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Dorscheid, Claudia1995 Hydrogen bondings and LC state
Dorschel, Debra1992 A cubic-phase delivery system composed of glyceryl monooleate and water for sustained release of water-soluble drugs
Dorschner, T.A.1990 Electrically tunable liquid-crystal wave plate in the infrared
 2000 Wide nematic range alkenyl diphenyldiacetylene liquid crystals
Dorschner, Terry A.1989 Thermally induced phase-retardance degradation in laser-irradiated liquid crystal cells
 1993 Applications look at the use of liquid crystal writable gratings for steering passive radiation
 1993 Nonmechanical beam steering for active and passive sensors
 2003 Tunable snapshot imaging spectrometer
Dorset, D.L.1981 Solid state properties of anomeric 1-O-n-octyl-D-glucopyranosides
 1983 Properties of anomeric octylglucosides used in the crystallization of membrane proteins
 1990 Phase transformation and structure of n-C50H102/n-C60H122 solid solutions formed from the vapor phase
 1994 Structural determination and packing analysis of a cholesteryl caprate/cholesteryl laurate solid solution
Dorset, Douglas L.1974 Electron diffraction study of the a-polymorphic form of a diglyceride
 1975 Electron diffraction determination of chain packing of a ketonic insect wax
 1977 Perfluoroalkanes. A model for the hexagonal methylene subcell?
 1979 Orthorhombic n-octadecanol: An electron diffraction study
 1979 The solid state acyl shift of diglycerides: An electron diffraction study
 1982 Ether linkages in glycerolipids. Their effect on long chain packing
 1985 Thermotropic mesomorphism of cholesteryl myristate. An electron diffraction study
 1987 Cholesteryl esters of saturated fatty acids: cosolubility and fractionation of binary mixtures
 1987 Co-solubility in binary phospholipid crystals
 1987 Is the initial solid state acyl shift of 1,2-diglycerides intermolecular?
 1988 Co-solubility of saturated cholesteryl esters: A comparison of calculated and experimental binary phase diagrams
 1988 Polymorphic forms of 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycerol: a combined X-ray and electron diffraction study
 1990 Binary phase behavior of cholesteryl oleate with cholesteryl linoleate
 1990 Concentration domain for the epitaxial orientation of phospholipids on naphthalene
 1992 Automated phase determination in electron crystallography: thermotropic phases of thiourea
Dorsey, Alan T.2001 Disclination unbinding transition in quantum Hall liquid crystals
 2002 Theory of Quantum Hall Nematics
 2006 Anisotropic States of Two-Dimensional Electrons in High Magnetic Fields
D'Orsogna, Maria R.2002 Two-level system with a thermally fluctuating transfer matrix element: Application to the problem of DNA charge transfer
 2003 Interplay of chemotaxis and chemokinesis mechanisms in bacterial dynamics
 2004 Chiral molecule adsorption on helical polymers
Dorson, Frederick2010 Clustomesogens: Liquid Crystal Materials Containing Transition-Metal Clusters
Dorworth, Bruce1998 Improved Byatt modulator
Dorwoth, Bruce2001 Eclipse projection
Dory, Yves L.2004 Micrometer-sized hexagonal tubes self-assembled by a cyclic peptide in a liquid crystal
 2007 Efficient synthesis and astonishing supramolecular architectures of several symmetric macrolactams
dos Ramos, M.C.2007 Solution Behavior of Perfluoroalkanes and Perfluoroalkylalkane Surfactants in n-Octane
Dos Reis Coutinho, Aparecido1998 Mesophase activation by oxygen plasma
dos Santos e Lucato, Sergio L.2001 Liquid-crystal display of stress fields in ferroelectrics
dos Santos Lima, Antonio Luis2007 Mesophase formation investigation in pitches by NMR relaxometry
dos Santos, A.2002 Photon acceleration of ultrashort laser pulses by relativistic ionization fronts
dos Santos, D.A.1999 Electroluminescence in conjugated polymers
dos Santos, D.S.2003 Surface-Relief Gratings and Photoinduced Birefringence in Layer-by-Layer Films of Chitosan and an Azopolymer
dos Santos, Doni A.1996 The Optical, Electronic, and Electroluminescent Properties of Novel Poly(p-phenylene)-Related Polymers
dos Santos, O.R.2003 Periodic structures in a biaxial nematic phase
Dose, Christian2003 Autoregressive processes with anomalous scaling behavior: Applications to high-frequency variations of a stock market index
Doshi, A.V.1991 Liquid-crystalline characteristics of ester homologous series p-(p'-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy) anisole
 1992 Ester homologous series of new liquid crystals (p'-alkoxybenzoyloxy)-p-amyloxybenzene (i.e. RO.C6H4COO.C6H4.OC5H11.(n))
 1992 Ester homologous series of new liquid crystals (p'-alkoxybenzoyloxy)-p-butyloxybenzene
 1992 Ester homologous series of new liquid crystals methyl p-(p'-alkoxybenzoyloxy)benzoates and ethyl p-(p'-alkoxybenzoyloxy)benzoates
