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Elduque, Anabel1998 (Pyrazolato)gold Complexes Showing Room-Temperature Columnar Mesophases. Synthesis, Properties, and Structural Characterization
 1999 Rhodium(I) and Iridium(I) Complexes Containing β-Diketonate or Pyrazole Ligands. Liquid Crystal and Nonlinear Optical Properties
 2006 Supramolecular Structures and Columnar Mesophase Induction in Nondiscoid Pyrazoles by Complexation to Rhodium(I)
 2009 Self-Assembly in Helical Columnar Mesophases and Luminescence of Chiral 1H-Pyrazoles
Eleiwa, M.M.1986 Magnetic field effect on the gel-liquid crystal phase transition of phospholipid membranes
Elemans, Johannes A.A.W.2000 Host-guest complexes with tuneable solid state structures
 2001 Lamellar Organic Thin Films through Self-Assembly and Molecular Recognition
 2002 Plastic- and liquid-crystalline architectures from dendritic receptor molecules
 2003 Noncontact liquid-crystal alignment by supramolecular amplification of nanogrooves
 2005 Tunable Command Layers for Liquid Crystal Alignment
 2006 Macroscopic Hierarchical Surface Patterning of Porphyrin Trimers via Self-Assembly and Dewetting
 2009 Self-assembly of corrole trimers in solution and at the solid–liquid interface
Elenbaas-Bunschoten, E.W.A.1979 A study of the line width in the rotational spectrum of methylfluoride
Elenis, Athanasios2006 Ultraviolet Radiation Induced Cold Chemi-Crystallization in Syndiotactic Polypropylene Clay-Nanocomposites
Elenius, Maans2009 Evidence for a liquid-solid critical point in a simple monatomic system
Elezgaray, J.2002 Exploring the natural conformational changes of the C-terminal domain of calmodulin
 2004 Selection rules for the tip-splitting instability
Elferink, R.F.M. Oude1982 Comparative study on the properties of saturated phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine bilayers: Barrier characteristics and susceptibility to phospholipase A2 degradation
Elfström, David2006 Polymer-Stabilized Orthoconic Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Elgart, Vlad2004 Rare event statistics in reaction-diffusion systems
Elger, Christian E.2003 Automated detection of a preseizure state based on a decrease in synchronization in intracranial electroencephalogram recordings from epilepsy patients
 2003 Testing the null hypothesis of the nonexistence of a preseizure state
 2004 Measure profile surrogates: A method to validate the performance of epileptic seizure prediction algorithms
Elger, G.1999 Time-resolved EPR study of electron transfer in a covalently linked porphyrin-quinone-quinone triad
Elgeti, J.2005 Nematic liquid crystals at rough and fluctuating interfaces
Elgin, John N.2004 Nonlinear optics in a birefringent optical fiber
Elgin, Randall2007 A characterization of UV effects on optical silicones used in opto-electronic devices and new developments in resistant materials
Elguero, J.1983 Mesogen properties optimization of liquid crystals. Scheffe's algorithm application to the study of the mixtures of four ketazine derivatives
 1983 Study of the mesomorphic behavior of ternary mixtures of alkoxybenzalazines by means of the Scheffe design
Elguero, Jose1985 Classification of mesogenic benzalazines by multivariate data analysis
 1987 Structural studies of mesogen benzalazine derivatives : Part I. Semiempirical MO calculations (CNDO/2,MNDO) on intramolecular H-bond and vicinal interactions
 1987 Structural studies of mesogen benzalazine derivatives. Part I. Semiempirical MO calculations (CNDO/2, MNDO) on intramolecular hydrogen bond and vicinal interactions
 1999 Synthesis and mesogenic properties of Schiff bases derived from aminopyrazoles
Elgueta, E.Y.2008 Novel chiral calamitic liquid crystalline oxadiazoles as ferroelectric materials
 2008 Novel chiral liquid crystals based on amides and azo compounds derived from 2-amino-1,3,4-thiadiazoles: synthesis and mesomorphic properties
 2008 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of oxadiazole esters derived from (R)-2-octanol, (S)-2-n-octyloxypropanol and (2S,3S)-2-chloro-3-methylpentanol
 2009 Novel amides and Schiff's bases derived from 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives: synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour
Elhard, Joel D.1993 Thermally reversible melt-processable isocyanate-based polymer compositions
