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Fabelinskii, Immanuil L.1976 New methods and advances of high-resolution spectroscopy
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 1981 A continuum theory of disorder in nematic liquid crystals. V. Anisotropy and order-dependence of the Frank constants
 1981 The Frank constants of nematic 5CB at atmospheric pressure
 1983 Theories of nematic order
 1984 A continuum theory of disorder in nematic liquid crystals. VI. Further applications to a lattice model
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 1989 Recent developments in optically nonlinear polymers and related electro-optic devices
 1990 Ferrosmectics: a new magnetic and mesomorphic phase
 1990 Magnetic lyotropic phases
 1990 Smectic ferrofluid
 1992 Anisotropy of the Diffusion Coefficients of Submicronic Particles Embedded in Lamellar Phases
 1993 Doping of lyotropic smectics with nonmagnetic particles: comparison with ferrosmectics
 1993 Penetration length of ferrosmectics
 1995 Transition of a ferrosmectic in a very weak magnetic field
 1996 Compatibility between Solid Particles and a Lamellar Phase: A Crucial Role of the Membrane Interactions
 1998 Elasticity of a swollen hexagonal phase
 1998 First-order-type orientation transition in a ferrosmectic phase under magnetic field
 1999 Magnetic field induced instabilities of a doped lyotropic hexagonal phase
 2000 Light scattering with swollen hexagonal phases
Fabre, Pascale1984 Viscoelastic properties of side chain mesomorphic polymers in nematic phase: melt and solutions
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 1996 Modification of the interactions in a lamellar phase by the presence of nanoparticles
 1997 Swelling of a Lyotropic Hexagonal Phase by Monitoring the Radius of the Cylinders
 1999 Switchable Tackiness and Wettability of a Liquid Crystalline Polymer
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Facao, M.2003 Stability of screening solitons in photorefractive media
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Faenov, A.Ya.2002 Charge-exchange-induced two-electron satellite transitions from autoionizing levels in dense plasmas
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Faetti, M.2002 Heterogeneity in the Dynamics of a Molecular Tracer in Liquid Crystalline Homo- and Co-polymers
 2002 The Effects of Molar Mass and Molar Mass Distribution on the Optical Recording on an LC Azobenzene Polymer
 2003 Dynamics heterogeneity and optical writing in a liquid crystalline azobenzene copolymer
 2003 Molar mass and molar mass distribution in a nematic azobenzene polymethacrylate: effect on optical recording
 2004 Heterogeneity in the dynamics of a molecular tracer dissolved in liquid crystal homopolymer and copolymer
 2005 A Trap Model Description of Enthalpy Relaxation in a Side Chain Liquid Crystal Polymethacrylate
 2006 Fragility and Glass Transition Temperature in the Rheological Response of Azobenzene Copolymers
 2006 Heterogeneities in the Dynamics of a Molecular Tracer in Mesogenic and Nonmesogenic Azobenzene Copolymers
Faetti, Massimo1998 Splay-bend surface elastic constant of nematic liquid crystals: a solution of the Somoza-Tarazona paradox
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 2001 Enthalpy Relaxation at the Glass Transition in a Side Chain Liquid Crystal Polymer for Optical Data Storage
 2001 On the Influence of the Backbone Conformations of a Side Chain Liquid Crystal Polymer on the Fast Rotational Dynamics of a Probe Molecule
 2002 Fractionary couplings of spin probe to backbone and side group dynamics of a liquid crystal polymer
 2002 Optical bit stability and relaxation processes in a liquid crystal polymer with a photosensitive azo dye molecule as side group
 2002 Physical Aging in Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Polymers: A DSC Investigation of the Enthalpy Relaxation
 2005 Effects of Thermal Annealing on the Heterogeneities in the Dynamics of a Paramagnetic Probe Dissolved in Azobenzene Polymethacrylates
 2005 Rheological Behavior of Azobenzene Nematic Homopolymer and Copolymer
 2005 Rheological Response of Polydisperse Nematic Polymethacrylates: Relaxation Times and Conformational Transition
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 1983 Experimental measurement of the director orientation at the free surface of a nematic liquid crystal
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 1996 Anomalous relaxation of a twisted cell under an external magnetic field: the nearly homogeneous relaxation
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 1996 Pattern formation in a twisted nematic liquid crystal cell under an external magnetic field
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 1998 Splay-bend surface elastic constant of nematic liquid crystals: a solution of the Somoza-Tarazona paradox
 2005 Infrared refractive indices of liquid crystals
 2005 Magnetic Field Induced Director Reorientation in the Nematic Cell with Time-Dependent Anchoring Due to Adsorption/Desorption of LC Molecules
 2006 Azimuthal director gliding at a strongly anchoring interface of polyimide
 2007 Measurement of Refractive Indices of the Liquid Crystal Mixtures Merck 10400-000 and 10400-100 at the Infrared Wavelength λ = 1550 nm
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 1998 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
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 1976 Eigenschaften vordeformierter Flüssigkristallstrukturen
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