 1992 Ester homologous series of new liquid crystals: (p'-alkoxybenzoyloxy)-p-isoamyloxybenzene
 1992 Studies in mixed mesomorphism. III.
 1992 Studies in mixed mesomorphism. IV.
 1992 Study of Mixed Liquid Crystals in Binary System Consisted of Nonmesomorphs and Mesomorph
 1993 Ester homologous series of liquid crystals: n-propyl p-(p'-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy)benzoates and n-butyl p-(p'-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy)benzoates
 1993 Ester homologous series of new liquid crystals: pentyl p-(p'-alkoxybenzoyloxy)benzoates
 1993 Homologous series of new liquid crystals, p'-alkoxybenzylidene p-chloroaniline
 1993 Liquid crystal characteristics enhancement in binary systems
 1993 Mixed mesomorphism IA: Induction of mesophase from nonmesomorphs
 1993 Studies in mixed mesomorphism. I.
 1993 Studies on mixed liquid crystal. Part I. Nematic mesophase induced by mixing two non-liquid crystalline components and determination of latent transition temperature
 1993 Studies on mixed mesomorphism. V.
 1993 Studies on mixed mesomorphism: determination of latent transition temperature (LTT) by extrapolation
 1993 Study of mixed liquid crystals in binary system consisted of nonmesomorphs and mesomorph
 1994 Mixed mesomorphism-ID: Components with nitro substituent at one end
 1995 Ester homologous series of new liquid crystals: phenyl-p-n-alkoxy benzoates
Doshi, A.V. (cont...)1998 Mesomorphic properties of a new homologous series 4-(4'-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy)-3-methylphenylazo-4"-acetophenone
 1998 Mixed mesomorphism B: effect of substituents on mesophase
 1998 Mixed mesomorphism: 2D: binary systems with mesomorph and non-mesomorph
 1999 Study of new mesogenic homologous series p-(p'-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy)phenylazo-p"-acetophenone
 1999 Synthesis of new mesogens: 4-(4'-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy)phenylazo-4''-methylbenzenes
 2000 Study of binary systems inducing mesophase and determination of latent transition temperature
 2002 Study of new homologous series of azoester mesogens: 4-(4'-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy)-3-methylphenylazo-4''-chlorobenzenes
 2005 Homologous series of azomesogens: 4-(4'-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy)phenylazobenzenes
 2005 Study of azoester mesogenic homologous series: p-(p'-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy)-o-methylphenylazo-p''-chlorobenzenes
 2005 Synthesis and study of new mesogenic homologous series: 4-(4'-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy)-3-methylphenylazo-4''-bromobenzenes
 2007 Synthesis and study of new mesogenic homologous series: 4-(4'-n-alkoxy benzoyloxy)-naphthylazo-4''-acetylbenzenes
 2007 Synthesis and study of new mesogenic homologous series: 4-(4'-n-alkoxy benzoyloxy)naphthyl azo benzenes
 2007 Synthesis of new mesogens: 4-(4'-n-alkoxy benzoyloxy)-β-benzoylstyrene
 2008 Study of binary systems and determination of latent transition temperatures (LTTs) of nonmesogenic components
 2008 Study of binary systems including mesophase and determination of latent transition temperature (LTT)
 2008 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of azoester mesogens: 4-(4'-n-alkoxy benzoyloxy)-2-methyl phenylazo-4''-methoxybenzenes
 2008 Synthesis and study of new mesogenic homologous series: 4-(4'-n-alkoxy benzoyloxy)-3-chlorophenylazo-4''-acetylbenzenes
 2009 Study of azo ester mesogenic homologous series: 2-(4'-n-alkoxy benzoyloxy)-naphthyl-1-azo-4''-methyl benzenes
Doshi, D.A.1999 Nanostructural lithography via photo-initiated phase transformation of silica-surfactant assemblies
 2003 Evaporation-Controlled Self-Assembly of Silica Surfactant Mesophases