Elian, M.1979 Substances nematiques et procede d'obtenir de cellsubstances nemattiques et procede d'obtenir de celle-ci e-ci
Elian, Mihai1978 Nematic liquid crystals
 1979 Compounds with nematic liquid crystal properties
 1979 Compounds with nematic liquid crystal properties
 1979 Nematic liquid crystal
 1979 Nematic liquid crystals
Elias, A.L.2006 Photopatterned liquid crystalline polymers for microactuators
 2007 Alignment of Liquid Crystals Infiltrated into Porous Thin Films with Tailored Nanostructures Grown by Glancing Angle Deposition
Elias, Anastasia L.2006 Optical behaviour of hybrid LC/inorganic nanostructures
 2006 Template induced chiral ordering in nematic liquid crystalline materials: A deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance study
 2007 Three Techniques for Micropatterning Liquid Crystalline Polymers
Elias, F.1999 Equilibrium textures in main-chain liquid crystalline polymers
 2000 Nematic Order Drives Phase Separation in Polydisperse Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 2002 Local rheological probes for complex fluids: Application to Laponite suspensions
Elias, Hans-Georg1977 Polymerizable amphiphiles, 1. Synthesis and proton magnetic resonance studies of [3-(4-vinylphenyl)propyl]-β-D-glucopyranoside
 1995 Hooke numbers of polymers
Elias, R.G.2009 Driven Front Propagation in 1D Spatially Periodic Media
Eliason, Patricia A.2008 An intelligent modulator system
Eliasson, A.C.1983 Bread baked from wheat/rice mixed flours using liquid-crystalline lipid phases in order to improve bread volume
Eliasson, Ann-Charlotte1998 A comparison of equilibrated lipid water systems and the effect of added lecithin on dough rheology of flour milling-streams
Eliasson, B.2003 Nonlinearly coupled upper-hybrid and magnetoacoustic waves in collisional magnetoplasmas
 2004 Dust acoustic shock waves
 2004 Electron acceleration to energies beyond GeV by a relativistic ion beam instability
Elibol, Oguz H.2008 Localized heating and thermal characterization of high electrical resistivity silicon-on-insulator sensors using nematic liquid crystals
Elicabe, G.E.2007 Analysis of the Phase Separation Induced by a Free-Radical Polymerization in Solutions of Polyisobutylene in Isobornyl Methacrylate
Eliceiri, K.W.2009 High-resolution wavefront correction in multiphoton microscopy
Elices, M.2000 Elastic properties of sphere-reinforced composites with a mesophase
Elie, C.J.J.1992 Iodonium Ion-Mediated Mannosylations of Myo-Inositol : Synthesis of a Mycobacteria Phospholipid Fragment
Elim, H.I.2006 Gain narrowing and random lasing from dye-doped polymer-dispersed liquid crystals with nanoscale liquid crystal droplets
 2007 Effect of liquid crystal concentration on the lasing properties of dye-doped holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal transmission gratings
Elings, V.1997 AFM study of thermotropic structural transitions in poly(diethylsiloxane)
Elinson, M.I.1974 Dynamic properties of the twisted structure of a liquid crystal
 1975 "Picture" logic and liquid crystals
 1983 Two-dimensional trigger medium for modeling of autowave processes
Eliseev, P.G.2003 Radiation from a dipole embedded in a multilayer slab
Elistratov, V.A.1975 Photoconductor-liquid crystal contact
Eliyahu, D.1993 Frequency-dependent fluctuations in the electrical polarizability of thin mesoscopic films
Elizondo, P.1987 Optical nonlinearities in organic materials: fundamentals and device applications
Elizondo, Philip1990 Large Kerr effects in transparent encapsulated liquid crystals
Elkamel, Ali1999 Homopolymerization of 4-propionoxybenzoic acid: a kinetic study
Elkasabi, Yaseen2007 Layer-by-Layer Assembled Films of Cellulose Nanowires with Antireflective Properties
Elkhov, Victor A.2001 Device for diagnosis and treatment of impairments on binocular vision and stereopsis
 2003 Light loss reduction of LCD polarized stereoscopic projection
Elkihel, L.1994 Synthesis and Determination of N-Acetyloctopamine by HPLC with Electrochemical Detection. Bioassay in Nippostrongylus Brasiliensis (Nematoda)
Elkihel, Laila1994 Influence of Sample Recovery Techniques on Detection of Biogenic Amines in the Rat Hookworm Nippostrongylus Brasiliensis
Elkin, A.Yu.1987 Carbon-13 NMR study of thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyesters. Effect of sharpness of phase transition temperatures
