-Si:H/a-SiOx:H microcavities
Feoktistov, Nikolai A.1998 Development of the optically addressed spatial light modulators for dynamic holography applications using deformed-helix ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1998 Novel liquid crystal spatial light modulators for adaptive optics and image processing
 2000 OA LC SLM with high-net optical efficiency for holographic correction of distortions
 2000 Reflective optically addressed FLC SLMs for dynamic holography
 2002 Phase reflective OA LC SLM with the clear aperture up to 50-mm for recording dynamic holographic grating with high-diffraction efficiency
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Fereidoon, Abdolhosein2009 Thermal and Structural Behaviors of Polypropylene Nanocomposites Reinforced with Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Melt Processing Method
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 1970 Polymorphism of Smectic Phases with Smectic A Morphology
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 1971 Effect of ultrasound on a nematic liquid crystal
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 1995 Chiroptical Switching between Liquid Crystalline Phases
 1996 Chiroptical molecular switches
 1996 Dynamic Control and Amplification of Molecular Chirality by Circular Polarized Light
 1996 Switching of chirality by light
 1998 Optically active diarylethenes for multimode photoswitching between liquid-crystalline phases
 2000 Chiroptical Molecular Switches
 2000 Tripodal tris-urea derivatives as gelators for organic solvents
 2001 Color indicators of molecular chirality based on doped liquid crystals
 2002 Color indicator for enantiomeric excess and assignment of the configuration of the major enantiomer of an amino acid ester
 2002 Unidirectional rotary motion in a liquid crystalline environment: color tuning by a molecular motor
 2004 A chiroptical molecular switch with distinct chiral and photochromic entities and its application in optical switching of a cholesteric liquid crystal
 2004 Direct visual detection of the stereoselectivity of a catalytic reaction
 2005 Macroscopic Expression of the Chirality of Amino Alcohols by a Double Amplification Mechanism in Liquid Crystalline Media
 2006 Making molecular machines work
 2006 Molecular machines Nanomotor rotates microscale objects
 2006 Phosphoric Acids as Amplifiers of Molecular Chirality in Liquid Crystalline Media
 2006 Reversible full-range color control of a cholesteric liquid - crystalline film by using a molecular motor
 2006 Rotational Reorganization of Doped Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Films
 2008 Control of dynamic helicity at the macro- and supramolecular level
Feringa, Ben L. (cont...)2008 Light-Controlled Supramolecular Helicity of a Liquid Crystalline Phase Using a Helical Polymer Functionalized with a Single Chiroptical Molecular Switch
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