Doshi, Dhaval A.2003 Aqueous Stability of Mesoporous Silica Films Doped or Grafted with Aluminum Oxide
 2003 In-Situ X-ray Scattering Study of Continuous Silica-Surfactant Self-Assembly during Steady-State Dip Coating
Doshi, Shailesh1998 Dimensionally stable tube-type plastic heat exchangers
Dosiere, M.1995 A dual detector single readout system for simultaneous small- (SAXS) and wide-angle X-ray (WAXS) scattering
 1995 Aromatic homopolymers obtained by precipitation polycondensation: 1. Synthesis of naphthalene-containing polyketones
 1997 Time-Resolved SAXS, WAXS, and DSC Study of Melting of Poly(aryl ether ether ketone) (PEEK) Annealed from the Amorphous State
 1998 Morphological study and melting behavior of narrow molecular weight fractions of poly(aryl ether ether ketone) (PEEK) annealed from the glassy state
 1998 Preparation and characterization of side-chain liquid crystalline polymer thin films aligned on PTFE friction-transferred layers
 1999 Cold crystallization and melting of narrow molecular weight PEEK fractions
 2000 Lamellar morphology of narrow PEEK fractions crystallized from the glassy state and from the melt
 1977 Oriented crystallization of biphenyl in low-density polyethylene with a single texture
 2002 Lamellar and Crystalline Layer Thickness of Single Crystals of Narrow Molecular Weight Fractions of Linear Polyethylene
Dosiere, Marcel2004 Novel Aspects Related to Nucleation and Growth of Solution Grown Polyethylene Single Crystals
Doskocilova, D.1972 NMR of gel and liquid crystalline phospholipids spinning at the magic angle
Doss, N.L.1972 Pyridazines. Part IV. Action of Grignard reagents on 6-methyl- and 4,5-dihydro-6-α-styryl-pyridazin-3(2H)-ones
Dosseh, Gilberte2001 Metastable Solid Phase at the Crystalline-Amorphous Border: The Glacial Phase of Triphenyl Phosphite
 2006 Phase Diagram and Glass Transition of Confined Benzene
Dössel, Karl-Friedrich1998 Method for producing liquid crystal orientation layer
Dosser, Larry R.2003 Micromachining of liquid crystal polymer film with frequency converted diode-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser
Dosset, Patrice2007 Remodeling of Ordered Membrane Domains by GPI-Anchored Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase
Dossi, E.1992 Chiral Liquid Crystalline Poly(Vinyl Ether)s and Poly(Siloxane)s: Synthesis and Mesomorphic Behaviour
 1992 The Electroclinic Properties of New Chiral Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Polysiloxanes
Dossi, Eleftheria1993 Chiral liquid - crystalline polymers: recent issues and perspectives
 1993 Chiral smectic liquid-crystalline polyacrylates with variously spaced and substituted biphenylene units
 1993 New chiral smectic polysiloxanes rom mesogenic olefin or vinyl ether monomers
 1995 Structural characterization of the smectic polymorphism of chiral liquid crystalline polysiloxanes containing biphenyl mesogens
 1995 Synthesis and structural characterization of chiral smectic C and smectic A poly(vinyl ether)s
Dotera, Tomonari2007 Polymeric Quasicrystal: Mesoscopic Quasicrystalline Tiling in ABC Star Polymers
Dotrong, M.1994 Synthesis, characterization, and properties of colorless rigid-rod poly(benzobisthiazole) derived from bicyclo[2.2.2]octane
 1996 Low shrinkage, high Tg liquid crystal resins for stereolithography
Dotrong, M.H.1994 Synthesis, characterization, and properties of colorless rigid-rod poly(benzobisthiazole) derived from bicyclo[2.2.2]octane
 1997 Synthesis and photocuring of acetylene-containing diacrylate monomers
Dotrong, Minhhoa H.1997 Synthesis and photopolymerization of liquid crystalline diacrylate resin
Dotsenko, A.V.2004 Concentration dependence of droplet deformation in a phase separation process under an electric field
Dotson, Darin L.1999 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystalline triaryloxy-s-triazines
