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 1988 On the influence of elastic modes on the NMR lineshapes of polymer liquid crystals
 1988 Reply to "Comment on Measurement of the viscoelastic coefficients of main-chain nematic polymers by an NMR technique"
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 2005 Catalytic System for the Heck Reaction of Fluorinated Haloaryls
Espinet, Pablo1991 Synthesis and phase behavior of mesomorphic transition-metal complexes of alkoxydithiobenzoates
 1992 Mesogenic behavior of silver thiolates with layered structure in the solid state: covalent soaps
 1993 Improved properties of a ferroelectric liquid crystals from palladium β-diketonate complexes
 1993 Metal-containing mesogens with a cholesteric mesophase
 1995 Liquid crystals based on alkynylgold(I) isonitrile complexes
 1995 Liquid crystals based on halogold(I) complexes with 4-isocyano-4'-alkoxybiphenyl derivatives
 1995 Liquid crystals based on halogold(I) complexes with p-alkoxyphenyl isonitriles
 1996 Effect of the position and number of chiral carbons on ferroelectric liquid crystals from multichain mononuclear ortho-palladated complexes
 1996 Monomeric and dimeric ortho-metalated palladium(II)-imine systems as liquid crystals
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 1996 Second harmonic generation (SHG) with metal-containing ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1997 Effects of isocyanide substituents on the mesogenic properties of halogeno(isocyanide)gold complexes: calamitic and discotic liquid crystals
 1997 Liquid-crystalline behavior of di- and mono-palladium organyls: two ways of lyomesophase formation
 1997 Liquid-Crystalline Mono- and Dinuclear (Perhalophenyl)gold(I) Isocyanide Complexes
 1997 Lyomesomorphic behavior of selected di-palladium organyls in hydrocarbons
 1998 Columnar Organization in Mesogenic cis- and trans-[MX2(C.tplbond.NR)2] Complexes (M = Pd, Pt)
 1998 Mesogenic dinuclear cyclopalladated derivatives with mixed bridges. Crystal structure of cis-[bis({4,4'-di-n-butoxy}benzylideneaniline-C2,N)-(μ-n-butylthiolato)(μ-chloro)dipalladium(II)]
 1999 Liquid crystals 'made of gold'
 1999 Liquid crystals based on pseudohalogold(I) isocyanide complexes
 1999 Metallomesogens presenting blue phases in a glassy state and in metallomesogen/nematic mixtures
Espinet, Pablo (cont...)1999 Synthesis, structural characterization and mesogenic behavior of copper(I) n-alkylthiolates
 2000 Ionic silver amino complexes displaying liquid crystalline behavior close to room temperature
 2000 Mesomorphic trigonal bipyramidal iron(0) isocyanide complexes
 2001 Supramolecular organization in copper(I) isocyanide complexes: copper(i) liquid crystals from a simple molecular structure
 2002 Binuclear Mesogenic Copper(I) Isocyanide Complexes with an Unusual Inorganic Core Formed by Two Tetrahedra Sharing an Edge
 2002 Ferroelectric liquid crystal behavior in platinum orthometallated complexes
 2002 Liquid crystalline behavior in gold(I) and silver(I) ionic isocyanide complexes: smectic and columnar mesophases
 2002 Twist-Grain Boundary Phase and Blue Phases in Isocyanide Gold(I) Complexes
 2004 Mesogenic Nickel and Palladium Complexes with Pincer Ligands Derived from Pyridine-2,6-bis(thiocarboxylic) Acid
 2004 Mesomorphic Mixtures of Metal Isocyanide Complexes, Including Smectic C Mesophases at Room Temperature and Liquid Crystalline "Molecular Alloys"
 2005 Gold liquid crystals displaying luminescence in the mesophase and short FF interactions in the solid state
 2006 Dinuclear Gold(I) Isocyanide Complexes with Luminescent Properties, and Displaying Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Behavior
 2008 Luminescence and Mesogenic Properties in Crown-Ether-Isocyanide or Carbene Gold(I) Complexes: Luminescence in Solution, in the Solid, in the Mesophase, and in the Isotropic Liquid State
 2008 Self-organization of dendritic supermolecules, based on isocyanide-gold(I), -copper(I), -palladium(II), and -platinum(II) complexes, into micellar cubic mesophases
 2009 Azo Isocyanide Gold(I) Liquid Crystals, Highly Birefringent and Photosensitive in the Mesophase
 2009 Columnar Mesophases in Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Supramolecular Aggregates: Liquid Crystals of Fe, Cr, Mo, and W at Room Temperature, Built from Triazines and Metalloacid Complexes
 2010 Liquid-Crystalline Self-Organization of Isocyanide-Containing Dendrimers Induced by Coordination to Gold(I) Fragments
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 2007 A Clathrate Form of Syndiotactic Poly(p-methylstyrene) Containing Two Different Types of Cavities
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 2003 Multibarrier tunneling
 2008 Large capture range cophasing with the Liquid Crystal Tunable Filter
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 2004 Synthesis and characterization of a novel liquid crystal series with tribenzoate cores and monofluoro-substitution on the phenyl ring near the chiral chain
 2005 Electro-optical switching properties for measuring the parameters of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2006 (E,T) Phase Diagrams in Polar Compounds
 2007 Field-temperature phase diagrams in chiral tilted smectics, evidencing ferroelectric and ferrielectric phases
 2009 Electric field-induced phase transitions in a smectic chiral liquid crystal
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 1991 Phase behavior in the mixed surfactant and alcohol systems: lithium dodecyl sulfate/fluorinated or hydrogenated alcohol/water
 1991 Phase behavior in the mixed surfactant system: lithium dodecyl sulfate/lithium perfluorooctanesulfonate/water
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 1992 Phase equilibria in the fluorinated surfactant-alcohol-water and hydrogenated surfactant-alcohol-water systems
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 1999 Fluorescence photobleaching recovery spectroscopy in a dye doped nematic liquid crystal
 1999 Photobleaching and reorientational dynamics of dyes in a nematic liquid crystal
 2000 Blue phases of cholesteric liquid crystals as thermotropic photonic crystals
 2000 Comment on "Photon transmission technique for studying multiple phase transitions in a liquid crystal"
 2000 Coupling between molecular vibrations and liquid crystalline order parameters
 2000 Phonon self-energies and phase transitions in a prototype discotic liquid crystal
 2001 Differing applications of Raman scattering to liquid crystals
 2001 Monitoring surface molecular order in discotic liquid crystals
 2001 Monitoring surface molecular order in discotic liquid crystals
 2003 Electromagnetic optimization of light-harvesting proteins
 2003 Raman Anisotropy Measurements: An Effective Probe of Molecular Orientation in Conjugated Polymer Thin Films
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 2002 Self-Organization Properties of New (α-Aminoalkyl)phosphonic- and (α-Aminoalkyl)phosphonocarboxylic Acid Amphiphiles in Water and at the Air/Water Interface
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 2009 Oriented Mesoporous Silica Films Obtained by Electro-Assisted Self-Assembly (EASA)
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 2002 Front scattering film
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