 1988 Study of liquid-crystalline polyesters by solid-state carbon-13 NMR spectroscopy
Elkins, Tammy Miller1984 Pitch conversion
Ellabban, M.A.2005 Holographic scattering in photopolymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 2007 Neutron diffraction from holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 2007 Role of optical extinction in holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
Ellabban, Mostafa A.2006 Colossal Light-Induced Refractive-Index Modulation for Neutrons in Holographic Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals
Ellegaard, C.2003 Chaotic sound waves in a regular billiard
 2003 Experiments on elastomechanical wave functions in chaotic plates and their statistical features
 2004 Pattern formation of underwater sand ripples with a skewed drive
Ellegaard, Clive2004 Counting function for a sphere of anisotropic quartz
Ellena, Jeffrey F.1986 Frequency dependence of spin-lattice relaxation times of lipid bilayers
 1986 Phosphorus-31 NMR spectra of rod outer segment and sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes show no evidence of immobilized components due to lipid-protein interactions
 1995 Molecular dynamics of vesicles of unsaturated phosphatidylcholines studied by 13C NMR spin-lattice relaxation
Ellenberger, Horst2002 Threaded nuts made from plastics
Ellenbroek, Wouter G.2004 Ensemble theory for force networks in hyperstatic granular matter
 2006 Sheared Force Networks: Anisotropies, Yielding, and Geometry
Ellens, Harma1986 Fusion of phosphatidylethanolamine-containing liposomes and mechanism of Lα-HII phase transition
Ellermann, Karl Heinz1992 Ferroelectric properties of liquid-crystalline SC phases induced by optically active cyanocyclohexylcyclohexanone derivatives
 1992 Preparation of racemic and chiral oxocyclohexenecarboxylate esters as intermediates for liquid crystals
Ellero, Marco2003 Thermodynamically consistent fluid particle model for viscoelastic flows
Ellersick, Steven D.2001 Quantification of specular image distinction in avionics active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) applications
Ellertson, David1999 Miniature 1280 by 1024 active matrix liquid crystal displays
Ellinger, Stefan2007 Aggregation phenomena of long α - and α ,ω -substituted oligothiophenes - the effect of branched vs. linear end-groups
 2007 Synthesis and Self-Organization of ω,ω-Substituted Oligothiophenes with Long, Branched Alkyl Substituents
 2010 Fine Tuning of Solid-State Properties of Septithiophenes by Tailoring the Substituents
Ellinghaus, R.1990 Herleitung einer möglichen Dichteabhängigkeit der elastischen Konstanten für einen cholesterischen Flüssigkristall
Ellington, J.C.1984 New structural model for mixed-chain phosphatidylcholine bilayers
Elliott, A.1972 Side-chain conformations in dry and liquid-crystalline forms of racemic poly(γ-benzylglutamate)
Elliott, Arthur1969 Liquid crystalline phases of poly-γ-benzyl-glutamate in solution
Elliott, B.J.2006 Crosslinked Bicontinuous Cubic Lyotropic Liquid-Crystal/Butyl-Rubber Composites: Highly Selective, Breathable Barrier Materials for Chemical Agent Protection
Elliott, Brian J.2000 Effects of nanostructure and self assembly on polymerization kinetics
 2005 Cross-Linked Lyotropic Liquid Crystal-Butyl Rubber Composites: Promising "Breathable" Barrier Materials for Chemical Protection Applications
 2009 New Type of Li Ion Conductor with 3D Interconnected Nanopores via Polymerization of a Liquid Organic Electrolyte-Filled Lyotropic Liquid-Crystal Assembly
Elliott, C. Michael2005 Polymer-Encapsulated Reverse Micelles: A Composite Material Design for the Optical Detection of Weak Magnetic Fields
Elliott, D.A.1982 Studies of cholesteryl oleyl carbonate in its isotropic and homeotropic states using optical rotation, Kerr-effect and light-scattering techniques
Elliott, Eric.L.2003 Synthesis and Properties of sym-Pentasubstituted Derivatives of Corannulene
Elliott, G.1965 Domain Structures in Liquid Crystals, induced by Electric Fields
 1973 Dielectric anisotropy of new liquid-crystal mixtures and its effect on dynamic scattering
 1975 Electro-optical displays using liquid crystals
 1976 Recent developments in liquid crystals and other new display techniques
 1976 The present status of liquid-crystal displays