Dou, Qiang2007 Effect of Metallic Salts of Pimelic Acid and Crystallization Temperatures on the Formation of β-Crystalline Form in Isotactic Poly(propylene)
 2008 A Comparison of the Effects of Calcium Glutarate and Pimelate on the Formation of β-Crystalline Form in Isotactic Poly(propylene)
 2008 Effect of Calcium Salts of Glutaric Acid and Pimelic Acid on the Formation of ß Crystalline Form in Isotactic Polypropylene
 2008 Effect of Metallic Salts of Malonic Acid on the Formation of β-Crystalline Form in Isotactic Polypropylene
Dou, Rensheng1995 Programmable phase grating and beam steerer by operating a LCTV
 1997 Coherent optical processor for image-quality metric measurement
 1998 High-resolution phase distortion compensation in adaptive interferometers
Dou, Tao1999 Synthesis and characterization of double-mesopore silicas
 2000 Characterization of double-mesopore and hexagonal mesopore silicas prepared under different pH values
Dou, X.2008 Origin of the Complex Molecular Dynamics in Functionalized Discotic Liquid Crystals
Dou, Xi2008 Self-Assembly, Molecular Dynamics, and Kinetics of Structure Formation in Dipole-Functionalized Discotic Liquid Crystals
 2008 Synthesis, Helical Organization, and Fibrous Formation of C3 Symmetric Methoxy-Substituted Discotic Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
 2009 Growth of Long, Highly Stable, and Densely Packed Worm-Like Nanocolumns of Hexa-peri-Hexabenzocoronenes via Chemisorption on Au(111)
 2009 Slow kinetics of phase transformation in a dipole-functionalized discotic liquid crystal
Dou, Yanli2007 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
Douady, S.2004 Corridors of barchan dunes: Stability and size selection
Douais, Patrick1991 Aromatic thermotropic polyester compositions and their preparation
Douali, R.1999 Dielectric dispersion in the S*Cα phase of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 2000 Confrontation between noise and dielectric measurements on a liquid crystal in the paraelectric SA and ferroelectric SC phases
 2000 Molecular dynamics of 4-(trans-4'-n-heptylcyclohexyl)isothiocyanatobenzene studied with dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
 2000 Temperature dependence of s*ca phase electric field behavior as evidenced by polarization current and dielectric measurements
 2001 Different Dielectric Behaviours in the S* Phase: Confrontation between Experimental Results and Theoretical Predictions
 2001 Noise and Dielectric Measurements on an Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2002 Anomalous Dielectric Behaviour of Para-, Ferro- and Ferrielectric Phases
 2002 Electrical characterization of the B2 phase of a banana-shaped liquid crystal
 2004 Correlation between dielectric and optical measurements in the smectic-Ca* phase
 2004 Dynamics of nematogenic molecules with transverse component of dipole moment
 2005 Ferroelectric behaviour of hexatic phases
 2005 Phase behaviour and dynamics of exemplary MHPOBC analogue
 2005 Retardation of Molecular Relaxation in Highly Ordered Antiferroelectric Phase
 2006 Complementary studies of de Vries type SmA* phase
 2006 Highly ordered hexatic phases with large spontaneous polarization
 2006 Strong Order Parameter Fluctuations in the Vicinity of Para-Ferroelectric Transition
 2007 Dielectric spectroscopy as effective tool for the investigation of polymer/liquid crystal materials
 2007 Ferroelectric properties of achiral banana-shaped and calamitic-chiral thioesters
Douali, Redouane1999 On the molecular interpretation of the dielectric relaxation of nematic liquid crystals
 2000 Dielectric properties of 6-CHBT in isotropic and nematic phases
 2000 Molecular model of the dielectric relaxation in nematic liquid crystals
 2003 Static and dynamic dielectric properties of strongly polar liquids in the vicinity of first order and weakly first order phase transitions
