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 1996 Cholesteric Carbohydrate Liquid Crystals
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 1994 Gel to liquid crystal transitions for vesicles in aqueous solutions prepared using mixtures of sodium dialkylphosphates (R1O)(R2O)PO2-Na+ and (R3O)2PO2-Na+, where R1 = C10H21, R2 = C14H29 or C18H37 and R3 = C12H25, C14H29, C16H33 or C18H37
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 1996 Calorimetric studies of macromolecular aqueous solutions
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 1996 Influence of polar head groups on the gel to liquid-crystal transition in vesicular and lipid bilayer systems
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 1997 Nonionic Bolaamphiphiles and Gemini Surfactants Based on Carbohydrates
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Engberts, Jan B.F.N. (cont...)1997 Synthesis, purification and liquid - crystalline behavior of several alkyl 1-thio-D-glycopyranosides
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 2000 Vesicles Accelerate Proton Transfer from Carbon up to 850-fold
 2001 Electron microscopic investigation of the morphology and calcium-induced fusion of lipid vesicles with an oligomerised inner leaflet
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 1999 Liquid crystal device containing orientation film
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 1989 Carbonization of petroleum feedstocks. II: Chemical constitution of feedstock asphaltenes and mesophase development
 1993 Carbonization of anthracene and phenanthrene. 2. Spectroscopy and mechanisms
 1993 Carbonization of anthracene and phenanthrene. I. Kinetics and mesophase development
 1996 Mesophase and pyrolytic carbon formation in aircraft fuel lines
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