Elliott, G.F.1969 Liquid-Crystalline Aspects of Muscle Fibers
 1973 Muscle fiber. Liquid-crystalline and hydraulic aspects
Elliott, George1973 Liquid crystals for electrooptical displays
 1980 Improvements in or relating to liquid crystal arrangements
 1987 Copolymer having both liquid-crystal and electrooptical properties
Elliott, Gerald F.1972 Myofilament lattice. Isolated fibers. II. Effects of osmotic strength, ionic concentration, and pH upon the unit-cell volume
Elliott, J.A.1999 A model-independent maximum-entropy method for the inversion of small-angle x-ray diffraction patterns
Elliott, J.A.W.2003 Liquid-Phase Behavior during the Cracking of Asphaltenes
Elliott, J.M.1999 A generic approach to electrodes with novel controllable continuous nanoarchitectures
Elliott, James1998 New metallomesogens core. New copper complexes with calamitic mesophases using tropolone based ligands. Crystal structure of bis(5-octyloxytropolonato)copper
Elliott, James M.2001 Crossover Phase Behavior (Discotic to Calamitic) in Liquid-Crystalline Copper Complexes. Dependence on the Length and Position of Alkoxy Chains in New Polycatenar Bis[5-(dialkoxybenzylidine)aminotropololonato]copper(II) Complexes
 2002 Criteria for Liquid Crystal Formation in 5-Alkoxy-, 5-Alkylamino-, and 5-Alkanoyl-tropolone Complexes of Transition Metals (CuII, ZnII, NiII, CoII, UO2VI, VOIV). The First Uranium Metallomesogen. Crystal Structure of Bis(5-hexadecyloxytropolonato)copper(II)
 2002 Liquid crystal phase crossover (columnar <-> calamitic) in polycatenar CuII 5-(3,4-dialkoxybenzylidine)aminotropolonates
 2002 The first uranium based liquid crystals. Uranyl metallomesogens from β-diketone and tropolone ligands
Elliott, Janet A.2003 Measurement of freezing point depression of water in glass capillaries and the associated ice front shape
 2004 Retardation of ice growth in glass capillaries: Measurement of the critical capillary radius
Elliott, Joanne1999 Porous film and method of preparation thereof
Elliott, Joanne M.1997 Mesoporous platinum films from lyotropic liquid crystalline phases
 1998 Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Properties of Nonionic Surfactant/H2O/Hexachloroplatinic Acid Ternary Mixtures Used for the Production of Nanostructured Platinum
 1999 Electrodeposition of mesoporous tin films
 1999 Nanostructured platinum (HI-ePt) films. Effects of electrodeposition conditions on film properties
 1999 Platinum Microelectrodes with Unique High Surface Areas
 2000 Electrochemical impedance characterisation of a nanostructured (mesoporous) platinum film
Elliott, John T.2004 Measuring Diffusion in Nanoscale Environments with Single-Molecule Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy
Elliott, R.2006 Phase Diagram of a Ternary Mixture of Cholesterol and Saturated and Unsaturated Lipids Calculated from a Microscopic Model
Elliott, Richard2007 Phase Morphologies in Reversibly Bonding Supramolecular Triblock Copolymer Blends
 2009 Novel Phase Morphologies in a Microphase-Separated Dendritic Polymer Melt
Elliott, S.R.2002 Instantaneous frequency and amplitude identification using wavelets: Application to glass structure
 2003 Erratum: Instantaneous frequency and amplitude identification using wavelets: Application to glass structure [Phys. Rev. E 66, 026703 (2002)]
Elliott, Sharon J.1993 Poly(methyl methacrylate) syrup as a medium for liquid crystals , and display devices using it
Elliott, Stanley B.1994 Lyotropic liquid crystal salt/inorganic compound complexation products
 1994 Reaction products of lyotropic liquid crystal salt complexes
 1998 Reaction products of lyotropic liquid crystal salt complexes
Ellis, A.R.2008 Thermodynamic scaling and the characteristic relaxation time at the phase transition of liquid crystals
Ellis, B.1970 The Investigation of Lipid-Water Systems, Part 3. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in the Mono-Octanoin-Deuterium Oxide System
Ellis, Bryan1970 Broadline NMR studies of molecular motion in an uncured epoxy resin
Ellis, C.2001 The Synthesis and Characterisation of Nematic NLO Polymer Networks
 2004 Near-UV Transparent Nematics
 2007 Superlattices of organic/inorganic semiconductor nanostructures from liquid-crystal templates
Ellis, Charles M.1969 Liquid crystals
Ellis, David1986 Laundry products