Douanne, A.2002 The Molecular Structure and Dynamics of Short Oligomers of PMDA-ODA and BCDA-ODA Polyimides in the Absence and Presence of Water
Douarche, Carine2008 DNA Adsorption at Liquid/Solid Interfaces
Douay, M.1998 Investigation of long period fiber gratings sensitivity to liquid crystal external medium
 1999 Transmission modification of optical fiber components intensity by using liquid crystals
Doublet, F.1996 Mechanical behavior of side-chain liquid crystalline networks
Doublet, Francois1996 High In-Plane Anisotropy in Phthalocyanine LB Films
 1997 Supramolecular architecture in Langmuir-Blodgett films
Doublier, Jean-Louis1995 Microscopy of xanthan/galactomannan mixtures
Douce, L.2000 Thermotropic liquid crystals from a monosubstituted 2,2'-bipyridine
 2007 Synthesis of mesomorphic 3,5-bis(3,4,5-trialkyloxybenzoylamino)-4-methylbenzoates involving intermolecular hydrogen bonding
Douce, Laurent1995 Synthesis and properties of a novel family of liquid crystalline building blocks based on 5,5'-substituted-2,2'-bipyridine
 1996 5,5'-Substituted-2,2'-bipyridines: A new series of liquid crystalline materials
 1996 Thermotropic liquid crystal behavior of 5,5'-[(4-hexadecyloxyphenyl)ethynyl]-2,2'-bipyridine
 1998 π-Stacked ortho-palladated bipyridine complexes exhibiting unusual liquid crystalline behavior
 1998 Cation-induced macroscopic ordering of non-mesomorphic modules - a new application for metallohelicates
 1999 Columnar mesophases from tetrahedral copper(I) cores and Schiff-base derived polycatenar ligands
 1999 Mesomorphic bipyridine building blocks bearing an sp3 carbon and a hydroxy function
 2000 Unusual smectic ordering of unlocked copper bis(terpyridine) complexes
 2001 Liquid-crystalline metallo-helicates: new pathways for cooperative properties
 2002 Mesomorphic phenanthroline derivatives: novel architectures based on hydrogen bonding
 2003 Columnar liquid crystals from wedge-shaped tetrahedral copper(I) complexes
 2005 A new liquid crystal compound based on an ionic imidazolium salt
 2006 Electrodeposition of silver particles and gold nanoparticles from ionic liquid-crystal precursors
 2006 New ionic liquid crystals based on imidazolium salts
 2007 Liquid crystal imidazolium salts: towards materials for catalysis and molecular electronics
 2007 Wormlike Micelles from a Cage Amine Metallosurfactant
 2009 1-(4-alkyloxybenzyl)-3-methyl-1H-imidazol-3-ium organic backbone: a versatile smectogenic moiety
 2009 A convenient method for preparing rigid-core ionic liquid crystals
 2009 Mesomorphic imidazolium salts: new vectors for efficient siRNA transfection
 2010 Fast Carrier Mobility in Smectic A Phase of a Liquid Crystalline Compound Containing an Imidazolium Salt
Doucet, Garrett1999 Self-diffusion of a semiflexible polymer measured across the lyotropic liquid-crystalline-phase boundary
Doucet, J.1971 Structure of smectic B liquid crystals
 1973 Long and short range order in the crystalline and smectic B phases of terephthal-bis(butylaniline)(TBBA)
 1974 Polymorphism of the mesomorphic compound terephthalbis(butylaniline) (TBBA)
 1974 X ray diffusion study of the nature of the smectic B phases and of the solid-smectic B phase transition
 1975 Nature of the smectic E phase
 1977 Crystal phase structure at room temperature (20°C) of the bis-p-butylanilino derivative of terephthalic acid (TBBA). II
 1977 Structure de la phase cristalline à température ambiante (20°C) du dérivé bis-p-butylanilino de l'acide téréphtalique (TBBA). I
 1977 X-ray study of the ordered smectic phases in some benzylideneanilines
 1978 Evidence of two new ordered smectic phases in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1978 Inelastic coherent neutron scattering on TBBA in the low temperature phases
 1978 Molecular tilt in the smectic C phase: a zigzag model
 1978 Structure and dynamics of the ordered smectic phases
 1979 Nature of the smectic F phase
 1979 Relation between the herringbone packing and the chain behaviour in the ordered smectic phases
 1979 X-ray studies of ordered smectic phases
 1981 Local order and lattice dynamics in the ordered phases of T.B.B.A. (Terephthal-Bis-Butyl-Aniline)
 1981 X-ray study of the "rotator" phase of the odd-numbered paraffins C17H36, C19H40, and C21H44
 1983 Differential thermal analysis and x-ray study of 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine phases with less than 5% water
 1983 X-ray study of single domains of 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-phosphatidylcholine with less than 5% water
 1984 X-ray study of the rotator phase of paraffins (IV): C27H56, C28H58, C29H60, C30H62, C32H66, and C34H70
Doucet, J. (cont...)1989 The highly concentrated liquid-crystalline phase of DNA is columnar hexagonal
 1992 A study of the structure of highly concentrated phases of DNA by x-ray diffraction
 1995 Supramolecular organization of spermidine condensed DNA
 1998 Rheological behavior of a lamellar lyotropic phase as a function of the substrate nature
 1999 Influence of the chemical nature of various geometries on the rheological behavior of a lamellar lyotropic phase
Doucet, Jean1996 DNA mesophases induced by spermidine: structural properties and biological implications
 1999 Percutaneous absorption of sunscreens from liquid crystalline phases
Doucet, M.2006 Dual-band dual field-of-view TVWS prototype
Doucet, Michel2004 Recent advances in a linear micromirror array for high-resolution projection
Doucot, Benoit2002 Pairing of Cooper Pairs in a Fully Frustrated Josephson-Junction Chain
Doufas, Antonios2004 Polymer Modeling at The Dow Chemical Company
Dougal, R.C.1986 Light transmission through twisted nematic liquid crystal cells
Dougan, Lisa A.1996 Polymerization effects on the electro-optic properties of a polymer stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1997 Photopolymerization and electrooptic properties of polymer network/ferroelectric liquid - crystal composites
 1998 Polymerization Conditions and Electrooptic Properties of Polymer-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Dougherty, D.B.2002 Experimental Persistence Probability for Fluctuating Steps
Dougherty, Dennis A.1993 Synthesis and properties of diethyl 5,10-dihetera-5,10-dihydroindeno[2,1-a]indene-2,7-dicarboxylates
 1997 Phenyl-perfluorophenyl stacking interactions: a new strategy for supermolecule construction
Dougherty, G.1997 Morphology of anisotropic polymer-dispersed liquid crystals and the effect of monomer functionality
Dougherty, J.T.1987 Sequence distributions and a phase diagram for copolymers made from poly(ethylene terephthalate) and p-acetoxybenzoic acid
Dougherty, Ralph C.2002 Raman Studies of the Solution Structure of Univalent Electrolytes in Water
 2003 NMR Evidence of Weak Continuous Transitions in Water and Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions
Douglas, A.R.2004 Self-Alignment of Inorganic Biomimetic Liquid Crystals: Magnetic Field Effects
Douglas, Alicia Rose2002 Self-Alignment of Inorganic Biomimetic Liquid Crystals: Effect of Magnetic Field
Douglas, E.P.1995 The solution structure of liquid-crystal polymers with small liquid-crystal thermoset maleimides and nadimides
 1996 High modulus liquid crystalline thermosetting resins through novel processing techniques
 1997 Processing of polymers in high magnetic fields
Douglas, Elliot P.1993 Liquid-crystalline bisacetylene thermosets
 1994 Synthesis, Phase Behavior, and Curing Studies of Bisacetylene Rigid-Rod Thermosets
 1994 The solution structure of a liquid crystal polymer with small liquid crystal thermosets