Ellis, G.1990 Applications of Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy in the synthetic polymer field
 1991 Fourier transform Raman spectroscopic study of main-chain thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters
 1991 Raman spectroscopic study of a substituted poly(phosphazene)
 1992 Polymorphism in liquid crystalline poly[tetramethylene terephthaloyl bis(4-oxybenzoate)]
 1993 Thermal stability of thermotropic liquid crystals: poly(alkyl-4,4'-diphenoxy terephthalate)s
 1994 The influence of asymmetric lateral branching in the flexible spacer on the properties of a main-chain thermotropic liquid crystal polyester
 1994 The thermal decomposition of poly[alkyl 4,4'-(terephthaloyldioxy)dibenzoates]
 1995 Analysis of the influence of chemical structure and thermal history on thermotropic liquid crystal polyesters by infrared and Raman spectroscopy
 1995 Structural effects on the thermal degradation of main-chain thermotropic liquid crystal polyesters
 1997 Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy in the study of technological polymers. Part 1: poly(aryl ether ketones), their composites and blends
 1998 Thermal stability and degradation mechanism for two main-chain liquid crystal polyesters. A TG-MS study
 1999 Thermal decomposition of technological polymer blends 1. Poly(aryl ether ether ketone) with a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
 2000 Practical considerations in the study of main-chain thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers by vibrational microscopy
 2004 Melting behavior in blends of isotactic polypropylene and a liquid crystalline polymer
 2005 Synchrotron Infrared Microscopy Study of the Crystalline Morphology of the Interphase in Polypropylene/LCP-Fiber Model Composites
Ellis, Gary1994 Modifications in the mesogenic unit of poly(oxytetramethyleneoxycarb onyl-3-chloro-1,4-phenyleneoxyterephthaloyloxy-2-chloro-1,4-phenylenecarbonyl)
 2006 Nature of the Crystalline Interphase in Sheared IPP/Vectra Fiber Model Composites by Microfocus X-ray Diffraction and IR Microspectroscopy Using Synchrotron Radiation
Ellis, H.A.1988 Thermal behavior of the system: lead(II) decanoate/lead(II) octadecanoate
Ellis, Henry A.1979 Binary phase diagrams of some bivalent metal carboxylate systems
 1984 Solution behavior of some divalent metal carboxylates in organic solvents
 1986 Thermal behavior of mercury(II) carboxylates
 1986 Thermotropic phase transitions in some lead(II) carboxylates
 1988 X-ray diffraction studies on some even-chain-length lead(II) carboxylates
 1997 An x-ray and microscopic investigation of the thermotropic phases of lead(II) decanoate
 2009 Polymorphism, crystal-crystal and liquid crystalline thermotropic phase transition behaviour of even chain length zinc(II) n-alkanoates
 2009 Thermal Behavior of Even Chain Length Lithium n-Alkanoates
Ellis, J.1974 Desulphurization of thioesters
Ellis, K.1998 Synthesis and Surface Energy Measurement of Semi-Fluorinated, Low-Energy Surfaces
Ellis, Paul D.1974 Carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance chemical shifts of the fluoroallenes. Comparison between theory and experiment
Ellis, R.E.2008 Spectrin maintains the lateral order in phosphatidylserine monolayers
Ellis, T.H.2000 Thermal Behavior of a Self-Assembled Silver n-Dodecanethiolate Layered Material Monitored by DSC, FTIR, and 13C NMR Spectroscopy
 2001 Structure and Dynamics of Selectively Deuterated Self-Assembled Silver n-Octadecanethiolate Layered Materials
Ellis, Thomas S.1998 Phase behavior of blends of polyesters and polycarbonates
Ellison, L.J.2006 Entropy-Driven Formation of the Gyroid Cubic Phase
Ellison, Mary K.2002 Iron normal mode dynamics in a porphyrin-imidazole model for deoxyheme proteins
Ellman, B.2003 Single crystal, liquid crystal, and hybrid organic semiconductors
Ellman, B.D.2006 2,5-Dibromopyridine as a key building block in the synthesis of 2,5-disubstituted pyridine-based liquid crystals
Ellman, Brett2005 Radiation-induced trapping and charge transport in a smectic liquid crystal
 2007 Effect of mobile ions on charge mobility measurements
Elluin, Jean-Christophe1999 Process for forming a decorative pattern on transparent substrates, and the decorated substrates obtained and their use