 1995 Preparation of curable bispropargyl-endcapped monomers for liquid crystalline thermoset compositions
 1996 Effect of high magnetic fields on orientation and properties of liquid crystalline thermosets
 1996 Liquid crystalline polymer and liquid crystalline thermosetting resin composites
 1996 Phase behavior of liquid crystalline thermosets
 1997 Bisacetylene liquid crystalline thermosets with flexible tails
 1997 Magnetic field processing of liquid - crystalline thermosets
 1997 Properties of liquid crystalline thermosets and their nanocomposites
 1998 High magnetic field processing of liquid crystalline polymers
 1998 High-magnetic-field-processing of thermosetting liquid crystalline polymers
 1998 Liquid Crystalline Bispropargyl Thermosets
 1998 Magnetic Field Orientation of Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Thermosets
 1999 Control of orientation in liquid crystalline epoxies via magnetic field processing
 1999 Effect of processing variables on the magnetic field orientation of liquid crystalline thermosets
 1999 High-temperature stability of a novel phenylethynyl liquid-crystalline thermoset
 1999 Isothermal degradation of a novel phenylethynyl liquid crystalline thermoset
 1999 Magnetic field orientation of liquid crystalline thermosets: orientation kinetics
 2000 Synthesis of novel liquid crystalline thermosets (LCTs) and determination of their transition diagrams
Douglas, Elliot P. (cont...)2001 Isothermal Curing of Acetylene Functionalized Liquid Crystalline Thermoset Monomers
 2002 Gelation and Development of Liquid Crystalline Order during Cure of a Rigid-Rod Epoxy
 2006 Structure-Property Relationships in Liquid Crystalline Thermosets
Douglas, J.F.2003 Early-stage compositional segregation in polymer-blend films
Douglas, Jack F.1994 Influence of surface interaction and chain stiffness on polymer-induced entropic forces and the dimensions of confined polymers
 1999 Model for the Viscosity of Particle Dispersions
 2003 Growth of 'dizzy dendrites' in a random field of foreign particles
 2004 Breakup of a fluid thread in a confined geometry: droplet-plug transition, perturbation sensitivity, and kinetic stabilization with confinement
 2004 Flory-Huggins Model of Equilibrium Polymerization and Phase Separation in the Stockmayer Fluid
 2004 Flow-induced properties of nanotube-filled polymer materials
 2004 Numerical path integration technique for the calculation of transport properties of proteins
 2007 Effect of Temperature on the Morphology and Kinetics of Surface Pattern Formation in Thin Block Copolymer Films
 2007 Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Polymer-Coated Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles
Douglas, Joel S.1998 Synchronized analyte testing system
Douglas, K.2004 Self-assembled monolayers for liquid crystal alignment: simple preparation on glass using alkyltrialkoxysilanes
Douglas, Louise K.1999 Synthesis and characterisation of a conjugated reactive mesogen
Douglas, M.R.2002 X-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements of thin foil heating by Z-pinch radiation
Douglas, Monte A.1994 Anisotropic liquid-phase photochemical etching and integrated circuits fabricated thereby
 1994 Anisotropic liquid-phase photochemical etching of copper
 1995 Anisotropic liquid phase photochemical mercury cadmium telluride etch
Douglas, Shawn M.2007 DNA-nanotube-induced alignment of membrane proteins for NMR structure determination
Douglas, Trevor2006 Assembly of Multilayer Films Incorporating a Viral Protein Cage Architecture
Douglass, A.G.1992 Cyclic Trimeric Liquid Crystals
 1992 Effects of the Inclusion of Ferrocene into Liquid-Crystalline Molecules
 1993 An enhanced odd-even affect of liquid crystal dimers. Orientational order in the α,ω-bis(4'-cyanobiphenyl-4-yl)alkanes
 1995 Trimeric liquid crystals: model compounds for auxetic polymers?
 1997 A Systematic Study of Structure-Property Relationships in Discotic Mesogens
 1997 Liquid Crystals Cotaining P-Carborane
 1997 New Developments in Boron Cluster Liquid Crystals
 1997 U-shaped dimeric liquid crystals derived from phthalic acid
Douglass, Andrew G.1992 Liquid-crystalline cyclic trimers derived from benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylic acid
 1998 An assessment of carborane-containing liquid crystals for potential device application
 1998 Effects of Carborane-Containing Liquid Crystals on the Stability of Smectic Phases
 1998 Liquid crystals containing p-carborane
 1999 Carborane-containing liquid crystals: a comparison of 4-octyloxy-4'-(12-pentyl-1,12-dicarbadodecaboran-1-yl)biphenyl with its hydrocarbon analogs
 1999 Mesogenic properties of single ring compounds: dipentyl derivatives of p-carboranes and bicyclo[2.2.2]octane
 1999 Organic derivatives of closo-boranes: a new class of liquid crystal materials
 2002 The Effect of Closo-Boranes on Mesogenic Properties
Douglass, Bradley S.2008 Rheo-NMR of Wormlike Micelles Formed from Nonionic Pluronic Surfactants
Douillet, O.1997 An outline of properties relating to air/water activity and self-assembly of 1-deoxy-1-S-n-alkyl-D,L-xylitol derivatives
 1997 Physicochemical properties of a novel series of amphiphilic sugar-based molecules: 1-O-n-alkyl-D,L-xylitols
 1998 Comparative self-assembling of 3-Z-alkyl-D-glucoses and 1-Z-alkyl-D,L-xylitol analogs
 1999 Effects of tail alkyl chain length (n), head group structure and junction (Z) on amphiphilic properties of 1-Z-R-d,l-xylitol compounds (R=CnH2n+1)
Douillet, Olivier1997 Substitution effects on the liquid crystalline properties of D,L-xylitol amphiphiles
 2001 The effect of molecular shape and microphase segregation on the formation of liquid crystal phases in poly-ols
Douillet, Olivier Claude Eric1996 Preparation of glycerol and xylitol monoesters as emulsifiers and liquid crystals
Douliez, Jean-Paul1997 Evidence for Multilamellar Vesicles in the Lamellar Phase of an Electrostatic Lyotropic Ternary System. A Solid State 2H-NMR and Freeze Fracture Electron Microscopy Study
Doumaux, H.A.1994 Microstructure and rheology of nonionic trisiloxane surfactant solutions
Doumy, G.2004 Complete characterization of a plasma mirror for the production of high-contrast ultraintense laser pulses
Dounis, Panagiotis1995 Synthesis of polyenes with chain-end mesogens via living ring-opening metathesis polymerization
Doura, Masato2003 Novel Amphiphilic Network Polymers Consisting of Polar, Short Primary Polymer Chains and Nonpolar, Long Cross-link Units Obtained by Free-Radical Cross-linking Monomethacrylate/Dimethacrylate Copolymerizations
Doushita, K.1998 Development of wet chemical processing in Nippon sheet glass
Doutheau, Alain2007 Synthesis and thermotropic behavior of simple new glucolipid amides
Doutreloigne, J.1992 Active matrix design for polymer network liquid crystal projection displays
 1992 Cadmium selenide thin film transistors for the addressing of liquid crystal displays
Douy, A.1971 Mesomorphic structures of sequential copolymers
Douy, Andre1968 Amorphous sequence-ordered copolymers. Effect of solvent on the structural parameters of mesomorphic gels
 1969 Structure of liquid crystalline phases from amorphous block copolymers
 1970 Effect of temperature on the lamellar mesomorphic phases obtained from bisequenced copolymers. Phase diagram of the polystyrene-polybutadiene-toluene system
 1971 Mesomorphic structure of polybutadiene-polystyrene-polybutadiene block copolymers. X-ray diffraction and electron microscopic study
 1971 Phase diagram of systems. Block copolymer-preferential solvent of one block
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 1989 Droplet shape and reorientation fields in nematic droplet/polymer films
 1989 High brightness and color contrast displays constructed from nematic droplet/polymer films incorporating pleochroic dyes
 1989 Thermodynamics of the electric field induced orientation of nematic droplet/polymer films
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 1991 Comparison of electrooptical response functions of nematic droplet/polymer films
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Drzaic, Paul S. (cont...)1997 Colored reflective liquid crystal display with improved color intensity, brightness and/or contrast
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