Elmahdy, M.M.2008 Origin of the Complex Molecular Dynamics in Functionalized Discotic Liquid Crystals
Elmahdy, Mahdy M.2006 Self-assembly and molecular dynamics of oligoindenofluorenes
 2008 Self-Assembly, Molecular Dynamics, and Kinetics of Structure Formation in Dipole-Functionalized Discotic Liquid Crystals
 2009 Slow kinetics of phase transformation in a dipole-functionalized discotic liquid crystal
Elman, J.F.2004 Generalized spectroscopic ellipsometry and Mueller-matrix study of twisted nematic and super twisted nematic liquid crystals
Elman, James F.2001 Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(1,3-cyclohexadiene) Homopolymers and Star-Shaped Polymers
 2004 Compensator layer and liquid crystal cell with such a layer
Elmelund, P.1984 Deuterium spin lattice relaxation measurements on bromobenzene-d5 in thermotropic liquid-crystalline phases
 1985 Deuterium spin lattice relaxation studies of chloroform-d1 dissolved in mixtures of two thermotropic liquid crystals of opposite diamagnetic anisotropies
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Elmore, D.F.1997 Tunable liquid-crystal filter for solar imaging at the He I 1083-nm line
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Elmore, David F.2000 Calibration procedure for the polarimetric instrument for Solar Eclipse-98
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El'nikova, L.V.2004 Lattice model for intermediate mesh R3m-phase formation in the water-nonionic surfactant mixtures
 2005 Lattice mode l for smectic phases formation in the water-lipid-nonionic surfactant vesicles
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 2009 Optical and Electro-Optical Properties of Poly(2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate)/5CB Systems
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Elperin, Tov2002 Clustering instability of the spatial distribution of inertial particles in turbulent flows
 2002 Formation of large-scale semiorganized structures in turbulent convection
 2003 Generation of large-scale vorticity in a homogeneous turbulence with a mean velocity shear
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Elrington, A.R.1988 Chain-substituted lipids in monolayer films. A study of molecular packing
Els, M.1990 Thermal and mechanical properties of polyurethane with mesogenic diol components
Elsass, T.2008 Homoclinic Snaking in a Semiconductor-Based Optical System
Elsässer, R.2002 The Orientational Order and the Dynamic Behaviour of the Nematic Multipodes Based on Carbosilazane Cores Using Optical and Dieletric Spectroscopy
 2003 Structure-properties relationships in a series of liquid crystals based on carbosilazane cores
Elsässer, Ralf2000 Nematic silsesquioxanes-towards nanocrystals dispersed in a nematic liquid crystal matrix
 2001 Dendritic and multipodal liquid-crystalline materials based on organic-inorganic hybrid carbosilazane cores
 2001 Nematic dendrimers based on carbosilazane cores
 2002 Orientational Order and Dynamics of Nematic Multipodes Based on Carbosilazane Cores Using Optical and Dielectric Spectroscopy
Elsässer, W.2003 Delay dynamics of semiconductor lasers with short external cavities: Bifurcation scenarios and mechanisms
Elschner, Andreas2005 Transparent polymeric electrodes for optoelectronic devices and their production and use
 2006 Decyl-End-Capped Thiophene-Phenylene Oligomers as Organic Semiconducting Materials with Improved Oxidation Stability
 2010 Fine Tuning of Solid-State Properties of Septithiophenes by Tailoring the Substituents
Elschner, R.1993 Investigations on the Structural Relaxation of an Anisotropic Glassy Material
 1993 Nichtlineare optische Effekte in Flüssigkristallen und deren Anwendungsmöglichkeiten in der optischen Informationsspeicherung
 1994 Reversible storage of light-induced gratings in low molar mass liquid crystals
 1995 New glassy liquid crystals for optical data-storage applications
 1995 Transient Grating Dynamics and Optical Storage Applications of Glassy Low Molar Mass Liquid Crystals
 1996 Light-induced dynamic grating investigations of glassy liquid crystals for optical storage applications
 1997 Strong Flow-Orientation Coupling in Low Molecular Mass Liquid Crystalline Glasses
 1999 Molecular reorientation of a nematic glass by laser-induced heat flow
Elsenbaumer, R.L.1982 Highly conductive meta derivatives of poly(phenylene sulfide)
 1990 Conveniently processible forms of electrically conductive poly(dibutoxyphenylene vinylene)
Elsenbaumer, Ronald L.1989 Conveniently processible forms of electrically conductive poly(dibutoxyphenylene vinylene)
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 1980 Liquid crystal infrared modulation
 1981 Liquid-crystal infrared modulation
Elser, Wolfgang1967 Mesomorphic behavior of cholesteryl n-alkyl carbonates
 1969 Mesomorphic behavior of sulfur-containing steroid derivatives
 1969 Synthesis of pure mesomorphic compounds
 1970 S-Cholesteryl alkanethioates
 1971 Odd-even effect in steroidal ω-phenylalkanoates
 1971 Structure dependence of cholesteric mesophases. II
 1971 Structure dependence of cholesteric mesophases. III. Minor changes within the 17β-side chain of cholesterol
 1971 Structure dependence of cholesteric mesophases. IV. 17β-Alkyl substituted androst-5-en-3β-ols
 1973 Cholesteryl ω-phenylalkanoates
 1973 Cholesteryl n-alkyl carbonates
 1974 Mesomorphic behavior of S-cholesteryl ω-phenylalkanethioates
 1974 Mesomorphic behavior of S-cholesteryl alkyl thiocarbonates
 1976 The preparation of high-purity cholesteryl oleyl carbonate
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 1987 Thermoanalytical studies on liquid crystals in chemistry lessons
Elsner, Nils2004 Tuning of microcapsule adhesion by varying the capsule-wall thickness
Elsner, Peter1999 Manufacture of porous structures from thermoplastic polymers
Elsner, Thomas1992 Use of polycarbonates in the foaming of other thermoplastics
 1993 Heat-conductive liquid crystalline polyester molding compositions
 1994 Melt-processable blends of thermotropic polycondensates and functional group-containing polymers
Elst, Luce Vander2002 Enumeration of Liposomes by Multinuclear NMR and Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
Elston, S.2004 Investigation of Helix Suppression by Surfaces in Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystal Devices: A New Approach to an Old Problem
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 1989 Determination of the director alignment in a ferroelectric liquid crystal device by observation of optical modes
 1990 Surface Plasmon-polaritons on an Anisotropic Substrate
 1990 The mechanism of a.c. stabilization in ferroelectric liquid-crystal-filled cells
 1990 The Observation of Half Splayed States in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Filled Cells by the Excitation of Optic Modes
 1991 An examination of the nature of propagating optical modes in a thin liquid-crystal layer
 1991 Dynamic processes in ferroelectric liquid crystal filled cells
 1991 Examination of Near Surface Alignment in Tilted Smectic Liquid Crystal Filled Cells
 1991 Examination of the optic tensor structure in the electroclinic effect in liquid crystals
 1991 Optic mode determination of the relaxed state configuration in a ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
 1991 The configuration in a ferroelectric liquid crystal cell in terms of a rigid chevron structure
 1992 Observations of diffraction and self-diffraction effects during two-wave mixing in a nematic liquid crystal
 1993 Experiments and analysis of combined diffraction and self-diffraction effects in a nematic-liquid-crystal cell
 1994 Evolution of laser thermal written diffraction gratings in liquid-crystal polymer films
 1994 Stressed states in domain switching of ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
 1994 The alignment of a liquid crystal in the smectic A phase in a high surface tilt cell
 1994 Transient effects in CW laser induced reorientation of nematic liquid crystals
 1995 Ionic influences on the formation and evolution of domains in ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 1995 Multi-dimensional switching and low-dimensional modeling in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1995 Pulsed laser written diffraction gratings in liquid crystal polymers
Elston, S.J. (cont...)1995 The effects of ionic fields and previous switched states on domain formation in pulse addressed ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 1995 The influence of ionic and elastic effects on partial switching in ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
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